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Posted by Dan dos Santos Thursday, May 16th, View Profile View Posts. Known for his colorful paintings, most often depicting strong women, Dan's work spans a variety of genres including novels, comics and film. Aside from freelance illustration, Dan also enjoys teaching. He has lectured all over the country at various workshops, and is the founder of Muddy Colors.

He currently resides in Greensboro, NC where he lives with his Wife and two sons.

A Modern, Illustrated Moby Dick (PHOTOS)

These books are gorgeous. I cannot however figure out how to order any!

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Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Generic filters. Hidden label. Previous Dragons. Next Bobbing for Apples with Friends. Related Posts. Melissa Gay on May 16, at am. I utterly love Moby Dick— what a great find this edition is!

Beth London on May 17, at am. Lomaev is awesome! The illustrations are drawn in brush and pen and ink, in a densely-crosshatched style deliberately reminiscent of scrimshaw , a craft common on whaling ships of the era, and discussed in the text. My hope has been to work with old-feeling illustration techniques in an unexpected and dramatic way.

Visual research for this project was constant throughout its process, beginning with a visit in to the Charles W. Morgan , the last remaining wooden whaleship, and one almost indistinguishable from the text's descriptions of the Pequod. This edition of Moby-Dick will be pages in length, and 7 by 10 inches.

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The book will be hardcover with white lightly-textured fake leather over board, with the title printed in black and debossed on the spine. The covers will be totally blank and white. The edges of the text block will be stained black, and the book will come in a black matte slipcase, with an illustration of the whale on two of its sides. An overall aesthetic of melodramatic light and shadow and traditional techniques used in aggressive, modern ways is meant to inform the illustrations and the design and treatment alike.

In the typesetting of this edition, I've been a little more reverent of the unusual typesetting choices of the first American edition than most modern editions are. The display type is Two Lines English Egyptian , a digital revival by Jonathan Martin of one of the first commercially-available sans serif fonts, chosen for how it works with the illustrations, and how it reflects the same transitional period into modernity and industrialization as does the book itself.

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You can download a free preview of the first several chapters of the book right here , to get an idea of what the entire book will look like. I'm keeping this simple and focusing on making this book exactly the way I want it to be. Just a few extras will be available through the Kickstarter:. Screenprint: A 12 by 18 inch screenprint in white ink on black paper, of the illustration "This breaching is his act of defiance. Scrimshaw Medallion: A 1-inch diameter engraved medallion based on 19th-century scrimshaw. The medallion is of shell and is slightly iridescent and irregular in coloration.

The backing is zinc. The image is an illustration of the Pequod: the art shown above is not final. Wizard of Oz illustrated: The first book I illustrated and self-published was L. The book is published in a hardcover edition with nearly illustrations. Copies gotten through this Kickstarter are at a significant discount. It's worn out and full of post-its and marks and notes, and I've drawn Captain Ahab on the title page.

Moby-Dick:Illustrated by Gilbert Wilson – Hat & Beard Press

Thank you for your interest! I hope you'll consider backing, or helping me spread the word about this project. And if you'd like to download a free e-book of the first several chapters of the book, head right here. If you'd like to read the entire text of the book for free, you can find it here.

For this book I'm working with Make That Thing again: they're coordinating with the printer and they'll do the order fulfillment when the books are received. These are both things they are very good at and have done many times! The book is entirely laid out and ready to go to press right now.

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We're already talking to the printer we'll use, and the goal for this project is based on their quote. This process should be pretty smooth, but delays can happen in book production and I'll let backers know if anything comes up! Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. A copy of Moby-Dick Illustrated. A copy of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Illustrated. A scrimshaw medallion.

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A screenprinted poster. Two copies of Moby-Dick Illustrated. My personal copy of Moby-Dick, with an original drawing in it. Nov 14, - Dec 14, 30 days.

Moby Dick [ Illustrated ] Moby Dick [ Illustrated ]
Moby Dick [ Illustrated ] Moby Dick [ Illustrated ]
Moby Dick [ Illustrated ] Moby Dick [ Illustrated ]
Moby Dick [ Illustrated ] Moby Dick [ Illustrated ]
Moby Dick [ Illustrated ] Moby Dick [ Illustrated ]
Moby Dick [ Illustrated ] Moby Dick [ Illustrated ]
Moby Dick [ Illustrated ] Moby Dick [ Illustrated ]

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