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Kyle Katarn

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Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. You are in the Greece store Not in Greece? Choose Store. Their best hope of continued survival is to build a new life with the strangers they have found along the way. And their best chance of finding Dan's parents is by conducting a methodical search. During this incident, the droid with the recordings of the battle on Sulon was captured and self-destructed, allowing Katarn and the others to make a clean escape. Ors took Katarn back to her base and introduced him to Mon Mothma , the leader of the Alliance, and he became a Rebel spy.

He first tasked her with infiltrating a Black Sun warehouse on Coruscant to discover how they were involved with the Empire. After Saren successfully completed this mission, Katarn revealed to her that he was a Rebel agent and introduced her to Leia Organa. Kyle Katarn during the briefing regarding his Mission to Talay. Katarn's first mission for the Alliance was the infiltration of an Imperial facility on Danuta to retrieve the plans for the first Death Star as a part of Operation Skyhook.

While viewing the briefing information, he recognized his friend from the Academy, Meck Odom , as one of the officers in charge of guarding the plans. Katarn met with Odom secretly, and he gave Katarn information that assisted him in completing his mission. He also deactivated the perimeter, allowing Katarn entry into the base. The partial plans stolen by Katarn were eventually combined with those captured at Toprawa , on the Death Star itself, and by Rianna Saren and Zeeo after their battle against Imperial slave master Zarian Kheev on Danuta, [12] to create a complete outline of the station.

Katarn accepted, and, upon request, took on Jan Ors as his mission officer. Several clues led Katarn to Anoat , where he captured Moff Rebus , an infamous Imperial weapons engineer. After raiding a testing facility for phrik on the planet Fest , Katarn was led to the Gromas system , where the mineral was being mined and the first stage of the Dark Trooper was manufactured. After destroying the facility , Katarn had to rescue Crix Madine from an Imperial detention center on Orinackra and traveled to the Ramsees Hed docking port on Cal-Seti.

There, he was able to track a smuggling ship that was making runs to the frozen planet of Anteevy , where the second stage of Dark Trooper construction was being completed. Katarn destroyed the facility on Anteevy and was led to Nar Shaddaa , where he located a nav card describing the activities of all the smugglers involved in the Dark Trooper project. Upon leaving the planet, though, Katarn and Ors were briefly captured by Jabba the Hutt.

After defeating several kell dragons barehanded, [3] Katarn was able to regain the card, rescue Ors, and escape Jabba's space cruiser. He also fought and defeated Boba Fett. Using the new information from the card, Katarn and Ors tracked one of the smuggler ships to the Refueling Station Ergo. Katarn hijacked this ship and used it to sneak onto the Executor , which was the only ship with the information regarding the location of the Arc Hammer which was where the third and final stage of the Dark Trooper was being manufactured.

Once on board, he stowed away on a cargo transport en route to the Arc Hammer. In gratitude for his bravery, Mon Mothma awarded him the Star of Alderaan. Katarn continued working with Ors for the New Republic , cooperating with Bey , Dash Rendar and Guri on an insertion mission to the Tof fortress world Saijo , and nearly razing Kwenn Space Station while apprehending the Ketton spy Derrida with the help of a pint-sized lagomorph. One year after the Battle of Endor , Katarn was visited by the spirit of the Jedi Qu Rahn , A Jedi Purge survivor that perished recently at the hands of an Imperial inquisitor, who told Katarn of the Jedi heritage of his father: Morgan had discovered the Valley of the Jedi on the planet Ruusan , where the spirits of many Jedi and Sith lay trapped after a cataclysmic battle over a thousand years earlier.

This site was a nexus of power from which Force-sensitives could draw great energies of the Force. The locals on Ruusan prophesied that a "knight shall come, a battle will be fought, and the prisoners go free. Katarn located a recording from his father on the family droid WeeGee in his old farmhouse on Sulon as well as the lightsaber of the late Rahn , setting him on the path to become a Jedi.

He embarked on a journey to locate the Valley of the Jedi and protect it from a faction of Dark Jedi led by Jerec , who coveted the valley's energy for his own dark ends. Katarn's father, believed to have been killed in the battle of Sulon, had actually died at the hands of Jerec after refusing to reveal the location of the Valley of the Jedi. However, Morgan had etched a map to the valley into the ceiling tiles in the Katarns' house that was later discovered by Jerec.

