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Allen St. Brief reviews of several new Holmes books; illustrated with a color photograph of sculpture of Holmes and Watson by Richard Masloski. Booth, J. With a foreword by the Earl of Lonsdale, K. London: T. Werner Laurie Ltd. Partial contents: Chap. Boothroyd, J. Nikola och Sherlock Holmes. Holmes on Swedish TV Boucher, Anthony. Edited by Robert E. Briney and Francis M. Nevins, Jr.

Foreword by Helen NcCloy. Bouvet, G. Paris: Didier, Boyer, Dwight. Bradley, Alan. Breen, Jon L. Brend, Barbara. A brief account of the author's trip, in August , to Afghanistan, where she visited the teahouses and the Maiwand memorial for some trace of Holmes and Watson. Brend, Gavin. Master Sherlock. Oxford or Cambridge. Before Baker Street. My Dear Watson. The Home of Holmes. The Early Eighties. Snow and Stains. My Dear Miss Morstan. My Dear Mrs.

Marriage and Its Problems. Mainly Moriarty. Back to Baker Street. What Happened in ' Back Again to Baker Street. Watson the Second. His Last Bow. Chronological Table. The Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes. Reviews: BSJ , 1, No. Brimhall, Sandra Dawn. Bristowe, W. Broberg, Jan. Brodie, Robert N. A statistical analysis of the games, sports, and hobbies pursued by Holmes and other Canonical characters. Brookes, J. Many people have tried to find it, few have succeeded Broun, Heywood.

Edited by Edgar W. New York: Simon and Schuster, Each of the popular detectives has assumed some of his attributes. Brow, Robert. A sermon delivered during the Sunday morning service at St. Brown, Ivor. Browne, George. Browne, Peter. Brusse, Peter. Buchholtz, James. Buchloh, Paul G. Der Detektivroman: Studien zur Geschichte und Form der englischen und amerikanischen Detektivliteratur. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Burack, Sylvia K. Writing Mystery and Crime Fiction. Boston: The Writer, [].

A practical guide for both beginners and professionals, the collection includes articles by Stanley Ellin and P. Ellin writes: "I am a reader and writer of mystery stories who thinks that the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are a monument to boredom. A pox, I say, on the posturing Holmes and the goggle-eyed Watson. The next time they drink a toast to him, may their wine turn to sarsaparilla in the glass!

Burgess, Anthony. Anthony Burgess assesses the genius who created the real Holmes.

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With an illustration of Holmes by Mark D. Summers and a list by Herbert Mitgang of new books. L'Express March 13, , Alden; Norman Campbell; Christopher Clausen. Burnett, Vivian. The name of the character is known in many a place where the author's name would scarcely be recognized. Burton, Carl Taylor, Jr. The Hero as Detective. Ann Arbor, Mich. Busch, Frederick. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, [].

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Butler, Angelica. Discusses mystery and detective stories, especially the Holmes stories, and includes comments by Carol Brener and John Bennett Shaw. Butters, Roger. First Person Singular. New York: Vantage Press, []. Sherlock Holmes, the world's first consulting detective, and his friend and colleague, Dr. John H. Watson, M. The Baker Street Practice. The Problem of "The Gloria Scott ".

The Two Mrs. Other Mysteries of Date. Before Reichenbach. After the Return. The Swamp Adder. Holmes and the Ripper. Further Mysteries. Holmes the Criminal.

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The Woman. Prize List. Reviews: BSM , No. Caborn, Anne. Callendar, Newgate. An interview with "Sherlock Holmes" to help call attention to the 9th annual New York Is Book Country street fair, featuring two special themes about the th anniversary of Stud and the bicentennial of the U. Camargo, Eduardo G.

Edited by Jean Umiker-Sebeok. Approaches to Semiotics, Holmes is mentioned at the beginning and end of this paper, which deals with marketing standardization across cultures. Carey, John. Carlin, Stanley A. Carlton, Richard S. The Benign Humorists. Chapter 8, "Benign Humor and Escape Literature," discusses the Canonical tales and compares them to the stories by Sayers and Wodehouse.

