Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a

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Aside from the official marching of the Convention Army, captured prisoners were paraded through cities after military victories as a form of celebration for the Americans and humiliation for their enemies. These parades were done to boost morale among Americans. The Revolutionary War had devastating effects on communities, and to see clear examples of US progress and victory helped gain support for the war effort.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Convention Army. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. April January 15, The New York Times. Retrieved February 11, Regiment at the Battle of Long Island August 27, Westminster, MD: Heritage Books. West's description of the wallabout floating dungeons, how captive patriots fared. In a series of letters to a friend. Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases.

Applewood Books. November 1, Basic Books, New York. October 2, Letters from the Prisons and Prison-ships of the Revolution. Thomson Gale reprint.

Revolutionary War Orderly Books at the Massachusetts Historical Society

June, Ranlet, Philip Treatment of American Prisoners During the Revolution. Harper, New York pp. William Stacy held at Fort Niagara. The writings of George Washington: Being his correspondence, addresses, messages, and other papers, official and private.

Benchmark Books. Prisoners of War. Forgotten Patriots, p. The Prisoner in the American Revolution. Loyola University Press, Chicago. Military Affairs 46, no. The Pennsylvanian Magazine of History and Biography 18, no. Mount Vernon's Ladies' Association. Retrieved November 1, After Saratoga , p. After Saratoga, p. University of Oklahoma Press: Norman. The Prisoner in the American Revolution, p.

Horrors of the Prison Ships.

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The rolls may also list deserters and killed, ill, or discharged soldiers.

Amounts spent for clothing or provisions for companies or the regiment as a whole are among the items found in accounts. Depreciation certificates were issued to soldiers to be redeemed at a later date, as Continental currency by was worthless. Lists of pensioners detail the name, rank, amount of pension, and residence of the pensioner. Pay rolls and regiment returns list the name, rank, and time of service of soldiers and officers. The vast majority of items are published in the first three volumes of the Delaware Archives: Military.

The sixth volume listed here, containing miscellaneous Revolutionary War items, was collated but remains unpublished. Volume I: Military ca. Instructions for enlisting men, signed enlistment form, muster rolls, officer lists, regiment returns, receipts, muster rolls, subsistence accounts. Officer rosters, regiment returns, pay rolls, muster rolls, casualty reports, list of officers and men to be struck from muster rolls, reports to the President of Delaware State, lists of prisoners of war, list of discharges, inspection reports, passes.

Volume II: Military and Naval ca. Officer rosters, muster rolls, regiment returns, pay rolls, provision and forage accounts, enlistment returns, certificates of service, depositions before justices of the peace, assignments of pay, receipts for pay, etc. Militia Accounts. Volume III ca. Volume VI ca. Records include miscellaneous accounts and receipts, muster rolls, pay rolls, and regiment returns, General Assembly resolutions, proclamations, and drafts, correspondence, Auditor of Accounts reports, documents regarding the treatment of suspected loyalists, and petitions for pardon from those suspected of aiding the British.

Photostats include accounts of loyalist activities, military appointments, and a proclamation of a day of thanksgiving. Pension Rolls and Correspondence The rolls include an index to names of pensioners, including death dates when known, and an index to correspondence between pensioners and government officials. Pension rolls from through are included although not for every year inclusive. Pension rolls and correspondence are interspersed.

A rough chronological order is followed. Only after do we find correspondence from individuals other than government officials or loan officers. This includes instructions for payment, statements certifying that an individual was the heir of a pensioner, and letters from physicians certifying disability. These records are arranged alphabetically by subject heading and thereunder chronologically. Revolutionary War Records, Accounts, 23 folders. Return of errors in the printed register of certificates issued by John Pierce, late Paymaster General, Revolutionary War Records, Committee of Correspondence, 7 folders.

Meeting of convention protesting the closing of the Port of Boston listed as Meetings at New Castle, Dover, and Lewes, photostats , Lewes meeting, examination of American grievances transcripts from American Archives , Proceedings and correspondence, New Castle County Committee of Correspondence transcripts, photostats, originals , Revolutionary War Records, Continental Congress, 2 folders.

Revolutionary War Records, Correspondence, 33 folders. Revolutionary War Records, Council of Safety, 4 folders. Revolutionary War Records, General Assembly, 2 folders. Revolutionary War Records, Loyalist Records, 10 folders. Revolutionary War Records, Military Records, 41 folders. Revolutionary War Records, Miscellaneous, 3 folders. Revolutionary War Records, Privateer Records, 4 folders, 1 oversized box.

