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The Cannibal's Guide to Ethical Living by Mykle Hansen

Baked potatoes and clam chowder — now those are fond memories! My mom and dad used to create spectacular meals together, but the ones I remember as most delicious were creamy, clam chowder and piping hot baked potatoes with sour cream and melted cheese. Now, when I visit Sweet Tomatoes, I look forward to small samplings of my childhood favorites! My heart-warming, salavating, childhood memory is of a Norwegian dish called komla. My husband refers to it as eating tennis balls.

However, he became an adult convert. I think it was the butter that convinced him it is gourmet worthy. Whenever I eat meatloaf and mashed potatoes I am transported back in time to Sunday dinner when I was a kid. It was so yummy and gooey. I guess it was very involed to make, so I was so excited when she made it. My favorite childhood memory is waking up on Saturday morning to donuts from Mister Donut and a glass of extra chocolatey milk. My dad owned a hot dog truck and at the end of his night he would trade hot dogs and what not with willing workers at Mister Donut for his childrens favorite morning breakfast.

When we woke up and saw those boxes sitting on the table we just knew it was going to be a great day….. Although tomato soup and grilled cheese were also favorites, one of my others was homemade waffles with a ham gravy or maple syrup. Homemade chicken pot pie was my favorite childhood meal.

I loved the smell as it was cooking and really enjoyed eating it! Yum I remember sitting outside in my backyard and my mom called me to come inside for dinner. I could smell the great grilled cheese sandwich. My favorite lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich when I was 6. This was my brother and sisters favorite!!!! I remember coming home from school on a cold winter day and eating creamy, hot potato soup.

It made me feel warm and so glad to be home. But it seemed whatever was in it it was always good. With warm homemade bread!

Then there was always home made tapioca pudding for dessert. It always had lumps in it— which I loved! When I go to Sweet Tomatoes the smell of the fresh bread and soups brings me back to my grandmothers kitchen. And when they have tapioca pudding its always an extra treat! The very best food memory for me was from my grandfather, who did 25 years in the navy as a cook.

He would make homemade soup and homemade cornbread. He was the one who looked after me when my parents were at work. Every time he would cook that combo up, I would be stuck to our kitchen chair, watching and waiting for the heavenly meal. Now when my wife and I eat at Soup Plantation, that combo is the very first thing I get after my salad. It brings my right back to being a kid again. What a great set of memories.

OK, explaining the rules already answered the question. A bowl on Tomato soup, and gooey grilled cheese sandwich, broken up into the soup acting like crackers. When I think of the best dinner meal at the family table, I think of seasoned crispy chicken and smooth and creamy mashed potatoes my mom made! That meal takes me back to my childhood! I also remember whenever I was sick, my mom made me drink ginger ale.

To this day, I cannot drink ginger ale without tasting the vomiting taste. Mom would make a light meal for dinner…ususally homemade mushroom soup. Then, she would put out party food and we would snack all night on spreads, appetizers, juices, chips. It was a party every year. Wow- so many nostalgic food choices. I will go with gingerbread made from scratch, and topped with a secret-recipe egg sauce. But whipped cream works too. Growing up on a a farm, mom would make crazy good chili with cornbread baked in a cast-iron frypan….. My sister still has that frypan, LOL!!

My favorite food combination was always simple: chocolate chip cookies and milk. My favorite food childhood memory is mac and cheese. It was creamy and cheesey, baked in the over with crispy buttery breadcrumbs on top! A variety of additions would keep us guessing. Sometimes tomatoes, bacon bits or ham, broccoli or green peppers—whatever was in the frig could be an added taste and nutritional bonus!

When I was a kid, I loved mushroom soup and crackers. It is still my favorite and the mushroom soup you make is the best with big chunks of mushrooms not the tiny minced stuff and a wonderful, creamy base to make it absolutely delish! I love all the warm, homemade breads you have, too, to make it a meal. Well, now I am hungry. Looks like I better stop for lunch today and get some good soup and bread. One of my favorites that my mom made for us was her fresh strawberry cake. There were strawberries in both the cake and the frosting.