Carr, John Dickson. Carroll, Jon. In this uncomplimentary review of the latest Holmes revival and some Sherlockian books, the writer criticizes Baring-Gould for treating Holmes "as though he were a real person," and The Baker Street Irregulars for engaging "in a silly game for over bright children.

He is obviously not related, even in spirit, to Lewis Carroll! Carter, John. Edited with an introduction by John Carter. Published separately with title: Collecting Detective Fiction. London: Constable, []. Edited and with a commentary by Howard Haycraft. Carvalho, Elysio de. Sherlock Holmes no Brasil. Moura, []. Partial contents: Sherlock Holmes no Brasil. Carzaniga, Angelo. Conan Doyle and the Beginning of the Detective Story. Sessione straordinaria A Holmes revival in the publishing industry is noted, with the publication of six new Sherlockian books and an increase in sales of other books about the detective.

Casemurate, Stefania. The Life and Character of Sherlock Holmes. Cashman, Rosemary. Part of the article deals with Dr. Joseph Bell.

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Caswell, Chris. Cawelti, John G. The author detects for readers the mystery of Sherlock Holmes: the ability of right conclusions; the talent for observation and remembrance. Ilustroval a graficky upravil Marcel Stecker. II se porte comme un charme An Onlooker's Notebook. Cerf, Bennett. Try and Stop Me. Illustrated by Carl Rose. New York: Editions for the Armed Services, [c. Armed Services Edition, R Champigny, Robert. What Will Have Happened. Bloomington; London: Indiana University Press, [].

The author states that he prefers "the mock-seriousness of Holmesian scholarship to the religiosity of Shakespearian scholarship. Holmesian scholarship may even be regarded as a parody of Shakespearian scholarship. Chandler, Frank Wadleigh. In two volumes. The Types of English Literature. Edited by William Allan Neilson. Contains frequent references to the Sherlockian literature, in the chapter under this heading, for its outstanding place in the field.

Chernus, Jack. Chesterton, G. Edited by Dorothy Collins. London and New York: Sheed and Ward, The real inference is that Sherlock Holmes really existed and that Conan Doyle never existed. If posterity only reads these latter books, it will certainly suppose them to be serious. It will imagine that Sherlock Holmes was a man. But he was not; he was only a god. Finch, retired, and collected for posterity by J.

Finley Christ, editor. Contents: Editorial Preface. Sherlock Was an Irishman. Finch [pseud. Contents: Editor's Foreword. Tussaud's Neighbour. January 14, January 25, Watson -- I March 22, Watson -- II April 8, Christ, Jay Finley. Soundings in the Saga. Contents: Explanatory. Writes to Baker Street. Watson's Literary Agent. Watson and Mr. Christ's Sherlockian Studies. Contents: Flashes by Fanlight. Churchill, Peter. From Stud to Shos, the reading public enjoyed forty years of Sherlock Holmes. But the time spent by Holmes in solving all the published cases amounts to about days.

Those were the days! Clark, Dean, ed. Contents: Foreword by Dean Clark. Dean Clark. Anathema and Antidote. Clark, Henry C. The author tells how Samuel S. Drury, a Master of English at Pomfret School in Connecticut, introduced the boys in his dormitory to the Master Detective, and then Clark questions Holmes's judgment in protecting some of his clients and Watson's claim to being a swift runner.

Clark, James M. A brief history and analysis of detective stories, including the Sacred Writings, with a large reproduction of a Paget illustration from Silv. Clarkson, Paul S. An article about the Master Detective that includes a review of Michael Harrison's first two Holmes books and a photograph of Gillette. Clausen, Christopher. The author maintains that Holmes has been "the subject of the most tedious pseudo-scholarship in the history of letters, most of it premised on the facetious assumption that Holmes was a historical character whose biography needs filling in.

Clendening, Logan. Cochran, William R. The Beeman's Christmas Annual , No. DuQuoin, Ill. Contents: Bartlett D. Cohen, Paula S. The book will serve as a shining beacon for Sherlockians everywhere! Cohen, Paula. Those have gone from us, and in their place we have been given sex and violence. And that exchange is not acceptable to me.

