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A small-group curriculum called Faith Under Fire has been produced on DVD, which features clips from the show as part of a discussion-oriented experience for both Christians and spiritual seekers. Its publisher is Zondervan. The DVDs are:.

Faith Under Fire: The Antoinette Tuff Story

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Moreland, a Christian philosopher, and skeptical attorney Edward Tabash discuss their views as you reach for a logical conclusion about supernatural events and miracles. William Lane Craig, a leading authority on the resurrection, and Richard Carrier, an ancient history scholar and atheist as they discuss their views on whether or not the resurrection took place.

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In Session 5, "Is the Bible Bogus? Michael Shermer from Skeptic magazine, and Dr. Ben Witherington III, New Testament scholar to get two very different opinions and also look at some compelling evidence that the Bible is true and reliable. Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine as they discuss both sides of the issue and get a clear answer as to where science really points.

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Henry Cloud and Father Frank Pavone as they discuss the reasons people find God's forgiveness difficult to believe and learn the biggest issue is not sin but unrepentance. In Session 9, "The Mystery of the Trinity? William Lane Craig, as they offer their opinions on the issue of God as three persons.

Faith on Fire

Watch Trailer. By Lee Strobel , Garry D. The Crucifix on Mecca's Front Porch.

What Does Faith Under Fire Mean?

The Great Discovery. Doors in the Walls of the World. To Raise the Fallen. Patrick Kenny. A Catholic Introduction to the Bible. A Bloody Habit. Father Miguel Pro. The Poor Old Liberal Arts. Building the Benedict Option. The Eighth Arrow. Augustine Wetta.

Calm in Chaos. George Rutler. The Spirit of the Liturgy -- Commemorative Edition. The Abolition of Woman. Saints and Sinners in the Cristero War. James Murphy.

Faith Under Fire

Eternity in the Midst of Time. Wilfrid Stinissen. Symbol or Substance? Knight of the Holy Ghost. Follow Us. Review and Rate this Item.

Faith by Fire Faith by Fire
Faith by Fire Faith by Fire
Faith by Fire Faith by Fire
Faith by Fire Faith by Fire
Faith by Fire Faith by Fire

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