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Easy Low-Carb Chicken Dip

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Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Marisa's Kitchen Talk. Exercise your mind and body. About Me. Like this: Like Loading Comments on: "About Me" Eileen said:. April 9, at pm. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am going to follow you as well! Michelle Burton said:.

May 22, at am. Hey Marisa, I like your blog, especially your recipes. I will be checking you out regularly. Lucy said:. May 24, at am. Hey Marisa, I love to eat more than I love to cook. Thanks for all your help! Marisa's Kitchen Talk said:. May 26, at am. Leona said:. May 31, at am. Leona Like Like. May 31, at pm. SharMae said:. June 6, at pm.

Sonia said:. June 25, at pm. June 26, at am. Fatima said:. September 6, at pm. Marisa's Low Carb Kitchen Talk said:. June 4, at am. Michelle said:. Thanks so much for publishing this — it came out great the first time! Was very intimidated by this recipe , so manny times i have tried recipes from the internet and failed.

I did however use ground sunflower kernels instead of almond flour. They are not as crispy as i would like though znd i did have them in the oven for even longer than recommended. Any tips would be appreciated. And how to store? I halved the recipe bcos i didnt want to waste ingredients if it was a flop. I tried the coconut version, I was surprised and glad that the coconut flavor did not come through. This one is a keeper! Thank you so much for sharing! I make this dough and roll it out to a rectangle and stuff it with sausage, onion, peppers and cheese.

Makes an awesome sausage braid! Just wanted to share in case anyone was looking for another use for this recipe. We love it! Thanks for this fail proof recipe! Would love to see a video or some pictures as to how to do this for dummies. There is a video within the post. Just click and watch the 1 minute clip to see how easy it is. I also have it on my YouTube channel here.

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I would try only baking for 10 minutes, that is what I did then I flipped it and cooked for another 2 minutes. The problem was is too high. It should be I burned it too. I was super intimidated to try this, these this are usually an ordeal. If I had more racks in my oven it would have taken even less time! This is going to be a game hanger for us!!

Low Carb USA Day 3: Keto diet for the brain

Whoever came up with this is brilliant! Thank you so so so much!!! Yes, many people here cook the base, allow to cool, then freeze. Just made it. Left out rosemary. I thought it tasted great! I made my own homemade sauce using Muirs organic plum tomatoes, adding drops of stevia liquid sweetner. After it has cooled a little, I was able to hold in hands like traditional pizza. I was so close to caving when I found this recipe! I just spread it over the pan with a spoon, pricked with a fork, and then flipped with no additions for 5 minutes I think I would do it a 8 and 8 next time. I ate it covered in butter with a little Parmesan and dipped in homemade marinara sauce — it was so good I ate 3 pieces!

You really only need the microwave to melt the cheese. Perfect following the recipe exactly using coconut flour. Sprayed parchment paper w nonstick spray, used baking stone under parchment and flipped over after 15 min to get super crisp. Had no issues w sticking or anything. Put a small bit of prepared pizza sauce, fresh garlic, basil, oregano, green and red pepper and a few slices of pepperoni. This is a keeper thank you! We tried to make this, but the crust ended up being super tiny and thin not like in the video so we abandoned it. Did we miss something? You can just double or triple the recipe if you want the crust to be thicker.

But the dough still taste really oily and not bread like. Anyone have any ways of making the dough taste more breast? Or covering up that oil taste the dough has!!!!! I made this for the 1st time today and loved every bite. Dee look on youtube…. Apparently the addition of psyllium and yeast give more that bread taste!

The added dryer non-oily crunch and the reminiscent of bread scent of rosemary will make it a different experience. Test out baking time by making small rounds and timing how long gets you crispness. Did you use almond flour or almond meal? I believe Almond meal will make the finished product more oily because it includes the skins ground up with the almonds. Also, I use block cheese I grate myself, not the pre grated you buy in a bag. I was wondering about storage of the dough. Can I make several batches at once and either roll it out and freeze it, or freeze it as a dough ball?

In the comments, many readers have told me they make the Fat Head dough then roll it out into a circle pizza shape. Whichever way you decide, it is an awesome substitute for a frozen pizza base. Most readers complain if I place the ingredients in the video. Are you kidding me?

You should be thrilled he even shared this awesome treat! You are the annoying one. Umm…I see the written instructions and ingredients. Why rely on just a video when the recipe is posted? If stuff like that annoys you, when she is posting menus, videos, responding to comments here if you scroll thru pretty dependably, than you got bigger issues that this post dude. And do nothing else? I have the THM baking blend.

Could I use that? Or would it be better just to use the coconut flour I have straight coconut flour, but no straight almond flour. In the recipe notes there is the conversion how to make this recipe using coconut flour. Melt the cheese on a double boiler. I did it like that and it was perfect. Worked well and was delicious. Made this today. No sticking to paper or hands. The only tip I would give is to bake the crust longer after flipping if you prefer thin crust like I do.

