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To manage your subscription, visit your Bible Gateway account settings. Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. Try it free for 30 days. Study This. Each time he returned more certain that he had reached the East. More Spanish expeditions followed. In and Pedro de Mendoza went as far as present-day Buenos Aires in Argentina, where he founded a colony.

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The impulse for exploration was further fueled by the European imagination. That idea had two parts: one paradisiacal and utopian; the other savage and dangerous. Ancient tales described distant civilizations, usually to the west, where European-like peoples lived simple, virtuous lives without war, famine, disease, or poverty. Such utopian visions were reinforced by religious notions. Early Christian Europeans had inherited from the Jews a powerful prophetic tradition that drew upon apocalyptic biblical texts in the books of Daniel, Isaiah, and Revelations.

They connected the Christianization of the world with the second coming of Christ. If secular and religious traditions evoked utopian visions of the New World, they also induced nightmares. The ancients described wonderful civilizations, but barbaric, evil ones as well.

European encounters with the New World were viewed in light of these preconceived notions. To plunder the New World of its treasures was acceptable because it was populated by pagans. As European powers conquered the territories of the New World, they justified wars against Native Americans and the destruction of their cultures as a fulfillment of the European secular and religious vision of the New World. In , Giovanni da Verrazano was commissioned to locate a northwest passage around North America to India. He was followed in by Jacques Cartier , who explored the St.

Lawrence River as far as present-day Montreal. In Jean Ribault headed an expedition that explored the St.

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Johns River area in Florida. But the Spanish soon pushed the French out of Florida, and thereafter, the French directed their efforts north and west. Instead, the French traded with inland tribes for furs and fished off the coast of Newfoundland. New France was sparsely populated by trappers and missionaries and dotted with military forts and trading posts. Although the French sought to colonize the area, the growth of settlements was stifled by inconsistent policies.

Initially, France encouraged colonization by granting charters to fur-trading companies. Then, under Cardinal Richelieu, control of the empire was put in the hands of the government-sponsored Company of New France. The company, however, was not successful, and in the king took direct control of New France. Although more prosperous under this administration, the French empire failed to match the wealth of New Spain or the growth of neighboring British colonies. The Dutch were also engaged in the exploration of America. Formerly a Protestant province of Spain, the Netherlands was determined to become a commercial power and saw exploration as a means to that end.

In the newly formed New Netherland Company obtained a grant from the Dutch government for the territory between New France and Virginia. About ten years later another trading company, the West India Company, settled groups of colonists on Manhattan Island and at Fort Orange. The Dutch also planted trading colonies in the West Indies. By the mid-sixteenth century, however, England had recognized the advantages of trade with the East, and in English merchants enlisted Martin Frobisher to search for a northwest passage to India. Between and Frobisher as well as John Davis explored along the Atlantic coast.

Gilbert headed two trips to the New World. He landed on Newfoundland but was unable to carry out his intention of establishing military posts.

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By the seventeenth century, the English had taken the lead in colonizing North America, establishing settlements all along the Atlantic coast and in the West Indies. Sweden and Denmark also succumbed to the attractions of America, although to a lesser extent. Imani Perry, now a Princeton professor of African-American studies, attended Yale and remembers seeing Whitehead at a gathering for black Ivy League students in their college days. After college, he returned to New York in and, jobless, lived with his parents for a time. He started writing for the Village Voice.

Meanwhile, he completed his first novel manuscript, about an ill-fated child star, and landed an agent. More than 20 rejections later, she dropped him.

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No one else is going to write it for me, so I might as well start. Nicole Aragi, now his longtime agent, sold his second attempt at a novel, The Intuitionist. Then wagered the same risk again. Lest you think Whitehead spends his days alone in his study, he lives a family-oriented day-to-day. Raising his year-old daughter and 5-year-old son with his wife, literary agent Julie Barer, he writes while his kids are at school and is the go-to parent for cooking dinner.

And destroy that what needs to be destroyed. To lift up the lesser races. If not lift up, subjugate. And if not subjugate, exterminate. Oh, I have my theories on the critical reception to creative work exploring the institution of slavery. Still, subject alone does not make a great book. If The Underground Railroad told of how whites asserted their privilege and power over blacks through slavery, then in the new novel, The Nickel Boys , Whitehead turns his focus on the trauma its descendants have inherited.

The school was based on the real Arthur G. Whitehead intended to visit but never made it. Whitehead saw himself in the disparate views of Elwood, an optimist who treats Martin Luther King Jr. He drew on that tension to bring the characters to life. Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of and the Voting Rights Act the following year, but even a slight probe of the United States — its neighborhoods, school systems, criminal-justice policies, re-emergent brazen hate crimes — turns up evidence aplenty that the evil heirloom of Jim Crow endures.

Dark America (The Beginning Book 1) Dark America (The Beginning Book 1)
Dark America (The Beginning Book 1) Dark America (The Beginning Book 1)
Dark America (The Beginning Book 1) Dark America (The Beginning Book 1)
Dark America (The Beginning Book 1) Dark America (The Beginning Book 1)
Dark America (The Beginning Book 1) Dark America (The Beginning Book 1)
Dark America (The Beginning Book 1) Dark America (The Beginning Book 1)

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