The Fight over Digital Rights

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Fighting for strong encryption Encryption is the cornerstone of secure communications, protecting our privacy and keeping us safe from criminals, hackers, and other bad actors, and the D. Help keep the internet open and secure Subscribe to our action alerts and weekly newsletter. Name First Last. Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe. Subscribe to Action Alerts. Subscribe to Access Express. But is there any difference between the situations in different European countries? Well, yes and no.

With the European Union we have aligned regulation across a great number of countries. When you look at data protection and GDPR that is coming, there may be differences in implementation depending on national jurisdictions.

Call for Papers: Fight for Your Digital Rights! – “Das ist Netzpolitik!”-Conference 2017

This will also offer really interesting litigation opportunities and one can be really strategic about that. For example in Germa ny a law on hate speech on the Internet h as been adopted recently. What is you view on developments like this one? This is worrying of course and it sets a very bad precedent. It will be really interesting to see to what extent this law can hold up in the longer term.

In my personal view, this is a serious infringement on the right of free speech. It is a trend that extends beyond Europe. Bad legislation that is adopted here has a ripple effect that goes much further. Europe is a standard setting location when it comes to digital rights. It has an impact on the US because any corporate business that wants to do business in Europe has to comply with standards here.

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It also sets a standard in another way because governments are held to account and corporations are held to account in how they treat human rights. This is an important moral standard. Is there anything else apart from networking and funding that your organization will be focusing on? With the funding that we have received from the Foundation for Democracy and Media and the Renewable Freedom Foundation we are going to start a project that looks at future digital rights issues to complement litigation support work.

Litigation is by its nature reactive.

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This project seeks to map the issues that are on the horizon and that we should be getting ready for. This will be an interesting thing to integrate in our work. There is a lot to be explored in the area of artificial intelligence and automated decision making, such as issues of equality and diversity. The group of people who design our technology is not very diverse and that has implications for the outcomes.

Another question is: what happens when in the digital sphere certain groups are excluded or marginalized? How can you make sure that there is an equal playing field in the digital sphere? A really interesting issue is freedom of thought: to what extent are you freely making up your mind if you are targeted and pushed in a certain direction? Well, my dream for Europe is that we have a digital rights community that is good at working together and that is coordinating with each other, to have a group of people who see an issue and assess where we can better pursue it.

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Should we pursue it in different jurisdictions at the same time? Should we try different strategies in different jurisdictions or should we all try the same thing for example at the European Court with the similar cases? This kind of open strategy and information sharing will be my dream so we can have an impact. Further down the line there are other regions where you could do similar things, I think of Latin America, where we have a lot of digital rights issues.

And the same goes for Africa as well, but for the near future Europe is our focus.

The fight to protect digital rights is an uphill battle, but not a silent one

And what did you discover? How will you choose which cases to support? Was Rs. Reviews Write A Review. This Product Ships in Weeks. Send By e-mail. Bare Acts Box Set Supreme Court on Ma Supreme Court on Go Gumnami Baba in Hi Examines the debate over digital copyright and the new tools of political communication involved in the advocacy around the issue.

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The Fight over Digital Rights The Fight over Digital Rights
The Fight over Digital Rights The Fight over Digital Rights
The Fight over Digital Rights The Fight over Digital Rights
The Fight over Digital Rights The Fight over Digital Rights
The Fight over Digital Rights The Fight over Digital Rights
The Fight over Digital Rights The Fight over Digital Rights
The Fight over Digital Rights The Fight over Digital Rights

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