Katarn arrived after the map had been removed. He Infiltrated Jerec's tower in the city of Barons Hed , and located the droid 8t88 , who had created a digitized version of the map. Katarn was intercepted by Yun , one of Jerec's dark pupils. Katarn defeated Yun, but he could not kill a disarmed opponent and allowed him to leave; Katarn was soon attacked and had to escape without either version of the map. He tracked 8t88's shuttle to a fuel station outside Baron's Hed, and he stowed away aboard a frigate headed for Ruusan.

While on board, Katarn encountered and defeated two more of Jerec's pupils, the symbiotic "twins" Gorc and Pic , who had recently destroyed 8t88 to dispose of any witnesses to the Valley's location. After defeating Gorc and Pic, Katarn took the droid's severed head and managed to escape the vast ship.

After arriving on Ruusan, Katarn infiltrated Jerec's outpost and defeated the Dark Jedi Maw , killing him in a violent rage as Maw told Katarn that it was he who had placed Morgan's head on a pike for all to see. Jerec confronted Katarn, revealing a captured and bound Jan Ors, offering Katarn a place at his side if he would strike her down.

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Katarn refused, staying true to his father. Disappointed but not surprised, Jerec blasted Katarn with dark side energy, damaging parts of the outpost and trapping Katarn inside. Katarn made his way through the tumbling vessel and attempted to flee in his ship, the Moldy Crow , but one of the wings smashed against the rock wall, damaging the vessel beyond repair. Upon hitting the planet's surface, Katarn was rendered unconscious. Boc , another Dark Jedi, destroyed Katarn's lightsaber tauntingly in front of him before leaving to assist Jerec. Sariss was about to kill Katarn when Yun, out of sympathy for Katarn, who had previously spared his life and feeling guilty for executing so many people, blocked her blow with his lightsaber.

Sariss' blade was deflected and struck Yun, mortally wounding him. As Katarn regained consciousness, he heard the young man's final words, stating that as a Jedi, Kyle deserved a battle. Yun breathed his last breath, possibly returning to the light side. Disguising himself as one of the statues that littered the Valley, Boc revealed himself and attacked Katarn. Boc wielded two lightsabers but was no match for the Jedi Knight's dueling skills. Immediately, Katarn feared he was lost to the darkness, and tried to remember how many steps it took to follow the dark path forever.

It was then that Katarn realized he was truly a Jedi; it doesn't matter how far down you follow the dark path once you have returned from it. Katarn then descended into the Valley Core to face the Dark Master himself. The two dueled, and though the Dark Jedi Jerec had already begun drawing power from the Valley of the Jedi and used its power to heal himself, Katarn was able to defeat him with the light. Disarmed, Jerec tried to turn Katarn to the dark side by reminding him of his father's murder, urging Katarn to strike him down and claim the Valley's dark power for himself.

Katarn, not wishing to feed his hatred, showed Jerec mercy and tossed the Dark Jedi his lightsaber. Jerec would not accept Katarn's mercy and once again attacked him. Katarn's counterstrike killed Jerec, and he fulfilled the prophecy by freeing the souls of the countless Jedi trapped by Lord Skere Kaan for over a thousand years. Afterwards, Katarn carved statues of Rahn and his father, and thanked the spirit of his father. Luke Skywalker offered to train Katarn further, but Katarn declined, still holding a great fear of the dark side.

At the height of the Imperial Civil War , Palpatine arranged for the capture of the former Imperial assassin Mara Jade , who had left the service of the Empire and cut herself off from the Emperor's telepathic commands after killing a clone of Luke Skywalker in 9 ABY. After Jade was intercepted on a mission to Senex sector , Lord Cronal had her imprisoned, but she was eventually rescued by New Republic forces under the command of Kyle Katarn. While sabotaging an Imperial assault , Katarn discovered a lead to the Sith ruins on Dromund Kaas , a long dead world.

Katarn investigated the ruins, but came under the influence of the dark side of the Force. His former pupil Mara Jade went to him and dueled him. Seeing that combat was futile, she lowered her guard and opened herself to Katarn's killing blow. Just as Katarn's blade was about to touch Jade's neck, he stopped in remorse for his actions, turning back to the light side. Skywalker made a second offer to train Katarn when he founded the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 , and Katarn accepted, believing it would help him tame his dark side, [13] during which he put Yun's lightsaber away and built his own blue saber as part of his training.

During the next year, Katarn was noted several times by NRI investigators for his overzealous attitude in eliminating Imperial Remnant soldiers. After a mission on Tatooine , he had only left one Imperial survivor for questioning who was so distressed from his ordeal that he could barely relate what little information he had while under interrogation. All that the interrogation staff could get him to say was that his orders had come from Kejim. Katarn was sent to the world of Kejim to act on this information and en route, fragments of Remnant communication intercepted by the New Republic were relayed to Katarn and Ors, which further affirmed the Republic's suspicions that something was going on.

