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In honor of the movie's 80th anniversary in , we've rounded up some other timeless flicks for you to sink your teeth into. Whether you fancy an early romcom How to Steal a Million , a gripping drama about an organized crime syndicate The Godfather , or a psychological thriller that set new standards for horror What Ever Happened to Baby Jane , there's no better time to check out some of cinema's best.

Each one of these films delivers a heady dose of nostalgia, is genuinely entertaining, and will make you sound more interesting at cocktail parties. Watch Now. It also won best picture in what might arguably be the most crowded field in the history of the Oscars, beating The Wizard of Oz , Wuthering Heights , Stagecoach , and Mr.

Smith Goes to Washington , among others. Casablanca is up there with the Godfather for most quoted screenplay of all time.

The Best '90s Movies to Binge-Watch Right Now

This WWII classic, directed by Michael Curtiz, pairs Scandinavian beauty Ingrid Bergman with tough guy Humphrey Bogart for a story of lovers ripped apart by war and reunited in a far flung Moroccan piano bar—of all the gin joints in the world. She nails a trench coat too. The Sharks and the Jets dance their battles on the streets in this modernized take on Romeo and Juliet.

The songs by Leonard Bernstein, with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, are some of the best of the era.

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Welles pioneered filmmaking techniques of deep focus and chiaroscuro lighting. It also changed showers forever. The film left its imprint on the kinds of narratives and character types—wicked and good witches, scarecrows, tinmen, and cowardly lions, oh my—we see on film. Plus, no men have speaking roles in it!

This twisty tale features an array of wonderful character actors in supporting roles, including Clifton Webb and future horror impresario Vincent Price. The film even co-stars real war vet Harold Russell, who lost his hands, and won an Honorary Oscar for his performance. Hollywood icon James Dean only starred in three films during his short life. Rebel Without A Cause , directed by Nicholas Ray, is the most memorable, and one of the earliest cinematic depictions of teen angst.

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Co-starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, who don drag in order to hide from mob assassins, Some Like It Hot is one of the funniest movies of the 20th century. Starring John Wayne as the Ringo Kid in a breakthrough performance that made him a star, this was the first film Ford shot in Monument Valley.

This MGM musical starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds was emblematic of the grand productions of the s, while also poking fun at the transition from silent to sound film. Barbara Stanwyck sizzles as femme fatale Phyllis in this film, written and directed by Billy Wilder and based on a Raymond Chandler novel. Fred MacMurray co-stars as the square insurance man drawn into her plot—the poor simp never stood a chance against her charms. Stylish and sexy, Double Indemnity is the perfect entry point for classic film noir.

Who could forget the sight of Scandinavian goddess Anita Ekberg swanning in the Trevi Fountain in haute couture? The nostalgic musical Meet Me in St. She stars as Esther Smith, one of four sisters reluctant to uproot their Midwestern lives and move to New York. Produced in his native England before he came to the U.

  • 49. "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962).
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  • Margaret Lockwood stars as the spunky Iris, an Englishwoman who explores the disappearance of a fellow passenger aboard a sleeper train in wintry Eastern Europe. Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn exploring Rome? Hepburn won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in one of the most beloved romances of all time. Brando won a Best Actor Oscar for his Stanislaski-taught realist performance as the longshoreman who fights union corruption, and the film scored seven other statues too.

    George Sanders and Marilyn Monroe give memorable supporting performances.

    50 Best Movies On Netflix Right Now, Ranked (Updated June )

    A fascinating character study and lesson in dramatic writing. This classic Hollywood murder mystery, directed by Billy Wilder, was born ready for its close up, Mr. The story works its way backwards from the discovery of a body in the pool of an aging silent-era actress Norma Desmond, played inimitably by Gloria Swanson. Type keyword s to search.

    Today's Top Stories. Swimsuits That Flatter Every Body.

    Fourth of July Outfit Inspiration. Courtesy Everett Collection Everett. We decided to work it out using statistics. We assembled lists complied by IMDB based on viewer ratings , Rotten Tomatoes based on aggregated critics' reviews , The BFI based on critics' votes , Empire voted for by readers, critics and celebs and The Hollywood Reporter voted for by studio execs, producers and Hollywood main players.

    We then allocated each movie a score out of a depending on where it was ranked in the list points for number 1 etc and added up the collective scores to produce our own amalgamated super-list. Type keyword s to search.

    50. "Pulp Fiction" (1994)

    Here they are then, the 50 greatest movies of all time, as defined by everyone. Warner Bros. United Artists. The Criterion Collection. Orion Pictures. RKO Pictures. Zenith International Films. Selznick releasing organisation. New Line Cinema.

    The Best Movie, Ever!! The Best Movie, Ever!!
    The Best Movie, Ever!! The Best Movie, Ever!!
    The Best Movie, Ever!! The Best Movie, Ever!!
    The Best Movie, Ever!! The Best Movie, Ever!!
    The Best Movie, Ever!! The Best Movie, Ever!!
    The Best Movie, Ever!! The Best Movie, Ever!!
    The Best Movie, Ever!! The Best Movie, Ever!!
    The Best Movie, Ever!! The Best Movie, Ever!!

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