The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life

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The breakup. The death so unexpected you keep calling their number just hoping this is all a bad dream and surely they'll answer this time. I don't know when these disappointments, big and small, are coming my way. They just show up. An unexpected guest that I don't know what to do with. Whether you've used that word or not, it's there. And I want to wrap a little vocabulary around the feelings that are affecting us more than we realize or dare to verbalize.

It's that feeling things should be better than they are. People should be better than they are. Circumstances should be better than they are. Finances should be better than they are. Relationships should be better than they are. And you know what? You're right. Everything should be better than it is. It's no wonder that I'm exhausted and that you are too. Stay with me here, and let me unpack something that Satan has viciously fought to keep us from knowing.

The disappointment that is exhausting and frustrating you? It holds the potential for so much good. But we'll only see it as good if we trust the heart of the Giver. You see, disappointment can be a gift from God that feels nothing like a gift at all. It's unexpectedly sharp, and the Giver can seem almost cruel as we watch someone unwrap it.

Their fingers will bleed.

Keeping Faith in Trials, Temptation and Tough Times

They will feel tricked and so very tempted to stop trusting that anything good can be found within. They will most certainly question the One who allowed it to come their way. I've done all those things. I certainly threw out many deep, sob-filled questions about how God could allow this when I called my friend at a. But disappointment isn't proof that God is withholding good things from us. Sometimes it's His way of leading us Home.

But to see this and properly understand what's really going on, we must take a step back and view it in the context of God's epic love story. The one in which He rescues and reconciles humanity to Himself. So, let's lay down our questions about why these things are happening for just a bit. We'll pick them back up after we are better equipped with truths through which we can process them.

And let's open up God's answers, God's ways, God's Word. I promise you won't find flimsy bumper sticker quotes that never help and often hurt. Together we are going to find a real help and a true hope and a God who will hold us safe through it all. Let's start at the very beginning. Can you imagine what the world looked like when God first created it? When He said it was all good. Very good. And it was all perfect. Perfection's symphony filled the atmosphere. Everything ebbed and flowed in complete harmony.

It sang with the richest tones. And danced with ridiculous precision. There was nothing that didn't look right or feel right. It was beautiful and peaceful and fulfilling. There was perfect peace in relationships. Adam and Eve were so beautifully connected to each other, and they lived in the perfect presence of God. It was paradise with unique intimacy where God would interact in direct relationship with Adam and Eve.

There was perfect provision and perfect fulfillment of their purpose. There was no sadness or confusion or injustice. There was no disease or divorce or depression or death. There were no misaligned motives, no manipulations, no malicious intentions. So the human heart was created in the context of the perfection of the garden of Eden. But we don't live there now. This is why our instincts keep firing off the lie that perfection is possible. We have pictures of perfection etched into the very DNA of our souls. We chase it. We angle our cameras trying to catch it.

We take twenty shots in hopes of finding it. And then even our good photos have to be color corrected, filtered, and cropped. We do our very best to make others think this posted picture is the real deal. But we all know the truth. We all see the charade. We all know the emperor is naked. But there we are, clapping on the sidelines, following along, playing the game.

Trying to believe that maybe, just maybe, if we get close to something that looks like perfection it will help us snag a little of its shine for ourselves. But we know even the shiniest of things is headed in the direction of becoming dull. New will always eventually become old. Followers unfollow. People who lift us up will let us down. The most tightly knit aspects of life snag, unravel, and disintegrate before our very eyes. We don't even feel permission to do so or we just don't know how to process our disappointments.

Especially not in Bible study or Sunday church. Because everyone says, "Be grateful and positive, and let your faith boss your feelings around. And I do believe we need to be grateful and positive and let our faith boss our feelings around. But I also think there's a dangerous aspect to staying quiet and pretending we don't get exhausted by our disappointments. In the quiet, unexpressed, unwrestled-through disappointments, Satan is handcrafting his most damning weapons against us and those we love. It's his subtle seduction to get us alone with our thoughts so he can slip in whispers that will develop our disappointments into destructive choices.

