Imperfect Contrition

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Nature of contrition

We have two issues concerning Russia that you are conflating. First, did Russia interfere with our elections? ALL of our intelligence agencies have stated that Russia interfered with our election. Plus, Europeans have made some of the same complaints about Russia interfering in their countries.

Mortal Sin, and an Act of Perfect Contrition

What is your source to deny that Russia interfered with our election? Second, did Trump collude with Russia? And neither do you. So what is it? Did Cohen debunk the whole Russian story or is he a sleaze we should not believe? He said he had no direct knowledge of it.

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Cohen's testimony also says, "I have my suspicions. The issues having to do with Russia were in closed hearings. It is perplexing that you could make any judgements without knowing what was said in the closed meetings. You stated electing Trump would have cost the Russians several trillions of dollars. That seems rather extreme.

What is your source for this statement? You claimed that Hillary would not have hurt Putin and Putin knew it. I recommend you go back and read the history between Putin and Hillary. It is common knowledge that Putin did not like Hillary and this is confirmed by sources in and out of the intelligence community. Putin did not like Hillary because she was too tough on him.

They spent years in a battle of words. In when Putin ran for office again, his popularity was down and there were protests. He claim this was the fault of Hillary and the State Department. She was also Sec of State when sanctions were imposed on Russia by the U. Hillary always stood up to and criticized Putin. She called him a "tough guy with a thin skin. Then you claim the Clinton campaign conspired with the Russians to help elect her. So you are saying that the Russians did spend trillions of dollars after all to try to elect the person they wanted?

And you are saying that Putin was that stupid? The only people who claim the Russians worked for Hillary are the Trump people. Do have any sources for this claim that are valid? Jordan, My comments were addressed to Crystal Watson not you. If you want to engage in a dialogue, I am more than happy to. I will try to answer your comments but am travelling at the moment am replying on the fly. Trump's energy policy was to expand both those in the US and thus keep lower fossil fuel prices due to fracking or make them even lower. Do the numbers and over a Trump presidency, the Russian economy would lose trillions of dollars.

Now why would Putin want this? Michael Cohen is a sleaze and I said he was Trump's sleaze. Nothing changed. He is still a sleaze. No problem standing by that. Now how does his new arrangement affect his honesty? He must be consistent or else he's in deeper trouble. I once was on a jury when the prosecution presented a witness that was one of the slimiest persons I had ever seen.

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But he presented testimony that was consistent so we believed him. Read the column by Ross Douthat on the implications of Cohen's testimony. Please respond to what I wrote and not what you think I wrote. That will make our discussion easier and on point. I watched the entire Cohen hearing.

Further, the hearings having to do with Russia were closed hearings so it is perplexing that you could make any judgements without knowing what was said in the closed meetings,. What specifically, in my comments, were debunked at the hearings? Most things in my postings were not even discussed in the hearings. Not of these issues were part of the hearings. Are you able to disprove any of these items with evidence? Here is a summary of the hearing from the Committee on Oversight and Reform in the House. You will see there is much more involved with the hearing which you seem to unaware of.

Main stream media? I read books and journals from all sides for my information. Again, of all the books, journals, or news I have read or watched, none of them make Trump look as bad as Trump does himself. Go to the source and watch Trump, listen to his speeches, and read his Tweets. Do republicans have a backup should they become convinced Trump has no chance of a second term? I am bidding America goodbye! It literally tilts so far towards socialism that I am getting seasick. Cosgrove is one of the few stalwarts who courageously fights back against all the radical views taken here.

I will find my time better spent reading the Bible than America. Your source for jobs, books, retreats, and much more. Zac Davis March 01, Scott Applewhite. The value of public penance in the age of clerical abuse, mass incarceration and MeToo. Show Comments Comments are automatically closed two weeks after an article's initial publication.

See our comments policy for more. Trump is a traitor and a fraud. A blind man can see that. J Cosgrove. Mike Bayer. The article is not about Cohen, innocense or guilt, blah blah blah it is an example of us all of us approaching reconciliation in guilt perfect contrition "i have wronged and and face my fate" or shame imperfect cobtrition "I'm scared because I've done wrong" and God's mercy absolving both - even if insincere, because it may lead to contrition later Cohen is just the example to relate to - juxtaposition for ourselves facing the light of God's inquiry.

