Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass)

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Many stories veer toward the tragic but always end on a positive note. These guys come through!

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Jun 23, Amelia Clark rated it really liked it. This book won me over at the very last second. Since I'm from southeast Michigan, it was kind of cool to read stories about places I'm familiar with that never get mentioned, but otherwise the individual stories are starkly written and incredibly repetitive.

They are cold portraits of mundane and fairly unpleasant moments in average people's lives, and despite a vague sense of depth I did not find them particularly profound. It's like reading a book entirely about mid-February forests under batt This book won me over at the very last second. It's like reading a book entirely about mid-February forests under battleship grey clouds. And yet, somehow, the last story tied them all together and I felt like I suddenly understood. I'm still not entirely clear on why it struck me so much - maybe it was the repetition, maybe it had nothing to do with the rest of the book - but I think it was worth the read.

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Nov 24, Susan rated it it was amazing. Excellent short stories. The prose is so lucid and straightforward it's almost stark and yet there is a lyrical element as well.

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Each piece draws you into its characters, its story, its setting, and its mood Even though they are all quite short. There is a sense of delicate nuance, of the most important part being that which is not said.

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The respect for nature and the Midwestern context permeates the whole. At the end of each story, there is a slight sense of nostalgia for what has occurred Excellent short stories. At the end of each story, there is a slight sense of nostalgia for what has occurred at the same time as a subtle notion that all has not been completed But the endings aren't unsatisfying the way some short stories not so well done can be.

This is a mature writer in control of the form he has chosen to use. Reminds me of early Richard Ford stories in Rock Springs. Feb 10, Christine rated it really liked it. This is a collection of well written stories that calls, "go north. Many of the stories speak of aging and traversing a life, learning that we could have made it different, but not sure if we would have even given the chance.

Jul 10, Chris rated it liked it. Michigan author.

Feb 04, Marge rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. The short stories are a very well written and leave you wanting more.

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  • All are somber, dark and sad. Actually a number of the stories could be continued as interesting books. Feb 04, Dianne Gorsuch rated it liked it. Collection of short stories. Jeannie Burt rated it it was amazing Dec 08, Claire rated it liked it Oct 10, Caitlin Gdowski rated it really liked it Jun 20, Alex Fuller rated it really liked it Aug 15, John rated it really liked it Mar 29, Jazzmyn foreman rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Nov 11, Nov 12, Nov 13, Nov 18, Preperation is the key to successful native grass establishment and killing any cool season grasses beforehand is crucial.

    Mowing in late August and killing the re-growth in mid to late September allows for a second kill in October if anything is missed. I sprayed mine with a glyphosate, Oust XP and crop oil cocktail in September and this is what it looks like in November The killed sod will hold the soil through the winter months and I will broadcast switchgrass seed in Febuary to allow time for the often dormant seed to statify allowing it to germinate as early as possible in the spring.

    In my case I will be doing some test plots to compare different herbicides and rates including atrazine, simazine and Oust XP. I'll apply these residuals along with additional glyphosate in mid April to insure any new weed growth is killed and then kept killed! Those that wil be planting on soybean stubble have already completed the "killing" steps and have a perfect seedbed ready to frost seed switchgrass or other natives into Nov 27, I sat in a tree stand this morning and watched deer after deer slipping through my switchgrass about 50 yards away.

    They could have chosen to walk through the timber but the path they have beaten down is the shortest to way to the food plots. My food plots are in the center of my property, surrounded by switchgrass and mixed NWSG so deer have a reason to travel through the prairiegrass in the first place. I find that most of the doe groups travel to large wooded areas for two reasons, to forage on browse that they must have in addition to the green feed that the plots provide and to bed in the thick cover that happens to exist there. Mature bucks something not many places have like the solitude the switchgrass provides and so they tend to bed in the tall prairiegrass on a south facing hill side.

    This is Indiangrass and CIR switchgrass combined with a well worn runway through it I just want to make a point that deer just don't run around in switchgrass for something to do, they need a reason to travel through it and doe groups almost always prefer the timber this time of year.

    In the spring does will use the native grass for fawning and mature bucks use it almost year around but all of that is relative to how many deer there are and what natural cover is nearby to compete with. I encourage landowners to use the switchgrass to surround feeding areas in which case the deer will use the tallgrass as screening cover to travel to the plots. A 10 acre field of native grass with a one acre plot in the center for instance gives deer a reason to utilize the switch and in time they adapt to the safety it provides.

    If deer do not use native grass it's not because it's too thick, it's not because they need runways cut through it Deer don't waste or expend energy traveling through anything with out reason Nov 29, I know a lot of folks assume I know little about Michigan but in my younger days I hunted MI from the thumb northward and east to west in the UP and I learned a lot about cover doing so. I remember hunting snowshow rabbits in a cedar swamp where some years before a tornado had cut a wide swath thru it.

    The whole thing at that time was solid young white cedars over my head and so thick you could scarcely see your hand in front of your face!

    A little more about switchgrass

    Many of the tipped over cedars were still alive creating a miserable hell hole of a place yet Another time I was hunting pheasants in a cattail swamp, ' tall, thicker then hair on a dogs back, 8" of water. As I clawed my way through it, I wondered what in the world What would live in here? Not only did some roosters fly out, so did a mess of deer even though I saw no sign of runways or trails in the thick 'tails.

    I've lived a lot and hunted a lot I've followed hounds after bears and cats into the most miserable swamps God could have created and always I plant egyptian wheat, 12 ft high and so thick it seems nothing could get thru it, yet I have stood silently and watched deer slip thru it without breaking a stalk or leaving a trace other then tracks. So forgive me when I find it amusing when people worry about native grasses being too thick Thick stands of native grasses make it impossible for people to see deer moving in them bringing about the assumption that deer cannot or will not move around or bed in it which is just absolute nonsense.

    I have hilly ground and from some of my stands I can observe deer slipping thru my switch planted at 's per acre. Add to basket. The Constellations Kevin Cunningham. Orphans Ben Tanzer. The Blue Kind Kathryn Born. Review quote "Channeling Orwell and Melville, with a nod to popular American culture, Tanzer Lucky Man creates a template for human disaffection and passivity in the face of incomprehensible and omnipotent forces Tanzer's setting and scenario owe much to George Orwell and Philip K.

    Dick, territory that sf fans might enjoy revisiting. Tanzer truly possesses a unique writing voice. I don't know of anyone who writes about fatherhood the way Tanzer does.

    TSP: Donald Lystra and That Sense of Discovery

    Peterson, author of "Beautiful Piece," " Inside the Whale: A Novel in Verse," and "Wanted Elevator Man"" "For a novel involving flash mob protests, martian real estate deals, and robot hand jobs, "Orphans "is deeply affecting and terribly tender. This is " "by way of Tom Perrotta. He is based in Chicago where he lives with his wife and daughter. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.

    Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass) Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass)
    Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass) Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass)
    Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass) Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass)
    Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass) Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass)
    Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass) Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass)
    Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass) Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass)
    Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass) Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass)
    Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass) Something That Feels Like Truth (Switchgrass)

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