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Ein Beitrag zur Genealogie der Primitiv-organe.

Legal Information

Von Elias Metschnikoff Publication Info: Wien, A. Holder, Publication Info: Lutetiae :O. Publication Info: Paris,Agasse, Boswell Syme ; the popular portion by Mrs. Lankester ; the figures by J. Sowerby, J. Salter, and John Edward Sowerby. Publication Info: London :Hardwicke, Manuel Buen-Abad, Publication Info: Berolini : L.

Oehmigke, Franchet et Lud. Publication Info: Parisiis : F. Savy, Pars I-III. Publication Info: Hamburgi : Sumtibus auctorum. Enumeratio plantarum Guatemalensium imprimis a H. Publication Info: Oquawkae [Ill. Enumeratio plantarum Horti regii botanici berolinensis altera. Increasing numbers of historians, Germanists and philosophers have claimed music as a legitimate object of inquiry, while musicologists have borrowed from other disciplines to rethink their conception of mu- sic history. In the process, the very understanding of music as a research object has been transformed.

This seminar aims to bring together scholars of various experiences, perspectives, and fields to take stock of these devel- opments. What have been our successes? What lacunae remain to be ad- dressed? What priorities might we propose for future research to integrate further music, history and cultural studies? Each seminar day is devoted to a specific theme. Day One, musical hermeneutics, explores how we define and write about music. Day Two is framed around intermediality and borders. How does music relate to other media forms?

Do disciplinary preoccupations still have some analytical relevance? What benefits might disciplinary and geographical border crossing offer? Day Three turns to performance, reception and cultural products. Do notions of place and public affect how music is made and consumed? We understand the Romantic conception of Poesie as a response to the problems of transcendental Kantian philosophy to account for its own possibility all the way down, so to speak, as addressed in, for example, the figures of Jacobi, Reinhold, and Fichte.

In the face of these difficulties, Schlegel, Novalis, as well as Kleist and Schiller can be seen to develop alter- natives more or less continuous with the original philosophical concerns.

Memphis Police Officers and TBI assisting US Marshal Service regarding officer-involved shooting in

We thus invite contributions from colleagues in philosophy, literature stud- ies, intellectual history and related fields with interests in the above themes. S As still images, photographs are the building blocks of moving pictures and have been central to German cinema—from Nosferatu and People on Sunday to The Legend of Paul and Paula and Almanya—Welcome to Germany —yet how photographic objects function within cinematic texts has been largely overlooked. Participants will investigate how photo- graphs within German films reflect and refract technological and cultural practices, which include but are not limited to discourses surrounding memory, identity, authenticity, surveillance, and the representation of class, gender, and race.

Contributions might investigate how images can define or distort physical, political, and social realities. Likewise, they can preserve or erode memory by transforming relationships to the past and the present. This seminar welcomes these and other suggestions about how photographs work in German films. It analyzes phenomenon as distinct as the early-to- mid 19th Century revivals, Marian apparitions, the youth, liturgical and bible movements of the late 19th and early 20th century, the political reli- gions of the s and s, and the cults, sects and lifestyle movements of the s and s in the Federal Republic.

In different ways, all of these different events and movements challenged understandings of con- fessional orthodoxy, hierarchy and authority and often against a backdrop of fear—of secularization, societal unrest and state persecution. This seminar is centered on the dialectical relationship between churches, sects and religious revival. Under what circumstances did these movements emerge?

What impact did they have? Why did the Protestant and Catho- lic churches frequently contest these revival movements, sects and cults, some emerging from inside the church but most from outside? Why did some remain on the margins, while others were appropriated by the major churches? Answering these questions will force us to reconsider fundamen- tal definitions of religion and how these were challenged by calls for renew- al.

How did leaders and supporters of these renewal movements respond to the established churches? We invite submissions that analyze the work not only of Jewish directors and actors, but also of Jewish cinematographers, critics, producers, screenwriters, and others less commonly addressed by current scholarship. This could include Jewish awareness of difference, group identifi- cation, and economic and social integration. This sem- inar will address both the ambivalence of representation and the myriad effects of Jewish participation in Weimar cinema.