Katarn was at first hesitant to go; the transmission had made mention of the Valley of the Jedi. There was indeed a Remnant base on the planet where, upon a detailed inspection of the base, Katarn found strange crystals which, when analyzed, were found to be very similar to ones used in a Jedi's lightsaber. Their mission would have ended there, as Katarn didn't want to get involved with anything that involved the Force, but Ors accepted the job on his behalf—having been offered twice their usual fee by Mon Mothma. It was soon revealed that the Empire Reborn movement [13] under Admiral Galak Fyyar was using the planet to experiment with these crystals and the Force, particularly in infusing non-Force-sensitives with Force potential.

Although Katarn successfully infiltrated and shut down the outpost, Ors was later captured and apparently killed by the Dark Jedi Desann and his student Tavion Axmis. Angered by his partner's "death," Katarn regained his Force powers by using the power of the Valley of the Jedi, once again treading dangerously close to the dark side.

He went to the Jedi academy to retrieve the lightsaber he had left with Skywalker, where he then learned that Desann was a fallen student of Skywalker's. Skywalker and Katarn then set out across the galaxy to bring Desann to justice. While on Nar Shaddaa, he encountered Lando Calrissian. With his help, Katarn escaped Nar Shaddaa and killed Baruk in the process. Still, Katarn became haunted with the memories of hearing Desann's order to Axmis to "murder" Ors and her screams. These only served to make him desire revenge even more. He eventually got the chance to exact his revenge at Bespin , where he encountered Desann's apprentice, Tavion.

She informed Katarn of his blunder in revealing the location of the Valley to herself and her master, and was defeated by Katarn in lightsaber combat. Katarn used Force grip to lift Axmis over a Cloud City platform and held her there. She confessed to everything, revealing that Ors was still alive.

Katarn spared Axmis's life and tossed her aside. Kyle then took a hauler to the Cairn Installation , where the Doomgiver , the ship on which Ors was being held captive, was docked. Katarn ran into Skywalker again, and learned of the purpose behind the crystals he had discovered on Kejim, and of Desann's troops being in the Valley of the Jedi. Katarn infiltrated the Doomgiver as it launched into hyperspace and successfully found Ors and released her. Katarn realized where the Doomgiver was headed and with Ors's help, he was able to shut down the Doomgiver ' s shield generator, allowing Rogue Squadron to destroy the vessel.

At the same time, Katarn was able to prevent the mad scientist , Galak Fyyar, from assuming the throne as "Emperor Galak Fyyar the first. After separating, with a kiss, to assist the Jedi Academy, Katarn fought through the jungles of Yavin IV against the legions of new Shadowtroopers and Reborn. Katarn eventually made it into the Academy itself in time to fend off an invading force of stormtroopers. He descended further into the academy gallantly fighting off dozens of reborn and Shadowtroopers, while rescuing many jedi in the process.

Katarn continued into the bowels of the ruins, where he faced off with Desann. Both Desann and Katarn attempted to persuade the other to change sides, but Desann soon attacked Katarn out of frustration. Katarn defeated the Dark Jedi, ending his plan for domination. Skywalker thanked Katarn for his assistance and offered him a place at the Academy. Katarn declined, at least for the moment.


The Dark Side of the Sun by Terry Pratchett (NEL, 1978) UK Paperback Edition

Katarn joined the Academy later, after he and Ors spent time together on the beaches of Spira. Shortly thereafter the Academy was attacked by a Nightsister and her band of outlaws who were seeking ancient Sith artifacts owned by the Academy. Despite the fact that the Nightsisters took advantage of the Academy's weakened state, Katarn and a group of others managed to push them back and kept them from retrieving the artifacts.

Katarn infiltrated the base by hiding in a shipping crate and proceeded with his mission. Meanwhile, Ors was discovered by a squad of stormtroopers in one of the hangars, and was taken hostage at blasterpoint. Katarn managed to rescue her, but not before killing two Reborn , who had survived Desann's defeat. Together, Katarn and Ors escaped on the Raven's Claw.

Katarn with his two apprentices, Korr and Penin. After Desann's defeat, Katarn was promoted to Jedi Master and continued in the ways of the Force as an instructor at Skywalker's Academy. Both students were talented, progressing quickly under Katarn's tutelage. When a new threat, a Dark Jedi cult known as the Disciples of Ragnos , began threatening the galaxy, Katarn and his apprentices investigated numerous worlds on the trail of the Disciples.