And his favorite entry point of all is through our disappointments. The enemy comes in as a whisper, lingers like a gentle breeze, and builds like a storm you don't even see coming. But eventually his insatiable appetite to destroy will unleash the tornado of destruction he planned all along.

He doesn't whisper to our disappointed places to coddle us. He wants to crush us. And counselors everywhere are telling brokenhearted people sitting on tear-soaked couches that one of the reasons their relationships failed is because of conversations they needed to have but never did. If we don't open up a way to process our disappointments, we'll be tempted to let Satan rewrite God's love story as a negative narrative, leaving us more than slightly suspicious of our Creator.

Why would He create our hearts in the perfection of the garden of Eden knowing that, because of our eventual sin, we wouldn't live there? I mean, once Adam and Eve sinned, couldn't God strip the awareness and craving for perfection out of their hearts before He banished them from the garden? Yes, He certainly could have done that. But to strip out the cause of our disappointment would also rob us of the glorious hope of where we are headed.

Remember, this is a love story. And we will never appreciate or even desire the hope of our True Love if lesser loves don't disappoint. The piercing angst of disappointment in everything on this side of eternity creates a discontent with this world and pushes us to long for God Himself — and for the place where we will finally walk in the garden with Him again. Where we will finally have peace and security and eyes that no longer leak tears The Bible begins with the book of Genesis, set in the first garden of Eden.

But never forget, it ends with Eden restored in the last chapters of Revelation, the last book. God's dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

Notice all the feeling words used to describe the world we currently inhabit: mourning, crying, and pain. Utter disappointment often taps the place of deep tears. As we talked about earlier, everything on this side of eternity is in a state of decay. This is simply the natural result of sin entering the equation. Bright days become dark nights. The laughter of living will be eclipsed by the tears of dying.

The excitement of this moment is torn away by the disappointment of the next moment. This constant threat to our deep feelings ushers in depression, anxiety, callousness, and, quite honestly, a skepticism about the goodness of God. We see that all those harsh realities aren't the end, but rather a temporary middle space.

Not the place where we are meant to wallow and dwell. Rather the place through which we will have to learn to wrestle well. I need this wrestling. I have honest feelings where I want to throw my hands up in utter frustration and yell about the unfairness of it all. To deny my feelings any voice is to rob me of being human.

But to let my feelings be the only voice will rob my soul of healing perspectives with which God wants to comfort me and carry me forward. My feelings and my faith will almost certainly come into conflict with each other. My feelings see rotten situations as absolutely unnecessary hurt that stinks. My soul sees it as fertilizer for a better future. Both these perspectives are real. And they yank me in different directions with never-ending wrestling. To wrestle well means acknowledging my feelings but moving forward, letting my faith lead the way. God knows before we eternally dwell we will have to learn how to wrestle well.

Do you see the encouragement God is giving us in the passage from Revelation 21 to help us do this when our feelings beg us to doubt our faith? He will stop the continuum of decay and death and utter disappointment. He will make everything new! In this restored garden of Eden the curse will be lifted and perfection will greet us like a long-lost friend.

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There will be no gap between our expectations and experiences. They will be one and the same. We won't be hurt. We won't live hurt. We won't be disappointed, and we won't live disappointed. Not in people. Not in ourselves. Not in God. Our feelings and faith will nod in agreement. We will return to a purity of emotion where we can experience the best of our hearts working in tandem with the absolutes of truth. We won't need to wrestle well between our feelings and our faith in the new Eden, because there will be no competing narrative about God's nature.

There will be no corruption of God's nurture.

Kari Jobe - Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest) [Lyrics]

There will be no contrary notions about why God allows things to happen. And there will be no gnawing fear that things might not turn out okay. We won't need to wrestle well, because we will be well. And brought full circle in our understanding of truth. But, as I said at the very beginning of our discussion here, we don't live in the perfection of Eden or the yet-to-come Eden restored. Therefore, today we must understand our need to wrestle well in this space between two gardens.

