Speaking of the Tongue: Words of Spiritual Poetic Inspiration

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I always have to concentrate. Unlike myself, those disciples having been baptised in the HG back then, had never heard anyone speak in tongues before. Had I never heard anyone speak in tongues, I would personally never have started it. I am a huge fan of books of Smith Wigglesworth and John G. I was doing what others are doing today, confusing the 12th of 1 Corinthians with the 2nd of Acts.

These two chapters deal with different things, one with the gifts of the Spirit, and the other with the Baptism of the Spirit with the accompanying sign. As the days passed I became more and more hungry. I had opposed the meetings so much, but the Lord was gracious, and I shall ever remember that last day — the day I was to leave. God was with me so much that last night. They were to have a meeting and I went, but I could not rest.

I went to the Vicarage, and there in the library I said to Mrs. If you will allow God to baptize you, the other will be all right. Please lay hands on me that I may receive the tongues. Then He gave me a revelation. Oh, it was wonderful! He showed me an empty cross and Jesus glorified. I do thank God that the cross is empty, that Christ is no more on the cross. Then I saw that God had purified me. The joy was so great that when I came to utter it my tongue failed, and I began to worship God in other tongues as the Spirit gave me utterance.

I had received the Baptism in the Spirit with the speaking in tongues as the Bible evidence according to Acts , and had not received the gift of Tongues according to 1 Corinthians I had received the Giver of all gifts. At some time later when I was helping some souls to seek and receive the Baptism of the Spirit, God gave me the gift of Tongues so that I could speak at any time. I could speak, but will not — no never! I must allow the Holy Ghost to use the gift. It should be so, so that we shall have divine utterances only by the Spirit.

I would be very sorry to use a gift, but the Giver has all power to use the whole nine gifts. They will argue and say I speak in tongues. When John G. Lake talks about rebirth, sanctification and the baptism in the HG, he says sanctification at least to a large extent precedes the baptism. Thank you Danny for your reply.

Lakes whose ministry has now been handed over to Curry Blake and I have been studying other web sites, such as the Bible Hub for different Commentaries and Sermons addressing tongues. So if those who do speak in other languages how come its never seems to be in a language that anyone recognizes? Not the actual interpretation but in the Uk you can usually identify a language even if you cannot speak it.

I can usually recognize french or german or italian even if I dont speak the language but when ever anyone speaks in a tongue language no one ever recognizes it yet in Acts 2 people did recognize it. If its just a language and I copy what someone says am I speaking in another language? Would it be valid? I am just trying to be real. Does it bother anyone else that modern day tongues never seems to be a flowing language that we recognise even if we do not speak it?

Its always repeated over and over again and when its interpreted its never the same interpretation. Does not that strike you as odd? Does it not bother you? And why is it usuallly English sounding words but just re arranged? Listen very closely next time you hear it. I fully belive in the biblical speaking in other languages as in Acts but all I hear is repeated phrases month in month out. Can that be right? I came across this site because I was having the same concerns as most. If you mean the tongues sound the same from every minister, that would be a bit odd if they are genuine tongues.

Yes, in Acts 2 the tongues the disciples spoke in were recognized by others, because they were speaking in languages current at the time. Some of them will be languages spoken by angels. They could even be earthly languages, but languages that are no longer spoken. I recall a story from many years ago of a skeptic who recorded people speaking in tongues at a Pentecostal church. He wrote an article on his experience, and transcribed what was being said phonetically, and proceeded to make fun of the people.

Speaking in tongues is a supernatural ability to speak in a language you have never learned. Why do most tongues sound like English words, but just rearranged? I had a Hebrew professor who was also a philologist. He said that while the mouth is capable of making some sounds, each language only employs about 30 or so of those sounds. Some languages use very different parts of the mouth to make sounds. Think of Asians who try to learn English later in life. They rarely are able to speak it well because they are accustomed to using different sounds, and find it almost impossible to mimic the sounds of English perfectly.

