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GCSE Geography. Planetary Advertising Communications. Electric Car. World Ocean. Santos Book Illustration. Indian Travel. Faery Witchcraft. Second Amendment. Pendragon Rising. Game Of Thrones Guide Cover. African Travel. But it was a very intriguing and interesting article to say the least.

Thank you. Thanks so much for the article it was insightful and brought up many interesting points regarding how we view time, and specifically its passage. My only question is if you can address the issue your very own daughter brought up regarding fossils that are clearly millions of years old, in the way we view time now. According to my understanding, the way you reconcile the Bible's years and the Universes seemingly billions of years is by adding the distance traveled by matter in the universe into the calculation of its passing. How does this affect the fact that we have fossils that are hundreds of millions of years old?

How does this match with the year narrative? There is no evidence from these fossils or these civilizations that there was a change in the last few million and even more so in the last few thousand in the way we experience the flow of time. It is pretty clear that creatures have walked this earth for hundreds of thousands and millions of years in our view of time. This has been confirmed by thousands of researchers across the world.

How would you propose I can reconcile this information with the Bibles view of the age of Earth? I have forwarded Dr. Some have faith in God and others do not. The Dr. Thank you to Dr.

Macaulay, Fannie Caldwell

Dr Schroeder, you have just given me a new found respect for the intelligence, intuition, and probably supernatural guidance of the ancient Jewish commentators. I have seen and heard your similar presentations on you tube, etc, and read the book, but today it is starting to sink in. I am always looking for harmony between Scripture and science. I have all four of Dr. Schroeder's major books in hardback as a permanent asset to my library. I am reading them through for the 2nd time.

Thank you so much, Dr. Schroeder for your scholarly contributions to both science and Genesis! This explanation accounts for the first "3 days" of creation but neglects to mention that mammals were not created until day 6. Furthermore, from a spiritual explanation we cannot accept death prior to sin therefore the whole premise of macroevolution is unacceptable to the true student of the Bible. Walter Schwenk , August 23, AM. I doubt you can prove no animals, insects, or microbes died before sin. More details in the book, as I recall, it all fit amazingly well.

Nachmanidies also writes unequivocally Genesis 1, 3 that "you should know, that the days mentioned in the creation of the world with heaven and earth were literal days, made up of hours and minutes, and they were like six workdays, as the literal meaning of the passages" - six 24 hour days. I just read this. It is a bit confusing to my mind but I get the basics and all I can say is wow. I appreciate the discussions here though I have come to locate them after 10 years, but quite fresh. I just want to know if there have been any discussions either here or in the book on what prophet Isaiah says in Isaiah about a new heaven and a new earth in reference to, from Erev to Boker, God creating order from disorder as discussed above under the sub-heading "What is a "Day?

I take it that the inhabitants bring about disorderliness. Could you share on this please. This relies on one scientific fact, the speed of light, which can't be estimated coming from its source, only in current after Adam time frame. When I read vs. Something must have happened between vs 1 and vs 2. Now the earth is void, and there is water.

Then God very systematically and chronologically develops a new creation. Looks like this present earth needs newness also Would not be surprised if sometime in the future there will be a 'new heavens and a new earth' also. William Allman , June 7, PM. The words translated "heavens" and "earth" in the Bible are from root words that mean "soft" and "firm". Personally, I interpreted this as creating a distinction between energy and matter, hence the next part "the earth was void and without form" from the Hebrew words "tohu bohu" meaning chaotic, without order.

A much deeper understanding of this is possible only by delving into the original language, as the author has done, and studying the commentators he mentions. Porter , September 1, PM. Schroeder, It is a very fine article and fits with my own findings. I do not see a citation. And, I wonder if you interact with him critically somewhere else. Thank you, Dr. The dating methods used by scientists are deeply flawed.

They do not believe in Noah's flood, so the current earth condition was shaped very quickly. Light may accelerate. Our measurements are over a relatively short distance and men's measurements are not very accurate. Men adjust the data to fit the theory. What a wonderful commentary. I followed your explanation every step of the way and marveled at your understanding. I thank you for imparting such knowledge to one who was seeking. I have never considered two different time frames before and after Adam's creation.

I asked my father once where dirt came from and he said that dirt have always been there. I had to stop and think before an argument started because I wanted him to know that God created dirt and a revelation hit me that my father was right. Time started when the first atom came into being and the electrons started moving around the nucleus.