And we must learn to live and love in the imperfect rhythms of our clunky humanity, trying to stay on beat within a symphony of divinity. But if God's symphony continues to play loud and strong as the ultimate soundtrack of our lives, we will sense how to get back on track. We will feel how to get back in rhythm. We will hear how to get back in tune. I will reward them with a long life and give them my salvation. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper. Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him and he will help you.

Day by day the Lord takes care of the innocent, and they will receive an inheritance that lasts forever. They will not be disgraced in hard times; even in famine they will have more than enough. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure. I ask that everyone that reads this keeps me lifted in prayer. I born again believer, recently accepted Christ as my everything.

Thank you for taking the time to write this article. Today I had finally excepted god as my savor but I to have hard times with temptation and I feel at my weakest with everything going on in my life lately. But I really do like your choose of strong words. I hope everything goes well and may this new year be a positive life change for the better. Florence, please take suicide off the table and do not consider it. Jesus died for your sins; do not reject that by taking your own life. What would become of your baby? Turn to and rely solely on the Lord. Pray fervently and earnestly that He will open doors for you, and that you will have a clear path to employment and some financial security.

Seek out blogs like this for encouragement and direction. My world was turned upside down three years ago with a perfect storm of events. We are still struggling every day. The death of my precious dog set off this chain of events. My mother was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.

My son decided it was time to end his ten year marriage. Mother died after 8 months and went to be with the Lord. I handled the estate in the manner in which my mother intended. My conscience is clear. His father had it before him and for 47 years it had provided a very good living to two generations. My husband contemplated suicide. The hits just keep coming.

I pray for mercies and grace to help us crawl out from under this mess. It has been three years. I know this burden will not take me down because I know God will not give me more than I can handle. I pray for the courage and faith to simply let go and let God. It is a walk of faith and a surrender of any ideas I might have had that I am in control.

Florence, I hope your situation has improved. Please put your faith in God and pray with every fiber of your being that doors of opportunity will open. I will pray for you also. God bless you for your wonderful message to the world. By the discovering of your website, I have also learnt to keep up the faith and be steadfast so that the glory of God would be shown around the life of his children. I think this shows a lot of growth and maturity in your faith walk, the realisation that enduring faith is a moment by moment experience which needs re-affirming through good and bad.

I recently had this realisation myself but worded it a bit differently, I said:. Please pray for me, I am going through depression and stress, I feel that I failed in life and the Lord. Cause I made bad decisions. That I wish I can changes. Now my life might be on the line. Please Pray that God can get me through this, sometimes I feel like just ending my life. The greatest thing in life is to always remember that God is with us and he will never abandon us. Lets keep doing good at every opportunity and thank God in all circumstances.

Trials, temptations and tough times will always come and go. It took Joseph 16 years to see his dream come true, and this happenned in a foreign land where he never thought he will set feet even in his dreams. It took the woman with the issue of blood many years to battle with her disconfort but when her time was due a second was too long for her to completely heal without even requesting for it verbally.

A second, a month, a minute or a year are just a period of time. Lets keep our faith high and God who is the master of circumstances will set us free. We just have to surrender to him and the rest will be history. Although I do try to keep Faith in trials, temptation, and tough times, sometimes I would like to have a break. If not my whole life, then the greater majority of it, which makes it more profound than any breaks, if indeed there were any.

My sufferings have always been over-lapping from as far back as the age of memory.

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  5. Yes, there were some happy or light occasions, but they were always over-shadowed by some kind of difficulty or challenge. Yet, I realize that what I went through and what I am going through, is not as terrible as unfortunately some others have to deal with in their lives.

