Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition)

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Titley Court was home to the Greenly family for over years. The Greenly family have a long and fascinating A scarce edition of this German language book by Dr. William Lobe. Concerning the lexicon of agriculture and agriculture's impact on economy and science, the book makes for an interesting insight into 19th Century rural Germany.

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An attractively bound copy of this famous novella. With particularly charming illuminated letters. Undine is a fairy-tale novella in which Undine, a water spirit, marries An important collection of volumes on veterinary science. Written and edited by many important figures in veterinary medicine including Friedrich Heinrich Roloff, C.

Muller, Dr J. Schutz and Dr R. A large copy of Johann Heinrich Voss's successful idyllic poem, Luise. In this work, Voss sought to apply the style and methods of classical poetry A scarce German mathematical work from astronomer Otto RausenbergerWith formulas and diagrams in the text. A facsimile reprint of the work by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Printed in German and illustrated throughout.

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A catalogue of the collection of Holy Relics owned by the Duke's of Saxony, produced by Cranach, a court painter and printmaker A very handsome biography of the Finnish explorer's travels, in German. Typeset in a charming gothic font with broad, A German work on fossils and paleontology. Illustrated with twenty-two plates and engravings in the text. A scarce copy of this agricultural work on animal feed from T.

Dietrich and J. Second enlarged edition. Consisting of tables of data on the properties of different feed such as chaff, potatoes, pea husks, peanut In original German. A scarce ethnological study on the development of punishment in society by Sebald Rudolf Steinmetz. Steinmetz was the progenitor of the sociology of his country. Two volumes of the German youth publication, Das Neue Universum.

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Comprising volumes 17 and Containing educational articles and fictional tales. A scarce German work on ornithology from Heinrich Gatke. Second edition. Illustrated with two photogravure plates, and illustrations in the text. A collection of attractive turn-of-the-century German annuals. A lovely copy of this popular Alpine legend, first published in The German poet Rudolf Baumbach studied Natural Science at Leipzig, before becoming a private tutor in several Austrian towns.

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In Trieste, he wrote A respectable copy of this study of the daily lives of the Inuit peoples by famed Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen. Covering topics from basic kayaking to theology, it is easy to understand how Nansen came to be regard as a Norwegian Kritik der Zweishwarmhypothese Paper vellum spine with grey paper boards and red and gilt spine label.

It is illustrated with engraved portrait of each. A collection of illustrations of combs throughout history.

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Illustrated with eighty-four plates collated, complete. Including combs from the Germanic period, 11th-century France, Bombay, and many other locations and time periods. An edited edition of Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi's Briefe uber die Lehre Spinozas, in which he expresses sharply and clearly his strenuous objection to a dogmatic system in philosophy. Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi was an A scarce Swedish conversation lexicon from Albert Bonniers.

Yngve Lorents Samuel, born 20 October in Vasteras, A scarce edition of the collected writings of Eugen Bohm von Bawerk, the first of a two volume set. Bawerk was one of the leading economists of his day and later became Austrian Minister of Finance under the Habsburg Monarchy. He was A scarce work on German faience.

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Illustrated with a coloured frontispiece, and seventy-one plates to the rear. Special edition, Mai to July Dutch potters in northern and Protestant Germany established German centres of faience The novel parodying Goethe, by Thomas Mann. The work was first published in It parodies Goethe's pompous tone. Mann had planned the novel since , but did not take this form until much later. It was later adapted into a film Full cloth folio binding with gilt titles to spine and front borad. Text is in German. This vast collection includes jewellry, Notable for portraying the Holy Roman Emperor as something of a tragic hero, as well as an idealised embodiment of Germany, the work attracted Paper covered boards with red lettering.

Part of a limited edition of copies of which this is numbered With German text. A lavishly illustrated work on Greek sculpture from Reinhard Lullies. Second, extended edition. With hundreds of photographic illustrations, many of which are coloured. Bound in blue cloth with gilt lettering and unclipped dust wrappers.

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Ernst Hartwig Kantorowicz, , was a German-Jewish historian A scarce translation of this fascinating medieval work on military technology from Konrad Kyeser. Illustrated throughout with many vignettes, and containing many coloured plates in the facsimile volume of the original text. The journal, founded in by Michael Tangl and has been published annually since It publishes research and essays on all topics of auxiliary sciences of history A collection of engravings of the art of antiquities throughout the world from C.

Illustrated with sixty engraved plates and numerous plans and engravings in the text collated complete. Disbound volume with ten plates. Raphael Sanzio, usually known by his first name alone in Italian Raffaello April 6 or March 28, April 6, , was an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance, celebrated for A handsome copy of the complete works of Heinrich Heines, the famous German poet.

With a frontispiece of Hienes, in black letter throughout. With a biography of the author by Stephen Born. An uncommon German language, two volume collection of the works of Theodor Korner. Korner was a German poet and soldier noted for his light comedies and courage on the battlefields of the German Uprising against Napoleon.

The works are in German. Indeed, as the stories amply demonstrate, Schulze prefers a kind of unvarnished and natural storytelling that, while not entirely without artifice, is rather understated. Schulze writes with great poise, maturity and confidence, but he is acutely aware of his formal limitations as well as his debts. All but two of the stories are told in the first person, and the degree of self-consciousness exhibited by the narrators is occasionally startling.

As the first-person narrator in one story observes, "How lovely it would be if I could describe what comes next in the style of a Leskov or Turgenev. How autobiographical are your books? Are the East Germans being oppressed by the West Germans? Why are your characters unhappy? Sebald, yet without the same infusion of visual imagery or the ethereal language, Schulze tends to blur the two realms, sometimes beyond recognition. A handful of these stories first appeared in German newspapers and magazines, one in the Times Literary Supplement , and the generic boundaries between reportage and the short story are frequently suspended.

If anything, the frequent blurring of history and fiction forms less of a link to the literary vanguard of the post—cold war West than to the time-honored Russian poets and storytellers, several of whom he mentions by name. One of the narrators in One More Story —yes, one who is rather easily mistaken for Schulze—bears a striking resemblance to Pushkin.

The Russian-born neighbor in the story, after seeing a picture of the narrator in the local Dresden newspaper, insists on calling him "my Pushkin. Among the finest pieces in the collection is "Estonia, Out in the Country," which relays in all its vivid, bizarre detail the experience of an author on a speaking junket in the Eastern European hinterland. Again the first-person narrator is difficult to distinguish from Schulze—he notes early in the text, "I had written thirty-three stories about St.

Petersburg, so surely I could come up with one about Estonia"—but part of the strength of the story is that it forces the reader to imagine a writer like Schulze being brought to remote regions and expected to perform. The real conceit, however, is not so much the framework as the story told within it, which has an arch twist to it that merely amplifies the absurdity of the German writer thrust into the Estonian outback. As if it had all merely been conjured up in a hazy dream, "[he] fled into the forest, soon breaking into an easy trot on all fours, and vanished among the fir trees.

Almost overnight we found ourselves in the middle of an American world. As one narrator remarks while on a trip to Umbria in the spring of , staying in an area from which NATO aircraft bound for the Balkans launched their missions: "Sometimes we watched CNN but avoided talking about the details.

As hard as it may be to peg Schulze exclusively as a Wende author, it appears equally hard for him to turn away from that subject altogether.

Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition) Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition)
Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition) Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition)
Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition) Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition)
Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition) Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition)
Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition) Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition)
Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition) Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition)
Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition) Neue Leben: Roman (German Edition)

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