Honky Tonk Christmas

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Photo by Greg Mooney. The Hertz has made a convincing transformation. Neon signs, a bar serving ice-cold beer and strings of Christmas lights complete the look of a cheap roadside honky-tonk. There should be a special Suzi Award for the designer who decided to hang a compound hunting bow as bar decoration: perfection.

Even more critically, they have a talent for creating music. The songs — from cry-in-your-beer breakup tunes to rousing patriotic anthems — are conventionally appealing even as the conventions are being mocked. The conceit might have had some political sting and heft if it had been presented during the George W.

We've been planning for months all the places the money will go to.

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Here's a list of expenses. We were so fortunate to have an incredible group of musicians that played on this album.

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We'll start with Kevin Skrla Not only did Kevin produce this album, he drummed on different tracks, played guitar, piano, pedal steel, organ, bass, and several other things. He also makes the best coffee, this side of the Mason Dixon Line.

Honky Tonk Christmas

Kelly Bishop has been with our group from the very beginning. He has his roots in Gospel, but loved raising hell!

He grew up on a Silver Eagle, as a kid before leaving the South, to come out West! Kelly's laying down the majority of bass parts, you'll hear, on this album. Caleb Melo is a multi-talented musician.

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Primarily playing the pedal steel guitar, on this album Eugene Moles has been playing guitar since he started walking. Eugene's guitar playing is featured on No. Norm Hamlet played for Merle Haggard from the 's until Haggard passed away. We were very honored to have him lay some pedal steel down on this album. Our friend, Mario Carboni called us up one night, while we were in the studio. Since our album is already recorded and mixed, there are no risks, other than time, if this Campaign is funded.

We've spent 9 months getting everything in order. It might be released a few months later than the proposed release date, if the Artwork and Mastering take longer than we expect. No matter what, it will be released, it just might be January of , instead of November of Questions about this project?

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Check out the FAQ. Guitar Pick! When You Want Everything!

Alan Jackson - "Honky Tonk Christmas"

Jack Who? Back this project. Matthew Reeves. Wolfe Island Recording Co. Laying Vocals At Sugarhill Studios. Kevin Skrla.

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Kelly Bishop. Caleb Melo. Eugene Moles. Norm Hamlet. Mario Carboni.

Honky Tonk Christmas Honky Tonk Christmas
Honky Tonk Christmas Honky Tonk Christmas
Honky Tonk Christmas Honky Tonk Christmas
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Honky Tonk Christmas

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