This seminar will engage with readings from both fields, as well as with broader works on the senses, media, and epistemology. Guiding themes for our inquiry include: Sight vs. Sound When, why, and how did sight become divorced from sound in pub- lic discourse and in academic scholarship? What are the intellectual conse- quences of these divisions?

Wahrnehmungen What are ways in which seeing gendered, racialized, and nationalized bodies, for example, influenced what people heard? Synesthesia How has the German-speaking world under- stood synesthesia, and how did those discourses shape how we understand the relationship between sight and sound today? Methodologies How might new practices employing visualization and sonification technologies en- courage us to think about sensory experiences in German-speaking Eu- rope in new ways?

Gesamtkunstwerk Considering that many art forms and cultural products have always been multisensory, how might we approach genres of film, television, dance, and opera anew? Hence, this seminar invites participants to investigate the concepts of strangeness and difference in artistic representa- tions from the German-speaking world.

Second, participants will trace historical shifts in the concepts of difference and strangeness and probe how cultural productions reflect and motivate these shifts. Third, participants will present and exchange educational materials that translate their scholarly work on difference and strangeness into teach- ing units for German students. Hence, we envision this seminar as bridging the split between research and teaching that is often challenging in our pro- fessional lives as well as at professional conferences.

At the same time, faculty in small programs are often stretched thin. This AATG-sponsored seminar will provide an opportunity for faculty to work together on strategies for addressing the A challenges and demands of teaching in a small German program. Day one R will focus on curricular reform; day two will address topics related to the S German program beyond the classroom; the third day will be devoted to the development of participant action plans. Seminar participants will dis- cuss research-based models for curricular reform and recent scholarship on literacy-based approaches to language instruction that have the potential to improve student recruitment and retention in German programs.

Par- ticipants will also engage with models for cocurricular German programs that involve building relationships with stakeholders and promoting life- long learning. Participants will work together to develop action plans for positioning German at the forefront of innovative teaching and scholarship at their home institutions. The word was used in this sense by generations of thinkers, including influentially Karl Marx. The seminar will be organized around readings in this neglected discipline, in- cluding passages from Beckmann, Marx, and Simondon, as well as Ropohl.

This seminar seeks to historicize the present moment. It will scrutinize the ways that simplifications of eco- nomic problems mobilized mass society in the 20th and early 21st century, and what contradictions these simplifications concealed. We will ask if a historically-grounded definition for the category of economic populism is possible and give special attention to its relationship to neoliberalism as a mode of rule.

Is economic populism the revenge of the demos against the rule of the market as it has been portrayed A or could it be a hybrid form of neoliberalism in a more racialized and na- R tionalized register? As many PhD programs re- fine their research and teaching identities, the study of German literature and culture before is gradually ascribed a smaller place in departmen- tal research and curricula. Ironically this contraction is occurring amidst the production of highly innovative approaches to medieval and early modern literature. The seminar aims to include as many different approaches to the premodern as possible.

We in- vite to examine the following questions: why do literature, philosophy and psychoanalysis continue to borrow from Greek tragedy when discussing social, political and kinship relations? In what ways has the philosophy of the tragic from Antiquity to Benjamin anticipated or failed to anticipate modern issues of identity formation, sexuality, gender, community, affect and questions of representation?

Is a genuinely modern tragic beyond the reception of the ancient tragic possible, and what forms would it assume? We will examine international relationships not only in the form of contemporary connections, but also as aesthetic inspiration from concurrent movements abroad, such as that of the Beat generation and Post-Modernism and earlier movements from the Weimar Era such as Dadaism and Surrealism. We will consider the tacit political relevance of these aesthetic references in the GDR context.

Our seminar will pointedly address all decades of the GDR and regional culture beyond Ber- lin. We encourage the presentation of research into individual or groups of cultural actors, works of literature, art, or film, or aesthetic movements that clashed with the state. Comparative case studies of GDR censorship with an example from another authoritarian regime such as the Nazis or other East Bloc nations will also be welcomed. This gap in film history suggests a rich op- R portunity for inquiry and beckons the question of why films by women S directors are often difficult to find, categorize, and teach.