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Citizens were required to take an oath of allegiance or declaration of fidelity to the new nation or the Delaware State and abandon all loyalty to the King of Great Britain. Those who refused were ineligible to hold office, vote or serve on juries. Oaths of Allegiance show the oath taken, name of person sworn before, date of oath, and signature of person taking the oath. These records include lists of pensioners, correspondence about receiving a pension or payment of a pension, petitions to receive a pension, descriptions of military service, and affidavits supporting pension claims.

They often show the unit the veteran served in, when they served and may list battles in which a veteran fought. Pension receipts are a record of military pensions paid to veterans. These records may include date and amount of disbursement, name of recipient and pension period, and signature of recipient. Receipts were not always dated or signed. Although primarily Revolutionary War pensions, this series includes a few War of pensions.

Other accounts include the depreciation of pay to the Delaware Regiment. Also available on Reference Reel R The General Assembly selected the four members, two by the House, and two by the Council.

Guide to Revolutionary War Records

Photostats include acts of Congress pertaining to days of fasting, and business of the Council including the exporting of flour to other states and to Bermuda, complaints against Deputy Quartermaster General Francis Wade, the appointment of a deputy quartermaster, the state schooner Delaware , and efforts to regain state papers captured by the British.

These files, also on microfilm, contain records created or acted upon by the General Assembly of Delaware. They include letters asking for funds to defend the state, letters from Caesar Rodney asking individuals to break away from the British Crown, and correspondence between Rodney and the Assembly. Petitions, accounts and resolutions may be found, as well as communications and correspondence from the President and the Vice President of the Assembly and state officials.

These documents, available on microfilm, consist of legislation passed by the General Assembly. Subjects of legislation include money bills, acts pertaining to the militia, punishment of treason, raising troops, punishment for desertion, the export of provisions overseas, pardon for those swearing allegiance to the state, the quartering of soldiers, ratification and amending of the Articles of Confederation, recovery of public debts, prevention of fraud within the quartermaster and commissary departments, suspending the use of Continental bills of credit as legal tender, protection of trade on the Delaware river and bay, and determining depreciation of pay.

These files contain the minutes of the Council of Safety from the years The records show dates of meetings, names of members in attendance, and matters under consideration such as appointments to committees, committee reports, petitions of local inhabitants, appointments of military officers, drafting of rules and regulations for the military, and complaints against certain officers. A photostat of the proceedings details a call for delegates to an expected colonial congress, and the forming of the New Castle County Committee of Correspondence.

It is interesting to note that while the Kent and Sussex County delegations affirm their loyalty to the Crown, the New Castle County delegation does not. These records are meeting minutes of the Assembly, the lower house of the General Assembly, from the years The Assembly consisted of twenty-one members, seven from each county, elected annually.

Records include original manuscripts and printed documents, photostats, and typed transcripts.

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These records have been published in two volumes edited by Claudia Bushman, Harold B. Hancock, and Elizabeth Moyne Homsey see bibliography section. The Legislative Council, consisting of nine members, three from each county, served as the upper house of the General Assembly. Members were elected during alternate years for three year terms. Meeting minutes include original manuscripts and printed documents, photostats, and typed transcripts. The microfilm version of the Senate Journals, RG Material relating to the Revolutionary War includes communication with the Assembly, a letter from Kent County ca.

There are appointments and commissions of officers and soldiers of the army, marching orders, and supply requests. Also included are various types of correspondence, records of British fleet and troop movements in Delaware and the Delaware Bay, and pay rolls for officers and men in the Continental Army. These records may be found on microfilm. Record of receipts and disbursements made by the State.

Entries show date of entry, account heading, payee or payer, reason for disbursement, or receipts, amount of receipt or disbursement, and daily balances. More commonly known as a day book, the waste book contains initial recordings of daily receipts and disbursements. Entries show ledger number, account title, reason for disbursement military, order of General Assembly, salaries, and services rendered to the state or receipt tax, fee, or fine collected , date of entry, totals, and reference to entry in a ledger.

Contains copies of letters written on public business. The letterbook shows date, name of addressee, matters under consideration, and signature of Eleazer McComb. In the booklet dated from to , the correspondence originates in Dover and concerns, among other things, the settling of the accounts of the General Assembly for the Revolutionary War. In the booklet for , correspondence originates in Wilmington and concerns settling military accounts from the Revolutionary War. Delaware Troops Leaving the Green. Original painting in Delaware Public Archives. Washington passing through Wilmington on the way to the Battle of Brandywine.