I would argue that the same is true of tongues. You might say we all have an accent when speaking in these other languages because we are speaking the words of the other language, but using the sounds our mouth is capable of. Lol Jason. Minister A says Shokoloko Shokoloko week in week out. Minister B says Bango Bango Bango week in week out. Minister C says Lokoshay Lokoshay week in week out. Catch my drift? Jason, you obviously believe your tongue speaking is genuine. Could you please enlighten me on how you know your tongue speaking is the real deal.

What was your experience like? Did the Holy Spirit come over you and take hold of your tongue or were you inspired to start volantarily speaking an unknown language? Did you feel overwhelmed with power on high? I want to know about the experience itself. I was suppost to have been filled with the Holy Spirit months ago, but doubts soon followed. I believe there must be an experience that accompanies the indwelling of the babtism of the Holy Spirit other than just speaking out a few different unknown words.

Something else that confirms the expereince is real, for instance; a revelation from God etc — Look forward to your reply — God Bless. Speaking in tongues is completely fake. If not then the god that people believe in has a very small vocabulary consisting of no more than 20 sounds. There are not enough sounds to make one complete sentence. Why is it that the same pastors make the same sounds every week. I was listening to one Born Again Pastor develop a stutter while speaking in tongues this morning in a church next door. Are you saying the god occasionally has a stammer?

If you were to record a pastor speaking in tongues this week and then recorded the same pastor next week you will find they are making exactly the same sounds as the previous week. Maybe the sounds will not be in the same order but it the same meaningless sounds will be heard. Ask a Pastor to tell you what god is saying and ask that pastor every week. You will soon learn as I did that it is all show and no substance. There was no second test in Acts to determine if the tongues speaking was real or not.

Before I first spoke in tongues, I actually had a mental vision of a treasure chest in the midst of blackness. The top was open, and I was looking in the inside. Speak it out in faith. Then, it would come back again, and once again, the person praying for me would say God was giving me the utterance. It was as if he could see what I was seeing in my head. They did.

They flowed and flowed. Even after this amazing experience, I too, doubted the experience. My reasons for doubting, however, may not be the same as yours. I simply began speaking in a language I had never learned. When I speak in tongues, I do not think about what I am saying before I say it. I just begin to speak and it comes out. And it comes out with many different sounds…just like any other language.

I have already argued that I believe many people fake tongues, and even provided two ways for identifying fake tongues. When I was in Bible College, we had a lot of foreign students there. I decided to create recordings of some people speaking in tongues, and other people speaking in their native languages. I planned to use this in Bible studies when people would claim that tongues was just gibberish. I would play one person speaking, then stop and ask them if they thought it was someone speaking in tongues or someone speaking in their native language.

Most people failed miserably. But one of my worries with people speaking in tongues that are not led by the Holy Spirit but so desperate to do so is that they may be led by another force and could be speaking any kind of evil against themselves or people around them.

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Is this a valid concern. Was unsure if my tongue speaking was a genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit or if i had been talked into thinking i was speaking in tongues or even perhaps another entity may play a part. The fact that i nor anyone else was interpreting my tongue speaking was one of the very reasons i stopped, just as you said what if i were cursing God or somebody else.

Further into this, i prayed a lot about this and read the scriptures with an open mind and heart wanting the Holy Spirit to give me any conviction on the necessity or the validity of speaking in tongues. I am convinced in my own heart that the tongue speaking described in the Book of Acts are actual languages that can be interpreted and not the babble you here these days.

Language, Grammar and Literary Terms

Not to say that people cant be gifted in this way, as the Bible states that this could be one of the gifts of the Spirit. I dont believe is it a necessary sign for Salvation as i was lead to believe. I really want to know : What scripture supports the first sentence please? Also, They are meaningless words for the human understanding but u r speaking to God not humans. Also, many people speaking in tongues do repeat over and over, it is not about the the repeating, it is about how the Holy Spirit influences you not the words.

