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Being a former imperial city, Marrakech has an extremely rich culture and is full of traditional souks markets. Marrakech is also a common starting point for journeys into the Sahara where you can visit ancient ruins, ride through the desert on a camel, and camp under the stars.

And is there anything more adventurous than camel trekking through the middle of the Sahara?

Cappadocia, Turkey

In Selfoss, not only can you can scuba dive at the fault line between two tectonic plates, but you can also glacier hike. There are plenty of natural hot springs, black sand beaches, and ice caves. Not to mention, you can fall asleep under the Northern Lights… and that will quite possibly be the most magical night of your life.

Adventure In You

Arches National Park is one of five national parks located in southern Utah. Arches sits right outside of Moab, Utah which is basically adventure paradise. The hike to the top via the ancient Inca Trail is no joke, but once you get there… the view is seriously insane. Plus, you can ride a horse up the whole trail and spend time at beautiful lodges along the way.

The best honeymoons for adventurous couples

Sure, you can spend 20 hours flying to Africa or India to experience incredible wildlife and you should , but you can also experience it right here in the U. Spend a week camping, hiking, and exploring Yosemite, and you might even unzip your tent in the morning to find a moose grazing right in front of you or a black bear climbing in a tree overhead. New York City truly is the city that never sleeps.

Interlaken has absolutely everything. You can also literally pick any mountain peak and hike to the top, or take a slightly frightening gondola ride up instead. As you walk hand-in-hand through the gorgeous Swiss villages, your jaw will literally drop at all of the stunning views. Big Sur is the ultimate playground for both ocean lovers and hikers. Whichever one of these destinations you decide to go to will not disappoint. Step outside of your comfort zone and try the thing that scares you most. Do us a favor and strap on your GoPro, go crazy, and tells us all about your experience when you get back.

Samantha and Ryan Looney are LA-based travelers, photographers, and videographers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. It seems to us a likable place to live in.

Adventurous Couple Travel Story, Meaning of True Love - Tripoto

So much love in our hearts for this city! The only downside was dragging ourselves through the steep stairs to our hotel door. We spent 4 days divided in great adventures and long hours relaxing in the surroundings of Cusco, besides eating and drinking good stuff. Out of the all the possible courses to Machu Picchu we chose the most daring of them! So many surprises along the way, as well as encounters and lifetime lessons.

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The highest peak of the trail is called Abra Salkantay at 4. It was considered one of the most spectacular peaks of the Peruvian Andes and, from its 6. Having the opportunity to see it right behind us was unspeakable!

What if we could have a second honeymoon, would we go back to Peru? When our journey got arduous and we had to face cold weather and high altitudes so boldly that our body sickened a bit, we asked ourselves whether Peru had been the best option for our honeymoon. But having finished it with great new stories, convinced us that our journey had been worth each sole we spent, and every inch of altitude we went up and down.

Our cultural baggage was now huge and our camera full of wonderful shots. We learned that Peru is built by a simple and hardworking community. People who are not that keen on appearances, unless it comes in its most natural and purest form. Peruvians know how to maintain and live their traditions and value their history. Peru is a country of mysteries and it taught us that we are all the same in the altitude, being athletes or not. The Salkantay Trek taught us that we are stronger than we thought. From the Incas, we learned that ability and creativity to build something with quality that endures for milleniums does not depend all on highly modern technology like we tend to accept these days.

And why not take romance there and bring more adventure and action to your honeymoon?

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  7. About Contact. Adventure Honeymoon in Peru If I asked you to guess our honeymoon destination, anywhere in Peru would probably be your last assumption. Passaport Stamped in Machu Picchu August, 7th Lima Lima is a city surrounded by history and is considered one of the most important World Heritage Sites in South America, as it has its colonial patrimonies very well preserved. Huaraz Huaraz is a small town in the Andean region km to the north of Lima and 3. Laguna 69 — Huaraz.

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    Adventurous Couples Adventurous Couples
    Adventurous Couples Adventurous Couples
    Adventurous Couples Adventurous Couples
    Adventurous Couples Adventurous Couples
    Adventurous Couples Adventurous Couples
    Adventurous Couples Adventurous Couples
    Adventurous Couples Adventurous Couples

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