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    By praying and believing. Asking god to help me believe when my faith is very weak as it is now. I am experiencing a lot of doubt and tempted to just want to throw in the towel. Reading inspiring articles such as this one help a lot to know I am not alone. Thank you. I just overcomed one of my trials to be a leader of a prayer. Thank you Jen for this share. One thing that I will always cherish about the Word of God is that it shall forever remain relevant even after thousands of years, for there are circumstances that are happening all over the world needing that very Word.

    Going through the difficulty that I am going through right now, I have been encouraged and I sincerely thank you. I will make it through the day after all. God bless you! Thank You. I find this a tonic for the race ahead. We live in an ever changing world. We are never aware of the Omnipotence of God especially when we pride our self of His Grace. I want to share this , even I the dark valley he is still faithfully to me. Because of his favour I still alive his love I still have hope of good tings he promised to give me. I lost my house a two months ago, I lost my job 3years back , I been trying to save this house , I lost my On the 18th May , they broke in and took every thing I very got , I praised my lord I was inside the house with my son , they got in the rooms took linen and shoes but God hide us cover us 3.

    But in all this I sing a song and witnesses love of God I still say he is my father his is my Provider and he is my rock. I am leaving by faith He gave my children jobs I thank him for that. I am really thankful to have found this site. Your articles have been a wonderful encouragement in an area that I am being strengthened in. I was just wondering how I can get ahold of the comments. It shows how many there are but I cannot access any of them.

    Thank you for the Word you share. Please pray for my son Ronald he has had a cough for 3 months took him to doctor gave him antibiotics and still has cough our health insurance expires today from his dad, my husband who passed away unexpectedly he was hit by a car while on vacation.

    We are so scared and hopeless since he passed I worry about finances as being alone is totally new to me, now the worry of my sons cough. Please pray for my son to be in excellent health and for this cough to go away never to return. Thank you so much for a wonderful inspiring spiritual courage, i was undergoing some challenges in life, falls forces from my church where i fellowship every sabbath, my God you are faithful am blessed this morning……. How are things going Rena?

    Praying for you even now. We all struggle. We all have trials. God bless you Audrea. Sending you a big hug! I pray the Lord wraps His arms around you in a way you can feel His presence and comfort. Hi Robin… How are things? Satan will try to convince you of many things, but remember he is called the Father of Lies for a reason.

    Have you ever read the book The Bait of Satan? I needed to hear this today. I have been going through a tough time in my life. I keep praying and fighting to do gods will. I know God has great things for us and his blessing is all over us. Staten is a liar and thief trying to steel our joy and blessings. Power is real and so is the battle. Thank u so much fo words and testimonies on living by faith during hard times.. Amen, and thank you Godfrey! God provides for our needs and prepares us in all the right ways.

    He is faithful indeed. Please keep me in your prayers. I am at the lowest point in my life as I have ever been. Please pray for him.

    Keeping Faith in Trials, Temptation and Tough Times

    Please pray that God will open his heart, give him the faith to trust Him, save him, and give him the strength he needs to face these battles. Only God can, and so far, he has chosen not too. Have I done something to cause God to turn his back on me? Oh, please, Dear Lord, save my son.. Holy Spirit please comfort and keep KJo with Your power, strength and love flowing through her.

    Lord Jesus let her and her son be more than conquerors in life right now in Your precious name. Father God please take her burdens and move Your strong right arm for her and her son. Let Your heavenly armies crush their enemies under Your feet and defeat this evil moving against them.

    In the name of Jesus please have mercy on her and her son. KJo, I hope that you can enlist others to help with your situation and your son. If you are facing his death and it can be prevented use others stronger than you to help. If your son is on drugs there are streetwise people who can FORCE him to stop and cut him off from his supply. Keep praying, everyone prayer for her please and Lord have mercy on what sounds like an awful situation. Pick her up and carry her Jesus! Elizabeth this is so beautiful! Thank you for joining in to pray for KJo, your gift of prayer and encouragement is a true blessing.

