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Upon closer inspection, nearly half of the image consists of distorted rubble exploded over the original photograph.

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These incinerated remnants merge with the underlying vista, lending layers of additional texture to the craggy rocks and high-reaching trees. In Ash Mountain , a pile of ashes from burned art books resting precariously on a shallow shelf adjacent to the photograph, Khalaf turns the material remnants of her artistic process into its own meta-landscape. Construction Fragment Series 1—10 , by the Seattle-based art and architecture collaborative, Lead Pencil Studio, foregrounds the temporary structures associated with construction sites. Photographed and photoshopped against a flat white background, the urban structures depicted in Construction are ephemeral by design and necessity: the steel beams and wooden planks that form scaffolding and walkways around construction sites are temporary measures, erected for safety not aesthetics.

In the photographs on view, these seemingly ubiquitous sites become increasingly unfamiliar, even strange: in Construction 3 , a billowing tarp clings to scaffolding, both covering and revealing the bone-like structure of the unfinished building, like a wet shirt clinging to skin.

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By comparison, Construction 2 depicts temporary pathways demarcated by lines of conjoining pipes that, removed from their original context, resemble an abstracted grid with no discernible terminus. There is something uncanny about making static the processual: Perhaps it is that stilling these often-overlooked material traces of labor serves as an act of memorialization—a testament to the unseen infrastructural support of all monumental objects and institutions.

The event of construction has become the object. As a concept, the term ruins negatively connotes degradation, destruction, and negligence while serving as a romantic ideal of those qualities. We have come to understand remains as that which has become the document, residing in material traces after the presumed original piece, moment, or body has expired. Whether or not we preserve and commemorate such objects reflects a Western cultural value system that privileges certain histories as didactic and others as disposable.

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The latter, a curved segment of a wall made from stacked salt bricks, stood outside the gallery in a public-facing courtyard. The past tense is required to refer to this work; the piece has disintegrated as the result of the recent winter rainstorms. The gradual decomposition of a wall, a structural symbol for defense, takes on an explicitly political tone against the backdrop of the current political discourse surrounding immigration.

Border walls create some of the most hostile built environments that exist; seeing a symbol of isolationism subjected to the daily micro-aggressions of water and wind, viewers are prompted to imagine the processes of dismantling similar structures of detainment and containment on a broader scope. I thought that was just great.

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The way that they looked around, and almost got killed was really funny. But I thought that it was a little odd the way the author wrote about the simplicity of the Adventure. They were exploring like the native Americans did, and the settlers along with that. I didn't think that she used her imagination. Other than that I thought that the book was great. Some people died, and it w2as magnificent! I gave this book the good star rating because it was a riveting part of the ongoing saga of the Mayflower Project!

A wonderful addition to the already amazing series of books!

Remanents Reiveiw From Amazon This book is the third book in this three book series. The book starts on an alien spaceship that has abducted the Mayflower project ship and has created an artificial environment of what it knows about the humans. Yoga the leader of what is left of the humans leads the remaining humans to this tower where they encounter riders aliens trying to kill them and demons and other terrors.

But also at the tower they encounter an alien friend a Blue Meanie who helps them try to destroy the Node the brain that's creating the demons that are trying to kill them to end this nightmare of a world. Some of my likes of this book are that its kind creepy in some parts of this book which I kind of like. Also there is some suspense so that you just want to keep reading and not stop.

Some dislikes are that the riders use these stupid hover boards to glide around on. Also some of my other dislikes are that there is this baby that Tamera caries that has some super powers which I thought was stupid.


I would recommend this book to someone who kind of likes the creepy kind of book with suspense in it and who kind of likes a weird twist in there books. The Separation From Amazon Where we left off, everyone was split up.

See a Problem?

Now we switch back in forth during each chapter to be updated on what each group is doing. In one group, a boy Yago who was the president's son is trying to take charge spliting everyone up into groups: ormal and freak.

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And he picks on 2Face, a girl who was the victim of a fire, and Edward, a boy who was mutated and is like a Chameleon, changing with its backround. The other group is about to be killed by a painting! How is the human race supposed to live on, or was this meant to be the end? I couldn't put this book down, I don't know about you, because some people like my friend don't have the stomach for this series. But the few of us who do should enjoy K. What lies in the Tower? From Amazon Babel,the Tower of Babel. That's what the 2 groups of Remnant's see on the Horizon.

Yago and Wylson think it would make a perfect battle station,to conqeur the Riders and the Blue Meanies,and eventually conqeur whatever put them in the ship,maybe even conquer Mother

Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3
Remnants #3 Remnants #3

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