It was so moist and yummy. To top it off, she would bake it in heart shaped pans especially for Valentines day. Pink, heart shaped, and sweet….. What food combo conjures up great childhood memories for me? Donuts and milk. My grandmother made her own donuts and one of my most fond memories of her is when she would make them. I remember it like it was yesterday. Mac and cheese with hot dogs… there is nothing more childhood to me than that wonderful, warm and gooey combo!

My favorite will seem rather yucky to most readers. Many decades ago—before salmonella made raw eggs a tabo—my mother would take a raw egg, beat it, mix in crushed graham crackers and top with brown sugar. That was a real treat. I find this rather odd, as I am not particularly fond of soup. The broth is great; not too salty. I like the hot soups and crusty breads that are so yummy.

The variety of hot soups warm my palate amd provide such comfort in the hurried world. For me, spaghetti with meatballs brings back the good old days! I liked the ones that were just a little bit too cooked! One of my favorite childhood meals is rice with milk and sugar. My mom would boil white rice, and when it was prepared, serve it with brown sugar and milk on top. Such a simple combination but it really warms the heart and makes life just a little bit sweeter!

Reminds me of warm lentil vegetable soup and tomato rice that mom made to make us happy on days when it rains prevents you from playing outside. My grandpa used to grow all kinds of food at his home. When I was visited, he taught me to just eat avocados straight by salting them and scooping out the flesh to eat. He also made hot lemonade for me and I loved to drink that. My favorite thing my mom made growing up was fried bologna sandwhiches. She would let me poke the bologna with a fork and flip it over. I just thought that was the funniest thing.

We could laugh as the center of the bologna would rise. Silly I know. I now make them for my kids and let them flip it over as the center rises. They love it! RIP Momma…. My mom would have ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwiches ready for us when we came home from school. She would cut them into strips so they were easy to dunk in our tomato soup, which she put into a mug which would make it extra fun. Any kind of sugary cereal — brings back wonderful childhood memories of hours spent watching cartoons on Saturday mornings! Home made chicken noodle soup and warm bread rolls with butter…mmm, grandma always knew how to make me feel loved.

My dad used to make the most delicious split pea soup — on those fall days when it is starting to get cold but you can still play outside in a sweatshirt and then head in to watch the football game with a big bowl of split pea soup and some bread. My favorite was my moms famous potato salad, made with fresh pickles, celery, eggs, pimentos, and fresh green onions.

So, hope this will work. My mother did all the baking for our family of She made a Cheesecake Kuchen with our cottage cheese she made, with raisins,— also, a stuffed Pugac pizza like that had left over mashed potatoes,prunes, or cooked cabbage with onions and fresh butter. This is a favorite with my grandchildren now. I make up that combination every time I visit Sweet Tomatoes. So as kids, we would eat our rice with grape jelly, which looked really cool because it turned purple and tasted like candy!

Whenever we tell people we eat jelly on our rice, they look at us kind of strange! I remember making hot dumplings and homemade chicken noodle soup with my mom. I could go for a bowl of it now! I think I may have to have that for lunch soon. Not grilled cheese though — oyster crackers and lots of them! I would cover all the exposed areas of the soup and replenish as the layer of crackers was consumed. In retrospect, the tomato soup at Sweet Tomatoes tastes much better!

As silly as it sounds, for special mornings my mom would make marshmallow crackers for breakfast marshmallows on top of saltine crackers and broiled til they brown. I have great memories of delicious homemade Chicken Soup, thick with tons of noodles, with big chunks of carrots and parsnips. That was always served with fresh, crusty bread thick with butter. Wonderful Lamb Stew made with orange juice, that simmered on the stove for hours. How about a sweet Pot Roast with tons of potatoes and carrots, that cooked for hours until the beef was falling apart, with lots of crusty, buttered bread to sop up that thick gravy..

