ABCs of Community Tropical Fish

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Given to good health — Some fish are more prone to sickness than others. To start off with, at least, you want fish that are not going to fall ill at the first sign of bad bacteria in the tank. Choose fish that are going to be active and pretty! But here are some general guidelines on fish that get along well together in a community fish tank. Guppies — These fish get along well with most other varieties. However, when I had guppies they were breeding non-stop, and they have a lot of fry, so keep that in mind. Just try not to let the numbers get out of control. Neon Tetras — These are generally very peaceful and quiet fish.

For some reason they would nip at one another very quickly, but this settled down after a while. I had to break the tank up a bit with extra plants etc. Platies — Platies are another peaceful, tranquil fish that go well in a community tank. Like the guppies, they breed easily and can quickly dominate your tank if you are not passing them on to your friends or selling them to pet shops like my dad does with his.

Clown Loach — The Clown Loach is another friendly fish that gets along well with other breeds in a community aquarium. These are very quiet fish that will find a special hidden spot in your tank and spend a lot of time in there. I have one quite large one that will only come out when I put some blood-worms in the tank.

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Bristlenose Catfish — Bristlenose and many other types of aquarium catfish make good community tank fish. If these fish settle down and feel comfortable they will also breed. The female will lay the eggs in a cave or castle, then the male will fertilize and sit on the eggs until they hatch. Sword Tails — Sword tails are another good community fish for beginners. They are not overly sensitive to water conditions though still have your tank at 78 degrees and get along well with other fish.

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As with many of the other common tank fish, they breed easily and the female delivers live young. Butterfly Fish — A colorful fish that is popular in salt water aquariums, and which get along well with others in the community. They can be territorial so need plenty of space and a piece of reef they can call their own. Double check the tank size required for these fish before you purchase, as some need to be in tanks in excess of gallons.

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Clownfish — These are a hardy and adaptable fish that every salt-water aquarium must have! Especially if you have kids in the house. The distinct coloring and character makes them wonderful to watch. Clownfish need to be in at least 20 gallons of water. Firefish — These are little fish that are fun to watch going in and out, around and around the coral. They are quite quick and playful and make a great addition to a salt water tank.

They need to be in a tank of 20 gallons or more. Gobies — There are a variety of Gobies that make great salt water community fish tank inhabitants. They are peaceful fish that can live in tanks 10 gallons and above.

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Wrasse — Another peaceful community tank fish. They need to be kept in large fish tanks of 50 gallons or more. Blenny — Blenny fish are easy to care for, peaceful fish, that come in a range of colors. They join into salt water communities with ease and enjoy swimming around the reef. Marine Betta — Salt water Bettas look even more amazing than freshwater Bettas in my opinion!

They are peaceful community fish that are very hardy and easy to care for. They are reef compatible and need to be in a tank of at least 50 gallons of water. You can ask us any questions in the comments section down below, though if you need an immediate answer there are other options.


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ABCs of Community Tropical Fish ABCs of Community Tropical Fish
ABCs of Community Tropical Fish ABCs of Community Tropical Fish
ABCs of Community Tropical Fish ABCs of Community Tropical Fish
ABCs of Community Tropical Fish ABCs of Community Tropical Fish
ABCs of Community Tropical Fish ABCs of Community Tropical Fish
ABCs of Community Tropical Fish ABCs of Community Tropical Fish

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