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5 Tips For When You Have Too Much to Do

30 Delightful Things To Do In Krakow - Exciting Guide (Updated )

I like to take care of those between the bigger tasks, as a way to take a break. Do something important with focus, then relieve my brain by cleaning or answering a few emails. The key is not to procrastinate on the bigger tasks by doing the smaller ones. Be present with this task, with intention. Set an intention for this task: who are you doing this for, and why? For me, I am often doing my work tasks for you guys my readers , but I do personal tasks for my family or to help myself. Then let that intention move you as you focus on the task.

Take a canal tour in Amsterdam

Be present with the task, noticing how your body feels as you do the task, letting yourself melt into the doing of it, pouring yourself into it as fully as you can. You might get the urge to switch to something else — just notice that and stay with the urge, not letting yourself follow it unthinkingly, then return to the task when the urge subsides.

I Have So Many Goals I Can't Focus... What Should I Do?

Remember your intention, then let yourself be fully immersed in the task. Practice letting go, with a smile. Having too much to do, and wanting to get it all done as soon as possible … can actually get in the way of doing. This desire to get it all done is an obstacle. The practice is letting it go. Notice what you think you need to do your ideal , and let go of it. Be open to that idea, and the stress will be lowered. And as you let go of your ideal and open to the reality, smile. Smile, and be happy now, rather than waiting for happiness to come at some unspecified date.

In the end, will these suggestions clear away your to-do list? What this does is help you to deal with that fact, and make you more mindful and focused in the middle of that reality. Life is too short to spend most of it stressed out by an unchangeable fact.

We Have So Many Things To Talk About

Instead, we can smile and be happy doing what we can do now. Join two million breath-taking readers: rss email twitter facebook. Which means window-shopping is the order of the day. Fulfill your fashion dreams at the best shops in L. These tours are extremely popular, so make sure you book a place in advance. Thinking of exploring L. The institute is an intriguing combination of fact and fiction, and much more exciting than chasing - or being chased by - CGI dinosaurs.

Get weird with a trip to some more off-the-beaten path museums. The Broad Contemporary Art Museum is home to a dazzling selection of modern works.

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So Many Things To See So Many Things To See
So Many Things To See So Many Things To See
So Many Things To See So Many Things To See
So Many Things To See So Many Things To See
So Many Things To See So Many Things To See
So Many Things To See So Many Things To See
So Many Things To See So Many Things To See
So Many Things To See So Many Things To See

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