Not to mention the leftover pot roast sandwiches that you took to school for lunch for the next couple of days. Ice Cream was the favorite dessert, and still is! Family time was in the kitchen and at the dinner table years ago…. When we lived in Ohio I remember walking home for lunch during the winter and my mom would have a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup and a hot grilled cheese sandwich for me.

I would sit and watch a cartoon while eating and then walk back to school. My favorite memories come with the tomato soup and any sort of macaroni combo.. When we were younger food with 5 children was slim and always comfort because comfort was affordable. We laughed , argued and just plain had a great time at dinner time all of us and for us we were lucky enough to have a mommy and a daddy……..

What a great time it was…. Tuna salad sandwich, cut into 4 triangles, with the crust cut off, toasted, with macaroni salad, potato chips and lemonade all served by the pool on a warm summers day! My favorite childhood memory is mom baking toll house chocolate chip cookies! Spaghetti and meatballs. My mother would make it every couple of weeks and my brother and I looked forward to having it all the time. My mom made a macaroni and meat casserole made with tomatoe soup.

The smell of fresh bread just out of the oven brings back one of my favorite childhood memories of coming home from school once a week to find my mom in the middle of bread baking day!

Orlando Made

Add some homemade strawberry jam to that steaming bread and heaven was on earth! That combination still warms my heart! Food combo from childhood, hmm, Eggnoodles and Cottage cheese. My dad ate it growing up and then so did I :.

Its pretty good for you and it teast good to! My grandmothers Quiche recipe reminds me of every cold winter morning that she made it when we lived in Ohio. Sounds good for me also. It is amazing how much we all have in common regarding childhood memories of comfort food and what memories are conjured up by our favorite foods as children. Comfort food made by my grandmother sparks more memories than the commercial foods.

Her cabbage borscht and her matzo ball soup and her cooked cabbage with beef short ribs are always conjuring those sweet days of childhood. However, over all, I guess it would be the hot tomato soup that made my innards feel great if I was sick or needed some comforting. She served it with her homemade potato salad. My Mom also used to make the BEST peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for my step-father, but I used to sneak them off of the kitchen counter while they were still warm!

My mom was the queen of cassaroles when I was growing up. This meant we have many good memories of comfort food. The one dish our friends would ask her to make when they came over and that we would ask for our birthday dinners was Tuna Fish Cassarole. The trick was Velveeta cheese and cream of mushroom soup. It was like catnip for all of us under 12! The food combo that i most remember from childhood is hamburgers, crinkle cut fries, and apple sauce. That was almost a weekly event in our house. My favorite meal was grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes, potatoes chips on the side, and a bowl of tomato soup.

Even as an adult, it continues to be one of my favorites. We lived in Massachussettes when I was a child growing up. I remember getting off the school bus on those cold days and running up the driveway with my sister to where my Mother had grilled cheese nothing fancy just white bread and cheese grilled to perfection and tomato soup. Other days we would come home with friends and she would have spaghetti ready and waiting for us, with homemade whoopie pies. Wow to be a kid again!

Those were the days!!!! Grilled cheese and baked potatoe soup reminds me of my dear Aunt Louise. I would go to her house in the country ever summer as a child and have the soup n sandwich on a Sunday evening. She is the only one in my family that can make this soup so deliciously.. I loved pouring a bowlful of animal crackers, adding milk, and a spoon… perfect and way more fun than cereal!

One of my favorite foods as a kid was beef stroganoff. My mom makes it with a rich sour cream sauce and wide egg noodles. I love chicken noodle soup specially when I am sick. It is the best thing my Mom would make for me. My mother was a tremendous cook and baker. She canned fruit and kept a garden largely by necessity. She would slice fresh peaches, sprinkle them with sugar and put them in the fridge.