You are a severely misled man. I pity you.

“Ask a Priest: Are we capable of perfect contrition?”

There are several definitions of the word "pity. Wikipedia It is not a word we should use towards other human beings in this context. Neither am I. John Hobson. John Rysavy. What crime specifically? Felony campaign violations? You sure there? Jim Lein. Judith Jordan. Crystal Watson. The Russian story is certainly not dead. Wait for Mueller. Christopher Scott. You seem to be living in some alternate universe of news.

Christopher Scott-- Please respond to what I wrote and not what you think I wrote. Further, the hearings having to do with Russia were closed hearings so it is perplexing that you could make any judgements without knowing what was said in the closed meetings, What specifically, in my comments, were debunked at the hearings?

Zac Davis Zac Davis is an associate editor for digital strategy at America. Most popular.

How Can Imperfect Contrition Lead to Perfect Contrition?

This Catholic high schooler painted a mural of black saints to help fight racism. Sacred Story Institute. Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry. Campus Minister International Immersion. Clinical Psychologist Position. See all Classifieds. The latest from america. While Pope Francis has given special consideration to what some may consider liberal life issues, he has also spoken up strongly and clearly for the more traditional prolife issues.

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Charles C. Camosy June 26, Absolution takes away sin , but it does not remedy all the disorders sin has caused. This satisfaction is also called " penance. It must correspond as far as possible with the gravity and nature of the sins committed. It can consist of prayer , an offering , works of mercy , service of neighbor , voluntary self-denial , sacrifices , and above all the patient acceptance of the cross we must bear.

Such penances help configure us to Christ , who alone expiated our sins once for all. They allow us to become co-heirs with the risen Christ , " provided we suffer with him. The satisfaction that we make for our sins , however, is not so much ours as though it were not done through Jesus Christ. We who can do nothing ourselves, as if just by ourselves, can do all things with the cooperation of "him who strengthens " us.


Thus man has nothing of which to boast , but all our boasting is in Christ. A person unskilled in bricklaying learns how to lay bricks by laying them, even if the initial laying is faulty or defective. Similarly one learns to play the piano or to dance, not by reading a book on music theory or studying diagrams of dance steps, but by actually playing the piano and by dancing, over and over. Similarly, one who is imperfectly contrite decides to engage in some human actions that can be actions done solely out of love of God.

These are forward-looking acts of the will. The sinner then goes on, spurred on by imperfect contrition, and continues to act, again and again, in accord with the grace of the sacrament of Penance. This grace is truly the very life of Jesus alive in the sinner. The repentant sinner is spiritually empowered by grace; but still, nonetheless, further good acts are chosen and done freely. In doing these things, the sinner begins, more and more, to act out of love of God.

This is the path to perfect contrition. For there are two kinds of compunction, as you know: one that is afraid of eternal pains, the other that sighs for heavenly rewards; since the soul that is thirsty for God is first moved to compunction by fear, and afterwards by love.

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  • For in the first place it is affected to tears because, while recollecting its evil doings, it fears to suffer for them eternal punishments. But, when fear has died away in the anxiety of a long sorrow, a certain security has birth from a sense of pardon; and the mind is enflamed with love of heavenly joys. And one who previously wept for fear of punishment begins afterwards to weep most bitterly for being kept back from the kingdom.

    For the soul contemplates what are those choirs of angels, what is the very society of blessed spirits, what the vision of the inward brightness of God; and laments more for the lack of unending good than it wept before when it feared eternal evil; and thus it comes to pass that the compunction of fear, when perfected, draws the mind to the compunction of love.

    Imperfect Contrition Imperfect Contrition
    Imperfect Contrition Imperfect Contrition
    Imperfect Contrition Imperfect Contrition
    Imperfect Contrition Imperfect Contrition
    Imperfect Contrition Imperfect Contrition
    Imperfect Contrition Imperfect Contrition
    Imperfect Contrition Imperfect Contrition
    Imperfect Contrition Imperfect Contrition

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