So, as far as my father was concerned, dirt "have always been there" which is a statement encompassing time always. Is it correct to say "Time does not pass without matter moving" and "Matter does not move without time"? The "Ancient of Days" is not a several 24h days or thousands of years old. It was axiomatic to ancient Israel that God created the world. They saw evidence of the Almighty control the laws of nature time and time and time again: The 10 plagues, the Red Sea, Joshua at Bet Horon, the weather in eretz Israel ONLY a creator can do those things.

I t is a FACT that the earth is billions of years old and that the universe is older but that does not contradict that God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning in 6 days because in the Bible the word day yom does not always mean 24 hours or years. Believing that it does is a conclusion but not the only one and since it is a fact that the world is billions then the creation yom must be of another time length 6 undisclosed time periods of varying undisclosed lengths.

It would be speculative for any Bible commentator other than a prophet to say that God created the world in 24 hours no matter how he tried to reconcile that view. Again throughout the Bible the word yom is used to mean different lengths of time. The above argument can be used to silence foolish skeptics that challenge the truth of the Torah about the Creator. Since the length of each Creation Day is undisclosed in the Bible, should we speculate or impose personal beliefs as truth coming from God?

Maybe it is just me, but as I read the story of creation, God created man on the 6th day, male and female He created them. Now God rested on the 7th day, and the chapter closes. Opening up the next chapter is the creation of Adam, and as the author of this piece states, the calendar begins with this creation. So, prior to the creation of Adam, we have an indeterminate '6 days' in which the world was going through many changes, including the creation of man small m and his female counterpart. It would be silly to stare at the fossil evidence and deny pre-history, including the evidence we seem to have that points to some manner of human being roaming the earth more than 6, years ago.

A man without a spirit until He breathed life into Adam and then our history begins. Maybe the Scriptures are out of order chronologically, maybe the man and woman referred to on the 6th day were Adam and Eve, maybe God is intentionally trying to confuse us by telling us that Adam was on the earth quite a while before the creation of Eve, yet He tells us that He created man, male and female, on the 6th day.

When you say you are using only Biblical texts to arrive to your conclusions , I am afraid that you have cut what the Sages know about the Universe Kent Hovind once said, "anytime you need a Guru to understand the Bible it becomes a cult. There are always many ways that people can look at things. Which is the theory I believe. So you see this article is once again trying line up the Bible with Science, when it should be the other way around, we know that the Bible is true therefore lets looks that science from a Biblical starting point.

I agree with the assessments made here as a possibility. I do not limit God to the perspective of a feeble human mind. With this I ask. In another video, Dr. Gerald Schroeder himself quoted P. Can you tell me more about this survey of American scientists, because this answer by two-thirds of them that the universe was eternal and that there was no beginning isn't consistent with my recollection of the history of cosmology. Edwin Hubble discovered the redshifts of the galaxies and the expansion of the universe during the s, and as a result Georges Lemaitre, in , proposed that the universe began with a very dense 'primeval atom'.

As I remember it, this 'primeval atom' was the favoured hypothesis when I began to learn about astronomy in the late s and the s; it was certainly mentioned in most of the books that I read. At about the same time, in , Sir Arthur Eddington pointed out Chapter IV of 'The Nature of the Physical World' that the second law of thermodynamics implied that past time could not be infinite, or, in other words that the age of the universe was finite. Hoyle attacked Gamow's theory in his book 'Frontiers of Astronomy' published There was a book by Gamow about Big Bang theory in my school library during the s.

It is clear that astronomers understood long before that the age of the universe could not be infinite without some drastic revision of physics, and so it seems strange that most of the American scientists in this survey still believed that the universe was eternal. Lemaitre was Belgian, Gamow was Russian by birth, and Eddington and Hoyle were British, so perhaps American scientists were unaware of their work, but it still seems strange. Who were these scientists? How many of them were there?

Were any of them astronomers? Where was this survey published? However compelling a case he makes for reconciling the Biblical account with science there is still this problem: after the flood the Torah explicitly states that Noah and his family were the only survivors. Therefore, all of present day humanity is descended from them. However genetic science shows that it would have taken far longer than 4 or 5 thousand years for our family tree to get back to that choke point.

His argument is that before the creation of man time had a different scale, but aferwards it had the same or similar scale it has today. I would appreciate yor reaction and or answer to the above. Anonymous , August 3, AM. It is a popular myth that "Genetics" shows anything about the length it would take to generate "common ancestry". They do not have a clue what the process is and how long it takes. This is an extract presented by Dr Doolittle thats his real name!