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The Jedi Order discovered that the leader of the Cult was none other than Tavion Axmis, [11] the former apprentice of Desann. While Katarn was away, his apprentice Penin was kidnapped and eventually succumbed to the dark side, joining the Disciples of Ragnos. Katarn's other student, Jaden, joined with Katarn to investigate the toxic world of Vjun. There the two were forced to split up when Katarn's perch dropped out from beneath him and fell down several floors.

Korr, reaching the top of the building alone, faced off against the fallen Penin. Korr pleaded with his fallen friend to return to the light side, which was unsuccessful. Katarn then rejoined him at the top of the tower. When suddenly, Axmis emerged and stated her role as the leader of the cult. Subduing Korr and Katarn with Force lightning, she stated that Katarn should have killed her when he had the chance. Using the Force to pull Jaden's saber from his grasp, she used it to bring down the roof, and she escaped with Penin. Katarn later received a transmission from Penin pleading for help.

Given his own experience of redemption at the hands of Mara Jade, Katarn determined to answer the call. Once again separated, Korr went on ahead and confronted Penin. Urged on by Alora , he considered killing Penin as retribution. In the facilities below, Katarn sensed his precarious position and telepathically urged Jaden to spare Penin's life. Following his master's wishes, Jaden spared Penin's life and fought Alora, who severed Penin's left arm.

Jaden killed Alora just as Katarn arrived. Katarn ordered Jaden to aid the Jedi on Korriban , as he rushed Penin off to a medical facility. Katarn went on to become the Academy's foremost Jedi Battlemaster , educating many other Knights, and fighting in the Third Battle of Yavin where he stopped and killed a rampaging former Emperor's Hand by the name of Jeng Droga. After the end of the invasion, Katarn heard a rumor that the Sith still existed. Due to his personal experience on Dromund Kaas, Katarn investigated, following clues from Ord Sedra in the Clacis sector first to Yaga Minor , and then halfway across the galaxy to the Cloak of the Sith , near Roon.

Katarn went missing there. Jan Ors and Jaden Korr set out to locate him. Azur-Jamin was eventually redeemed, revealing the presence of a Force-sensitive Yuuzhan Vong.

She rejected his proposals on the basis of not wanting to get married because every day might be their last. Five years after the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, Katarn had become a respected Master not afraid to voice his opinion. Katarn joined the fighting on the ground while the Solos helped Luke and Mara Skywalker.

Jae Juun and Tarfang were known to have read it as part of their training. Four years after the Killik crisis, Katarn remained on the council. As the tensions grew between Corellia and the Galactic Alliance , Luke Skywalker's nephew Jacen Solo , under the sway of the dark side, began interning, torturing and executing Corellians under his new role as a Colonel in the Galactic Alliance Guard. Katarn voiced his concerns along with fellow Council-member Cilghal to Skywalker that Solo was a dangerous force in his new capacity.

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However, Katarn was only acting as a voice of moderation, and came to realize that the Jedi sometimes had to act beyond the government. Katarn's fears of Solo were justified as the wayward Jedi Knight amassed a wealth of allies and political power. Following the mysterious death of Mara Jade Skywalker, his former apprentice, Katarn attended the funeral of his close friend.

When Solo, who was, unknown to Katarn, now Darth Caedus, arrived at the funeral, Katarn, along with Kyp Durron and Kenth Hamner , told the co-Chief of State that he was unwelcome to stand with the Jedi masters, and that his place was either with the Knights, or the visiting dignitaries; however, a grieving Grand Master Skywalker overruled them. Katarn joined the other Jedi Masters on Endor , where they discussed their next actions against Jacen. Although Master Durron was in charge of the formulated mission to capture or kill, Katarn was selected by Skywalker as the team leader, and given a secondary objective to which only he was privy; a tracking device was to be placed upon Solo during their engagement with the powerful fallen Jedi and secret Dark Lord of the Sith.

Katarn and his team infiltrated Coruscant's undercity and eventually assaulted Solo outside the Senate Building. Solo was a formidable opponent, even for Katarn's skills, and the Jedi Master had to protect the weaker members of the team as he dueled the former Jedi Knight and now young Sith Lord. As Caedus claimed, Katarn was unaware of what he was fighting against, and the Sith's brutality during the duel saw the Jedi Master hard-pressed to win the advantage, though the mission itself was only a diversion to place the tracking device upon Solo. Forced to defend Hu'lya from Solo's attacks, Katarn sent his saber spinning at Jacen, only to have it deflected and return to his hand.