Cole, Nicholas. Coleman, B. Watson Live! Collins, Hax. Compart, Martin. Das Sherlock-Holmes-Buch. Contents: Der Mythos Sherlock Holmes. Conrad, Stephan. The only Sherlockian significance of this unhappy article on obtaining photographic evidence for divorce cases is the use of Holmes's forename. Constantine, Peggy. Cooper, Michael A. Corsico, Mariella. Historia [Milano], No. Coulson, John. Cox, J. An excellent review and analysis of the detective story, including, of course, the Canonical tales. Crawford, Bryce L. Connors, eds. Cultivating Sherlock Holmes.

La Crosse, Wis. Limited to copies, of which 25 are in a two-tone binding, numbered and signed by the contributors. Contents: Introduction, by Bryce L. Crawford, Jr. Sherlock Holmes's Opinion of Watson, by E. Randolph Cox. Crawford, Meloney M. Crinklaw, Don. Louis Post-Dispatch August 20, , F An informative article on the renewed interest in Holmes, with comments by Philip Shreffler and Ralph Grimes.

Crupe, Peter J. Cullinan, Bernice, and M. Jerry Weiss, eds. Four of the persons selected by the students in this project as heroes -- Alexander L. Schulz -- named Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Sherlock Holmes stories as one of the three authors and books they enjoyed most in their youth.

Cumings, Thayer. Sherlock Holmes and Advertising. A Sheaf of Weird Telegrams. The Great Holmes Sale. A Check on Lady Frances. Concerning Holmes' Fees. Holmes and the U. On an Unheralded Hero. Cutter, Robert A. Sherlockian Studies: Seven Pieces of Sherlockiana. Contents: Foreword, by Edgar W. Tudor Gross. Dadkhah, Kamran M. The author shows that economists referring to the Canonical tales have done so on the basis of a cursory reading of the stories. Dahl, Edwin, and Nils Nordberg.

Den store kriminal-boka. A handsome and profusely illustrated popular history of detective and mystery fiction, film and television, with numerous illustrated commentaries on the Sherlock Holmes stories. Daish, W. Dakin, D. A critical and detailed commentary on the topics discussed by Trevor Hall in his book by the same title. D'Almeida, D. Dallas, Gus. Footloose in Queens. Dalton, Philip. Dann, Diane DuVal. Dantas, Carlos. About half the article deals with Holmes and Doyle and includes a short filmography and photographs of Barrymore and Rathbone.

Dante, Matelli. Darwin, Bernard. London: Collins, []. Daugherty, Daniel. In a desert land once called New Mexico, archaeologists come across the ruins of a dwelling once belonging to a man named Shaw John Bennett Shaw. Therein are found hundreds of volumes telling of an ancient hero who wore a curious hat and carried an oddly carved device in his mouth. Davis, Elmer. Morristown, N. Davis, L.

A review of five new books by Michael Dibdin, Loren D. Estleman, H. Paul Jeffers, Trevor H. Hall, and Hesketh Pearson, with a commentary on the continued appeal of Holmes. Davis, Norman M. Amusing, Holmes! Foreword by John Bennett Shaw. Blue Island, Ill. Introducing Sherlock Holmes? Toast to Sherlock Holmes, the Great Regular.

In Defence of the "Chicago Four". Sherlockian Handicapping. A Pawky Quiz. John's Wood. The Terrible Secret of the B. Whose Last Bow? Artfully Conceived Deceit. The Case of the Vanished Aviatrix. De Blois, Frank. De Camara, Mary P. Monarch Notes, DeCasseres, Benjamin. Mount Vernon, N. De Groot, Roy Andries. We love to play detective, and certainly, in the world of food, there are endless opportunities.

This is the story of one of my adventures tracking a recipe almost halfway around the world. Depken, Friedrich. Anglistische Forschungen, Heft Sherlock Holmes, Raffles, and Their Prototypes. Translated and digested by Jay Finley Christ. This paper was developed from a seminar at Heidelberg in The study is limited to the crime story as an offshoot of the criminal novel, tracing the history of the former in the 19th and 20th centuries. It begins with the questions: 1 How much did Poe influence Gaboriau? Dettman, Bruce. De View, Lucille. Dalton Bookseller, Northland Center.