Biologists easily make guesses and extrapolations about the past, without rigorous scientific evidence or mathematical formulae to predict it. One should be careful when one reads articles in any medium. Read Critiques Please! Unfortunately, I saw Dr. Schroeder's articles and got very excited, but you should read the reviews by Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb and Yoram Bogacz of Genesis and the Big Bang before you get too excited : Many of his arguments don't hold up in Torah interpretation, Sources, Physics and Evolution.

It's not all wrong, but be skeptical of this rationalist argument. There are other, sounder, proofs of the Torah. Tim Griffioen , November 1, AM. I enjoyed this article. Although one can technically say that the earth was created in 6 days, it does not support what some theologians assert - that the universe was created in 6 literal 24 hour days. It still supports an 'old earth' creation. I am quite convinced that the earth had rotated on its axis more than 6 full revolutions before Adam was created. It does give an explanation for the use of the word "day". The word "day" is used elsewhere in the Torah where it also did not refer to a literal 24 hour period.

Thank you for the article.

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I would appreciate if someone gave me a direct reference to a textbook or an online source that talks about the ratio between time now and time at the bing bang million million. Since Dr. Schroeder says it is a widely accepted fact, but I wasn't able to find it. If you can provide it, I may eat my hat. Beresheet means "with and in His His Eternal Mind, Brain the Eternal One created the potentiality of all from A to Z that could or would or ever was created or that even had the potential to be created. There is no such thing as stages in The Eternal's brain.

How does the order of creation in Genesis match the "order" in Science. I understand from Dr. Schroeder's other works that the Biblical account of Days , essentially matches the scientific theoretical progression erev-chaos to boker-order and that progression culminates with the creation of man. It seems to me based on my limited understanding that this order breaks down in Days 2 - 5, D2: the earth, D3: the oceans and the plants all appear BEFORE D4: the sun, stars and moon, then D5: sea and bird life.

D6: land life and mankind. Seems that D4 should be D2, and D2-D3 shifted by 1 day. Please respond to my email address. Theodor Rebarber , February 20, PM. David, Schroeder has a response to your question about the sun in one of his videos on YouTube, I believe the 48 minute one entitled "Dr Schroeder 6 days of Creation", published on July 24, If I remember it correctly, he says science indicates the sun was not visible from Earth for a long time due to extensive cloud cover, while the later dissipation of that cloud cover coincides with the Genesis time line; he argues that this is consistent with a close reading of the text.

He acknowledges that this interpretation is not straightforward and involves some uncertainty. I agree with Schroeder when he says each day of the Six Days represent a certain geological age. But I find it difficult to understand is that where do we go with the accuracy of any findings if we are to obtain any in every piece of information gathered? On further thought, I realize that this proposal is really untenable.

According to the proposed time dilation theory, each day should be exponentially longer than the last. Based on some rough calculations, I estimate that the first five "days" should have ended around 50 to million after the beginning and the sixth day would have lasted the remaining billions of years. Since this does not fit at all with cosmic and Earth history as proposed by mainstream secular scientists, no help can be found year in reconciling Genesis 1 with a 15 billion year age of the universe. Anonymous , February 20, PM. Why do you think it would be the later days that would be longer?

The perception of the length of each day is based on the amount of stretching of space during that day. As perceived from the point of creation, all 6 days are exactly equal, of course. This was a very interesting article. I would be interested in what Dr. Schroeder's thoughts are on whether the geologic and fossil record we have is mostly representative of Earth history in the last two days of creation some million years in his model or rather of the global flood recorded in Genesis. One problem I see with the time line presented is that secular Earth historians do not suppose that fruit trees existed 2 or 1.

Also, I wonder about God saying that everything was "very good" on the sixth day when this probably would have been blessing millions of years of animal suffering, disease, and death. Thought provoking to say the least. Mankind only started to use time or maths, until that came along mankind never calculated anything, only to do good or evil or wrong. I am fixed on believing the Creator is in control of all that exists and that the time factor is the unfolding of events of the Creation.

Lawrence , February 1, PM. As no one is making any comments or replies I will qualify my own comment. There is no such thing, element, form whatever as time. It is merely stating an agreed sum of what we call time to a nunber. In other words I could say by the time or when I finish typing this comment out, a blade of grass in the garden grows 1,th of a mm. It's just a measurement to work by. The Creator is the Creation and is in all however large all that exists is.

If we don't know the Creator.. Know that there is no such thing as time.. One more point, if time began on Day One, how can the time of expansion and how long it took be known? We exist in the extention of the creator's existense.. Things around us change because we make them do so..