My experience has been that it is possible to speak in tongues voluntarily, but also to be compelled by the Holy Spirit to speak out involuntarily, and audibly. The first time that the latter experience came was when someone spoke out in tongues, but it was possible to discern that it was not true tongues. This so angered me that I began to speak quietly in tongues, but the Holy Spirit drove it out audibly, and in an angry tone. As it finished there was a hush, and after what seemed a long time someone gave the interpretation, which was that the stones would shortly be removed from the riverbed.

It can be inferred that the person who had spoken in false tongues was blocking the actions of the Holy Spirit and would soon be removed from his post as leader! On one other occasion, someone was promoting a person who is known to be a charlatan. I spoke to him concerning that person Benny Hinn , but he would not listen, so I spoke to him voluntarily in tongues.

That brought forth involuntary tongues from him, which told me that he was filled with the Holy Spirit, so I told him that I would pray for him to be shown the truth about Hinn. I think repetiting tongues not always fake. But as the time goes by the sounds became words. But i kept asking Holy Spirit to add more words to glorify God in worship. And He did add more words. Ask by faith! I was on fire the first time I recieve christ as savior. I would wake up at 4am before church to praise and worship Him.

I got convictions at night to pray for someone randomly. I was about 14 at this time. But my fire grew small over the years going through life experiences and sad to say i know i backslided. Though i still go to bible study at church my personal time with God is very small. My church has a lot of people that can speak I tounges, even kids that are 11 years old. And I always wondered why I cant speak in tounges. I never really tried speaking in tounges except for that one time I was in bible camp 8 years ago.

So after camp I stopped. Fast forward 2 years ago I was at a church retreat and there was this prophet guest speaker. I believe his genuine because he would say things to people that would make sense but only if you knew that person for a while. He did that to many people in church and I was suprised how accurate his prayers are. So I will in my heart that the prophet would call me upstage also and tell me what does God think about me. But he never did. However I had this impression that God was saying he already forgave me through Christ.

And he wants to get closer to me. Since then my hunger has grown but still nowhere the fire I had when I first met Christ. Fast forwars 4 days ago our bible study leader ask who wants to receive the gifts of tounge. I stood up. I feel pressured so bad and was sweating non stop. I was uttering maybe syllable at most.

I thought this will probably end up like last time I attempted to speak in tounges. I will just end up sitting down with no results. The people praying had began laying their hands on my stomch and throat and praying to loosen up my vocal cords. The guytold me to say the syllable louder but I could not because it seems like I would just be faking it.

Next thing I know I took a breath in, almost like when you breath in to take a sigh. On the next exhale I cried outloud I never really cry loud, usually just tear drop during alter call. But here I was crying so hard I can feel my face distorted and my nose starts to run along with tears. My legs and hand was trembling. Its not any words I can recognize. And each exhale is like a long string of syllables, it made my rib hurt after a while because I would run out of breath.

Speaking in Tongues in the Bible

My mouth was also on auto pilot. I was not thinking a single syllable but all this sounds came up. They then said to stop and told me I can control it and I can start back whenever I want to. They told me now speak to the Holy spirit in tounges. I was so happy. The next day though I tried t speak it because I was informed I can start when ever I want.

But I found I could not without thinking about the syllables again. Did I loose it? What did I experience? Is it the baptism? The verses I got on my personal readings after this events are isiah and isiah Though I feel a desire to read the word more its not like a burning hunger. That it was just a one time thing. Peace etc this is a real and natural experience.

Test the spirits as many false prophets exist Note: There are spiritually induced tongue speaking in pagan religions. I have been a Christian since I accepted Him as my savior and my Lord back in elementary school. At as been a beautiful, blessed, fascinating, sometimes tough, but always worthwhile road in the 25 or so years since.

But I have never manifested the gift of tongues. Until now. While I have finally been led to an amazing, spirit filled church after many years of being in need of one, I have not asked anybody to pray over me, or with me.