Dibble, Ralph. Dickensheet, Dean. Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes Dickson, Lovat. Part of this article on how books influence children contains a section on the Sherlock Holmes stories. Ditzel, Paul. An informative article on the Holmes mystique and the reasons for its continued growth. Illustrated with sketches and a photograph of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Famous Partnerships.

Watson's Neglected Patients. Edited by John E. Stephenson and David N. Watson's Neglected Patients, Contents: Minutes and Announcements. Dodd, Ora. Donegall, Lord. Baker Street and Beyond, No. A valuable introduction to Holmesiana, including the relationship between Doyle and Watson, the Swiss tour of , Holmes and Watson's experience with the "fair" sex, and the Master's ability as a code-breaker.

Dorier, Susan. Dove, George N. The Police Procedural. A writer frequently uses the conventional device of having his detective refer to another fictional detective in order to suggest a contrast between his "real" story and a merely fictional one. Among the examples cited are some about Sherlock Holmes. Doyle, Adrian Conan. A reply to E. Greenwood's letter to the Telegraph October 1, p. Greenwood suggests that the Holmes stories are read only by "middle-aged and old-fashioned people. A letter to the editor criticizing A. Doyle, Michael. Relates events in to show that "the year" was "a beginning, not an end," as hypothesized by Starrett in "B" reprinted therein.

Drazen, Patrick. There are three essential reasons for such a new edition: to improve graphics reproduction, to correct typographical errors, and to enhance the original annotations. Dudley, Ernest. Dudley, William E. An excellent little essay on the London of Dunbar, Robin. The Detective Business. Chicago: Charles H. Contents: The Detective Business.

Dunning, Brian. He is the most famous character in fiction and increasingly the subject of a worldwide cult equated only by the old West. Duval, James O. Hayakawa, with a chapter devoted to crime fiction by Martin Maloney DB Eames, Hugh. Philadelphia and New York: J. Lippincott Co. Ecenbarger, William. The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine March 16, li,86 , , 20, 42, Sculpture by Scott Holingue; photo by Charles Osgood. Eckrich, Joseph J. Sherlockian Byways. The first instalment of a bimonthly column on things Sherlockian.

This one details some of the many celebrations in honor of the centenary of Stud. Eckrich also asks the question of why there is almost total acceptance of the noncanonical "facts" in Baring-Gould's Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes in Life magazine in the 's and 's, including three "letters to the editor" in the May 22, issue. Sherlockiana is a grand game that started as tongue-in-cheek by Father Ronald Knox and was continued in the same vein by Morley, Smith, and others.


We should not lose sight of that in our modern pursuit of "keeping green the memory of the Master. A potpourri of information on current Sherlockiana, including a response to Marla B. Informative commentaries on current happenings in the Holmesian world. Edwards, O. To solve the case, a sociological perspective is needed. Non-Sherlockian except for the subtitle and two caricatures of Holmes and Watson, one of which appears on the cover.

Edwards, Owen Dudley. Ekberg, Katie. An Elementary, Look at Holmesmania. Compliments of Robert W. Hahn [and] Paul Smedegaard. Dinner Discusses which of the four long stories is most worthy of Holmes's superior personality. The first part of Vall is the most consistent story, but Houn is a superb thriller with an ingenious build-up. Eliot, T. A review, in the form of an essay, of the John Murray short story omnibus in which Mr.

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Eliot states that "every writer owes something to Holmes. And every critic of The Novel who has a theory about the reality of characters in fiction would do well to consider Holmes. Elkins Park Junior High School. Section Baker Street Gazette. Edited by Richard Gerber. November 15, The Londoner. Edited by Richard Fox. Edited by Cindy Kauffman and Dale Armstrong. November 13, Holmes' Cocaine Chronicle. London: January 27, Elwin, Malcolm. London: Collins, Partial contents: Schoolboys' favourites. Engholm, Kaj. A laudatory discussion by a Danish Sherlockian of the Canonical tales and their common denominator -- the introduction or opening to each of them.