I think that the periodical sequences of six days creation have led us to a controversy within the statement: "When the universe is small, the universe doubles twice rapidly. I'm 21 years old, and I didn't have the math and data to form a true conclusion. But early on, I sort of guessed, sort of knew.. I always believed in a divine creator. I never questioned reasonable science. I never wanted to involve myself in the debates about God vs Science because I knew given enough time.. And here it is : Nothing is for certain, our facts will continue to change as more knowledge paves way to even more knowledge..

And if someone sees one, it means that the person doesn't have Torah or science. Science explains the how, Torah teaches us the why. Given the calculations, is the 7th day million years duration - is God still resting? Because if God rested on the 7th day for a period of million years then He is still resting? There is probably a very simple explanation, but I would like to understand this.

I know we will never understand everything, as God does, but I still wonder about this 7th day. Z Katz , December 28, AM. The 7th day time is endless. Everything related to creation was completed and the "resting" of God is eternal as our belief in Him should be. Schroeder's view is that, since the Torah's calendar switched to being Earth-based after G-d created Adam's neshema, we would perceive the length of the 7th day as the same as any one of our other days.

The Creation is only understood when the blueprint of the creation is found. Hebrew must be the language of reference. The Creator knows the truth and we are only able to understand a small portion of it, at the end of eternity we will understand all of it. The salinity levels of the ocean, regardless of how the first six days would appear, would be so high that life would not be supportable. Also, the theory of theistic evolution is so outside of science and religion that both sides view it as irrelevant. It is bad exegetical practice to principalize a text before discerning its true meaning.

This is true of any book, not just the Bible.

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With an understanding that "day" is 24 hours, and that "a thousand years is a day and a day is a thousand years" is merely a reference to God's being eternal, we could only logically come to the conclusion that creation happened just as the Bible says it happened: in 6 literal days. Biological impossibilities of millions of years between days aside, it is simply bad translation to read between the lines where no discernible evidence is given. You are not understanding Schroeder. He IS saying that the creation took literally 6, hour days, just as it is written in Torah, from the perspective of creation; however, those days are perceived as billions of years from our perspective.

Mike , August 2, PM. There is no pasage that staesa day is 24 hours. I treally doesn;t matter hwo "yom" is used elsewhere the text sttes what a day is "and the light he called day" A day is from sunrise to sunset in this text - the end. I am completely in awe and even a bit apprehensive at the explanation but no more in awe then knowing that G-d exists.

As I already commented, this seems like a very good explanation as to how the 6-day creation can be explained in terms of the scientific evidence for a multi-billion year long process. That being said, it does not offer solutions for some of the other flaws in the Genesis account of creation. Firstly, Genesis refers to a young, empty earth being created right at the outset, together with the rest of the universe, and having been present when the first light s started to shine.

That famous picture of the young universe would suggest otherwise.

Current data put the formation of our solar system approximately 9 odd billion years after the Big Bang. Secondly, the sequence of day 3 and day 4 is contentious in the sense that green photosynthesising plants would not have been possible without a sun being present, while day 4 on its own creation of the sun, the moon and the stars some time after the earth was created has its own unique problems. These shortcomings would, by virtue of this theory, be amplified in that the time gaps between these events would have now become much longer.

For example, this theory implies that the green plants would have taken 2 billion years to come into existence, but had to do that without any sun being present..? Vlad Seder , August 6, AM. Are we postulating here that somehow The Creator gave us a "flawed" account of His "flawed" Creation, and now it takes somehow His somewhat "flawless" creatures to correct His "flawed" account? Puck , September 5, AM. Rather than responding glibly, it might be worthwhile to actually address the flaws that Johan points out.

The maths in the article above are very good, but you can't handwave details. If you suggest that the Torah makes falsifiable claims about the Universe and then proceed to defend those claims, you'd better be prepared to defend them in their details as well as on the macro level. Schroeder attempts to answer your questions about the timing of the sun's creation, photosynthesis, etc.

Note you have to find the right video; he has others that don't address this issue. Or, better yet, check out his website, which has more detailed written material. Note, Schroeder does acknowledge that his response to these issues involves greater uncertainty than the overall timeline. I'll have to take the word of the author for the relevant time variations in an expanding universe referred to in the article although I raise a specific question about it below.

If that is fact, this must be one of the most convincing arguments and -scientific explanations yet for the hotly debated 6 day creation. Its opens up a peculiar question as to whether theistic evolution, evolutionary creation or progressive creationism is at play here, but i. I have two reservations about Dr.

