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Check our our gallery below for a sample of our work! Visit our Distortions online Halloween and Haunt store full of hundreds of products! Animatronics, mask, Frightronics, Shocktronics, displays, Halloween decorations, costumes, collectibles! Zombies, Aliens, gargoyles, gore, blood, dragons, dinosaurs, possessed, skeletons, clowns, animals, monster movies, werewolves, witches, pumpkins, vampires and so much more!

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  7. Original effects for photographers, filmmakers, and visual artists.;

Halloween and Haunt themes! A basic triode valve tube contains a cathode , a plate and a grid. When a positive voltage is applied to the plate, a current of negatively charged electrons flows to it from the heated cathode through the grid. This increases the voltage of the audio signal , amplifying its volume. The grid regulates the extent to which plate voltage is increased. A small negative voltage applied to the grid causes a large decrease in plate voltage.

Valve amplification is more or less linear—meaning the parameters amplitude, frequency, phase of the amplified signal are proportional to the input signal—so long as the voltage of the input signal does not exceed the valve's "linear region of operation". The linear region falls between 1. If a valve is biased within the linear region and the input signal's voltage exceeds this region, overdrive and non-linear clipping will occur.

In layperson's terms, a musician will plug a fuzz pedal into a tube amp that is being "cranked" to a clipping "overdriven" condition; as such, the musician will get the distortion from the fuzz which is then distorted further by the amp. During the s, some Seattle grunge guitarists chained together as many as four fuzz pedals to create a thick " wall of sound " of distortion.

In some modern valve effects, the "dirty" or "gritty" tone is actually achieved not by high voltage, but by running the circuit at voltages that are too low for the circuit components, resulting in greater non-linearity and distortion.

Original effects for photographers, filmmakers, and visual artists.

These designs are referred to as "starved plate" configurations, and result in an "amp death" sound. When symmetrical, this adds additional high-amplitude odd harmonics, creating a "dirty" or "gritty" tone. Electronically, this is usually achieved by either amplifying the signal to a point where it is clipped by the DC voltage limitation of the power supply rail, or by clipping the signal with diodes. Some amplifiers notably the Marshall JCM utilize hybrid designs that employ both valve and solid-state components.

Guitar distortion can be produced by many components of the guitar's signal path, including effects pedals, the pre-amplifier, power amplifier, and speakers. Many players use a combination of these to obtain their "signature" tone. The pre-amplifier section of a guitar amplifier serves to amplify a weak instrument signal to a level that can drive the power amplifier. It often also contains circuitry to shape the tone of the instrument, including equalization and gain controls. Because the first component in a valve amplifier is a valve gain stage, the output level of the preceding elements of the signal chain has a strong influence on the distortion created by that stage.

The output level of the guitar's pickups, the setting of the guitar's volume knob, how hard the strings are plucked, and the use of volume-boosting effects pedals can drive this stage harder and create more distortion. During the s and s, most valve amps featured a "master volume" control, an adjustable attenuator between the preamp section and the power amp.

When the preamp volume is set high to generate high distortion levels, the master volume lowered, keeping the output volume at manageable levels. Because most effects pedals are designed to operate from battery voltages, using vacuum tubes to generate distortion and overdrive is impractical; instead, most pedals use solid-state transistors, op-amps and diodes.

Typically, "overdrive" pedals are designed to produce sounds associated with classic rock or blues, with "distortion" pedals producing the "high gain, scooped mids" sounds associated with heavy metal; fuzz boxes are designed to emulate the distinctive sound of the earliest overdrive pedals such as the Big Muff and the Fuzz Face. Fuzz boxes and other heavy distortions can produce unwanted dissonances when playing chords. To get around this, guitar players and keyboard players using these effects may restrict their playing to single notes and simple " power chords " root, fifth, and octave.

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Indeed, with the most extreme fuzz pedals, players may choose to play mostly single notes, because the fuzz can make even single notes sound very thick and heavy. Heavy distortion also tends to limit the player's control of dynamics loudness and softness - similar to the limitations imposed on a Hammond organ player Hammond organ does not produce louder or softer sounds depending on how hard or soft the performer plays the keys; however, the performer can still control the volume with drawbars and the expression pedal.