Great recipe! I used parchment paper like said, but still had issues with the crust sticking to the parchment paper. Any suggestions? Cooking spray? YES I ate it with the wax paper on back, wolfed down the whole thing. It was that good! Wax paper is definitely not the same as parchment paper. Wax paper is NOT oven safe. The wax will melt into your food. You got your fiber that day! When using parchment paper, feel free to use non-stick spray to further reduce chances of food sticking.

Just made this today. I read the suggestion on Fat head and they said to wet your hands to press it onto the parchment paper. If it is sticking to the paper right out of the oven; place everything on a cool counter top for the cheese to solidify a little. Paper will peel right off after a minute or so. Use a silicon baking mat instead. I took a pizza class last month and something that we did in the class might work well on this pizza!

When building the pizza, after putting the sauce on we took a few spoonfuls of the garlic oil and drizzled it over the sauce. OMG it was amazing! The sauce we made from Italian canned San Marzano tomatoes you can get these in the grocery store! Absolutely delicious! New to LCHF. Is it not tomato sauce used in the example photos for this crust? If so, why are they adding it to a crust like this?

Is it the sugar in the tomatoes? Please help me to understand! Just read the nutrition label when shopping. Not all tomato sauce are carby. The one I buy regularly has 3g of net carbs per cup. Made this for the first time tonight and was fairly successful — I oiled the paper lightly but it still stuck on one side so will oil it more next time. It did however taste fabulous — so delicious after weeks of no bread! I added dried Italian herbs, garlic powder and black pepper to the mix but no salt as I figured the cheese would make it salty enough which it was. So quick and easy to do — gonna make some crackers next time so I can eat them as a base for breakfast toppings.

I just roll the dough onto to it without any parchment paper under or on top and rolls well no sickness, just thought. Also, is 2 slices really enough for my huge pizza loving husband? I have used a fresh mozzarella ball a couple of times with this recipe. Works great. Like you said, grate ot first—this allows you to mix the almond flour in well.

How does a person only eat one slice? That means technically I just ate 3 slices? I was a bit slow to catch on to this, but-Wow! I can see what all the hype is about. This is my go-to recipe now. I have been making all sorts of fat head variations and last night made it with Lupin flour which has very low carb as its all fibre and low fat as well. It was very crispy, thin and delicious. We cooked it and topped it off with cream cheese, smoked salmon, red inion, capers and arugula WOW. This is now my go to website for everything gluten free!

Thank goodness for people like you that help us find our way. Very difficult being a vegetarian too. So glad you had info exchanges for almond flour vs coconut flour!!! Thank you!!!! Having a pizza and not eating the whole thing is a foreign concept to me. Lupin flour only has 1. That gives you plenty of room for the tomato paste, which will add about 12 carbs. For anyone trying this, you might want to decrease the baking time. Mine was pretty well brown by the 12 min mark. Challenge accepted!

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  • After seeing the recipe over and over, I finally made it this week and it was delicious! I ate the leftovers cold with some kale pesto on top and that was also delicious. I have made three batches of this recipe crackers and pizza successfully by omitting the egg completely! It turns out crispier this way. The dough is surprisingly easy to work with. I think this egg-free version tends to brown easier, but the burnt pieces taste like cheez-its.

    Wow, brilliant suggestion. Thank you. Hope it turns out for ya! This pizza crust came out astonishingly perfect. I followed the recipe to the letter, and lightly brushed the parchment paper with extra virgin olive oil before rolling out the dough. No sticking, perfect texture. Way easier to make than regular pizza dough as well. Thanks, Fat Head! Oh my hat. This knowledge makes me so blooming happy. Could this recipe get any more perfect? I am so trying this tomorrow night. My husband will want to marry me all over again. Thanks, Libby!

    I have a pizza attachment for my weber grill can yiibus this dough like regular pizza dough or will high heat burn it. I stored mine in the fridge for several hours, until I was ready to use it, and it was perfect. Just roll it out first and store it on a flat baking sheet until you want to cook it.

    Clarification —- can the dough be rolled in a ball and refrigerated for TWO days, then rolled out and baked? I chnaged the amount of slices I was making, but it does not change the amount of coconut flour. Is it substitute one quarter cup coconut flour to one cup almond flour? If you are only making half a recipe, you only need to add half the coconut flour. Nutrition info is for slice. How many slices are in this pizza? You can make it however big you desire. If you like it thicker, make your circle smaller.

    Either way, cut in 6 slices the nutritional info will be the same. You are correct. Actually the length of time heating affects this also, so microwaving actually retains more nutrients then slow cooking something due to the reduced cook time. There are other problems with microwave cooking though, such as dehydration of food.