Relief panel by James E. Kelly, ca. Painting by Horace Carpenter, Color print. The following is a list of maps located in the map collection, and maps found in the vertical file collection. Wayne, Thomas Kitchin, Sr. Facsimile reproduction. John Hills. Augustus Mitchell, Map with population figures for each state, along with numbers of troops serving in , population of cities in , and important battles of the war.

Knyphausen 29 th August Knyphausen at Cecil Church, Sep. VHS, 19 minutes. Delaware State Museums, Records from the DARBC include administrative files pertaining to the celebration of the bicentennial of the American Revolution, as well as photographs, newspaper clippings, a scrapbook, and speeches by the Governor related to the celebration. Contains photographs taken to document Bicentennial celebration events and photos used in Commission publications. RG D Dickinson was a member of Congress, a militia colonel, and President of Delaware and of Pennsylvania during the Revolution.

Box 1 contains correspondence through The trial of suspects in the burning of the British revenue schooner Gaspee is the topic of correspondence from January and April , and an October letter from Charles Thompson deals with the separation of powers in government. A number of letters dating from deal with events in America and England. Box 2 contains correspondence from In a letter to George Read, Dickinson wrote that he was unable to serve as a delegate for Delaware in the Congress. Another letter from that year deals with political factions in Pennsylvania. In , Benjamin Rush wrote Dickinson regarding the political situation in Pennsylvania, much correspondence between Dickinson and colleagues in other states exists from that year as well.

More Lee correspondence from is on file, as is correspondence with Caesar and Thomas Rodney. In , Robert Morris issued circular letters on matters such as finances and the Bank of North America, Eleazer McComb wrote regarding the payment of troops, and much correspondence relating to the militia can be found. Letters regarding a shipment of supplies for British and Hessian prisoners date from that year, as does a circular from George Washington regarding raising troops, and a resolution of Congress regarding privateers.

James Tilton. Washington communicated with Dickinson concerning retribution for the murder of a Captain Huddy by Loyalists. Correspondence from can be found in Box 3 of the Dickinson papers. Petitions for pay are found here, as are letters concerning Pennsylvania troops and the ongoing peace process. Other topics of correspondence included the return home of Pennsylvania troops, business of the Pennsylvania government, and the signing of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the war. RG K Folder 1 contains general orders, division and brigade orders, proceedings of court martials and courts of inquiry, company returns, muster rolls, musical notations, and a journal of marches from March through December Folder 2 contains pay rolls and muster rolls from , and January , another musical notation, a furlough from , and regiment returns from August and November Folder 4 contains depreciation pay certificates from , and a list of Indian nations involved in the Revolution.

An index to the Kirkwood journal and order book may be found in RG RG M Folder 1 contains company reports, and journal entries from , , and after the Revolution. The folder also include chronologies of the Revolution written after the war. RG R The letter folders, containing both photostats and originals, are a mixture of personal and official correspondence. Original letters discuss state and national affairs of the s, and loyalists in Delaware in Another folder of photostats contains correspondence of government and military officials to Rodney in his role as militia general and as President of Delaware State, a letter regarding the recovery of some public records taken during the British occupation of Wilmington, letters of Rodney to the president of Congress, and correspondence of Caesar and Thomas Rodney.

He was instrumental in improving care for the sick and wounded by redesigning the military hospitals used by the Americans. Box 2 contains a draft copy of the volumes comprising Francis T. A few letters from Tilton written during the Revolution are interspersed with other documents in Box 3 all are photostats. Acts of Congress concerning hospitals are also included typescript copies.

Box 6 contains photostats of Tilton correspondence from throughout the Revolutionary period. RG T These records are a mixture of primary and secondary materials. They include transcripts and photostats as well as original documents. Bibliographies and indexes to material held elsewhere are also included. These records contain a variety of primary and secondary material. Primary sources take the form of original documents, transcripts, and photostats.

Only a few Delawareans prominent in the American Revolution are listed below. Additional names can be found in the General Reference—Biography database.