Across the Universe (film) - Wikipedia

Schroeder's idea. Secondly, it does not answer the question as to whether creation may still be ongoing, but OK, I suppose that the last-mentioned topic would be a theological challenge rather than a scientific one. I agree earth is billions of years old but I also believe that six days is six days. See the next edition of the recent complex creation on light years to distant stars, metric expansion, inflation theory..

Happy Pessach to all, 8 Nissan, Much of time writers say science tells us this, when they actually mean scientists tell us this. Every claim of scientists that the universe is billions of years old is based on assumptions that they can't proven and a wrong interpretation of the evidence available. There are other very scientific conclusions that can' be drawn from the same evidence. There is a good explanation why the sun was not needed during the first several days to have night and day.

The light until the sun was created was from the residual energy from the initial creation. The Bible also explains how there can be light from very distance stars that were only created a few thousand years ago. I suggest a couple of very good websites that focus on the actual scientific evidence for a young earth. Firstly the Big Bang: If first there was nothing, then it started spinning, and then exploded, then everything should be spinning the same way. Even Venus spins the wrong way, and Uranus spins on its side.

Also, the existence of comets today shows that the universe is not billions of years old Van Oorts cloud is a wonderful fairy tale made up by people whose first assumption is that God does not exist. Now evolution. I have a photo of a fossil where a dinosaur has stepped on a human footprint - so they were alive at the same time! Lots of other evidence of this at www. And as for the geological column - haha, big joke.

It can only be believed in if you ignore the majority of observations, because it's different almost wherever you look. But of course, scientists who wish to believe that God doesn't exist, can't allow themselves to look at the rest of the evidence, and vilify anyone in their midst who starts to. For more information, google young earth, young universe, creation science, intelligent design.

My God says what He means and means what He says! Chuck Missler Shalom! The scientific account incorporates the "evolution period" of life-devlopment with no Divine help. The Biblical account addresses God's personal and supernatural involvement that can occur in the instance of being spoken into existence.

I believe the genesis account. Darrell , February 7, PM. Science is what is. Theory is what the scientists think the science is but they can't prove. Science doesn't change. Scientists change their minds constantly. The problem comes when scientists state their opinions as fact I have read your article, and wonder about next question. Since the first trip to the moon NASA possesses material moon rocks. The Bible says that the earth was created on the first day, and the sun and moon on the fourth day.

By analising those rocks, the age of the moon should be known. With this information it should be possible to date the age of universe. Is science not intrested to do so? I will share your article with friends and family for discussion. Thank you! What we know of the universe today was different years ago just as years from now which will make this article moot when the age of the universe changes again.

The Torah is eternal, don't be afraid to believe that 6 days means 6 days. Schroeder is saying that 6 days means exactly that, 6 hour days, just from the perspective of creation. His point is that this is correctly perceived as billions of years from the perspective of Earth. He is saying they are both entirely true. Trying to do a crossword puzzle I stumble upon your article and couldn't stop reading and saying, "wow! I'm just an uneducated woman who didn't know how much she loved science! If only i had this information 35 yrs ago when i had to debate "the genesis story vs evolution" i was put on the Genesis side!

I think i could have won my debate! I will share your article with many friends and family for discussion. There was no beginning" Thank you, david. I'm just a housewife from rural NY. I have always felt that God's time is different than ours. Who's to say that the 6 days are only hours?

It would be arrogant to assume God has revealed all his secrets. I like things just the way they are. I'm happy to have God at the helm. Science is simply information God is revealing to us as we are capable of grasping it. Some ancient civilizations were given a peek at God's mysteries and it did them no good. We are hopefully more evolved intellectually than the Summarians and the Mayans. God reveals His mysteries when we are ready to receive.

I love science because it affirms God's presence in our world every day. For every thing we know there are a million things we don't know. God parcels out information as we are ready. When we are truly prepared we will know much more. But, hopefully, not everything. I like God in charge.

I've seen the boss's job and He can have it. The billion year number comes not from the cosmic microwave background google it , but rather predominantly from measurements of nearby and distant galaxies, particularly their rates of expansion away from us. We find that the distance to a galaxy is proportional to its recessional velocity. The constant of proportionality is the Hubble Constant, H, which turns out to be approximately the reciprocal of the age of the universe.

So we measure the age by measuring recessional velocities. Such an acceleration would be caused by a large value of the Cosmological Constant, a sort of anti-gravity force predicted by General Relativity. There is some evidence that this might be the case. So finally, yes, the age of the universe, being based on the empirical determination of H, is based on the observed evidence. The age of the Solar System including the Earth , on the other hand, is measured by the radioactive decay of certain isotopes in rocks and meteorites. These isotopes principally Potassium and Uranium were created with the solar system.