    Hey guys and gals! Any suggestions!? Same here. I left about one whole slice worth of crust stuck to the paper after baking but I scraped it off and ate it anyway. I had the same issue. I actually used no credit cheese today I forgot and it turned out much better. I used a little coconut flour over parchment to prevent sticking like u would with normal dough.. I used a cooking brush to lightly coat the parchment paper with extra virgin olive oil both sheets when rolling the dough out no sticking whatsoever — it worked beautifully.

    Try leaving it on parchment while baking: roll between two pieces of parchment, take the top sheet off, then slide the bottom sheet—crust and all—onto the pan. As for sticking to the paper when wet, mine did the same thing. One other tip: put parchment on pan, dough on parchment, top sheet of parchment over dough, then use a second pan to rest dough flat. No rolling required, and dough takes shape of pan quickly and easily. Remove top pan and parchment before baking. When I used another type of parchment paper more expencive, seemed higher quality then it worked fine.

    Not sure if the consistency would be the same since the pre-shredded stuff tends to have a coating of some sort …. Thanks, you answered my question- how to make this recipe without a microwave oven. I prefer not to use one. Save yourself the money and carbs and shred your oown cheess. You are actually better off shredding it yourself because store bought shredded cheese has a little bit of carbs in it.

    They use some anti caking ingredient. Check the label of a block of mozzarella vs shredded Mozzarella. The block will say 0 or less than 1 g of carbs; the shredded is 1 or 2 g of carbs per ounce. I grate my own because I have been unable to find whole milk mozzarella already shredded. I used the specified amount in the recipe and it turned out fine. Thank you so much. I was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes and have had a very hard time keeping my sugar levels balanced.

    This is the first time in a week that I have felt completely satisfied. AND bonus my kids…which are impossible to please at dinner all loved it! Thank you for giving me something tasty. Thank you thank you! This is so lovely. I wish i knew then what I know now. I used a pack grams of American cheddar cheese instead of the regular cheese and i used no cream cheese, it came out wonderful.

    Fathead pizza, the best pizza in the world! What more can I say? The versatility of the dough is incredible too, have used it for so many things! Am i insame, but why are there 2 measurement amounts for each item? Which is it, 8 oz or 2. Because I get readers complaining my measurements are not in cups for US readers or weight, which is more accurately used by the rest of the world. They are one and the same. BTW, many thanks for posting both, Libby! I prefer using measurements of mass but am in the U. I used to be an expert pizza maker at home prior to going to Keto.

    Also if you use the baking steel you will not need to pre-cook the dough I do not and it comes out perfect every time. I also cannot stress how important it is to preheat your oven prior to baking. With a baking steal it holds the temperature much better because it is a quarter inch thick sheet of steel in your oven.

    It really makes all the difference in the world. I do not punch holes in it and my Dell never sticks to the parchment paper. Then just enough grated cheese so you can still see the red below it I usually add pepperoni and a sprinkle of onions. For the crust I find dried rosemary just a pinch is enough along with some garlic powder and salt If you have fresh basil add it only after the pizza is done and remove from the oven otherwise it is worthless and will shrivel up and burn with no flavor. This recipe has save me and allowed me to continue with my pizza skills which makes me happy.

    My whole family enjoys this pizza which is unusual, because I used to make the real deal all the time and they were used to that and I do not even hear a peep when I serve them this. My kids really like it. It was to die for!! Tonight he asked if we can have this again tomorrow. Our pizza Fridays have been saved! It puffs up all by itself which is why we make fork holes all over the base so it crisps up nice and evenly.

    It also allows any air holes to escape. Fat Head is really perfect as a thin crust pizza. I am looking on amazon and they have pizza baking steels and also cast iron pizza pans. I like the cast iron because it would be easier to lift out of the oven with the handles…. Let them warm a little to soften and start mixing them with a fork.

    The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen Cookbook Pre-Sale | All Day I Dream About Food

    Add the almond meal and mix. Remove from heat and then mix in the egg. Made the pizza for the first time tonight for my husband and I ended up we had a couple of slices each and the rest was polished off by my son and his girlfriend. So good I cannot wait to try some of the other recipes. But first, I need to know if it can be frozen for later…? This recipe is amazing! Before microwaving, add your spice combination. It takes some aggressive mixing to get the egg incorporated throughout. This is an important step! Forget it and your crust will bubble and stick to the paper.

    Cook in the oven for minutes at degrees, then flip and cook for another minutes. Use immediately or put in a zip lock in the fridge. I usually divide my dough in half and make two 10 inch crusts at a time because that makes thickness crust for me. I cut it into six slices. Add your toppings. Crank the oven up to degrees and heat pizza until cheese just starts to bubble. This is the first low carb pizza my husband liked so I will be making it again as well as the nachos.

