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As Earth orbits the sun, its tilted axis means different regions receive more rays at different times of the year.

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The most visible signs of this phenomenon are changes in the weather and length of the days, but atmospheric composition is also impacted. For example, in the Northern Hemisphere, which contains most of the world's vegetation, plant growth in summer results in noticeably lower levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The reverse is true for oxygen. Researchers hope to develop a system to hunt for a 'biosignature' that would look for possible signs of seasons.

The hunt for life in these places, which are impossible to visit in person, will begin with a search for biological products in their atmospheres. These atmospheric fingerprints of life, called biosignatures, will be detected using next-generation telescopes that measure the composition of gases surrounding planets that are light years away.

It's a tricky business, since biosignatures based on single measurements of atmospheric gases could be misleading. To complement these markers, and thanks to funding from the NASA Astrobiology Institute, scientists at the University of California, Riverside's Alternative Earths Astrobiology Center are developing the first quantitative framework for dynamic biosignatures based on seasonal changes in the Earth's atmosphere. The team also say extremely elliptical orbits rather than axis tilt could yield seasonality on extrasolar planets, or exoplanets, expanding the range of possible targets.

In the paper, the researchers identify the opportunities and pitfalls associated with characterizing the seasonal formation and destruction of oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, and their detection using an imaging technique called spectroscopy. Timothy Lyons, a professor of biogeochemistry in UCR's Department of Earth Science and director of the Alternative Earths Astrobiology Center, said this work advances the fundamental approach to searching for life on very distant planets.

Do you know this 'dipper'?

Scroll down for video. Ultimately, they're written to have more similarities, that matter, to humans, than differences. But that doesn't change that the differences are at least initially completely understandable differences that cause friction and conflict. Without the Mass Relays and Citadel, it is much more likely that there would be eventual larger wars between the species, without any encouraged peaceful contact and mediation.

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But that's a whole other thing :P. TF7 Afficher le profil Voir les messages. Human supremacy is not in their mission statement. They used the words 'human survivalist'. They used those words in the context of protecting human civilization, being a guard dog, a Cerberus, in front of the Charon Relay. A relay that the Turians literally threatened to enter through and crush humanity, until they were held back by Council intervention. Given TIM's history, this was all done in justification of a true threat - the Reapers and their cycles of mass destruction.

But it applied elsewhere.

‘V The Movie’ Coming From Original Creator Kenneth Johnson And Desilu Studios

The greater galaxy contained many threats to humanity: the rachni, AI expansion, krogan warfare, Council you know, the entity that lives in the middle of the Reaper trap absorption. Without Cerberus: -we may not have had a Normandy SR-1 ME2 retconned it as Cerberus pushing for its construction in cooperation with the Turians -we would not have had a Normandy SR-2 -we would not have had the return of Shepard -there would not have been a human seat on the Council -we may not have had human biotics -etc etc etc I hate Cerberus and I still have to admit all of these things.

When I say 'the entire organization isn't racist', I mean that it is alien ambivalent. It, as an organization, is fine with cooperation with aliens, even mutual advancement. However, it does exploit actual anti-alien sentiment in order to acquire personnel and resources. This is all in the name of expediency, as everything TIM does is in order to be prepared for the Reapers, instead of slogging along as a client species of a Council species and being utterly unprepared for the coming extinction.

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TIM speaks of uplifting humanity, over others when possible, but never of putting others down, nor does he ever take actions that indicate otherwise. If anything, he admires qualities and powers and aspects of other species, but wishes humanity to reach that level and beyond ASAP, even if through amoral or immoral means. I concede that based on its makeup and rhetoric, you can easily brand it as racist, but I've been speaking on technicalities. I agree that someone should have been concerned with the levels of access people were given, especially Liara who could have easily been a spy, and Tali, from the terminus systems outside council space who effectively had access to thhe tech of the best ship in the galaxy.

Also remarking derogatorily on a chinese person's eyes is racist, remarking on a black person's large lips or dark skin is racist, so when Ashley does it she too is racist. But at least she's not racist when it counts I guess. I guess I've been raised on 'being' being separate from 'doing'.

"Ben Alien Force" Undercover (TV Episode ) - Ashley Johnson as Gwen Tennyson - IMDb

When she said those things, she was committing racism and in those moments she was racist, but as a person, I find it hard to brand her with that. The amount of times I, as a gay man, have been verbally ripped apart by people in direct and indirect ways as I grew up largely indirect in my case though could make it easy for me to call the majority of my school bigots, based on single encounters or spoken lines.

However, I think the truth is a little more complex than that. One committing bigotry may be a bigot in those moments, but their lives may be much more complicated than those moments. This isn't to even excuse them - I've stood my ground many times - but to brand them entirely, as a person, as 'bigot' IMO ought to be done thoughtfully. Was she being racist in her early ME1 Citadel remarks about aliens? Was she coming from prejudiced attitudes mixed in with logical caution when she spoke about aliens on the ship?

But as a person or rather, a character , I'd find it such an oversimplification to deem her 'a racist' as if that's all that is about her, like I've seen people brand her with for several years now. Its made too easy. On the other hand, I've felt similarly when I've seen people consider Kaidan just a wimp and even to the point of him being a betrayer to humanity WTF? For the record, Ashley is in the lower rungs of appeal to me out of the 20ish main squadmates throughout the trilogy, she's in the bottom 5ish or at least 10ish , but I don't agree with the ire for her.

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Putting on the armchair psychoanalyst hat, I wonder if its because her rationalizations put up a bit too much of a mirror up to people. That her Renegade-ish yet never fully Renegade attitudes are a bit too real at times compared to the much more cartoonishly violent and entertainingly fun Renegadeness we see in most other characters. When we hear Zaeed talking about prying off parts of a Krogan its okay, while the ideas that Ashley expresses are the enemy, and bad bad, even when often in the plot was proven to tap into sensible truths in almost all cases, the alien species needed to be strongly pushed to even remotely assist humanity, and always with reservations.

Cerberus have done a lot of good. But they have also done a lot of bad. Their acts make them evil.

Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59) Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59)
Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59) Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59)
Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59) Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59)
Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59) Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59)
Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59) Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59)
Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59) Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59)
Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59) Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59)
Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59) Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59)
Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59) Alien Ashley (Alien Characters Book 59)

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