Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3)

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Stuntwoman Dawn Madison hasn't been on the best of terms with her father since her movie star mother died. Still, he is her dad, and when he vanishes while investigating the bizarre sighting-caught on film-of a supposedly long-dead child star, she comes home to Tinseltown to join the search for him.

Working with his odd colleagues, she discovers an erotic and bloody underground society made up of creatures she thought existed only on the screen. Dawn Madison reluctantly came to Los Angeles in search of her missing father and found instead a world of murder and the living dead she never imagined existed. When a new vampire slaying lures Dawn deeper into the underground, her alliances in the sunlit world shift. Now she has only herself to trust and her new found skills as "a spunky vampire slayer" Publishers Weekly.

Hollywood can really suck… After facing off against the lethal Vampire Killer, Hollywood stuntwoman Dawn Madison and her friends are reeling.

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But for Dawn, the pain is much more personal. Matt Lonigan are only making things worse. When a new Underground is found in England, Dawn and a vampire-fighting team are dispatched to carry the fight to the enemy in London. But the vicious pack is starting to realize that its greatest threat may be from within its own ranks. As unrest rocks the Underground, Dawn begins to fall prey to her own dark desires. Never the same since her one moment as a vampire, she finds her psychic powers—and urge to hunt—growing. But Dawn must wring all the information she can out of her captive.

Can he open his home to her and keep his jeans closed?

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If he has his way. But to the staff at The Golden Mail, Wes is just an ordinary, workaholic editor. Wes is sure that nobody can ever get close enough to uncover his secret. That is until he hires Julia, one of the best journalists. Boxed set of three full-length, award-winning paranormal romance novels. Enjoy this suspenseful romance novel with recipes including Hummingbird cake and Bourbon Peach pie.

Amazon bestselling author Emmaline Wade chronicles the lives and friendships of the wealthy Carrie family. This first book installment is a delightful beginning to the splendor of what is going to be a dynamic tale. Lose yourself in romance, adventure, and Happily Ever After. Over pages of five clean and wholesome, inspirational romances for free! Full-length contemporary romance. Kindle Echo Canyon Brides Box Set by Linda Bridey: Immerse yourself in the Echo Canyon Brides series that critics describe as a powerful spellbinding blend of mystery, romance, and humor showing strong women in difficult situations.

Turmoil follows as a powerful and influential matriarch causes upheaval. A previous violent act causes tensions to explode at a high profile fundraiser. Love and marriages are threatened — the secrets of long ago have a very public climax in their world of wealth and privilege. The only people who can stem its advance are the Silver, a vampiric race who offer a simple exchange: protection in return for blood and subservience.

And both of them are keeping secrets. Fall in love with this royal friends to lovers romance. That should have been my first sign — I write about guys like him for a living. Writing romance novels comes with its perks, but Ethan Rochester enters my life and rearranges my preconceived notions about writing what inspires you. When the two are thrown together as part of a challenge, Sam sees the chance to win her back.

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As their passion heats up, will it be enough to knock down the emotional wall between them? Hallmark movie fans will love this sweet contemporary romance with a touch of magical realism. Rather than idly lingering on Earth, she focuses on finding her killer. Uncovering the truth means asking for help from her psychic ex-boyfriend. High in the Rockies, she feels secure, especially when love begins to bloom with the local veterinarian, Rick. What happens when her past catches up with her? Will she find answers or simply more questions? How far will she go to fulfill her kinky, taboo fantasies with a younger man?

Vampires who more than likely murdered her twin sister. Includes books one through five! Backgrounds clash, hearts are lost, and trust is tested. Can they find their way across the differences to what matters? Or will they condemn themselves to heartbreak and loss?

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Human women required. Must love vampires. Must sign a contract. The vampires need human mates and The Program is designed to make that happen. Cassidy is selected for the trial phase. Her job is to root out vampires with bloodlust. She could end up dead. Unfortunately, she desperately needs the money. Keeton Gustafson is a tough biker-dude and owner of Gustafson Custom Motorcycles. Four full-length standalone novels for die-hard billionaire romance fans!

But with only thirty days, will Melanie leave with another broken heart or will Preston be able to get her to stay? I do not keep a bevy of cats. I cook, clean, read, and write. I sing in the choir. I do volunteer work. Isobel is taken to be forced into an unwanted marriage. Cailean, a knight wounded in battle, rescues her. When she seeks support from a traitor, he must decide. Should he come to her aid again or forget her? He just needs to keep her alive long enough to make her his….

A story of addictive love, betrayal, unpredictable twists, titillating secrets, and luring mystery. Desperate to find a future, that yesterday, she could only dream of having. Chosen by the Princess Realm of the Chosen Book 1 by Sadie Waters: Katrinetta is about to begin her Choosing, a time when she will be presented with a Representative from each province to see which one pleases her most. However, the more she gets to know them, the harder it is for her to choose just one to spend the rest of her life with.