The taste and texture; the warm and cool — it was wonderful! I got an e-mail about blogging or twittering you regarding winning 10 free meals in a contest. My favorite childhood food was peanut butter on graham crackers, and a glass of cold milk. Kelloggs Corn Flakes and Nutella Sandwiches remind me of my childhood. Thanks for the giveaway. We love Sweet Tomatoes. I hope I win. At the end of the day, nothing beats a bowl of creamy, cheesy Macaroni and Cheese. Meat loaf and mashed potatoes…. Mom could even get us to eat the peas as long as you could hide them in your mashed taters…..

No wonder I was a chubby kid!! When I was younger I remember waking up to the delicious smell of homemade flour tortillas and scrambled eggs with ham. My mom was born and raised in Mexico and had to make breakfast each morning from the age of 8 for about 13 people in her home, so anytime she cooks, she makes a huge amount. I loved making breakfast tacos with those delicious flour tortillas, or sometimes just even eating them by themselves. Thick beef stew with carrots, potatoes and onions served with piping hot home made biscuits! She still makes it for her granddaughter, who loves it as much as my brother and I did when we were kids.

My all time favorite would have to be macaroni and cheese with crushed potato chips on the top. Not the boxed kind. Lots and lots of cheese. The edges of the pan and the potato chips get browned and crunchy. Yum yum. There are so many memories of good food from my Mom. Grilled cheese — she made the best — the cheese oozed out of all sides. My Mom also made awesome peach cobbler.

She also made these wonderful 3-layer chocolate cakes. They were so good and so decadent. We only lived 1 block from my elementary school, so on every rainy day I would walk home from school at lunch time and my mom would make the best cream of potatoe soup with grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. It was the best childhood memory, so when I had my own family, I would make this for dinner on rainy days.

My Mom would make pudding on the stove and then pour it into those old fashioned, glass sundae cups. She would make the dessert with one layer of pudding and then one layer of cool whip. She would put it in the refrigerator to cool and we would have to see it all day knowing that we would have to wait until after dinner to get it.

We would eat dinner so fast so we could run to get our special dessert out of the refrigerator. Eatting out of those glasses and Mom making a special one for each of us was a very special treat after dinner when we were kids. I think we felt like special royalty eatting out of those special glasses. Dessert never tasted so good when we were kids. My Mom used to make Creamy bacon and Potato soup with grilled ham and cheese sandwiches on cold winter days. It was my favorite! I use to make it for my daughters, and they loved it! My favorites as a kid were: grilled cheese with tomato soup fried zucchini triple fudge brownies peppermint hot chocolate.

Yummy for the Tummy! With two adults and 6 children to feed, my mother had to make money stretch. On soup and salad night if you wanted seconds, you had to eat the first serving fast and furious to ensure you were first for seconds. At Sweet Tomates, seconds and thirds are always available, so you can eat at your own pace and savor the taste. Growing up in Virginia my family had a large garden in the backyard. Tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, cabbage, corn, etc…. Throughout the summer my mother would can the extra vegetables that were not consumed at dinner.

So, not only were summer dinners fresh, organic, and delicious but winter ones were as well. When I was a kid I loved peanut butter and mayo sandwiches with cooked spinach. Just thinking about it makes me smile! I am not exactly sure how to enter. Is it by posting through a comment? My favorite childhood dish was cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham. My mom is still alive and well at Perhaps she will share her recipe with you.

My sweetest childhood memory is waking up to my grandma gleefully cooking Saturday morning breakfast. The soft sizzle of the toasty pancakes got me dancing my way out of bed. I filled my lungs with the mesmerizing aroma of the fresh-made strawberry jam. My grandmother is a doll, and she always put just the right amount of heart-warming cinnamon in every pancake. Lastly, after we held hands and gave thanks for being able to accompany one another in this scrumptious breakfast, my grandmother whipped out the whip cream.

