Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition)

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Brazilian Grand Prix

Piquet founded a racing team, Piquet Sports , in The purpose was to help the participation of Nelson Piquet, Jr. It was founded eight months before Nelson Junior turned Known as a practical joker, Piquet lived a stereotypically playboy racing driver lifestyle, earning and losing and earning again a series of small fortunes in his business dealings. One of the great characters of s Formula One.

GP Brasil 2008 - Formula 1- TV GLOBO

He remains a competitive driver in sports car racing, albeit more for fun than with serious intent. He was critical of the Monaco Grand Prix by famously stating Monaco was like "riding a bicycle around your living room". Piquet entered into a first marriage with Maria Clara in with the marriage lasting for one year. Laszlo Piquet was born in , but his mother is Katherine Valentin. On July 31, Piquet, after repeated speeding and parking offenses, was stripped of his civilian driving licence and ordered by the Brazilian courts to attend a week of lessons in order to "learn good and safe driving conduct", and to then pass an exam.

His wife Viviane received the same sentence. Piquet Sr. His son followed his helmet design. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Piquet a Monza Contents [ show ]. Retrieved 12 August Artes Digitais Ltda. Retrieved Archived from the original on Formula 1 Stars. Grand Prix Hall of Fame. The Montreal Gazette : p. Formula One official website. Veloce Books. Formula 1 stars. Lodi News-Sentinel : p. March 31, Accounts Editor. Ottawa Citizen : p. September 12, The New York Times.

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Grand Prix Racers: Portaits of Speed. Autocourse Official Illustrated History of the Indianapolis ADAC km rennen. Daily Mail. The Guardian. Veja on-line. Lonely Planet Publications. Numbers without parentheses are Championship points; numbers in parentheses are total points scored. Categories :. Cancel Save. GER Ret. AUT Ret. NED Ret.

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Motorsport venues in Brazil

USW 8. ESP Ret. BEL Ret. MON 7.

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Ayrton Senna

AUT 2. EUR 3. POR 6. POR Ret. SMR 8.

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DET 6. FRA 1. GBR 4. NED 8. ITA 2. EUR Ret. AUS Ret. SMR 2. CAN 3.

Ayrton Senna

DET Ret. HUN 1. POR 3. MEX 4. AUS 2. BRA 2. DET 2. ESP 4.

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MEX 2. JPN BRA 3. SMR 3. MEX Ret. CAN 4. FRA 5. When the track was closed for the day, I expected my moment had come. Senna packed up his things, snapped his briefcase shut and turned to me. He had, of course, completely forgotten our interview — and I should have guessed as much hours before. He had another appointment, he explained. Since I was already in France for the forthcoming French GP, he generously offered to reschedule our appointment for the day after the race.

This was perhaps fortunate, because I learned over the weekend that he had been quoted in the Brazilian press about his spiritual beliefs. Two months earlier, Senna had crashed out of the Monaco GP while leading by half a minute. He had immediately walked out of the circuit and headed for the Houston, barely yards away from Portier, the corner where he had crashed. Sitting here at home on the sofa, he was telling me that he crashed because he had slowed down and lost concentration.

The TV had caught the moment when he got out of the McLaren and removed his balaclava. No emotion at all on that impassive, finely-chiselled face. Just turned on his heel and left. I knew, though, that his explanation did not match with facts from the team, especially his claim to have slowed down.

Was it possible, I asked, that there was a spiritual element to the crash? Had a higher power intervened? One year later, with his first world title in the bag, Senna told a different story in an extensive interview with the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine. At Monaco, he admitted, he had been in a sort of trance. Coming down to Portier he had seen a light shining from out in the sea, which he interpreted as a divine command to sacrifice his race. He went further. At Suzuka, where he won the title, he had seen a vision of Christ as he went round the Spoon Curve on his victory lap.

I subsequently wrote a piece about these revelations which displeased him. We choose to compete in sports I wrote for any number of reasons, most of which are entirely selfish. One of the basic precepts of Christianity, I had been taught, is that God loves all men equally. It is therefore hypocritical and irreligious to ask Him to favour anyone — especially oneself — in a sporting contest. From this point onwards, Senna made it clear that I was no longer on the list of his favoured journalists.

It was a chilling experience. Nobody at McLaren could tell me what had stirred his anger and he was not prepared to talk to me. It was at least two years before I had a chance to confront him privately. It happened in Hungary, where we were booked into the same hotel, and one evening we found ourselves in the same lift. When he stepped out, I followed him. He knew it was me, but only when he got to his room would he acknowledge my presence. I asked him politely what it was that I had done wrong. A look of resignation came over his face. Finest ever laps in Monaco.

Ayrton Senna photo up for auction. Share on Facebook. Here, one of the favoured few recalls his early friendship — and final falling out — with the great Brazilian by Mike Doodson One day, somebody will write a great full-length biography of Ayrton Senna da Silva. Having discovered that a wide-angle lens is super-tolerant of poor focusing, I was using a cheap but effective 20mm… Although the Senna home was spacious and luxurious, it was located in what appeared to be a fairly rough neighbourhood. Ayrton Senna-pride of Brazil. Senna: Lost Hero of Formula 1.

Imola improved Formula 1 safety. The Greatest of All Time. Ayrton Senna: Eau Rouge Story. F1 Memories: Adelaide Senna: Imola 94 Mindset. Jun 14, Senna won in Monaco six times, the most successful driver at the race which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. He won in May 1, The anniversary of Senna's death on Wednesday - dubbed "Senna Day" - will revive the sense of loss and bewilderment that followed the shocking Apr 30, No doubt the Pope, like the Queen, receives many strange presents.

But few can have been odder than the one that came his way Actual News and Ongoings. Ayrton Senna photo up for auction May 8, Senna and Ratzenberger tributes to be held at Spanish GP. Formula 1 Game: Legends Edition Apr 30, F1 community remembers Ratzenberger Apr 29, Fans Diaries from All over the World. Ayrton Senna by Jon Nicholson May 1, Mercedes story by Ayrton Senna Feb 6, Outstanding tribute to Brazilian Champion Nov 8, On Saturday and Sunday, Hamilton presents Ayrton Senna Institute Nov 9, Review: Tag Heuer Carrera Nov 7, Yes, Steve McQueen Considered as one of the greatest drivers of all time, Ayrton "Magic" Senna has made his mark on Formula 1 history with audacity and Masterpiece: Geneve Senna 41 Sep 1, Gordon Murray Interview Oct 8, The start had been confused, to say the least.

For some reason — unexplained by the stewards of the meeting or other FISA officials

Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition) Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition)
Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition) Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition)
Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition) Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition)
Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition) Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition)
Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition) Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition)
Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition) Fórmula 1 em Interlagos - Vol. I (Portuguese Edition)

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