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Aug 10, Erika rated it it was amazing. Everyone needs to read this. View 2 comments. Jul 31, Krysti rated it it was amazing. This book is unlike anything I've ever read. It is eye-opening, heartbreaking, and absolutely moving. The writing is lovely, and I cannot recommend listening to the audio version of this book highly enough. I am so glad that I stepped outside of my usual reading box and was able to experience this poignant story. This should absolutely be required reading.

View 1 comment. Eye opening and heartbreaking, Soldier Boy is not a book we want to exist, given that it's a semi-factual account of horrifying events Ricky's account is true, while the other narrator Samuel is a compilation of the thousands of boy soldiers Ricky has helped. However, given that these child soldiers are real and suffering, and Ricky Richard Anywar is a real person doing real work to help rehabilitate these child soldiers, this book needs to be read.

It's not an easy read, given the graphic depictions of killing, rape and mutilation, but it is a fast read in the sense that you want to keep turning the pages. It's written at a perfect level for high school, as well as for adult readers like me who are new to reading about this ongoing tragedy. While the descriptions may be graphic, the events happened and need to be understood by more people worldwide.

If we expose US students to book after book about the horrors of the Holocaust, it is our duty to share this story as well. Please read this. You will squirm and cry and want to believe this is fiction. You may need to spread it out over several days because it's so heavy, but please read it. Thanks to the publisher for sending me an ARC of this title for review - all opinions are my own. View all 3 comments. Jun 06, Kaitlyn rated it it was amazing.

The first one, is based on a true story by Ricky Richard Anywar, who was a child soldier in the Ugandan civil war. Abducted by Joseph Kony's army when he was only fourteen years old, Ricky was forced to do and witness unthinkable acts of violence and death. I really recommend you hear out his powerful and inspiring story, for after the war, Ricky forms a rehabilitation group, The Friends of Orphans, to help former child soldiers. The next one, is about a fictionalized character named Samuel, who was a former child soldier and is going through the rehabilitation process.

Samuel is a fictionalized representation of the thousands of children who went through the civil war and the process of healing afterwards. This novel is utterly heartbreaking, yet captivating, and I truly feel this is an important novel for people to read. Hutton captured Ricky and Samuel's story so well, it was very difficult to read at times, but it felt real and it was interesting to see the progression of the war through Ricky's eyes.

Sep 06, Jaylee rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical , modern-war , favorites , want-to-buy , biography. It made me want to cry. It showed me a world so far away from me, but so heartbreaking and cruel. I think everyone should read this story. Aug 01, The Clever Reader rated it it was amazing. This book is nothing like I've ever read before, especially in the world of YA.

It is a powerful and heartbreaking book that tells a story of a boy who learns to forgive when forgiveness doesn't seem possible. I think that books like Soldier Boy are important for young readers, and adults alike, to help people understand that the world that we live in is not black and white.

History needs to be talked about, even the bad parts. Keely did a wonderful job of writing Ricky's story in a way that mak This book is nothing like I've ever read before, especially in the world of YA. Keely did a wonderful job of writing Ricky's story in a way that makes you feel what he is feeling.

I listened to this book on Audible and I can't rave enough about it. I listen to most of my books and this is probably one of the best audio books I've ever listened to. Although there are moments in this book that may be hard to listen to I highly recommend it. May 08, Ingrid rated it it was amazing. This book is amazing! I feel like everyone should get the opportunity to read and learn from it. This is something we should learn. Dec 06, grieshaber. Soldier Boy is a wow. One of those books that everyone, from ages 12 on up, should read.

It is our obligation as human beings to be aware that the events that occur in this book really happened and continue to happen. It is our responsibility as human beings to do what we can to stop it. That task can begin by reading this book and telling others about it. Soldier Boy is based on actual events that have been taking place in Uganda for decades. Children are kid Soldier Boy is a wow. The families of these children are often murdered, sometimes before the eyes of the children. Sometimes, the children are even forced to do the murdering. Soldier Boy consists of two separate stories.