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When his opponent gestured towards him, Katarn prepared himself for a contest of telekinesis, though he was caught off-guard by Solo's tactic; the Sith Lord grasped a passing GAG speeder with the Force and sent it cannonading into the Jedi Master's back. Katarn was catapulted forward and impaled on Solo's blade. The Sith Lord pulled his lightsaber free and turned to finish off the rest of the team, unaware that the tracking device had been attached to his cloak by Dorvald, and that Katarn was still alive.

Although a grief-consumed Mithric was slain by Solo, Horn and Dorvald dragged Katarn to safety while Hu'lya made good her escape. Unfortunately for the severely wounded Master, Solo's blade had punctured his lung, and Katarn's lowered immune system was unable to prevent the incursion of an infectious plague that the Commenori, opposed to the Galactic Alliance, had unleashed on Coruscant. However, against all odds, Kyle Katarn survived both the serious wound and the diseases he picked up in the undercity sewers. On his return to Endor he was healed by Cilghal, with yet another successful mission to his name.

Katarn later regained enough of his strength to accompany the Jedi on their mission to the Corellian system, where they rescued the abducted Hapan Chume'da Allana from Caedus' clutches. During the final battle with Darth Caedus and his forces in the Mist, Master Katarn was one of the many Jedi who took part in the assault. In Horn, who was also being followed by Master Skywalker, his son Ben, and Han and Leia Solo, news-crews, and bounty hunters, was eventually incapacitated by the Grand Master.

During a Council meeting, Katarn appeared concerned for Jysella Horn , daughter of his friend Corran Horn, after she went mad. When it was revealed what Jaina Solo and the Darkmeld team had done, Katarn was glad that Seff Hellin was now in the hands of the Jedi Order, but voiced concern over the fact that neither he nor the High Council had been informed by Cilghal, Tekli , or Jaina Solo. However, it was in terms of sarcasm to the recent events concerning what to do with the rash of Jedi Knights who were going insane, as noted by Han Solo. He insisted that the Jedi support Tahiri Veila during her trial , which was agreed upon by masters Sebatyne and Cilghal.

Katarn later went on to express his opinion about Natasi Daala threatening the Jedi with a Mandalorian siege. When the siege happened, led by Belok Rhal , Katarn pointed out that the Mandalorians were blocking every exit, secret and public, in and out of the Temple. He expressed concern for the populace of Coruscant, fearing they might get hurt if they tried to protest the siege by the Mandos.

Hamner agreed, but didn't know how to work around this without stalling for time. Apprentice Kani Asari volunteered to go out and negotiate with Rhal. When Rhal murdered Kani in public, Katarn, Sebatyne, Corran, and Durron refused to let Hamner retrieve the body, that it wasn't safe for him to be out there with a deranged Mandalorian in charge of the siege. Soon after these events, Master Katarn was among the Masters present when Han Solo proved to Chief of State Daala that the Jedi who were being driven mad had recovered, causing her to order the siege of the Jedi Temple lifted.

However, she refused to release Valin and Jysella Horn back into the hands of the Jedi. Later, during a meeting of the Council, tempers were flaring with both Daala's refusal to release the Horn Jedi and Kenth Hamner's lack of leadership during the situation. Octa Ramis insisted that they take military action and free the Horn's, by force if need be.

Hamner refused. Katarn then spoke, saying that unless they wished to take this kind of abuse from Daala, they would have no choice but to take military action. During the course of the meeting both Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo interrupted the heated meeting to show the masters the revolution on Bladu Sextus.

When it showed that Mandalorians were in charge of putting down the revolt, Saba Sebatyne grew enraged and insisted that the Jedi do something. When none of the Masters know anything of the situation on Sextus, Katarn asked her several questions about the relationship of the Octusi, who were responsible for the revolt, and their owners. When things did not appear so black and white Katarn grew more interested in who was behind the revolt, rather than what the Jedi were going to do about it, and went so far as to suspect the newest member of the Council Barratk'l had something to do with it.

The suspicion was soon wiped away when she not only insisted she had nothing to do with it, but Hamner backed her up. The meeting proceeded, with the Jedi asking Saba who among the Jedi should go and handle the situation of Sextus.

The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun
The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun
The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun
The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun
The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun
The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun
The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun The Owners, Volume III: Dark Side Of The Sun

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