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1. Chant the Easiest Love Spell

For the umpteenth time, love spell chants are all about channeling the right kind of positive energy into the universe. Repeat the love spell chant three times right before drinking the salty water.

A Beginner's Guide To Candle Magic

Trve hexes are back in stock! When you miss someone you love and want them missing you right back, then first, you need to visualize what is happening. To make the love spell much stronger, try meaningful chanting once the ritual is completed.

As it is the norm, you will be required to have specific ingredients at your disposal. These include a piece of red paper, a needle, and positive vibes. If you do then the consequences of your actions will be dire. If it's not, then you might wind up with the frog instead of the Prince. Write down the name of your crush at the center of a piece of red paper, twice.

Take the needle and pin it right in the middle of the circle. As you are doing this, your mind should be overwhelmed with the love you feel for him or her for the spell to be effective. Chant their name if there is a need for you to make the spell even stronger.

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Again, your state of mind should be in line with your intentions before invoking the forces of nature. Love is indeed a complicated affair. Do not allow any negative thoughts to interfere with your visualization love spell lest it will be rendered useless. Start by imagining the love of your life missing you. He or she is picking up the phone and calling you right now. Doing this the right way will make the love of your life to miss you and think about you even to the point of calling you up to talk.

The same also applies to those who are addicted to their phone. As for the ingredients, all you need is your phone and some cinnamon. A handful of cinnamon should do the trick just fine. Thankfully, no candles or special chanting is required here. So, if you can sacrifice and wake up early in the morning, then it would highly recommend that you try this ritual. The ritual for this love spell also seems to be quite easy. Then, find a table where no one will disturb the phone once you set it down. Put some cinnamon around the phone and have it boxed up for the love spell to take effect.

Have positive thoughts that someone that you miss and love is calling or texting you as you carry out this ritual. I promise you that the urge to not touch your phone for the entire day will be overwhelming.

1. Chanting lottery money spells

Again, remember to have a positive mind and everything will always work out in your favor! Weekend card: The Lovers - Yes, this is a card about love, partnership, and union but it is also a card about choices. The man looks to the woman who looks up to the angel, representing your conscious, subconscious and super-conscious. This weekend take some time to reflect on who you have been putting your time and energy into and ask yourself if it has been worth it.

Examine your options and weigh out the pros and cons to your situation. Recognize what consequences can come if you make the wrong choice. Your feelings and values matter.

Candle Magic - Harry's World

So put your foot down, call people on their bullshit, and make the right choice. A post shared by Wolfsbane Apothecary wolfsbane. For those of you who love chanting, this particular love spell is the one you ought to consider carrying out. The necessary requirements or ingredients includes red ink, a piece of paper and some knowledge on chakras. Chakras are simply energy centers on your body. The red ink is special for this love spell because it represents true love or passion. Make sure the words you chant are correctly as it is the only way to make the love spell effective.

Your chanting should be authoritative to generate enough power for someone to miss you enough to call you. Once you have collected everything that you need, write down a short love letter to the one you love. Doing this is paramount if at all your love spell is to work. You are therefore required to do this right before you embark on chanting.

Ask the universe to send the letter to the person you love so that in turn, he or she can call you. Repeat this as many times as you can until you fall asleep. Keep repeating the love spell and chanting and it will come to pass. Patience is as important as the chanting the right words and having a positive mindset.

It is, therefore, a good thing for you to start working on your attitude before attempting anything else. I can help you get back to your balanced self and put you on a clearer path receive the honest, accurate and compassionate answers you deserve. Don't wait another moment! If you've had the pleasure of being around magic or spell casting folks, then you must have heard about the power of the bay leaf.

Needless to say, it is the perfect love spell ingredient to chant over. This is because the bay leaf has the ability to directly connect your specific chakras to the universe hence speeding up the effects of a spell. You will also be required to chant a few words in order to complete the charm.


Learn how to use a Wiccan blessing for the unborn baby so that your child is born into the right environment. As you can see, pregnancy spells can help you in a number of ways than just saying I want to get pregnant. And oh, let me not forget, if you are worried about the pain of giving birth, you can also use some easy pregnancy spells to stop the pain. This is the reason why for some people giving birth is a real breeze while others suffer all manner of complications.

I often get asked whether Voodoo spells to get pregnant are safe. I know where this question comes from. It comes from people who want to use a fertility spell for someone else or pregnancy spells that really work , but they are still worried that Voodoo spells are evil. I need to explain, again, that on their own, Voodoo spells are not evil at all. The people that make them evil are the ones that abuse them. Saying Voodoo spells are evil on their own is a lot like saying that fertility spells with candles are evil just because a candle can cause a fire that could injure people.

Burn one candle while chanting this spell-Your enemy will suffer like hell everyday

Hence, the most important aspect to look at when you are working with spells is the intention of the spell caster. I think that the intention of bringing life to earth is a good one no matter what spell you use. Remember, bringing a child into the world is a big responsibility. The child is going to need a stable environment where they will grow and nourish. They will also need loving parents who are also going to make sure that the needs of the child are all met. This is the reason why pregnancy spells work better if you are in a stable and loving relationship. Also, remember that it takes two people to fall pregnant.

Make sure that you have talked about this with your partner before you start casting the spell. Remember that you are going to need the full support of your partner during the time when you are pregnant, and so you should never leave them out when you take the decision to cast a spell. Remember that you may need to be patient. I have seen people who have cast pregnancy spells getting pregnant almost immediately, and I have seen others having to wait as long as a year.

I know that some people think that the instructions given by a spellcaster are a little silly because they have no understanding of the reasons why those instructions are included. Let me tell you now that instructions are the difference between spells that work and spells that do not. All you need is a candle, something to light it with, and an intention. You can do candle magick with any type of candle, as long as your intention is there. Candle magick can be tailored to your preferences. Keep an eye on the flame and observe how it behaves.

Related Stories. There's one important thing to remember: "Remember not to blow your candle out unless you want to blow away your intention! Snuff it out with a tool or your fingers instead, if it can't be left to burn out. When I'm studying , or trying to solve a problem, sometimes I'll put cinnamon in the candle that's yellow or blue. You can buy a candle designed for ritual use for just a few dollars, she says.

So it's really easy and quick to just get a candle, tell it what it's for, add any other ingredients, state your intention and light it. It's literally some of the quickest and easiest magic, and also the flame burns as its own entity, so to me it's kind of self-sustaining. You don't have to keep putting your own energy into it, you just have to start it and it goes by itself.

Magick is all about combining symbolic meanings of things and it makes much more sense while you're doing it. You should consider all aspects of the candle.

Easy Candle Chant Spells Easy Candle Chant Spells
Easy Candle Chant Spells Easy Candle Chant Spells
Easy Candle Chant Spells Easy Candle Chant Spells
Easy Candle Chant Spells Easy Candle Chant Spells
Easy Candle Chant Spells Easy Candle Chant Spells
Easy Candle Chant Spells Easy Candle Chant Spells
Easy Candle Chant Spells Easy Candle Chant Spells
Easy Candle Chant Spells Easy Candle Chant Spells

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