Epstein, Dan. Ericson, Eric. A list, with comments, of nine articles from Swedish newspapers dated The articles are awarded up to 10 E's for accuracy, relevance, and entertainment. Esenwein, J.

Writing the Short Story. Springfield, Mass. Etherington, Jan. Four favorite TV personalities were asked about their heroes and why they admire them. Jeremy Beadle's hero is Sherlock Holmes and he is dressed for his dream part. Eureka [Tokyo], 12, No. Sherlock Holmes Issue. Watson, by Koji Tanaka p.

Watson's Crime, by Osamu Ikeuchi p. Sherlock Holmes, by Motomichi Imura p. Evans, Laurence. Evans, Wainwright. Saga , 8, No. Condensed with title: "Is Sherlock Holmes Alive? Everett, Todd. A handsomely illustrated and interesting article in which several new Sherlockian books are reviewed. An exchange of correspondence between Holmes and Watson, reprinted with the permission of both parties.

Eyles, Allen. Sherlock Holmes: A Centenary Celebration. Sherlock Holmes: Album del centenario. Contents: Introduction. More Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes on Stage. The Return of Sherlock Holmes. His Last Bow? Further Films and Final Cases. Sherlock Holmes in the Thirties. Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes. Holmes in Eclipse. The Great Revival. Olding ; SHJ , 18, No. Jones ; This England Summer , Fagg, Martin. Falk, Gretchen. Fajardo, Jose Manuel. Farlekas, Chris. Feldman, Larry. Textual differences between the American Doubleday , the English Murray , and the original Strand Avenal reprint editions of the Canonical tales.

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Ferguson, Jeremy. Contains references to Doyle and Holmes, including an attractive two-page illustration with Holmes and Watson by Mike Milicic. A careless but well-intentioned account of Drs. Doyle and Bell, the Strand , etc. Most of this issue contains articles about detective fiction, including the Sherlock Holmes stories. Also features a cover illustration of Holmes by Floeh. Field, June. A well-illustrated article on "collectable detective fiction," with comments about several Sherlock Holmes books.

Finer, Cherry. Edited by J. Williamson and H. Fitzgerald, Faith T. Tierney, Jr. Exercises in observation that may increase general physical diagnostic skills and enliven bedside rounds, with a quotation from Stud and a credit to Doyle and Bell: "Our greatest debt is to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and to his teacher, Dr. The Five Orange Pips. Westchester County, N. Contents: Introduction by Richard Warner Clarke. Sherlock Holmes, by Frank A. Mortimer Before the Bar, by Benjamin S. Reviews: SOS , 2, No. Fletcher, Connie.

Fontaisse, Mario. Fordham University, New York. School of Law. Franco, Victor. The Fratton Lodgers. Contents: Introduction: The Fratton Lodgers. Fredman, L. A scholarly survey of the Sherlockian scene and the dating of Watson's marriage to Mary Morstan as a sample problem. Freeman, Lucy, ed. New York: Frederick Ungar Pub. French, Wes. Furneaux, Rupert.

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London: Odhams Press Ltd. London: Allan Wingate, [June ]. The World's Strangest Mysteries. New York: Ace Books, []. Ace Star, K Fusco, Andrew G. An excellent article on the history and present state of Sherlockiana, by the commissionaire of The Scion of the Four. Gaili, Agnese. Sessione estiva Gardner, Earle Stanley. Doyle,'" The Atlantic Monthly , , No. Doyle, in Hollywood, learns from a cinemagnate what the Sherlock Holmes tales really need to pep them up and give them box-office appeal. Gardner, Ralph.

Garner, Lesley. One of the books listed is The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Another thing is the new Labour Force Survey actually lends further evidence to the growing belief that the Canadian economy is already in recession. Also on Friday, Poilievre tweeted a video edited to show Grammy Award-winning Canadian rapper Drake applauding a recent speech Poilievre delivered about the need for more trades jobs:.

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NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1) NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1)
NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1) NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1)
NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1) NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1)
NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1) NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1)
NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1) NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1)
NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1) NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1)
NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1) NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1)
NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1) NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1)
NIGMA (Drakes Progress Book 1)

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