By measuring how much has decayed, we can very accurately determine how long it's been since they and the rest of the solar system were formed. Chava , August 26, PM. You may be interested to know that a Dr. David Gentry made a discovery about the radioactive decay of uranium and how isotopes along its decay chain have been preserved in granite all over the world. There is a very interesting video you can watch on YouTube in which Dr Gentry explains his findings.

It's called "fingerprints of creation" All the best! Though one would hope for proofs based on fewer assumptions. It is nice that someone is arguing for the model of a static universe, but is it really easier to assume that time and space have undergone a completely synchronised proportionate expansion, in the face of real world data indicating the changing dynamism inherent in all the spaces and objects of the universe. Let me put it this way: If indeed the days strictly speaking of them as rotations of the earth on its axis of the early earth were truly of 24 hour length, relative to their relative time, then why do the seasonal chronologies of geologic strata of earlier epochs seem to indicate much longer periods of relative time and drastically different seasonal phenomena google 'chronology by varve count'?

Or even more perplexing, why did no one inform the dinosaurs and other prehistoric life forms that they were only experiencing but a few days of relative time, as they seem to have taken the opportunities of the timeframe under discussion to indulge in many thousands of generations of evolutionary change, as evidenced by their fossils? Kind regards. Arnold , July 11, AM. If my understanding of Dr. Schroeder's book is correct, I think you have it backwards. The dinosaurs were experiencing "thousand of generations," which is a "few days" from the Torah's perspective in Genesis.

It is hard to conceptualize, but makes sense in terms of relativity. Gabe , September 7, PM. I do not think that the expansion is synchronized nor proportionate. I saw a documatery that alleged the universe expanded in an irregular form which led this scientist to believe in another hypothesis which is the plurality of universes or pluriverses. David I have also looked into the relationship between the Sumerian civilization and jewish heritage Schroeder what are your thoughts on the Sumerian account of genesis and the flood?

According to bible genology from adam to the flood yrs or. C Start from Adam and go forward in bible Genology. I found this to be so interesting, enjoyable, and informative! Thank you very much. Most excellent article, put an insight onto questions I had for years: but, now what do you do with all the scientific data in the Museums that tells us dating of life that has fossilized? It's not about relativity either, it's about the perception of time being different because of the stretching of space. Bernie is tasked with finding out what happened and who is at fault.

This task becomes so mu In this third installment of the Universe Builders series, Bernie has finished school, won a Universe Award, and is working for The Business. This task becomes so much more than a simple who did what and why. Rather, Bernie embarks on a journey that reveals how he feels about himself and the other gods, created beings, his father, and even how his choices affect others. He is slowly meandering to adulthood, growing up by making mistakes and learning from them.

He forms ethical stances and faces the challenges of fame. He gets his first kiss and realizes the importance of his friends. How Bernie solves his guid-pepper production problem in this story is perfect, poetic justice at its' finest, and fitting for his beliefs and for the client and Photox's needs. This is Bernie's step into adulthood, and I cannot wait to see what he does next. I have always been drawn to Bernie. He thinks outside of the box, approaching things in such unique and interesting ways.

I admire his courage and commitment to his beliefs. I love that he gets so attached to his assignments. I agree with how he feels about what he creates and love his curious and adventuresome nature in broadening his knowledge of them. That he is slightly dorky, awkward, and frequently gets himself in trouble either by accident or attachment only makes him more relatable. I loved every moment of this story, reading through it more than once and enjoying it just as much, if not more, the second time.

I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it. Jun 07, S. However, I also pre-ordered the book.

Age of the Universe

The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Wizards is a fun combination of Medieval-type fantasy and more modern fantasy. Bernie has been trained to view the worlds the gods create as businesses. When something goes wrong on a world, the gods will frequently wipe out the existing races and start over. Bernie, however, is much too compassionate to do that. Instead, he interacts with the worlds and their people in order to fix the problems, which sets him apart as a world builder. I loved Bernie from the beginning because of his compassion for the people the gods create, and because he takes the time to enter their world and become a part of it in order to fix the problem.

The romance between Bernie and Suzie is sweet and added to my enjoyment of the book. I chose to read this book after receiving a free advanced review copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I love the world that Steve LeBel has created in which gods create universes. Bernie believes that all life forms, especially higher life forms that have intelligence, should be preserved if at all possible. He suspects that they may even have souls.