One story takes place in and features a boy named Ricky. Ricky and his older brother, Patrick, are kidnapped. Their mother, father, and three little sisters are murdered and part of their home is burned to the ground. His terror, torture, hardship barely eating, drinking dirty and parasite-infested water, repeatedly sustaining life-threatening injuries, etc. As Ricky fights to stay alive and find an opportunity to escape, it is impossible for your heart not to break for him and the boys and girls like him in the story and in real life.

Samuel has just been rescued from the LRA after being left for dead. He is now in a type of recovery center for children who had been kidnapped by the LRA. And I mean, big, fat tears rolling down your face beautiful. I highly recommend listening to this audiobook which is perfectly narrated in an African accent. The afterword is both written and narrated by Ricky Anywar himself. Apr 24, Eva rated it it was amazing. Soldier boy was one of my favorite books this year! You could almost feel the pain of the main characters through the pages of this novel.

It was fascinating that this book was composed of 2 stories. One true story about Ricky anywar, a child soldier that was abducted at the age of 14, and another story about Samuel, an ex-soldier who is healing his wounds at that moment. These 2 stories came together at the en Soldier boy was one of my favorite books this year! This novel, based on a true story, is important for people to understand that not only the good periods of history must be remembered. You also have to make time to think or read by this one about the bad things.

Ricky Anywar must be a hero for a lot of children!

His hope and courage are inspiring; and he also learns us to forgive, even when this seems impossible. I hope I will meet more persons like Ricky in the future! I would say: buy this book and read it! I recommend it to everyone!

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Nov 12, Lisa rated it it was amazing. This amazing book was not only well-written, but is a true story that is historical, heart-breaking and important to read. The book includes stories from two POV's. One is Ricky's, and this is the true story part. In , Ricky and his brother were taken from their home by force and turned into fighting rebels in northern Uganda.

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Joseph Kony and his LAS rebels stole children from their homes to fight his war. The children's existence was brutal. The second story, which takes place in , is Sa This amazing book was not only well-written, but is a true story that is historical, heart-breaking and important to read. The second story, which takes place in , is Samuel's. The author explains that he is a culmination of many children who have come through the Friends of Orphans home after escaping the Kony's rebels.

The book will break your heart and give you hope. He founded the Friends of Orphans to help the children of Uganda recover from the abuse and brain washing Kony's army exposed them to. Also to help them recover from the many physical sicknesses that came along with their captivity. As I said, a must-read story. Jun 09, Michayla Bowers rated it it was amazing. I wish I could give this book ten stars.

It was one of the hardest reads but also impossible to put down. A true story of unimaginable heartbreak and suffering but also of hope and healing and forgiveness. Everyone needs to read this book as it gives our western viewpoint just a glimpse into what is happening in our world. It shows us how our own pain can be used to help others if we would let it.

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Jul 26, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya-historical-fiction. I don't know how to shelf this book. It is part true story, part fictional composite of true stories. Readers who like Ismael Beah's story will be as equally enthralled and horrified by this one. Ricky's example of hope and courage are inspiring.

His desire to help children in other dire circumstances equally moving. Dec 07, Mr. Brad rated it it was amazing. Incredible story of the loss of childhood innocence in the wake of war's savage cruelty. Crisp writing and a pair of heart wrenching stories, skillfully interwoven, make this a worthy addition to the growing pantheon of genocide books. Aug 11, Kathleen Blasi rated it it was amazing. Actually, I completed it at 3AM, because I couldn't put it down.

I'm so impressed with Keely's commitment to her craft and her gift as a writer. Despite the agony in those pages, she pulled me through, with her amazing ability to find just the right words. And the hope both she and Ricky Richard Anywar offer. Though there are violent scenes it IS real, after all , nothing is gratuitous. And the alternating stories create a perfect balance. Well done! Sep 10, M rated it it was amazing. A sad, riveting telling based on the true story of a soldier in the Ugandan Civil War.

This is one of those books that will take time to process and you will grieve, with the characters and over the events that seem too unreal to fathom. The unique point of views, switching between the soldier, Ricky Richard Anywar, and Samuel, a fictional soldier, who emulates the many soldiers Ricky has helped after escaping and recovering from his own horrific experience.