Kindle Finding Home Rollin On Series Book 1 by Emilia Finn: Bobby Kincaid is a twenty-six-year-old pro fighter whose life has always revolved around his family and gym, but the day the shy woman with too much baggage and a teenage kid steps into his life is the day everything changes. One dance, one kiss, and Bobby is sunk. Written by a real-life full-contact champion fighter. I can feel their longing for me, their hunger, their passion, but will our love be enough to withstand an enemy that once again threatens to destroy the entire kingdom for ultimate power?

A stand-alone. Reporter Delilah Tenney must choose: the story of a lifetime or a lifetime of love. His sacrifice, eternal imprisonment with his mortal foe, was meant to protect the town and people he loved. But when a mystery billionaire purchases her a priceless cuff with an offer to work for him, then leaves her with only the memory of his unreal aqua eyes — her life goes up in flames. What could possibly go wrong? Kindle Dark Siren by Eden Ashley: Get lost in a timeless romance between sirens and shapeshifters in this tale of love, betrayal, and heartbreaking secrets when Kalista, the girl with a powerful creature leashed within her, meets Rhane, a mysterious man from her forgotten past.

Fresh paranormal elements and a unique take on siren mythology will keep readers guessing until the end. But when she discovers a collection of old journals, a horrible secret comes to light. How can she break free of the curse that surrounds the women in her family? And when Lady Penelope stumbles upon a fallen duke, can she save herself from the beauty of his face? But when an unexpected tragedy derails his plans, his life begins to go sideways.

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Then he meets Miranda, a beautiful but mysterious girl, who captivates him from the moment she appears in his life. What follows is a story about love that will forever change your heart. Hundreds of thousands of pages read! Discover the phenomenon of a love that defies boundaries. When Eden starts at a new high school, she has no idea how much her life is going to change… Until she meets Noah, who draws her in with his blue eyes and the secrets behind them. An alpha werewolf. A forbidden love that could tear the pack apart.

Piper Westbrook arrives in Sweetwater to close down the marina. But when Simon shows up, a storm brews between them. He loves the water. She fears it. Will their differences be the cause of a big loss for a small town? As tensions mount between them and outside forces threaten them, will they give in to temptation? Read the first three books in the medieval time travel romance series: A Knight to Remember, Knight Moves, Lonely is the Knight, in this special offering.

The only problem? Forever Claimed is a novella featured in the Vampire Brides series. All books in the Vampire Brides series are standalone and can be read in any order.

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Losing the man she loved pushes Amy into a life of independence. Her only source of comfort is her work — a ranch dedicated to horses. Until one lonely night leads her into the arms of a cowboy who fulfills her desires. Scottish Highlanders. After a traumatic event, rocker Cole Manchester changes his womanizing ways and becomes inexplicably drawn to his shy publicist Rose Morgan — who desperately tries to stay away from the sexy star.

Passion turns to chaos as her career and their lives are risked for love. Especially when time is of the essence and she needs a father for her baby. Preferably before she begins to show. The birthday girl is drunk, the guests are harassing her staff, and she is about to offend a real-life Christian Grey. Best Laid Plans is the first book in a completed four-book series. A pampered princess trying to prove she can do it on her own. Finn Abraham was only burned once, but once was enough. The last thing he has time for is a woman or a relationship.

Olivia Hartman was raised in wealth but all she wanted was someone to love her, to pay attention to her, or even care. The rules are simple: no kissing, no screwing, and definitely no falling in love. I have a problem with all three. She must now decide if following her heart is worth the risk of scandal…. Davina MacFarland never claimed she was an angel. Um, yes, please! A laugh out loud full-length romantic comedy novel. Hours of light reading that include wacky characters, cute guys, unexpected twists, plenty of drama, and naturally! This book bundle includes one full-length novel and six novellas.

She looks to Lochlan for help, but the sweltering tension between them is a dangerous distraction. To keep those she loves safe, Becca is willing to risk it all. Despite vowing never to fall for the cocky playboy, he makes me weak in the knees so I throw caution to the wind. Hold onto your heart because this alpha playboy is about to steal it.

Escape to paradise. Lindsey is hoping to find inner peace after a disturbing incident shattered her confidence. But will Lindsey ever be able to really trust a man again after what happened? A heartwarming romance from a USA Today bestselling author. Smith: A billionaire. A baby. A second chance he never saw coming. Baby, Baby is a standalone contemporary romance by Victoria H.

I woke up in a cage. A prison of my own making. My dignity. My sanity. My innocence. It all belonged to them. My freedom had a price. I had to confess my sins.

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Series Book 2 by Bonnie Gill: Leif just has three rules. Drawn together by the chase, Leif and Holly find that if they work together they make a great hunting team and their passion grows as they pursue their prey. This is an explicit adult African American romance. She could never have imagined how easily happiness could turn into disaster. Will Eliza allow the threat of scandal and the fear of condemnation to turn her away from the only man she has ever truly loved? An exclusive to put all others to shame. Was it real?

Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3) Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3)
Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3) Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3)
Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3) Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3)
Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3) Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3)
Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3) Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3)
Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3) Fighting With A Vampire (Midnight Desires Book 3)

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