Sons of the American Revolution - Sacramento Chapter - Resource Bibliography

Forty-Ninth Regiment of Foot. Bellas, Henry Hobart, ed. Personal Recollections of Captain Enoch Anderson. Wilmington: Historical Society of Delaware, Cambridge, Mass. Conrad, Henry. Motor Travel , May , June Delaware State Society of the Cincinnati. Dickens, Charles W. Drake, Edward. Bulletin III April : Hamilton, Edward P. The Champlain Valley in the American Revolution.

Hancock, Harold B. Londahl-Smidt, Donald M. MacNeill, Henry T. Valley Forge Landmarks. Whitford, Pa. Munroe, John A. Public Archives Commission of Delaware. George Washington and Delaware.

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Dover: Public Archives Commission of Delaware, Ross, Howard De Haven. Valley Forge Historical Society, Ross, Howard DeHaven. Ryden, George H. Delaware Troops in the Revolution. Delaware Society of the Sons of the Revolution, Siebert, Wilbur H.

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Skinner, Mrs. Ohio, Stevens, Thomas Wood. Yorktown Sesquicentennial Pageants: Washington, D. Whiteley, William G. The Revolutionary Soldiers of Delaware. Wilmington: James and Webb, Yorktown Sesquicentennial Association, Inc. Logan Collection at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The materials are ordered in a rough chronological fashion. It is best to consult the lists following groups of documents. R John C. R James B. Transcripts of correspondence between the first President of Delaware State and his wife. An index to the journal and order book found among the Kirkwood papers.

Commissary and personal accounts are intermingled. The personal accounts date mostly from the s. The commissary accounts detail provisions for prisoners of war apparently taken at Yorktown, listing general comments, regiments, number of rations, and amount of alcohol supplied. R Thomas Rodney Journal, Contains references to the Revolution, and poetic and prose descriptions of events at Trenton and Princeton in R Daniel Terry Boughner, Jr. Books relating to the American Revolution may be found in the Research Room.

A variety of articles dealing with the American Revolution may be found in publications such as Delaware History as well. While extensive, this list is not complete; please check the card catalog for references to states or particular persons. Adams, Randolph G. Ann Arbor: William Clements Library, American Philosophical Society. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, Arthurs, Stanley. The American Historical Scene. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, Ash, Mollie Howard, comp. Elkton: N. Bevans, Wilson Lloyd, and E. Melvin Williams, eds.

History of Delaware, Past and Present. New York: Lewis Publishing Company, Brown, Wallace. Providence: Brown University Press, Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus. Brunhouse, Robert L. The Counter-Revolution in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg: Pennsylvania Historical Commission, Buchanan, Roberdeau. Lancaster, Pa. Burnham, Smith. Bushman, Claudia L. Hancock, and Elizabeth Moyne Homsey, eds. Newark : University of Delaware Press, Newark: University of Delaware Press, Butterfield, L.

Letters of Benjamin Rush. Callahan, North. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, Calhoon, Robert McCluer. The Loyalists in Revolutionary America New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Cappon, Lester J. Princeton: Princeton University Press, Clark, David Sanders. Westport, Conn. Clark, Murtie June. Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. Volume 1. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, Clark, Raymond B. Michaels, Md. Clark, Coleman, John M. Rockaway, N. Conrad, Robert T. Philadelphia: Thomas, Cowperthwait and Company, Cooch, Eleanor B. Delaware Signers of the Oath of Allegiance.

Hired by the town of Sutton Mass mustered by? Served in the war of the Revolution from the onset of six years and two months three of those years inthe 4th Regiment of the Massachusetts line commanded by Colonel Shephard and was at the battle of Monmouth. Heis sixty two years of age a cabinet maker by occupation and has lost one eye. His household consists of his wife Helena and Caroline a 14 year old daughter and did not keep a house for fourteen years previous to obtaining a pension. Isaac states that he was at Saratoga at the time of the capture of Burgoyne and his army serving in the company of Deacon Farrar that composed part of Reeds Regiment.

Isaac described seeing Cook the day after the battle with an ankle wound that appeared to be made by a musket ball. He testifies that he is living in Pepperell aged seventy seven years and that Capt. Josiah Hastings was asoldier in in the same company commanded by Abraham Pierce. Durant, the deponent sat at the head of this body of veterans. IsaacDurant, 90, a soldier of the revolution. Isaac dies in South Natick Massachusetts at 90 years 5 months. Durant, John Durant. Massachusetts Pension File? S- , dated Westford, MA May 8, See Footnote 17 cited above. Weildon, , P. Gilson, Company, , page

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War Vol.3a

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