Do You Like Scary Stories?

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Why do we read scary books? | Children's books | The Guardian

It scared the life out of you, but you made it through the whole book, and you are ready to do it all over again. Plus, we know we are safe and can hide under the covers whenever we want! Feelings of fear, anger, frustration, terror, empathy, surprise, and many others ca wash over you, in ways you don't get to experience in your daily life.

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It can be a great release. Now that you know why people love reading horror, why not give it a shot yourself and have some fun creating your own Booktrack! Our free Booktrack Studio has a database of over 20, audio files, so you can easily embed music, ambient audio and sound effects into your story that play play in synch with the text and pace to an individual's reading speed. Eventually, Ari claimed "weird things" started happening to her, so she deleted the pic.

Top tips for writing to frighten

Weird things like This one comes courtesy of Reddit , so you know it's gonna be good. By which I mean horrifying. In a nutshell, shortly before a couple moved into a new house, they learned that the previous renter had died "right in the middle of the living room.

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Sounds fine-ish right? This kid told her parents that the ghost was "on the back deck" and it was the ghost's birthday so she wanted to "sing him 'happy birthday. But guys, guess what happened next? Later that day, the Reddit user grew curious and looked up the obit of the man who died in their living room, and—to quote directly—"it was his fucking birthday. This one is also from blessed Reddit.

It takes place in a home that was built around The Redditor's brother and his best friend were leaving band practice, only to realize they'd forgotten their pancakes inside in a to-go container. Not exactly what I would have done, but whatever. Either way, this guy walked back to his car, feeling the presence of the ghost with him the entire time. And then, yeah, you guessed it: "The next question they asked 'So then who was walking behind you when you were leaving the house?

Nope, it's not just Ariana.

Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?

Miley also experienced a haunting around , when she was staying at the apartment she owned in London and saw a little boy watching her shower. Um, creepy. Miley started looking into the history of her building, and found out that a man and his son had owned it as a bakery back in ye olden days, and so she thinks the son was the little kid who had been watching her. Chances are you've seen The Conjuring movie, or at least, you heard about the movie, saw the trailer, and decided to skip it since you didn't want to have nightmares forever.

It is, in fact, based on the true story of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren , who helped the Perron family deal with their haunted Rhode Island home. The story goes that the Perrons moved into their place in and weird stuff started happening right away. Weird stuff like random piles of dirt showing up in their kitchen for no reason, furniture mysteriously moving, unexplained noises, and—ah, yes—ghosts.

Not to mention the occasional possession!

A brief look at psychological horror at the cinema

The main spirit that haunted the Perron family was the ghost of a real-life satanist from the s named Bathsheba Sherman. Turns out the Perrons' house had previously been owned by the same family for many generations, and numerous members of that family had died in terrible, tragic ways. We're talking about kids drowning, murders, and a hanging in the attic.

No, thank you! Oh, look, another Reddit ghost story here to ruin your life. This one comes via a dude who was living with his girlfriend's parents and was hanging at home alone one night playing World of Warcraft when this went down:. He went upstairs to investigate and when he got there, he used his cellphone to light up the room. Which brings us to this moment:. Time for a lovely story about a person who saw their great-grandma's ghost right when she died. The horror! Basically, this person also a Redditor was in second grade and was watching Lord of the Rings on VHS super early one morning, as ya do.

Suddenly, all the sound of the movie started fading away, and the Redditor got the sense they were dying. Suddenly, the phone started ringing over and over again at exactly a. And naturally, this is how the story ends:. Let's end things with a terrifying story from Demi Lovato. Back in , Demi told Buzzfeed that she likes to go ghost-hunting in her Texas home which is "ridiculously haunted" by a little girl.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Katie Buckleitner Getty Images. Binge-watching and eating candy, probably. Same, tbh.

Why do we like being scared? There's psychological reasons why fear is fun

Cheers, witches! Dear David. The Amityville Haunting. Ariana Grande's Haunting. Happy Birthday. The Pancake Ghost. Miley Cyrus' Haunting. The Conjuring. The Dolls.

Do You Like Scary Stories? Do You Like Scary Stories?
Do You Like Scary Stories? Do You Like Scary Stories?
Do You Like Scary Stories? Do You Like Scary Stories?
Do You Like Scary Stories? Do You Like Scary Stories?
Do You Like Scary Stories? Do You Like Scary Stories?
Do You Like Scary Stories? Do You Like Scary Stories?
Do You Like Scary Stories? Do You Like Scary Stories?
Do You Like Scary Stories? Do You Like Scary Stories?

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