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It's not a surprise that an artist with the range of Jim James would be a Neil Young fan. Whether in his solo work , as a producer, or in FUV Essentials My Morning Jacket , James explores the full spectrum of rock — reaching for its quiet corners and epic heights, feeling every note, and understanding the pure power of the riff. Following a trait that MMJ has long brought to its celebrated live shows, cover songs are Jim James's latest project.

I love playing this for people who have never heard it.

The Very Best of Neil Young | Consequence of Sound

It takes me back to the early days of touring and how tough that is, but also how exciting it is — starting and pursuing what seems like an impossible dream. It was like some holy vision standing there on stage with Neil and so many other beautiful souls in a place filled with so many wonderful ideas and thoughts and goodwill visions. Down By the River — love, murder, pathos, nine minutes of swirling build up, sexytime! It has all you need from a song.

Bryony Hamilton-Kelly.

Neil Young playlist: 18 essential songs from the 1970s

From the same album as Down By the River, Cinnamon Girl sees more experiments with contrast: Young and Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten sing breezy lyrics about an imaginary woman while the guitars growl underneath them. Nick Hodgson. A crowd favourite at gigs for its tumultuous guitar work, this song is also notable as one of Young's first experiments with synthesisers.

Ben Wareing. In the s, after a cluster of personal tragedies, Young recorded three sombre, introspective albums now known as the Ditch trilogy, and the second of these, On the Beach, closes with this. It's nearly nine minutes long, emotionally vulnerable and incredibly bittersweet. Ambulance Blues is a haunting eight-minute journey showcasing his talents in lyrics, guitar, subtlety and harmonica.

Josh Artus.

Monday, December 01, 2008

The title track from Young's third solo album describes three scenes — one past, one present and one future — with no explicit connection. The song was prescient, not just in its references to environmental catastrophe, but also because its lyrics about dingy basements and drug use would soon be reflected in Danny Whitten's descent into heroin addiction.

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Kevin Brennan. As the title would imply, this is a fairly straightforward song about the effects of drug use on Young's acquaintances, particularly Whitten. It's given all the more impact by the simple arrangement and the fact that Whitten died of an overdose less than a year after the song's release. Gotta be Needle and the Damage Done.

Old Man (from Harvest, 1972)

Beautifully crafted, sublime melody … and raw, fragile and honest emotion. Arun Ghosh. The revolution never came, says Dorian Lynskey.

An honest attempt to capture the folky, loud, and weird sides of Canada's finest export

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Essential Neil Young Essential Neil Young
Essential Neil Young Essential Neil Young
Essential Neil Young Essential Neil Young
Essential Neil Young Essential Neil Young
Essential Neil Young Essential Neil Young
Essential Neil Young Essential Neil Young
Essential Neil Young Essential Neil Young

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