Heavy metal music has evolved around these restrictions, using complex rhythms and timing for expression and excitement. Lighter distortions and overdrives can be used with triadic chords and seventh chords; as well, lighter overdrive allows more control of dynamics. Power valves tubes can be overdriven in the same way that pre-amplifier valves can, but because these valves are designed to output more power, the distortion and character they add to the guitar's tone is unique. During the s to early s, distortion was primarily created by overdriving the power valves.

Because they have become accustomed to this sound [ dubious — discuss ] , many guitar players [ who? Many valve-based amplifiers in common use have a push-pull output configuration in their power section, with matched pairs of tubes driving the output transformer. Power amplifier distortion is normally entirely symmetric, generating predominantly odd-order harmonics.

Because driving the power valves this hard also means maximum volume, which can be difficult to manage in a small recording or rehearsal space, many solutions have emerged that in some way divert some of this power valve output from the speakers, and allow the player to generate power valve distortion without excessive volume. These include built-in or separate power attenuators and power-supply-based power attenuation, such as a VVR, or Variable Voltage Regulator to drop the voltage on the valves' plates, to increase distortion whilst lowering volume.

Power-valve distortion can also be produced in a dedicated rackmount valve power amp. A modular rackmount setup often involves a rackmount preamp, a rackmount valve power amp, and a rackmount dummy load to attenuate the output to desired volume levels. Some effects pedals internally produce power-valve distortion, including an optional dummy load for use as a power-valve distortion pedal. However, because these are usually placed before the pre-amplifier in the signal chain, they contribute to the overall tone in a different way.

Power amplifier distortion may damage speakers. A Direct Inject signal can capture the power-tube distortion sound without the direct coloration of a guitar speaker and microphone. This DI signal can be blended with a miked guitar speaker, with the DI providing a more present, immediate, bright sound, and the miked guitar speaker providing a colored, remote, darker sound.

The output transformer sits between the power valves and the speaker, serving to match impedance. When a transformer's ferromagnetic core becomes electromagnetically saturated a loss of inductance takes place, since the back E. As the core reaches saturation,the flux levels off and cannot increase any further. With no change in flux there is no back E. The transformer and valve combination then generate large 3rd order harmonics. So long as the core does not go into saturation, the valves will clip naturally as they drop the available voltage across them.

In single ended systems the output harmonics will be largely even ordered due to the valve's relatively non linear characteristics at large signal swings. This is only true however if the magnetic core does NOT saturate. Early valve amplifiers used unregulated power supplies. This was due to the high cost associated with high-quality high-voltage power supplies. The typical anode plate supply was simply a rectifier , an inductor and a capacitor. When the valve amplifier was operated at high volume , the power supply voltage would dip, reducing power output and causing signal attenuation and compression.

This dipping effect is known as "sag", and is sought-after by some electric guitarists. This is because, technically, sag results from more current being drawn from the power supply, causing a greater voltage drop over the rectifier valve. In a class-A amplifier , current draw is constant, so sag does not occur. Install Steam. Your Store. Store Home. Games Games. Software Software.

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Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Use the power of music to reawaken long forgotten memories in Distortions, a story-driven journey through a world of unparalleled beauty. All Reviews:. Among Giants. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

Cognitive Distortions Affecting Stress

Sign in or Open in Steam. Publisher: Among Giants. Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart. Add all DLC to Cart. Recent updates View all 20 12 June Dist launch pack I was packing my things today, when I came across the Dist launch kit. I thought you guys would like to see it as well.

Damn, this game is special.

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  • About This Game Distortions is a story-driven musical journey through an unknown, imaginary world. Enter a surreal adventure guided by journal riddles — and piece together fragments of past memories to uncover your identity. Using a violin, play unique songs to alter environments and befriend strange creatures along the way. The Distortions World is a place of unparalleled beauty filled with mountains, caves, and rivers. While she recovers her identity by reminiscing with the help of a strange masked man, she must decide what to leave behind to move on with her life.

    The Girl then decides to explore this surreal and unknown place — soon finding a journal with a few annotations leading to a violin. With her music, the Girl gets to shape the world — creating extraordinary effects and changes. With each new piece of music, a new tool arises. With the journal to show her the way, and the violin to open her path, the Girl embarks on a journey to her past — finding the memories that open the door to her future and discovering the enigma of existing in that place.

    What's The Brightest Thing In the Universe?

    How far must she go to regain her memory?

    Distortions Distortions
    Distortions Distortions
    Distortions Distortions
    Distortions Distortions
    Distortions Distortions
    Distortions Distortions
    Distortions Distortions
    Distortions Distortions
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