Mystra and the Way of the Keepers

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Mystra From OakthorneWiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Mystryl ancient , the Hidden One Rashemen. Views Article Discussion Edit History.

Enemies of Darkness

Navigation Oakthorne. Game Calendar Portland Games. Chillos' Campaigns The Lost and the Found. Finally, the priest presiding over the burial creates a song honoring the dead dwarf's life and deeds, which is carved into the lid of their coffin or sacrophagus or onto the back of a mausoleum seal, a plaque or a marker, as the case may be.


This song is never sung out loud, to honor Dumathoin's own silence. Indeed, the faith holds that speaking or singing the song aloud will invoke a curse, perhaps even wrenching the desecrated corpse back to unlife to smite whoever did so. Individual clans may change some details, and certain kinds of burial change the formula; these are the most common cases:. Dumatoin's clergy favor leather garments, be it armor or mining gear, as their priestly vestments - in battle, though, they grab the most effective armor possible - and wear earth-brown cloaks and over-robes on top of this.

They keep their heads bare and allow their hair and beards to grow long and untamed. The holy symbol of the faith is a miniature silver pick, and they tend to prefer picks, hammers and other mining tools as weapons. The dogma of the Mountain Shield reads thus: Walk the deep and silent ways of Dumathoin.

Seek out the hidden gifts of the Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain.

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That which is hidden is precious, and that which is precious shall stay hidden. Seek to enhance the natural beauty of Dumathoin's gifts and go with, not against, the contours of the deeps. Beauty is in the discovery and the crafting, not the holding. Keep the places of our dead inviolate and well tended; the noble ancestors of our race will neither be robbed nor mocked through the actions of thieves and defilers. Abide not undead creatures, especially those that take the form of dwarves, thus mocking the creation of Moradin.

In third edition, Dumathoin once again returned as part of the Forgotten Realms line, in "Faiths and Pantheons". All other details remain the same. Because Dumathoin is both extremely tied up with a single race, and not a deity that is particularly relevant to adventurers, he was one of the vast majority of racial deities downgraded to Exarches in 4th edition.

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You could still play a cleric of Dumathoin, particularly once Cleric Domains returned - Dragon magazine even brought back an Earth domain - but he just wasn't deemed important enough to get a full-fledged deity writeup. Unfortunately, other than the bare mechanical knowledge needed to theme your cleric as worshipping him, absolutely no details on him was presented. Jump to: navigation , search. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This page was last modified on 19 June , at When its success was assured, the Wandering Seed Patriarch Wilaundau took the Bronze Flower and ranged off to the east.

The god Talos acts to supplant the worship of the Earthmother of the Moonshaes with the gods of Faerun. The legendary "Elf-Eater" is defeated.

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Alicia Kendrick is crowned High Queen of the Moonshaes. Piergeiron Paladinson of Waterdeep attends the coronation and it is rumored that Piergeiron is taken with the new queen, but she is not taken with him. Rumor spreads quickly throughout Waterdeep. Seeking to reinvigorate the economy and promote trade with her neighbors, the High Queen established the Royal Office fo Commerce and Public Works.

Within this new bureaucracy, she appoints the title of Master Shipwright to a young journeyman named J. He is tasked with building the High Queen a navy. Abandoning the oar-powered vessels crafted by their people for centuries, Bozeman instead chose to build large, sail-powered ships modeled after the great warships coming out of the shipyards of Amn and Tethyr. The Fellowship of the Purple Staff is founded in the Dragon Coast region by a group of like minded priests of Chauntea, Helm, and Selune who united to settle the area of the Gulthmere Forest and the other lands north of Turmish into a more civilized land they would call the "Holy Realm".

They are soon after bolstered by the local faithful of Lathander and Sune.

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Chauntea drops several earthmotes all across Faerun, including in the flooded Arrabar River, to give her followers enough time to bring in the harvest. Chauntea is the goddess of life and a parallel deity of Silvanus, who is considered the god of wild nature, whilst Chauntea herself is seen as being the embodiment of all things agrarian or agriculture.

Some of her worshippers claim that her divine glimmer gave life to the natural world, and some contend that she is the creator and source of all mortal races. In some sense Chauntea is the manifestation of the earth itself. Her most despised enemy is Talona, the lady of pestilence, since she has a disposition to wreak suffering, disease and decay upon the natural world.

Private land owners and destitute farmers visit the clerics of Chauntea for any divine suggestions for abetting the harvest. If at any time plague or malnutrition strikes the crops, farmers look to Chauntea. The church is an approachable one, it welcomes all irrespective of gender or race. Their are more female worshippers of Chauntea than there are male worshippers.

Chaunteans maintain simplicity when it comes to apparel. Druids prefer brown robes, and priests prefer to wear a brown cloak and a standard tunic underneath. There she is known as Bhalla. In Kara-Tur she is worshiped as Chantea but only by an underground sect of paladins who are viewed with distrust to outright hostility depending on the country they are found in. In Wa, followers of Chantea are immediately put to death upon discovery.

The Juzimura rebellion is noted as the official eradication of her religion in Wa, but there are suspected cells of underground worshipers in isolated areas.

Mystra and the Way of the Keepers Mystra and the Way of the Keepers
Mystra and the Way of the Keepers Mystra and the Way of the Keepers
Mystra and the Way of the Keepers Mystra and the Way of the Keepers
Mystra and the Way of the Keepers Mystra and the Way of the Keepers
Mystra and the Way of the Keepers Mystra and the Way of the Keepers
Mystra and the Way of the Keepers Mystra and the Way of the Keepers
Mystra and the Way of the Keepers Mystra and the Way of the Keepers
Mystra and the Way of the Keepers Mystra and the Way of the Keepers

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