Soon our plates looked like a snow-capped mountain. As filling as the breakfast pancakes were, nothing is as fulfilling as seeing my grandma smile, doing what she does best, cooking with love. Chicken noodle soup and jello were always foods my Mom made me when I was sick and they always make me feel so good! Taco Night! That is one of my favorite memories. Every Friday night I would help my mom get the fixings ready in the kitchen. My dad and I loved to compete to see who could eat the most tacos.

Did Dad eat more after the leftovers were put in Tupperware containers and stored away in the fridge? I wonder about that sometimes. The food combo that conjures up childhood memories for me is ribs and corn on the cob. Ribs were always a special occasion dish because it took my mom hours to prepare. While corn on the cob is just plain fun and delicious. We both get to eat! My favorite comfort food meal was and still is country fries with onions with a steaing bowl of bean soup and cornbread.

My favorite meat when I was a kid was spaghetti! My mom would make a salad with homemade vinaigrette, spaghetti with meat sauce and the best treat: garlic bread! My mother made the most delicious potato soup. We always got it when we were ill. When I was young, my mother did not offer a lot of variety at dinner, but she did not some very good dishes. Food has always been a centerpiece of good memories for me growing up, but i think breakfast still stands out as one of my favorites and this memory in particular.

I must have been 7 or 8 and I remember my mom bringing home a couple of young sailors late one night morning? I awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, and potatoes cooking on the stove. I joined them and we chatted about their ship the USS Kitty Hawk I believe and feasted on what has become even to this day my favorite meal. We then piled into the car and took them back to the Naval base driving over the Cornado Bay Bridge as the sun was coming up and seeing those large ships anchored all around.

It was a great morning for a young man like myself! Anytime, anywhere will i eat that sort of breakfast and I never fail to recall that meemory as well as many others surrounding breakfast, and food in general. Now even my 11 year old, Zak loves that breakfast meal with me! Heres to good food memories!!! When I think back to my childhood, the fondest memory I have is that of my mom making chili.

Now whenever I make chili, those memories stir up for me. I hope to pass along the same feeling to my son. Family, friends, and good ingredients can go much further than any superficial gift. Mmmm…what memories this contest brings back! I remember not being fond of veggies as a kid, but my dad found creative ways to get me to eat them. One of the best was letting me eat my peas with a butter knife. The concentration it took to coax those emerald green spheres onto my knife made me forget I was eating something good for me!

Another memory I have is my dad having hot chocolate with marshmallows ready for me when I got off the bus when it was raining. He would meet me at the bus stop and we would walk home together and he would have hot chocolate ready for me. A favorite combo of mine is Corn chowder and cornbread.

Also spaghetti and meatballs and then a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream! Macaroni and Cheese and soft serve ice cream… childhood favorites I can still enjoy at Souplantation. On the weekends my father would always make delicious breakfast from scratch. I would wake up smelling homemade pancakes with pure maple syrup, or my other favorite: homemade biscuits with warm butter and fruit spread. The whole home would smell delicious, especially if he cooked bacon to go with it! Mine would have to be breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs, sausage, applesauce and OJ. Although another would be tacos.

My poor mother trying to get tacos on the table for 8 people. Of course with 8 people she had to be pretty thrifty which meant frying your own taco shells. She never ate with us on taco or waffle night. My grandma would make a tea party for me when I was little. She made cute little tea sandwiches and nice hot flavored tea.

We would get all dressed up in a fancy dresses. She always used the nice china. I always chose the sweet, berry or fruity flavored ones. It was a great childhood memory. I feel like a child again when I bite into a creamy peanut butter and jelly sandwich accompanied by a tall glass of cold milk. I have fond memories of my mother making me these sandwiches with layers of peanut butter on each slice a bread. The cold milk was what I used to wash it all down and top off my stomach.

