Love and Danger in the Old West

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I have always had a love affair with the old west This is filled with entertaining and educational historical information.

Dangerous Girl Pretends To Be In Love! Dangerous Girl Of The Wild West (Western Machinima) Ep2

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Amanda Littlejohn more. Where Was the Wild West? What Made the West so Wild? There's Gold in Them There Hills! So the westwards expansion was finally completed with the settling of what is now California. The Gold Rush. Wagons Roll! Who Were the Cowboys? Even so, the cowboys of the nineteenth century lived a different lifestyle than the modern ones. Real Cowboys. Cowboy Clothes and Lifestyle Cowboy clothes were designed to be tough and warm. The Western Saloon The cowboys and girls worked very hard, as you can imagine and when they landed in a town to rest for a few days, they would often head to the local saloon.

Gunslingers We've all heard of the famed 'gunslingers' of the wild west and who doesn't remember any number of scenes in the movies when the good guy and the bad guy finally meet in the dusty, deserted street of a western town, pacing slowly towards each other, fingers poised over their holstered guns, survival dependent on being the fastest draw?

The Pony Express, the Telegraph and the Railroad The rapidly expanding occupation of North America by European settlers brought with it a new tide of invention and endeavor in the development of communications. The Pony Express. The Invention of the Telegraph Back in , Samuel Morse had invented his famous 'electrical telegraph' which used a device to tap out a series of long and short electrical signals that came to be known as 'Morse Code' and that could then be transmitted through wire cables for many miles.

The Railroads With the advent of the railroads, not only information but now people, livestock, fuel and goods of all kinds could be transported in bulk across vast distances. The Wild West Show It wasn't long before the emerging culture of what was to become modern America began to mythologize itself. There were also demonstrations of prowess at horseback riding, shooting and rope skills. Buffalo Bill and the Wild West Show.

The Fate of the Native Americans Before the invasion of white European settlers, many traditional tribal cultures lived out on the Great Plains. Many natives refused to go quietly. Wild West Quiz. What do you think? Have something to say? Say it here Hi Kyle, Thanks for your comment! I like it a lot! I have learned a lot about the Wild West!

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A whitewashed Wild West forgets that one-in-four cowboys was African American

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The weird world of illustrator Edward Gorey Read more. An unlikely friendship Read more. Why Americans love Wild West novels. Michael G. Created date January 6th, Indeed, some of the greatest Western novels had yet to appear. Both were made into films starring John Wayne. The fact is Westerns are here to stay and for a variety of reasons. Guthrie, Jr. The Way West , A. Recent Articles.

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Flushed with pride Read more. Consider dividend-paying stocks as an income stream Read more. Learn more about the Tribune or contact the editor Tribune. Learn more about Erickson Living communities Erickson Living. For instance, cowboys did not become a serious medium for selling things until the s, surprising though this seems: Marlboro country really revealed the enormous potential in American male identification with cow-punchers, who, of course, are increasingly seen not as riding herd but as gunslingers.

Who said: "I've always acted alone like the cowboy … the cowboy entering the village or city alone on his horse … He acts, that's all"? Henry Kissinger to Oriana Fallaci in , that's who. Let me quote you the reductio ad absurdum of this myth, which dates back to "The West. It's not just stage-coaches and sagebrush. It's an image of men who are real and proud.

Of the freedom and independence we all would like to feel. Now Ralph Lauren has expressed all this in Chaps , his new men's cologne. Chaps is a cologne a man can put on as naturally as a worn leather jacket or a pair of jeans. It's the West. The West you would like to feel inside yourself. Reading this on a mobile?

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  5. Click here to view. The real invented tradition of the west, as a mass phenomenon that dominates American policy, is the product of the eras of Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Reagan. And of course, Reagan, the first president since Teddy Roosevelt whose image is deliberately western and on horseback, knew what he was doing. Is this Reaganite myth of the west an international tradition?

    I think not. In the first place because the major American medium by which the invented west was propagated has died out. The western novel, as I have suggested, is no longer an international phenomenon.

    Sending a message of hope: Shorewood becomes latest municipality to ban conversion therapy

    The private eye has killed the Virginian. Larry McMurtry and his like, whatever their place in American literature, are virtually unknown outside their native country. As for the western movie, it was killed by TV; and the western TV series, which was probably the last genuinely international mass triumph of the invented west, became a mere adjunct to children's hour, and in turn it has faded away. The real western movie became deliberately highbrow, a carrier of social, moral and political significance in the s, until it in turn collapsed under their weight as well as the advancing age of the makers and stars — of Ford and Wayne and Cooper.

    I'm not criticising them. On the contrary, practically all the westerns that any of us would wish to see again date from after Stagecoach which was released in But what carried the west into the hearts and homes of five continents was not movies that aimed at winning Oscars or critical applause.

    The Lesser-Known History of African-American Cowboys | History | Smithsonian

    What is more, once the late western movie had itself become infected by Reaganism — or by John Wayne as an ideologist — it became so American that most of the rest of the world didn't get the point, or, if it did, didn't like it. In Britain, at least, the word "cowboy" today has a secondary meaning, which is much more familiar than the primary meaning of a fellow in the Marlboro ads : a fellow who comes in from nowhere offering a service, such as to repair your roof, but who doesn't know what he's doing or doesn't care except about ripping you off: a "cowboy plumber" or a "cowboy bricklayer".

    I leave you to speculate a how this secondary meaning derives from the Shane or John Wayne stereotype and b how much it reflects the reality of the Reaganite wearers of dude Stetsons in the sunbelt. I don't know when the term first appears in British usage, but certainly it was not before the mids. In this version, what a man's got to do is to fleece us and disappear into the sunset. There is, in fact, a European backlash against the John Wayne image of the west, and that is the revived genre of the western movie.

    Whatever the spaghetti westerns mean, they certainly were deeply critical of the US western myth, and in being so, paradoxically, they showed how much demand there still was among adults in both Europe and the US for the old gunslingers. In the second place, foreigners simply do not recognise the associations of the western myth for the American right or indeed for ordinary Americans. Everyone wears jeans, but without that spontaneous, if faint urge that so many young Americans feel, to slouch against an imagined hitching post, narrowing their eyes against the sun.

    Even their aspiring rich don't ever feel tempted to wear Texan-type hats.

    Love and Danger in the Old West Love and Danger in the Old West
    Love and Danger in the Old West Love and Danger in the Old West
    Love and Danger in the Old West Love and Danger in the Old West
    Love and Danger in the Old West Love and Danger in the Old West
    Love and Danger in the Old West Love and Danger in the Old West

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