    I followed the directions, and it turned out perfect with a thin, crispy crust. I have tried this 3 times now and every time I follow the recipe to a T and it comes out soggy the dough. It is not dough consistency, rather very sticky. I think you must have the wrong cheese. Perhaps you are heating the cheese too long. It only needs to be warmed enough to mix, not melted. With keto you should always use full fat cheese.

    I just made this this morning. I used the coconut four option and added garlic powder and parsley flakes. They came out perfect! A tortilla press! You are a frickin genius!

    Texas Sheet Cake (THM, Low Carb, KETO)

    But I will now! Thank you for this recipe. In other words, will it taste like pizza or will the coconut flavor be weird? There is a very very subtle coconut flavour but I always add herbs such as rosemary or garlic to the base anyway, so the coconut become overpowered. In response to Jackie, I cook with coconut flour all the time and when using it in recipes like this, the added herbs cover up any hint of coconut taste. We never taste coconut in our pizza.

    I personally have a dislike for coconut flour and can taste even the subtlest amount in whatever was baked. I love Thai coconut curry but I think anything with coconut flour is awful. Hi, I absolutely love this recipe. Made for the first time and my family loves it too. I decided to give your blog and this recipe a shout out in a blog post I wrote. Keep those recipes coming! I just threw all ingredients into food processor thermomix and mixed until a nice dough. I also pre cooked my meats and for good measure threw in the olives and pinapple into the frypan.

    Only topping placed on base unheated were the anchovies and cheeses. Even the tomato paste was zapped in microwave for 45secs. I just pressed ot out with hands as it was a touch sticky and soft. I also used a small snack tub just under 2 tbsp of Philadelphia spreadable cream cheese at room temp instead if cream cheese. That probably helped the dough to be a bit sticky and pliable. I only have an 8 inch or so..

    How many 8 inch pizzas does this recipe make? Would you happen to know? You just have to look around for it. In a worst case scenario, you can make it yourself, too. Currently making crackers with the other half of the dough… love this recipe. I made this with a bit of flax added as well, I used olive oil to keep it from sticking to paper, turned out great! I am sorry to undermine the whole premise of your website in a single comment, but vegetables ARE carboydrates! Tastes so awesome and recipe was so easy to follow! Topped mine with diced tomatoes for the sauce, grilled chicken breast and bacon YUM!

    Thanks for a great recipe!! Even though broken down into the same chemical components eventually, the complex carbs in veggies require a more complex process of digestion, and in that process, feed desirable gut bacteria. I did this over the weekend because I forgot to buy cream cheese — ricotta worked well but we ended up eating it with a knife and fork- I think the extra water content stopped it from crisping up right in the middle. If I had cooked it longer, I think it would have cooked right through to the middle.

    I found the dough even easier to mix up and roll out with ricotta in it… I would do it again! In regards to nutrition facts, if we are making this for 6 servings 3 slices each , is it 4 carbs per slice or 4 carbs for the whole 6 servings? The recipe makes enough Fat Head pizza to serve 6 people. So it is 4g total carbs per person i. I am excited to try this today. I would like to make 6 single serve personal size pizza crusts.

    Can the dough be frozen? Or should I bake all six and then freeze in a large ziplock? Just need something easy for 1 person. I would cook them first then freeze in individual ziplock bags or one large with pieces of baking paper in between to make them easy to remove. Freezing uncooked cheese will just make it go hard and brittle.

    You had me at pizza! Thank you Libby! You have saved my low carb life! Love the taste of fathead pizza and crackers! How do you stop it sticking to the parchment? Mine stuck too!! I baked it on tinfoil and it was stuck like glue — it did crisp up but when I added sauce it got soft again. Never use tin foil. It will stick like crazy as you sadly discovered. Always use baking parchment.

    Works like a charm and comes off every time. I used foil on the bottom but sprayed it with generous coat of cooking spray. No sticking issue but the bottom of the crust was a little oily. Hi Libby, how do you get the base crispy? Kindly advise. Is it possible to take the dough ball, cut it into chunks then either roll or flatten out with a tortilla press really thin and fry them in the pan until light brown on both sides like a tortilla?

    I followed the recipie and my dough was perfect! Take a look at the recipe notes, I have now devised how to make Fat Head pizza using coconut flour. This article might help also for those with nut allergies. Are there any seed flours you can tolerate? How about sunflower seed flour or pumpkin seed flour? They would work, albeit with a different flavour so add plenty of seasoning and herbs. Seriously better than my carb loaded traditional crust. Stir until the cheese has melted and everything has blended together. Can someone help me out with the nutrition facts.

    I just started the keto diet and when I enter the ingredients and all the other information, the amount of calories and servings are confusing. The nutrition facts that you have up now say that there are 4g of carbs per serving, is that per slice?

    Karens Carb Crazy Kitchen Karens Carb Crazy Kitchen
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