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I have scattered prayers through the years asking the Lord to gift me with tongues, if it is his will. But he did. I felt the presence of the spirit at around 4am this morning. I opened my mouth to speak. Initially it felt like I was the one forming these sounds, and I felt silly, false. But I read somewhere from another professing believer that they felt the same way in the first 2 minutes or so, but kept going, feeling the manifestation was a faith leap for them; they had to risk feeling silly, risk that they were wrong and just making it up.

That resonated with me and I took a similar leap. Very shortly afterward it was apparent that another language was pouring out of me. It was not coming from any kind of conscious choice, any wilful arranging of sounds. I could stop, and start, at will. The experience has not been overly emotional; I have not been overcome, overwhelmed, swept up, nor have I felt like it was something that was being forced out of me. My father once told me, back as a teenager, that the gift of tongues was fully within our control to speak, or not speak.

I finally understand what he was saying, and of course Paul speaks of the gift in this manner as well. I am grateful for the way in which it has unfolded, because the Lord knows that I needed to have this be a sane, almost rational experience. There was no laying on of hands, no coaxing from exuberant pentecostals, no particularly strong, overwhelming flood of the Holy Spirit though I have been blessed with those experiences as well ; just a man, alone with the Lord, early in the morning, having a gift revealed suddenly.

I have been speaking it off and on all day, as I chose. The spirit is giving utterance, but I am not out of control. It definitely manifests as a discernible language, even if it is unknown to me. It should be noted that recently I did start praying for the gift of interpretation. As of right now I plan to continue praying in both manners, both intelligible and otherwise, but tongues will be exercised in the privacy of my worship time, unless otherwise instructed of the Lord.

I still think fruit would be a valid test not how many lalalalala or unda cando mopas one speaks. All of the Corinthian church was carnal. I have learned a big vocabulary of tongue-talk and with it I now emit ectoplasms and full materializations of my pets.

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  8. But as you noted, the Corinthians spoke in genuine tongues, and yet many of them had really rotten fruit. And there are those who are really good Christians, but their tongue-speaking does not appear to be genuine. Biblical tongues is speaking in a language you have never learned. The first one is your own idea. I know how you can tell if someone speaking in tongues is legitimate or not: Can you understand them or not?

    This allowed the apostles to prophesy to the great multitude on Pentecost, and have their message received by everyone, regardless of ethnicity. See for yourself, Acts — See what I mean? The Holy Spirit granted the gift of tongues to the apostles so that they could more easily spread the word, i. Incoherent babbling is just that. It only serves to focus attention on the speaker. Read your own Bible and see for yourself. You can tell if someone is faking or not by how they judge your gifts of the spirit.

    There are more gifts then speaking in tongues. However for the past 50 years. People have ONLY focused on tongues. If you people would stop trying to self edify yourself.. It makes me sick how people try to use tongues to say someone is not saved or not. Do we all have the ability to speak in unknown languages? Do we all have the ability to interpret unknown languages? Of course not! Just speak to GOD. We need to ask our selves. Is this desire to make one self feel close to GOD and anointed for lack of a real relationship and understand of the word?

    Thats NOT what tongues were for. People have misunderstood the gifts of tongues as they have with tithing as well. ALOT of people fake tongues. It needs to stop. Why are we doing this church??? I have had this gift since , and you CAN speak many of the same words and phrases over snd over. He works diffetently with different people. So I posted earlier this year my first experience in speaking in tounge. Sure I prayed for a pouring of Gods presence the week before. But during the altar call I was actually working as part if the group of people to help catch people if they fall.

    So I was too busy to worship sometimes. I started speaking in tounge suddenly. I hear ppl able to speak in tounges whenever they want. But for some reason that does not seem to be my case. Its always some obscure sound thats repeated over and over again and never in an European language I live in the UK.

    If people spoke in the languages of today even if we dont understand we can soon recognize French or German it would be very difficult to say its fake but because its always an obscure language no one has ever heard of it before its very difficult to prove. In Acts 2 the people understood the language people spoke but I have never heard a language I have recognised. Does that not strike you as odd especially as when the people you hear say the same thing over and over again.

