Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition)

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For example, the document may use the word junger, but you will find it in this word list as jung. In addition, the suffixes -chen and -lein are often added to words to indicate "little. Adjectives describe nouns and must have the proper masculine, feminine, or neuter endings. Adjective endings can change depending on usage and gender.

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Plural words are usually formed by adding -er, -en, or -e. Plurality may also change the vowel slightly. In German, many words are formed by joining two or more words. Very few of these compound words are included in this list.


You will need to look up each part of the word separately. For example, Geburtstag is a combination of two words, Geburt birth and Tag day. German uses diacritics over several letters, i. These diacritics are not optional in German because the pronunciation and meaning of a word will be changed depending on whether the diacritic is added or omitted. For data entry and some searches, it is useful to know how to create these characters.

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Note: Do not use diacritics when searching in the FamilySearch Catalog. From a PC keyboard, these letters may be created by using the following keystroke combinations. Make sure the number lock is on. German letters with diacritic marks will be alphabetized in this publication as though they were a, o, u, and ss. However, many dictionaries and gazetteers will alphabetize these characters as if they were ae, oe, ue, and ss. Because spelling rules were not standardized in earlier centuries, spelling variations are common. Local dialect often affects the spelling in genealogical records.

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In German records, the following letters are sometimes used interchangeably:. This word list includes only words most commonly found in genealogical sources. For further help, use a German-English dictionary. These are in the European collection. The call numbers begin with To find and use specific types of German records, you will need to know some key words in German.

This section gives key genealogical terms in English and the German words with the same or similar meanings. For example, in the first column you will find the English word marriage. In the second column you will find German words with meanings such as marry, marriage, wedding, wedlock, unite, joined, and other words used in German records to indicate marriage. A more extensive list of month names in German. German birth and death records often indicated the exact time of day when the birth or death occurred. This is usually written out.

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Sometimes a symbol is used in German genealogical sources rather than abbreviations. Note: In German, letters with diacritical marks are alphabetized as if they did not have a diacritical mark.

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In some other languages, they are alphabetized separately. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki.

Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition) Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition)
Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition) Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition)
Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition) Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition)
Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition) Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition)
Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition) Der Händler und das Mädchen (German Edition)

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