It was the best thing then and still is!!! Mine is sort of strange. Let me explain…. As a kid we were extremely poor. There was also a pitcher of milk, a basket of bread and the salt and pepper. No one ever questioned him that we were indeeed the luckiest people in the neighborhood. Chili and tamales were my particular favorite. I remember eating almost the whole pot of chili.

Tia's portobello Italiano

Of course there was homemade mac and cheese with real shredded cheddar, monteray, and mozzarella cheese. On occasion we had mini pizza bites, the size of mini wheat cereal; breaded pizza sauce and cheese. Sometimes they would be made with mini bagels or triscuts. The dessert I drooled over was the mini cheesecakes; Vanilla wafers were placed in a muffin pan for the crust, filled over with cheesecake batter, then topped of with a dollop of jam or jelly, and baked.

Oh how this makes me want to travel back in time. And the funnest part was helping my mom make it all; I treasure our family times! When I was growing up we made a special family cookie every Christmas… I remember that is when my mom and dad both worked together to bake these cookies. These little cookies were the highlight of my holidays and a gift that everyone in the family would honestly fight over.

I am glad my mom and dad have passed this tradition down to my sister and I. We come together during the holidays to make the Koliche cookie and well we have even made them in the summer just so we have a secret batch hidden :D…. My favorite as a kid? My poor mom being the brilliant woman that she is tried to avoid this mess by cutting my sandwich in half right from the start.

I liked that a lot! Did it help? One of my favorite childhood food combinations is hot, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk. We grew up very poor, but when we could afford the ingredients, Mom would have us invite our friends over for a cookie baking party. We would mix and munch and laugh and talk, hanging over the dining room table. Food and friendship: the best combination in the world!

There are many foods that remind me of childhood, but by far my favorite is opening my lunch sack and finding a great peanut butter and grape jelly sandwhich to eat, with the side of milk. I may grow up- but that will always remain one of my favorite sandwhiches! Favorite meal growing up with grilled cheese sandwiches cut in squares with vegetable beef soup.

On the side I had to have my ketchup for the sandwiches. I would have this everyday for lunch growing up……How I miss those days. My mother always made our everyday meals and snacks—nothing fancy, but good, healthy, and filling. My father frequently made Sunday breakfasts or barbequed dinner. He tried making pickles in a large crock. I think he was the only one that ended up eating them.

I remember licking the spoons and scraping the bowl when my mom baked. She made our bag lunches and we had the same thing everyday—a tuna sandwich on toasted bread and cookies. We bought milk at school. Life was simpler then—not as many choices. My family used to live in Korea when my dad was in the Army. I was between the ages of 5 and 7 during our tour there.

I am from the South, and I have fond memories of my mom making cheesy Shrimp and Grits for breakfast. Its a southern tradition for breakfast, and is basically what it says. You have grits, shrimp, and some cheese melted in, and some crumbled up bacon. And its sooo good!!! By Jamil Zainasheff. By Jennie Brand-Miller. By Myron Mixon. By Lynn Alley. By Ruth Reichl. By Carrie S. By Donna Klein. By Fox Chapel. By Kyra Petrovskaya. By James Beard. By Habeeb Salloum. By Sharon Tyler Herbst.


By Mark Bittman. By Mark Miller. By Kenneth Davids. By Dan Koeppel. By Laurel Steele. By Miriam Jacobs. By Katherine Yung. By Madelain Farah. By Carlo Petrini. By Michael Ruhlman. By Kermit Lynch. By Diana Abu-Jaber. By Danny Meyer. By America's Test Kitchen. By Lettie Teague. By Angelo Pellegrini. By Diabetic Living Editors. By Stacy Perman. By Edouard de Pomiane. By Fergus Henderson. By Denalle Bell. By Alicia Silverstone. By Dreena Burton.

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  • Monkeys – For Kids – Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers.
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  • Foundation ActionScript Animation : Making Things Move! pdf.

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Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches
Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches
Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches
Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches
Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches Animated Ediblez, Feisty Vegetables and Incredible Starches

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