    The Bible is our true guide and people recognised the language when people spoke in tongues Acts 2. Today in the language is never recognised, never sounds like another language, always slightly odd with no pattern or accent. It would be cool though. Very cool. I agree with the fruit test though. I went to a church yesterday where the pastor was mocking tongue speaking. And it was a pentecostal church!!

    On the day of Pentecost people understood what was said. They were real languages spoken that people actually recognised and understood. What would end all arguments on the reality of speaking in tongues is if people actually spoke in the languages of today. If someone in our church stood up and spoke in German or Polish we have a lot of Polish in our town then there would be no argument as to the genuineness of tongues at all.

    Even though we would not understand it we would recognise it as a genuine language and all dispute would be gone. The words are repeated over and over again sometimes stopping in the middle of the phrase which must sound odd if it was possible to translate. I am not being critical just honest and real to show how far away we are from what happened in Acts 2. But in Act 2 the apostles spoke in languages that were understood not some ancient language no one knew. Search youtube and you will find many posts with people speaking in tongues and again you will notice the exactly the same style of what is called speaking in tongues.

    It repetitive and never flows like a language but again claimed to be speaking in another language. So why is tongues always this same sounding style? It only means speaking a language but why oh why is it language no one ever recognises? If you hear someone speaking in a language unknown to you there is tone, variation,feeling,with constructed sounds that is a real language. But with tongues its always the same style and I can make up that same style and I really does sound like tongues.

    My boys speak German as they ate learning at school and it sounds a real language. It never sounds tongues language. So what am I saying? The Holy Spirit will always operate according to the Word He has inspired. On the day of Pentecost the disciples spoke in languages that people recognised and understood. Please belive me I am not being critical only real and honest as to what is happening today. I am only pointing out what happened in scripture and what happens today and leave it with you to make your judgement.

    When the Gentiles received the Holy Spirit in Acts 10 Peter recognised that they had received the Holy Spirit just as they had and Peter knew that because they spoke in other languages. The disciples spoke in known languages so why not the Gentiles spoke in known languages if the same thing happened. Deception is a horrible thing. It looks right, sounds right,must be right but Eve found out the cost of deception.

    The Holy Spirit alone is able to guide you into all truth and show you if He has given you the gift of speaking in another language. I love the Lord with all my heart, it hurts. I do not as yet speak in tongues because I want it to be genuine. It all sounds made-up. We should all pray for the spirit of discernment. Thanks for comments. The difficult thing is that the folk in our church I comment on are really love the Lord and served Him faithfully for years so the fruit is there but something still does not seem right.

    Basically if someone pubically is speaking in language thay are stating that the Holy Spirit has given me this language I am speaking. OK some would say its done in faith. Fair point as what we believe is by faith but it also can be tested by the Word. Because those on the Day of Pentecost heard the apostles speak in their own language and dialect then the apostles would have known that the language they were speaking was a known language. They would have known the language they were speaking was authentic.

    We cannot claim that today so to say we are Pentecostal because we have what they had on the day of Pentecost is not really true. For years I believed in faith I had spoken in tongues but when I heard someone keep repeating the same thing then I began to listen to what I said and I was doing the same. We must never cease praying for the infilling. It would be a beautiful day indeed when it eventually happens.

    Please read the whole chapter U will be enlightened. There are tongues of men and of angels. When the disciples received the Holy Spirit and spake with tongues known unto men,that didnt become the standard of tongues. Paul,in 1cor said tongues are a sign to non believers. So in that place,it was for ppl to believe. The Spirit gives utterance according to how He pleases. So if a man repeats some syllables,as lonf as he is led by the Spirit,u cant say they r fake.

    If their mind is unfruitful,then how does he do it?? But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.

    If a man is saying the same syllables,unless u r spiritual enough or heard from God about that matter,you cant make any conclusions. This is a spiritual matter n cant be compared to the natural realm. Romans kjv His gifts and calling are without repentance. It is true,the more a man speaks in tongues,with increase comes his utterance. If a man,finds it hard to speak after one instance,daint mean that the gift has fallen off. It is there and wont leave. He just just to draw it out of him.