How the Universe is Way Bigger Than You Think

This is causing Bernie problems in his new job in which he is a troubleshooter. His boss is ready to wipe out the farmers on the planet Photox that Bernie is working on but Bernie is working hard to save them. With a final deadline approaching, Bernie is running out of time. The characters are well developed and have mostly human characteristics. Bernie, the main character, is a young god, famous because of winning an award for a universe he created. His best friends are Suzie and Lenny and they try to help him figure out ways to save Photox. He brings the characters and the planets alive.

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Some time ago I was given a copy of a book to beta read. It was by a first- time author and sent to me by his publishers. It went on to win lots of awards. Once again, I could not put the book down. I have read a few books where I feel I am there with the Charac Some time ago I was given a copy of a book to beta read. I have read a few books where I feel I am there with the Characters, but Steve goes further.

His detail comes from the biggest imagination I know and I can picture things that do not exist in the real world. I went on my journey with Bernie and his friends, Susie, and Lenny, who are three young Gods. Bernie is asked to find out what is wrong with a universe the business has sold to a collector for its produce of guid peppers and manganoons.

Gods will normally just blink out a creation which does not work, but Bernie has empathy for the life forms they create and tries to find a better way. With his boss on his back to hurry up the project, Bernie and his friends enter the universe to help. I loved where Bernie must deal with his father, Simeon, who left them years before, and his ego. If you only get one book this year, buy this one. You will not be disappointed.

I was also blessed to find one of the Goddesses had my name, Miriam! Apr 17, Bonnie Dale Keck rated it it was amazing. Not on KU, one of those free hope you review it things, should go without saying that all my reviews are my own opinion, obviously have a lot and share them whether anyone wants them or not. The writer gives a blurb, the other reviewers give half the plot, more or less. Just read them already, there's a list of the titles out below. I'm helpful like that. Be nice to writers and they write more.

The start of a whole new universe Now if his boss would quit breathing down his neck, his personal life would get on track, and he could sort out how to save the civilzation on a damaged world Bernie's first assignment since graduating is a trouble shooter that God Town depends on for its economy. The universes that are built for the very reason of feeding all of the residents of God Town must be not only created properly to grow the food but also maintained to keep production flowing.

This can be tricky with sympathetic morals that Bernie has when it comes to the life forms created for this purpose. But through close examination and observation and a little help from some friends B Bernie's first assignment since graduating is a trouble shooter that God Town depends on for its economy.

But through close examination and observation and a little help from some friends Bernie is able to finally resolve the deep seated issue at hand and not a minute too soon! And a very clever solution it is with nobody getting hurt or eliminated thanks to his tender heart and thoughtfulness despite other suggested resolutions. I was pleased to see all of the effort that went into this winning solution and also happy that the super God Claudius was backing Bernie up and going to keep in touch which was an honor no other God had achieved including his egotistical father!

That can only mean another story about Bernie is on the horizon! If you haven't read this starting series, you are missing out on a thought provoking fun read! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A lot of imagination went into this book.

Steve again does not disappoint. Bernie is jet as complicated as he's always been. Different because he won't blink anyone out. This book Bernie has to make a really tough choice. He's given a troubled universe to fix. Hus after cones into the picture and as much as Bernie is warned to how bad a man is father is he can't seem to find ant fault in the man with high hopes of finally getting to know him. But that all changes. He finds out jus what kind of m A lot of imagination went into this book. He finds out jus what kind of man he really is. There's so much that went into this book all I can say is its a must read if you love Bernie and the universe builders.

Bernie's growing up. Learning about girls and relationships. It just keeps getting better and better. There's alot left open so I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Bernie's. Its a fun ,interesting read. Youl get all the answers you were looking for from the first book and many for questions. I highly recommended it. I just love Bernie and a couple new characters introduced into the book. I'll be looking forward to another book release. In this third episode of The Universe Builders, Bernie has been assigned a project. It is his job to discover why the guid-peppers are not arriving at the trading post on Photox.

It falls to Bernie to find and fix the problem in order to restore trading and appease the owner of the planet. Bernie visits the planet and befriends two of its citizens. Together the three of them, with Lenny and Suzie, investigate to determine the best course of action to resolve the dilemma.

Will Bernie be able to find a resolution? Read the book to find out. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The Universe Builders series with Bernie just keeps getting better and better. And even though the series is written with the young adult in mind it makes for excellent reading for the older generations as well. I sincerely hope that Mr. Steve LeBel continues writing about Bernie. May 17, L. I wasn't sure what to expect from Steve Lebel's second full length novel.

