He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2)

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You are so organized! I'm still in denial that a new year is coming. I still have too many things left to do in this year! It's always a pleasure to follow your impressively organized reading threads, fuzzi. I'm hoping to be around more in the coming year to keep up with everyone. Have a wonderful ! Happy New Year! I love how organized your thread is. I'll be following along :. Sad news: my dog, Tirzah, went for her last ride to the vet on Friday.

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We are heartbroken, but things will get better. They are a real member of the family and their loss is very hard. I am thinking of you and your family. Oh, that is sad. I'm sorry you lost your friend. They take up so much room in our hearts. Oh, I know that sadness all too well. But they are such joys in one's life. Thank you, all. This morning when I woke up I expected to take her outside for her 5am walk. We decided to adopt an adult or senior dog, and there are so many dogs to choose from!

I'm sorry about Tizrah. It's been over a year and a half since the death of our dog, and there are still mornings that I wake up expecting to take her out for her walk. Good luck in your search for a new companion. I've enjoyed your pictures of her over the years, and she looks like a lovely girl. I love that picture of her face above. I hope you find the perfect canine companion before too long. Some dog is going to be lucky to be Tirzah's successor.

Meet Cleo: She's 7 years old, pulled by a dog rescue the day she was going to be euthanized. Cleo is a love-bug, wants to snuggle, be petted, and lay on your feet. She leaves my cats alone, too. And I think my husband is in love. I'm so sorry to hear about Tirzah, but Cleo looks like a real beauty and sounds adorable. I hope she will heal your hearts. I am sure she will be very happy with you and will share her happiness with you. Lots of happiness together.

So sorry to hear about Tirzah! Losing a pet is so hard. I'm glad you found Cleo! She looks like a love! Thanks for all the thoughtful responses. A coworker of mine thinks that Cleo became homeless from Hurricane Florence. I tend to agree. Cleo was owner-surrendered in October to an animal shelter in the area that experienced record flooding last September. So Cleo is my little refugee.

This morning as I was taking Cleo on her morning walk I noted that my car had a thick covering of frost, so I decided to crank it and get the defroster started. As I sat down in the driver's seat and started to put the key in the ignition, Cleo took it upon herself to jump in at my feet, wiggle her way across my legs, leap over the shift, force her way between the front seats and into the back seat.

I think Cleo will soon have you properly trained. I love that! My dad has two dogs who jump in the car whenever they can sneak in they, too, love a RIDE! The other day, they jumped in when my parents were unloading something from the car. They wouldn't come back out, so my dad got in the car, drove them around the block, pulled back into the garage, opened the doors again and out they leaped! I just looked up the meaning of Tirzah. It is now my favorite name.

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  • You all have made me laugh this morning, thank you! I just emailed the rescue and said we're keeping Cleo, what needs to be done besides paying her adoption fee? Ruth, look up the meaning of "Cleo". We thought it was short for Cleopatra, but it's not. It's English in origin. I could use some extra money. Cleo sounds like a fun dog! Thank you.

    It's a dog footprint and says "Who Rescued Who? Cleo, sixth day:. I messed up, ordered a duplicate copy of a book that I'd owned since but neglected to add to my "owned" category. Guess that means I've been "duped" Keep calm and carry on. Yes, I have read it. I too like to have several translations of a favorite. That was exactly what I was doing. I'm going after I leave work. Oooh, have fun! I hope you find some treasures there. I look forward to hearing all about it.

    I'm not sure when it was printed, but it isn't from I hope you enjoy the fruits of your effort. It's always nice to find something from your wishlist. And the LT app on my phone has been a boon, helping me to recall books on my wishlist. Day 4 of some sort of virus, upper-respiratory, ick.

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    • I have had no interest in reading, but watched a lot of YouTube. Since I am feeling some better, I'll probably try to drag in to work tomorrow. Get well soon. That sort of thing can make you feel really miserable. I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Give yourself time to recover.

      Today I received a package that marked the temporary completion of a series that harrygbutler suggested I check out. The book is Prince Valiant Vol. Now to finish reading them Did the strip end so long ago?! I think 19 is coming out this year. They've caught up to when I started reading them, late 60s or early 70s. They are so worth the effort. I've begun reading Volume 9, so I have a ways to go in reading them myself. I still need to place a pre-order. I read it last month, now I can continue the series.

      Warning, I have a new author I really like, Elmer Kelton. I don't recall who mentioned his works to me, but I have several books of his I'd bought and placed on my shelves. They've been waiting to be read. I picked up Texas Vendetta a couple days ago and am really enjoying it. I'd compare him to L'Amour in that his characters are interesting, the situations are believable, and he's fairly clean. I may have to move it up the mountain. Burns University of Oklahoma Press. Hassrick University of Oklahoma Press. Texas novelist Vicky Rose has published her first novels with two Western publishers in For Wolfpack Publishing, she writes under the pseudonym V.

      Fans of Western fiction will have to keep their eye on Rose in as she continues to thrill her readers with new Western fiction. With so many of its p eers reducing or dropping 19th-century Western history from their catalogues, The University of Oklahoma Press has picked up the slack and is the standard bearer for publishing the history of the North American West.

      Five Star Publishing, an imprint of Gale Cen gage Learning in Waterville, Maine, publishes more authors and titles than any other publisher of Western fiction.

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      Fans of Western fiction, especially e-book readers , should also be closely following the increase in new authors—and new releases—from Pinnacle and Wolfpack Publishing—the two international leaders in Western e-books. After over 50 years of publishing Western, Civil War and Indian history books in Arizona, Guidon has announced its closure in Contact proprietors Shelly and Gordon Dudley for more details.

      Redfield Rd. Heritage travel, travel guides, travel photo and travel essay collections continue to be a strong genre in Western publishing. A cross-selection from Moulton University of Nebraska Press. A cross selection from Kerstetter Texas Tech University Press. Osborne University of California Press. Walker and Frederick H. Landau University of Arizona Press. Gender, race, family and labor studies dominate many university catalogues. A cross-section selection from Grossman University of Nevada Press. Warfare in the West remains a leading genre for academic and popular history publishers.

      Kiser University of Oklahoma Press. Small presses continue to make a strong impact on the Western non-fiction and fiction marketplace. Branch Roost Books. In , Western fiction authors and publishers continued to mine the profitable field of e-book publishing and print-on-demand. Madonna Confessions. Woman's World A Novel. Sharlene MacLaren. War and Peace Vintage Classics. Scalped Vol. Wicked Game Wicked Zebra Paperback.

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      He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2) He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2)
      He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2) He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2)
      He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2) He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2)
      He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2) He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2)
      He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2) He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2)
      He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2) He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2)
      He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2) He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2)
      He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2) He Wore Buckskins (James McCaffrey Series Book 2)

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