    Because greater is He in him. The power is within him. That is Christ Jesus,the Hope of Glory. I beseech thee by the mercies of God,to read more scripture. Comparing one to the other. I have read some comments and some say that tongues r a sign to unbelievers so y do u pray in tongues when at home?? The same chapter where u read that 1Cor It is not bad to edify oneself.

    It is not selfish. The purpose is that with one edified so is there spirit. How can u help others when u too r down?? Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God…. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him?

    Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. This should be encouraged and brought into the light as a valid and needed practice, not a launch pad to start condemning those who want it. The first time they stared speaking in tongues people thought it was insane, or they were drunk.

    So evidently your so called intellect does not decide if someone is authentic or not, but the power of the spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Now I am sure there are groups of people working in the flesh all over the place. Matter of fact its more prevalent then ever before. So what??? Fake is fake and I just heard a story of a church that shocked people with a electric current, and pushed them backwards with force to try and make it appear as if they were under the holy spirit.

    So what I am saying is this, if you accepted Christ as your redeemer, and are truly thirst for rightness, and seeking him with your whole heart, then you are doing well. If you are standing on a street corner speaking in tongues so everyone can see you, then you have that as your reward.

    I am so tired of people telling other Christians who they think they should be. Like whoever wrote this question in the first place. You sound more concerned about a believer who is desperate for more of God than you are actually helping someone. If you can edify the church great, but if you just want to point out what you see does not measure up to your far intellectual standards, than maybe we all need Gods help far more than I ever imagined.

    Accepting that people speak in tongues is one way of saying that retardates are welcome into your fold as delusional members; the reality of speaking in tongues in the bibe refers to the diversity of people who spoke in their own dialect but came together as a unit within the church under a common umbrella of understanding. Scott Thank God for your life.

    How come some tongues are fluent and sound almost like a language? I thought an African man was speaking Hebrew once when he was speaking in tongues. I could almost swear he was. I peeked and was amazed. At one time, the whole Earth spoke the same language. It so happened that as they moved out of the east, they came upon a plain in the land of Shinar and settled down. And they had to quit building the city. As it was before the Latin language everyone spoke in his own language.

    It is worth noting that in those good old days women were told to keep quiet and not to speak in church; if they wanted to know something, they were advised to ask their own husbands in their own house, for in church, their place was to keep still and quiet as they were second class citizens without saying as much. Thus in the Roman Rite, while both Greek and Latin were used as liturgical languages, the preference was eventually given to the use of Latin, while some use of the Greek was maintained.

    It has been the consistent teaching of many Popes, moreover, that Latin has special qualities as a language of worship in the Roman Rite, giving us a common identity with our ancestors in the Faith. As the languages of the different nations changed over the years, why did the Church cling to Latin, which is a dead language? Because modern languages continue to develop, the meanings of the words evolve. For example, although the present vernacular Mass dates from only , a new translation is already being prepared, amongst great disagreement as to the appropriate translation.

    Latin, by contrast, as a dead language, is unchanging and gives the standard to which all translations are referred. It therefore greatly helps to maintain unity of worship and prayer. Latin preserves the orthodox and unchanging meaning of the Mass from the danger of re-interpretation, which is possible when changes occur too frequently.

    And so speaking everyone in his own language read tongues without an interpreter is worse than merely useless and people do speak gibberish if no one can understand what they are saying no matter what language you hear. Using Latin then as a common language returns the congregation back to the days of the building of the Tower of Babel. There are many languages in the world and they all mean something to someone.

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    Pray for the insight and ability to bring others into that intimacy. If I pray in tongues, my spirit prays but my mind lies fallow, and all that intelligence is wasted. The answer is simple enough. Do both. I should be spiritually free and expressive as I pray, but I should also be thoughtful and mindful as I pray.