I had read "Bernie and the Putty" and absolutely loved it. It's easy to see why his first book has won so many awards. Well, his latest addition leaves nothing to be desired, as far as I'm concerned! His characters remain true to themselves throughout. The humor is always a fun addition, the story line is just as interesting, and I have placed Lebel in my top ten favorite 'indie' authors.

I'm betting this one will go on to I wasn't sure what to expect from Steve Lebel's second full length novel. I'm betting this one will go on to win awards, too! I was given an ARC in exchange for my review, but would have bought it, if not. I look forward to more 'Bernie' books in the future! This is the 3rd book in this series, and Bernie has grown so much. This book is a joy to read, it is funny and the characters are so diverse in all of the different worlds that Bernie interacts with, including his own.

He faces challenges well beyond his years and despite his cloud he keeps coming out on top. Fell in love with the characters in this story. The blossoming love between Bernie and Suzie adds to the stories enjoyment and depth. Absolutely, and totally recommend this book to anyone w This is the 3rd book in this series, and Bernie has grown so much. Absolutely, and totally recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story about growing up and learning how to handle life.

Received and arc of this book and this is my honest review. I have read all of Steve LeBel's books and this is by far the best. The entire series has developed well and this book is the climax. The entire concept - young gods who make new Universes or fix old ones - is captivating. The protagonist, Bernie, has now arrived. This is the longest book in the series at some three hundred odd pages but is so engrossing that you cannot put it down.

I read it in one go. It is a self-contained book and I don't think you have to read the earlier books to enjoy it I have read all of Steve LeBel's books and this is by far the best. It is a self-contained book and I don't think you have to read the earlier books to enjoy it to the fullest. Of course, you will want to read them all after you have read this book.

Even though this is listed as Young Adult, people in all age groups will find this book interesting. Wonderful Story It was such a wonderful story and I thought Bernie was just one of those characters that are worth remembering. I wish I had read the stories that came before this, but eventually I will go back and read those as well. Bernie is on a journey of his own making, and he's a God, but he makes mistakes and it also makes him likable.

He's smart and he's a problem solver, even if it doesn't always work. Bernie has beliefs different from those around him, and he's an enjoyable character. The first book in a series is usually very hard to beat, because the concept bursts upon the reader in all its brand-new glory. The charm of novelty aside, however, I think I like The Universe Builders best of all the books so far in this series.

The non-god characters were nicely developed and the 'equal-time' focus on them gave the book, for me, more depth. I also really liked the moral focus; ethical questions are handled deftly and subtly, with no off-putting preaching, yet still with enough The first book in a series is usually very hard to beat, because the concept bursts upon the reader in all its brand-new glory. I also really liked the moral focus; ethical questions are handled deftly and subtly, with no off-putting preaching, yet still with enough authority to get the point across.

An outstanding book for the young reader. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well developed, it kept me guessing and kept me turning the page. I definitely recommend this author. I've read other stories by him, too, and he doesn't disappoint. Looking forward to the next book! I got an advance reader copy of this book and it is the best Bernie book yet. Bernie is now a QA troubleshooter what could go wrong? The story moves well and I like the twists.

Looking forward to the next book already. This book was extremely well developed on many levels. It was very well thought out and had some unexpected twists that mattered quite a bit. It was nice to read characters that were so realistic. Bernie and the Wizards is a very enjoyable book. As mentioned elsewhere, the reader gets a good feel for the characters and there are enough interesting concepts to spark the imagination.

One point about the book bugs me though. Then suddenly out of the blue Gavin becomes her trusted associate, and Circun just sort Bernie and the Wizards is a very enjoyable book. Then suddenly out of the blue Gavin becomes her trusted associate, and Circun just sort of disappears from the story. Another minor quibble: I didn't like the the cover. It didn't fit the book. This is Bernie's third installment and his first assignment after finishing school. Bernie's universe stops functioning like it should and it's up to Bernie to find out why. He does solve the problem only as Bernie can.

I love Bernie and I know that this book along with the first two would make a great gift for any young person. I give it 5 stars but wish I could give it many more. I very highly recommend it to all. Ok Bernie, I'm waiting to read about your next adventure. In this next book of 'The Universe Builders', Bernie now has a job and he is working on creating universes to please their customers. This book takes off from where the last left off, with the main characters now out of school and trying to find their footing in the commercial world.

It is wonderful to see how the characters have grown and changed. If you have read the previous book s , you'd understand this.

On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3) On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3)
On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3) On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3)
On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3) On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3)
On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3) On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3)
On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3) On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3)
On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3) On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3)
On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3) On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3)
On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3) On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3)
On the Eye of the Universe: Editors Edition (The Demonstar Series Book 3)

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