To counter the tendency of excluding women filmmakers from film histories, this seminar will draw more sustained attention to the motion pictures made by female directors. Along with refocusing attention on female directors in order to broaden film history, we invite participants to explore how female directors portray men and masculinities.

Once we return women to their historical position behind the camera and view their films as worthy of inquiry, we want to move beyond the notion of women as objects on display. The leg- endary male gaze has dominated much of German cinema, film history, and critical analyses. German Life Writing Piedmont Phenomenology to the Letter: Husserl and Literature Atlanta 5 Philosophy in Literature, Literature as Philosophy Georgia 5 Religious Revivals in 19th and 20th Century Germany Atlanta 1 Rethinking Jewishness in Weimar Cinema Georgia 3 Technologie: Readings in a Neglected Discipline Georgia 13 The Tragic Today Georgia 11 Cosmology and Cosmopoetics 1 : Cosmic Entry Georgia 3 German Imaginaries of Eastern Europe 1 Georgia 8 Intersections of Ideologies within the Radical Right Atlanta 5 Political Theory from Simmel to Bannon Savannah 3 Austrians as War Victims?

Baltic Germans in War and Peace, Georgia 8 Cultures of Occupation in Modern Germany Athens Feminism, State, and Violence Atlanta 5 Jahrhundert Georgia 7 Raging Justice 1 Augusta Subjects of Performance 1 Valdosta Barbarous Occupiers? Enabling or Restricting? Masculinities in the Third Reich Savannah 2 Migration and Archive Macon Modeling Socialism?

Seeing and Feeling Atlanta 5 S Affect and Cognition in Holocaust Culture Georgia 12 Photographs in German Cinema Georgia 10 Children as Victims during the Nazi Era Georgia 12 Hearing and Listening in 19th and 20th Century Germany Athens Subjects of Performance 2 Valdosta I The Tragic around Georgia 3 Lessons from the Holocaust and Genocides Atlanta 3 German Art in the Time of Reformation Savannah 1 Georgia 9 S New Perspectives on Christa Wolf Macon Raging Justice 2 Georgia 12 Religious Experience and Literary Form 1 Savannah 2 Archive vor der digitalen Herausforderung Roundtable Atlanta 5 Art and Fiction Articulating Norms 2 Georgia 6 German Imaginaries of Eastern Europe 2 Augusta Photographic Memories: Images in Narrative Atlanta 2 Trauma and Culture in the Twentieth Century Atlanta 4 Media Politics in Contemporary Germany Savannah 2 Whither German Cultural History?

Roundtable Georgia 10 German History Beyond Borders Atlanta 3 Poetry and Information Valdosta Religious Experience and Literary Form 2 Savannah 3 Semiosis and Poiesis in the Age of Goethe Georgia 6 The Ethics of the Image Piedmont S Moravian Missionaries and the Slave Rebellion in St. Juli Jessica Resvick, University of Chicago Andree Hahmann, University of Pennsylvania Wahrnehmungsmodelle in den Texten Clemens J. Seipp [Eds. Steinweis [Eds. German Politics and Society is the only American publication that explores issues in modern Germany from the combined perspectives of the social sciences, history, and cultural studies.

The journal provides a forum for critical analysis and debate about politics, history, film, literature, visual arts, and popular culture in contemporary Germany. Every issue includes contributions by renowned scholars commenting on recent books about Germany. Coeditor: W. Steinhoff [Eds. Johnson, David M. Luebke, Marjorie E. Luebke and Mary Lindemann [Eds. Hannelore Unterberg, 67 min. Every day, Isabel sits on the stairs in their East Berlin building, waiting for news of her father.

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Wipplinger Anna M. A peer-reviewed journal, GSR includes articles and book reviews on the history, literature, culture, and politics of the German- speaking areas of Europe encompassing primarily, but not exclusively, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Volume 40 Individual subscription is one of many benefits of membership to the GSA. Related Papers. Material and Metaphor in Expressionist Sculpture.

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U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition) U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition)
U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition) U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition)
U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition) U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition)
U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition) U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition)
U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition) U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition)
U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition) U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition)

Related U.S. Marshal Bill Logan 13: Wider das Gesetz (German Edition)

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