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69 Thought-provoking, sex, and romantic questions for couples

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4 Apps for Couples You and Your S.O. Can Try Right Now

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75 Questions For Couples (Get Know The Deep Desires Of Your Partner)

Why not quiz them on it?! Of course, they will quiz you too…. Truth be told we all grow and as we grow we change. From your favorite foods, to your dream job — it can all change. To keep your relationship with someone fresh, ask them questions regularly.

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To have a healthy relationship, you have to be curious about your partner, as well as grow together by doing new things together. Whatever goes stagnant dies, so keep things alive! After all, you need to celebrate what you love and doing it together helps the relationship grow stronger. Still, they should know where to take you when you want to celebrate, or need a bit of encouragement.

After all, those plan Bs sometimes should have been plan As, or out of necessity become so. And if you already know you want to move there some day, then they definitively need to know about it! Maybe this will inspire them to take you on a vacation…unless you already live by a lake or the ocean that is! No matter how far we get, new things always arise that we are working out. Maybe the two of you should take a course together and then travel to the country where they speak said language? Or indulge in the food and culture locally?

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You can easily do a themed date night, for example, where you eat Spanish food, take a salsa class and watch a Latin movie together. Romantic gestures are important to keep a relationship alive. Again, this is something that can help your relationship. It will help them hearing from you what it is you actually want.

40 Questions to Help Build Intimacy in a Relationship

We all need to be loved in different ways and this book is such a simple read to show how small changes in a relationship can make us feel more loved. Also, some books make for awesome topics of conversation. Where should they take you on a date next? Maybe you love roses, or maybe you think buying flowers is a waste of money?

Keep the Conversation Going

The perfect chance to compliment them a little! Of course, you then have to answer what their favorite things are about you…which could lead to some great compliments in return! What are three creative, out of the box, dates that I would love? Now this will get their brain into gear…and hopefully make them take you on those dates!

Is it your academic achievements, your heartfelt gestures, your adventurous trips, or something else that you are truly proud of? This is where you can start dreaming together, planning your adventures.

And you could go there together so that you can show him these amazing places hint, hint, wink, wink. Random question maybe, but it does show if he knows you well.

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Unless, of course, you are both in theatre and discuss these kinds of things all the time. Most of us have people whom we look up to and who inspire us, be it our grandparents or Angelina Jolie. After all, your childhood is greatly what made you who you are today. It always helps to talk about beautiful memories you share.

Questionaire For Couples Questionaire For Couples
Questionaire For Couples Questionaire For Couples
Questionaire For Couples Questionaire For Couples
Questionaire For Couples Questionaire For Couples
Questionaire For Couples Questionaire For Couples
Questionaire For Couples Questionaire For Couples

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