    I should sing with my spirit, and sing with my mind. Your blessing might be beautiful, but you have very effectively cut that person out of it. I enter into this as much or more than any of you. How long before you grow up and use your head—your adult head? Only mature and well-exercised intelligence can save you from falling into gullibility. So where does it get you, all this speaking in tongues no one understands? When you gather for worship, each one of you be prepared with something that will be useful for all: Sing a hymn, teach a lesson, tell a story, lead a prayer, provide an insight.

    Otherwise, keep it between God and yourself. And no more than two or three speakers at a meeting, with the rest of you listening and taking it to heart. Take your turn, no one person taking over. Then each speaker gets a chance to say something special from God, and you all learn from each other.

    This goes for all the churches—no exceptions. Wives must not disrupt worship, talking when they should be listening, asking questions that could more appropriately be asked of their husbands at home. Wives have no license to use the time of worship for unwarranted speaking. Do you think everything revolves around you? If any one of you thinks God has something for you to say or has inspired you to do something, pay close attention to what I have written. This is the way the Master wants it. Be courteous and considerate in everything. This was the early evolution of the Catholic Church and Latin remained the single common language for nearly years until:.

    The Church wanted to get back to the aftermath of Tower of Babel days when languages again became scattered in the Churches. A fairly typical description of what Catholics experienced at Mass on that day, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, is this:. Parishioners sitting in their places that morning knew something was different from the moment the Mass began. The week before, the priest and altar boys had entered in silence; now everyone was expected to sing at least two verses of a processional hymn. The scriptural passages for the day were read aloud in the vernacular….

    How to Tell the Difference Between Fake and Authentic Tongues

    The priest, standing behind a new altar set up in the middle of the sanctuary, still said some prayers in Latin, but the people were encouraged to recite others along with him, again in their own language. In the past, the priest had repeated a prayer in Latin as he worked his way along the line of parishioners kneeling at the altar. In a few months this, too, would be said in English, and the altar rail itself would be gone. The Church discontinued all Latin by after nearly years after it was initiated as 1 Corinthians shows how the way of the tongues began.

    Plainly, be careful of the validity of everything you put here. Make sure that you would die for the truth of your interpretation of scripture or live with the fact that you may be leading one astray or crushing someone by claiming that they are not speaking in tongues based off of what one may think tongues is. Unless the Holy Spirit has commanded you clearly to write this, then I would look it over because none of us our flawless.

    Throw out anything tainted with evil. Just one simple word change means the difference between Life and Death. Only the truth of Life can be a cause to live, for never death. Shella ma bacca sella sha la coo tah. See tee so cooma. Sesta sheki ara. Esheta selesta macar.

    Allen Ginsberg

    O rekar allacher shella mestar. Does this sound like a tongue…This is a subject that really bothers me. I constantly feel i may just be talking rubbish. You have made a very interesting post. Key ya a tunder key ya a sander. He used to be pastor and is now retired and is a great man. Now if people spoke in German or French or Spanish most people from Europe would recognise the language even if they cannot speak it and anyone who spoke the language could testify it was true.

    Yes I have just typed this on my computer. Day it with a slight accent and there you have it. Filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues! But I just made it up. In Acts 2 the people heard the disciples speaking in their own languages. Note they heard them speaking and they recognised their language. That very rarely happens today. Even those from the early Penticostal Movement in Azusa Street in America thought that they would be able to go out and preach as missionaries speaking in other languages but they came back very dissapointed as no one understood them and they had to relook at what their belief was.

    You can research it for yourself. The bible says the Holy Spirit gives the utterance not the first thing that comes into your mind. It never sounds a language just a lot of words made up from the alpha bet. Its often english words with pronunciation from the english language. If the Holy Spirit is not giving the utterance then you are making it up.

    Would He give you the same words week in week out just to repeat over and over again?? Jesus was against vain repetition. I have never heard of any one speaking in a modern day language. It never happens. I am very open for the Holy Spirit to give me the utterance but I am not falling for trying to close my eyes and make up whatever comes into my head. My desire is for a genuine language that can be recognised as a language given by the Holy Spirit.

