Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition)

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Although the nature of its work makes for difficulties in assessing its contributions to the easing of Cold War tensions, the award in of the Nobel Peace Prize jointly to Pugwash and its long-serving secretary general, Sir Joseph Rotblat, points to it being valued and respected for its work. The Pugwash Conferences continue into the present, tackling nuclear issues but also addressing other societal and political issues associated with contemporary science and technology. What Sachse has brought to the history of Pugwash draws on her long-standing interest in the relationship between science and politics in Germany before and during the Second World War, and in West Germany afterwards.

"Geschlecht" English translation

Although Pugwash was a movement of elite scientists, the doors of the MPG, whilst never fully closed, were never fully open to it: as Sachse emphasizes, this was always an uneasy relationship. As she argues, the MPG response to Pugwash took the form of a subtle and sustained ambivalence that placed distance between institution and movement. All worked under the auspices of the Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler VDW which, from its formation in , provided an institutional home for Pugwash in West Germany.

At the same time, as a mode of operating, ambivalence was also important in helping him personally to move beyond the shadow cast by his wartime involvement in the Uranverein and unresolved questions about his entanglement with the National Socialist regime.

It reflected in particular the position of German science and scientists within this context, and the role of both in the interlinked processes of rebuilding German science and nation building, and the projects of reintegrating both within the international political and scientific communities. Pugwash could not be rejected outright: to do so would send the wrong signal about the MPG stance on the principle of scientific social responsibility.

Rather, within MPG circles, it was handled in a carefully calibrated and pragmatic way that did not jeopardise the institutional integrity and agenda of the MPG, within and beyond Germany, politically or scientifically. At stake for the MPG was its relationship with Bonn, its role as the flagship of West German science and its standing within the international scientific community. For Sachse, it was both the core commitments of Pugwash and its transnational agenda that were so deeply troubling for the MPG and in Bonn.

Diskriminierung und Homophobie heute

Its opposition to nuclear weapons and the arms race, its commitment to east-west dialogue across the ideological divide, its recognition of the DDR — at odds with the West German Hallstein doctrine — and the suspicions of it in Washington and London were all discomfiting to the Adenauer government.

The latter point resonated strongly in the late s. Amid the processes of denazification and of rebuilding West German science, the principle of scientific social responsibility posed challenges for the MPG as it sought both to position itself in the new Cold War world and reposition itself relative to its predecessor, the KWG. Here there are perhaps connections to Vergangenheitspolitik and the Persilscheinkultur of the post-war period where, in relation to the science-politics nexus, Sachse has made incisive contributions to the literature.

In short, in its aims, ethos and activities, Pugwash ran against the grain of the dominant political considerations and forces at work in the Federal Republic.


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Paying attention to ambivalence opens up a way to analyse the power relations and the political calculations, at both the institutional level and for individual scientists, at work in the science-politics relationship. Her work adds new understanding of the tensions, contradictions and paradoxes at work in the project of rebuilding and rehabilitating German science in the early Cold War.

At the same time, she reveals the interconnectedness between the political and scientific spheres, and the dynamics pertaining between the individual scientist, national scientific institutions, national and international politics. In the course of setting a new agenda for studies of Pugwash, Sachse has found a new context in which to follow her enduring interest in the way scientists operate in the realm of the political. As she has said, science is inherently a supranational activity, and Pugwash affords a case study of transnational dynamics in the sense that it was a site of exchange — of ideas, people, practices and knowledge — across national borders and ideological differences.

At the same time, the forthcoming JCWS volume testifies to the way in which the particularities of the nation state are fundamental to understanding this dynamic.

Al Bundy - Maenner und Frauen

The new engagement with Pugwash histories begun by Sachse in Vienna has built the empirical and theoretical foundations on which future scholarship on Pugwash histories can build. ABC — Dank. Spuren eines Zusammentreffens mit ihrem Ex. Dort finden Frauen Zuflucht, die vor Gewalt fliehen. Zwanzig Betten, drei Angestellte, psychologische Betreuung und rechtlicher Beistand. Doch das Gesetz wird nach wie vor nur halbherzig durchgesetzt, die Strafen sind lasch: Vergreift sich ein Mann an seiner Frau, kann er in der Regel mit einer Haftstrafe zwischen einer Woche und einem Monat rechnen.

Seit jenem ersten Mal schlug Zayas Freund immer wieder zu. Mittlerweile haben sie drei Kinder, alles Jungs. Selbst jede vierte Frau beantwortet die Frage, ob ein Mann seine Frau schlagen darf, wenn sie ihm untreu war, mit Ja. Anfangs hatte sie die Jungen mit in die Notunterkunft genommen. Public providers have the overall responsibility - including planning responsibility — for early childhood services and have to make sure that these services fulfill their tasks.

They are also responsible for the provision of early childhood services in line with demand. Private providers are responsible for the provision respectively the implementation of their own early childhood services, as well as for their staffs' performance.

In addition to the principle of subsidiarity, the early childhood and care system in Germany is also governed by the principle of diversity of child and youth welfare services and providers. The universally binding mandate in the German early childhood education and care system. The German legislation states universally binding objectives for public early childhood education and care services.

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Under the Child and Youth Welfare Services Act, centre-based early childhood education and care and family day care services are to:. Early childhood services support children in all areas of their development. However, these services not only enable children to enhance their cognitive and non-cognitive skills, they also enable parents to improve their work-life balance see Section 22 subsection 3 SGB VIII. Early education in centre-based settings and family day care is characterised by a holistic approach and reflected in the deeply intertwined concepts education, care and upbringing.

This holistic approach is shaped by the traditions of early childhood educational research and practice. The concept of 'upbringing' means all pedagogical activities and behavioral patterns of adults in their responsible interaction with children.

German-English translation for "Geschlecht"

In international comparison, the concepts 'education, care and upbringing' mark a key feature and strength of the mandate implemented by early childhood services in Germany. The government of the Federal Republic of Germany sets a statutory framework that includes binding objectives and principles.

Thus, all 16 federal states have specific laws and regulations, which legally regulate early childhood education and care services in the respective federal states e. These laws define the tasks and goals of early childhood education and care services, for example, how many places are required, whether new early childhood services need to be established, what material resources should be available and how the services should be organised. Regulations concerning staff-child ratios or room dimensions can differ widely between the federal states.

An overview of early childhood education and care laws in the 16 federal states can be found at the Eduserver Deutschen Bildungsserver. The municipalities are responsible for planning and implementing early childhood education and care services at local level.

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They are also responsible for a large part of the funding of these services. The above described division of responsibilities for early childhood education and care services is based on the idea of decentralised management, thereby strengthening the responsibility and independence of smaller state units or individuals and avoiding state paternalism. Both laws grant children from one year onwards the legal right to attend an early childhood education and care centre or a family day care service.

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Against the background of the ongoing quantitative expansion of ECEC services in Germany questions regarding the assurance and development of structural as well as pedagogical quality of those services gained more and more importance. Since the s various stakeholders in research and politics deal with this issue.

Within five subprojects quality criteria national criteria catalogue and evaluation procedures have been compiled and tested in practice. Those instruments and procedures, which have been constantly revised and modified, are used widely within Germany.

Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition) Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition)
Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition) Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition)
Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition) Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition)
Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition) Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition)
Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition) Die Familie und die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter (German Edition)

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