A book that will remind you it's important to look around, understand and know the horrors of the world we live in, and combat it with goodness and kindness any way you can. Feb 22, Meghan Glaser rated it it was amazing. Keely Hutton captures the human element of such atrocity in a poignant, graceful manner; through Ricky's and Samuel's stories, the reader is able to travel the roads of war-torn and ravaged Uganda, and experience the stark, sometimes horrifying realities inflicted by Joseph Kony and his LRA.

Readers will most certainly benefit and be enriched by Ms. Anywar's past, and will be forever impacted by what he and his Friends of Orphans charity continues to do to make this world a better place for all. Sep 06, Sandy rated it it was amazing Shelves: library , war , realistic-fiction , favorite , hair-dryer-novel , historical-fiction , ya.

This novel was fantastic! There are two stories running simultaneously with one story being the true story of Ricky Anywar, who in at the age of 14, was abducted from his home and thrown into the rebel army of Kony in the Ugandan Civil War. His story is heroic, frightening, and fascinating. The other narrative begins with Samuel who is recovering from war wounds and will soon be returning home but is dealing with the horrors of war. His story is sad yet true. The ending of this novel is bea This novel was fantastic!

The ending of this novel is beautiful! Patrick and his brother Ricky live in a small village with their parents. Patrick, being the older brother is concerned about the ongoing war, which is close to their village, but his brother Ricky is more concerned with playing with his friends. The war is closer than they realize when one day, the rebels walk up their road and cause havoc on their village.

They gather 5 boys, including Patrick and Ricky, tie them together and march them out. These boys will be marching for days without much food or drink. This group believes that their top commanders words are words from the Holy Spirit and no one can question what he says. Later, when I get to meet this leader Kony, his words sound like a preacher. He calls upon the Lord and tells his troops that if they should perish it is because they did not believe in him Kony.

For Kony will protect them and only nonbelievers will be killed. These rebels were salvages and their tactics were extensive as they march their abductees day-in and day-out, looting villages and adding youngsters to their group. The conditions and situations these two brothers face and their love for one another made this a wonderful story. They are eventually separated from one another but that does not stop them from their commitment, their commitment to return home.

Samuel sees corruption, lies and evil in front of him and it will take time, patience and love for him to realize that he is not alone and that he is safe now. What a great novel. It was horrendous the situation that Ricky was in but I believe it was his outlook on life that helped him get through it.

I loved his relationship with his brother and his relationship with his charges. He made the best of the situation. Ricky was smart, quick and a person who took charge.

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Samuel is overcome with his past. As the novel began to close, I loved all the twists the author put in this novel. I began to experience different emotions for Ricky, things were changing for him and I began to wonder how things would be like for him. I was on the fence with Samuel and now I knew which way he was going to fall.

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I loved how the author brought everything together. I highly recommend this novel. Aug 08, Barbara rated it really liked it Shelves: boy-soldiers , compassion , moving , assault , depression , conflict , friendship , crime , grief , death. I appreciated how the author wove together two stories of boys, boy soldiers, whose experiences were quite similar.

It is not difficult to imagine what might have happened to Ricky without the kindness of others, and how he seems determined to pay it back by reaching out to the orphans left behind by conflict in his country. Because readers don't realize at first that the adult interacting with Samuel is Ricky, and that their experiences mesh so well, there is a bit of a mystery about the story I appreciated how the author wove together two stories of boys, boy soldiers, whose experiences were quite similar. Because readers don't realize at first that the adult interacting with Samuel is Ricky, and that their experiences mesh so well, there is a bit of a mystery about the story and what might happen next.

This is not an easy book to read, but then again, how could it be since it's based on the actual experiences of Ricky Richard Anywar who was kidnapped and taken from his Uganda village by soldiers serving at the behest of Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army back in ? The fourteen-year-old was forced to watch as his parents and siblings, all except his older brother Patrick, were burned to death.

They are kept moving quickly through the jungle, literally eating on the run and barely consuming enough calories to stay alive.

Soldier Boy Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy Soldier Boy
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Soldier Boy Soldier Boy
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