    In Acts 2 they spoke languages that people recognised. I dont know is my true answer. Odd if the Holy Spirit is giving the utterance. The style is often similar using rearranged words from their own language. No one ever challenged me as I sounded that same as them even though I made it up. And when I say the same I do not mean same words but the style and lack of flow and the same sound is made as against someone speaking in Arabic or Italian etc. For you will be speaking into the air. I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the understanding. I will sing with the spirit, and I will also sing with the understanding.

    In Post above you can also read some extensive notes on the whole speaking in tongues scenario. I have a? I wonder if I am just making up sounds. Also, I hear the phrase in my head, similar to how you hear a song that gets stuck in your head, and then I sing it. How legit is this. Keep in mind I do this only while alone and my attitude is one of seeking God while I do it.

    Speaking into the void - Titilope Sonuga - TEDxEdmonton

    Very human. Very normal. Everyone needs to stop wondering if someone is faking or not faking speaking in tongues. Worry about yourself. And your be better off! There is no middle ground over this one. The fact that felt the need to leave a comment shows that you are worrying about more than yourself. It seems we all worry about more than ourselves. If you are really speaking in tongues, you know that you are doing so. If you are feigning tongues, you know that you are doing so. If you really speak in tongues, then you can tell if somebody else is really speaking in tongues, or feigning it.

    How do I know? Impressive huh? Recently God allowed me to speak a couple of words in tongues. My pondering is this, with people who are repetitive, could they have received a few words, as I did, and chosen to repeat them? Just my thoughts. After studying Hebrew language and words for over 25 years now ,I have found something very interesting.

    Most people, that have been given the gift of tongues,including myself have common words in tongues that seem to repeat now and then through no influence except the Holy Spirit. I realize that tongues are spiritual words by our spirit to God, that outside people are not really meant to understand except God Himself,and this makes a lot of sense when you think that He has made a way for our spirit to communicate to our God who is also a Spirit.

    I get the feeling that for some reason that the common language for all in heaven will be Hebrew. Hi Samuel. Your post is very interesting. I have faced the same challenge. I can make it up or just beleive that I am speaking in a different language but at the end of the day is the Holy Spirit giving the utterance? Well if you do a search what skindie it means. According to the Urban Dictionturary it means a mix between a skater and an indie!

    God has given us common sense. If we are speaking out words that mean a female Yeti think we are speaking what the Holy Spirit has given then we really need to think again. Heidi Baker who is well know for her work in Mozambique has an odd word she uses. Did I miss something? What was funny? According to the Urban dictionary Shabba is random word that people shout out randomly. It is also used by Jamaican rappers some with very bad explicit lyrics. People say they have it but drill down to the detail and are they speaking a language? Say it with a slight accent and you have received brother!

    So every blessing in your search for the real deal of working a language as they Spirit gives the utterance. There can only be one answer. Either you are speaking as the Holy Spirit gives the utterance or your not. Before you tell someone you have received the gift of speaking in other languages make sure the utterance is given by the Holy Spirit. Listen to YouTube videos on speaking in other language and you will be amazed how people repeat same words over and over. And why is it when you make it up it sounds the same as when people say they have the gift.

    If people spoke in modern day languages that we may recognise but do not speak fluent then all argument would cease. On the day of Pentecost people recognised the language that was being spoken. We claim to have what they had but this very very if ever happens and I wonder why? All these so-called miracles? Have you ever heard of someone with one leg suddenly getting another?

    Without warning there was a sound like a strong wind, gale force—no one could tell where it came from. It filled the whole building. Then, like a wildfire, the Holy Spirit spread through their ranks, and they started speaking in a number of different languages as the Spirit prompted them. When they heard the sound, they came on the run. Then when they heard, one after another, their own mother tongues being spoken, they were thunderstruck. These were not incoherent, repetitious syllabic babbling; they needed no interpreters as everybody each heard them speaking in their own native languages.

    So did this really happen? Permissions Icon Permissions. Article PDF first page preview.

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