    Your recent comment drew me here, to this comment specifically, and I thank you for that. God knows. Dear KJo, Thank you so much for reaching out with this prayer request. How are you and your son today? God hears the prayers of our hearts. He listens to us when we cry out to Him.

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    Please know that I will be praying for you and will post for more prayer on the facebook page. Lifting you up in prayer!! Dear Kjo….. Our sister in law is in stage 4 cancer and my brother is surviving prostate cancer. I have always been the strong one who has given Biblical verse and encouragement…. I know I am not alone and there are friends praying for me and my family, but I need something to hold on to.

    Love how God works like that! He gives us what we need when we need it. God bless you Kim. Thank you for the encouragement! No time to quit! I came across this encouraging piece whilst having my quiet time this morning. I was warned of spiritual attack, but I was adamant now that I was wearing the armour of God I would somehow get through them better than anyone else! But the trials kept on coming! My then church disapproved of my forming a relationship with one of their male congregation. They made it so difficult that, in the end, we sadly left. My friends were falling dramatically by the wayside.

    Little hurts and disappointments made by those I thought were my nearest and dearest. From two, huge social circles I now, thankfully, have 2 special girls remaining. The biggest blessing that has come out of these trials is now my husband! No man or church can interfere with the plans that God has in mind for you and for that I am grateful. As I sign off now; I feel God giving me a new hope and a new strength for the future and I thank you again for an inspiring post.

    God bless! Thanks for sharing this. You touch on an interesting point that sometimes in all the trials we miss the great little or no so little things God is doing in our lives. Thanks for that reminder today. You are in my prayers! I am struggling with my income.. My, hubby, n I had a car given to us from my dad… I was very happy, n blessed… Joisey my car ran good… The she started giving us issues… My dad told me that he fixed what needed fixed.

    So when we buy tires the arm cause s that tire to go bald… So my hubby gets frustrated… I keep telling him, to keep his faith in God… He does, but bad vehicles, take over… I pray night, n day.. We r still waiting for it… We got appointment with JD Byrider in the morning. Plz pray that the lord guides us there, n that we will become blessed with a nice vehicle, with cheap payments… We deserve a new vehicle that will last us for years….

    I recently had to go to the sex shop for a toy for men just to release myself from tempting a prostitute iv never thought that it can get so bad. This site is awesome for me. I have suffered anxiety and fear most of my life and this site helps me deal with it. I have dealt with addictions all my life and am now in recovery. This site will help me maintain my sobriety and led me to increase my involvement in ministries at my parish. I also read books on this topic, recently one about resisting happiness.

    I am thankful for the encouragement I get on this site. Bless you all! Keep praying, keep faith, keep reading the living word. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. My name is Lebogang Sishuba.

    How to Endure Trials, Part 1

    My big brother has been going through such a difficult time. I know he needs professional help but he wont listen to do this. How can I assist him and his wife? I been on this battle field with the same test for ever, being homeless. We been homeless twice since.

    I finally gotten on my feet no help barely from no one and purchase me a home. Now trying to do what is right still praying serving the Lord I am thinking anyway. On my job trying to still catch up pay for everything living pay check to pay check and a guy came in held me at gun point. I am afraid of my life not mentioning still trying to catch up. Now I lost this home. Now I am back to square one but worse shape no job, home, now in debt. Lights and water been off for days and weeks!! Why God? What did I do to deserve this and not hear from you.

    I am asking what directions to go in. People has did many of things but to try to find somewhere for you and three kids to go and no help helpless!!!

    Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I write that because there is so much hope ahead. We have nothing to fear. Keeping Faith in Hard Times Going by faith — or, really living by faith — is about the free-will choice to trust God and choose His way over our own. I want to. Psalm So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. Isaiah So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me.

    Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. Psalm 23 Please let me know if I can pray for you during challenging times.

    The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life
    The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life
    The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life
    The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life
    The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life
    The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life The Beautiful Disappointment: Discovering Who You Are Through The Trials Of Life

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