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Sensuality, playful sensuality

The Masked Singer lives and dies by its ability to keep the identity of its contestants a secret until they are unmasked on the show, no easy task when hundreds of people work on the show, there was a live audience, and social media exists. Some of those measures? Plus, most of the production team had no idea who the show had booked. The writers didn't know.

Celebrities wear hoodies, balaclavas, and masks to hide their identities from people in production

The studio team didn't know," Ibirra revealed. People were learning who the cast were as we were taping the show. When it comes to a reality competition series in its first season, casting is always hard. But Ibirra had experience in this arena, thanks to her time working on Dancing With the Stars. Still, "This was an extraordinary ask for these celebrities. People either get it or they don't. Their strategy was to approach the casting conversations "through their costuming," she explained. Another selling point for many of the participants was the potential to really shock viewers who may have a pre-conceived notion about them that would disappear when their identity was masked.

For the majority of them, that appeal was there: I want America to see a different side of me, hear a different side of me.

All of the 'Masked Singer' Contestant Identities Revealed (PHOTOS)

Before casting its 12 celebrities, The Masked Singer team designed 20 costumes to give potential contestants a sense of what they could dress up as on the show. But once they signed on, Ibirra said they really wanted the celebrity to pick the one they most identified with and it often had surprisingly emotional outcomes.

It's deeply personal. While it was emotional for some, for others it was more about the characteristics and traits of the costume.

[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - 'fourleaf clover' Identity 20171210

After being revealed to be the Poodle in week four, comedian Margaret Cho walked E! News through her decision-making process when it came to picking her character when she was offered Poodle or Alien. Joey Fatone didn't just play himself in a Rabbit costume. He went full crazy rabbit, taking his cues from the straitjacket the Rabbit is inexplicably wearing. Maybe at first I went a little too far, because they kept saying 'You're the rabbit, be in the character,' and I'm like, 'What the f--k does that mean?

You want me to hop around? Rehearsals for a major production are stressful enough. Now imagine an insanely high level of secrecy and elaborate costumes on top of that. It was very, very extensive in hiding who you were. You had to go to quite a lot of rehearsals and fittings and blocking rehearsals and choreography, so there was a lot of stuff that you were doing, but really concealing your identity. She added , "I mean they kept us apart in that we were all scheduled to come onto set at different times.

All of our rehearsals were at separate locations where we just had no idea.

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We all had very separate, remote dressing rooms. We had separate production people. We didn't crossover at all. Since not all of the singers are actually singers, they aren't left alone up there on stage.

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  • There's even an unseen background singer, who just happens to be Plestis' daughter who helped him discover the show in the Thai restaurant. If you ever think the costumes look uncomfortable and difficult to perform in while watching the show you are 1, percent correct. They have a team of people going everywhere helping put their costumes on and off for them. Making the costumes proved to be just as much of a challenge for the wardrobe department, with Ibirra saying, "They take months to make, some of them were easier than others.

    The Hippo, for example, was an easier one as it was mostly just clothes to go along with the mask. The characters that proved far more difficult included Unicorn, Lion "The mask was carved out of clay and then dipped in gold!

    There's also the whole sometimes-not-being-able-to-see thing, with Ibirra admitting, "They really cannot see very much. And that's the most disarming thing for them is getting on stage. From premiere to finale, The Masked Singer 's first season took about a month, with the team going to extreme measures to protect the secret identities of its competitors. Their friends, family, agents and managers all had to wear masks and cloaks on set as well, because if you see someone and go, 'Oh, that person reps so and so' or 'Oh, that's so and so's brother!

    Meet the ‘Masked Singer’ Costume Designer Behind Those Elaborate Looks

    And when the celebrity wasn't performing, they wore "much lighter versions" of their on-stage costumes. No one really spoke to them. They were basically ignored. Anyone that any of the singers brought with them had to be masked as well, since people around Hollywood tend to recognize reps and managers. Joey Fatone 's manager, Joe Mulvi , had to don a robe and a full face mask when he was on set with Fatone, and that wasn't even the full extent of it. And sure enough, right off Melrose, I met at a 7-Eleven and I got in a car and there was a purple robe and a mask and they said put it on before we pull through the gate, and I thought it was a joke.

    I get out, I'm walking around, everybody else has a mask and a robe on.

    'The Masked Singer': Here's everything you need to know ahead of the season finale | Deseret News

    And I was like, is this what it feels like to be on drugs? Because I don't do drugs, but if I did, this has got to be what it feels like to trip, because this is the weirdest thing for me. The very short time commitment for the singers was vital to the show working at all, and that was only possible with the use of stand ins. Whenever the singers were on stage performing or answering the panel's questions, it was the actual celebrity in the costume.

    Any other time, it was not. When you see the clues, that wasn't me in the costume. The voice was me, but the costume was not. That meant the singers only had to focus on the performances and maybe one or two voiceover sessions, instead of, you know, shooting in the desert or at a carnival or in front of a green screen for hours on end. Fatone still has no idea who played the Rabbit in his place. When it came time to find a person to lead the festivities, Ibarra only had one name on her list: Nick Cannon. I can't imagine any other person hosting the show. Not only because of his experience in having done shows like this before, that obviously goes without saying, but there was also his fashion sense," she said.

    You need someone whose got as much flamboyance and creativity really in how they dress themselves. For me, that was the perfect person. He's experienced, he's really, really warm and he's funny! One particularly hilarious moment came when Ken Jeong discovered that Margaret Cho, his longtime friend and the woman who played his sister on his sitcom, had been masquerading as the Poodle.

    That wasn't planned, but producers were pretty sure Jeong would figure it out. That didn't bother us at all, but it was so out there, every clue was there—the LGBT, San Francisco, stand up—all the clues were there. We thought, there's no way. Everyone's going to figure this one out, and they didn't.

    TheMaskedSinger in the peacockmask has to be Donny Osmond!! We've got some monstrous clues for you! Better believe we've got clues for you! Fans were torn over Deer, with a pretty even split between the leading guesses of Terry Bradshaw or Peyton Manning:. DeerMask Hahaha Payton Manning! DedeFurniss January 3, By far, the character that seems to be stumping everyone the most was Lion, who viewers think might be a Kardashian, Rumer Willis or Paris Jackson:.

    LionMask it's gotta be a Kardasian. And things will only get trickier as the season goes on, as there will be more masked singers joining the party in the weeks to come, with a total of 12 celebrities competing. TV advertisers may be in love with adults , but within that demo is a more narrow group of tastemakers broadcasters covet: millennials.

    Masked Identities Masked Identities
    Masked Identities Masked Identities
    Masked Identities Masked Identities
    Masked Identities Masked Identities
    Masked Identities Masked Identities

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