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At least one witness stated that Brown was surrendering with his hands in the air when he was shot. Nancy heard the shot, then another, and came to the window to witness the third and final bullet be fired into her husband. That cannot be proved unless you volunteer as a witness , and give away the whole vile story of the plot to abduct Miss Maynard.

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She called Evelyn to witness that from the first it had been her work entirely. There were twenty-one entrants, and fully , spectators gathered to witness the initial flight of the aerial races. Bordin asked permission of the Court to address a few questions to the witness. The witness , having hastened, saw many religious who were fighting the said corporal and the other soldiers with their fists. Old English witnes "attestation of fact, event, etc.

Christian use late 14c. Witness stand is recorded from Related: Witnessed ; witnessing. RELATED WORDS bystander , spectator , observer , eyewitness , testimony , notice , attend , watch , mark , note , see , announce , indicate , deponent , viewer , beholder , watcher , proof , signer , testifier. Nearby words witigo , witless , witlessly , witling , witloof , witness , witness box , witness corner , witness stand , witness-box , wits. States have a responsibility to respect the fundamental rights of victims, assist them in accordance with their special needs, and protect them from further harm.

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All criminal justice systems have a duty to put in place procedures to provide measures for the protection of persons whose cooperation with the criminal justice system in an investigation or prosecution, puts them, or persons closely associated with them, at risk of serious physical or emotional harm. Such measures may include:. The challenges posed to States in providing assistance and protection measures to victims and witnesses of crime are compounded when such organized crimes are also transnational.

Adequate witness protection measures may be in place in one country, but fail to protect them against threats present in others for lack of cooperation mechanisms.

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This transnational challenge highlights the need for a higher degree of international cooperation. Such measures may include inter alia establishing procedures to safeguard the physical integrity of people who give testimony in criminal proceedings from threats against their life and intimidation. Witnesses must be protected from threats, intimidation, corruption, or bodily injury and States are obliged to strengthen international cooperation in this regard.

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UNODC promotes an integrated and holistic approach starting with early identification of vulnerable and intimidated witnesses, through to management of witnesses by specially trained law enforcement officials. In exceptional circumstances, witness protection may involve permanent relocation and re-identification. To support Member States in assisting and protecting victims and witnesses in accordance with the provisions of the Organized Crime and its Protocols, UNODC provides technical assistance in reviewing and strengthening legislative frameworks for victim support and witness protection.

UNODC has also developed several tools to assist States to strengthen their witness protection capacities. Key among them is the manual on Good practices in the protection of witnesses in criminal proceedings involving organized crime and Model Witness Protection Legal Provisions.

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Relevant tools to protecting and assisting victims of trafficking in persons. More information on protecting and assisting children. Effective witness protection programmes are an essential component of a comprehensive criminal justice response to protect those who are key to dismantling organized crime groups. UNODC supports States to strengthen witness protection programmes and strategies by providing technical assistance including:.

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Witnesses Witnesses
Witnesses Witnesses
Witnesses Witnesses
Witnesses Witnesses
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