The Badgersett Witch

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After graduating from Hogwarts, where her favourite subjects included Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, Divination and Charms, she went on to study Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Muggle University, with a view to combine Muggle sciences with the study of magical creatures.

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After university she spent a year travelling in New Zealand where she was lucky enough to observe wild Antipodean Opaleyes when she accompanied some Maori wizards on a research trip. While at Hogwarts she played for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as Beater and though she no longer plays she still follows the exploits of the Holyhead Harpies. In her free time she enjoys reading, watching movies and TV shows, caring for her small but growing collection of magical creatures and of course baking and cooking dishes from all over the world.

Herbology was one of her favourite subjects, so digging up the ground as an Archaeologist was lots of fun for her.

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She loves to roam nature and have an occasional mud-fight. As a highly sensitive person and introvert, facing our modern and fast moving wizarding world proves to be a great struggle to her, but with patience and hard work any dragon can be conquered.

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So here I am and pleased to meet you I must say. Now some pedants have noticed that some of these poems are no poems at all — they are lyrics… Good Lord have you sold your imagination to the twice dammed Sassenach?

A literary warren. Occasionally, a rage against the rush and bawdiness of life

Off with you now. Go watch the television - you'r no wanted here.. View my complete profile.

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Thanks to the kindness and acceptance of Hogwarts founder Helga Hufflepuff, this house is famous for accepting everyone. And for this wonderful reason, Hufflepuff should be applauded.

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  • Visit home page. Strong words, but why does this Hogwarts house always draw the short straw?

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    Hufflepuff has produced many talented wizards, from Triwizard champions… Hufflepuff Triwizard champion Cedric Diggory showed great promise, before dying a tragic and unexpected death. The Sorting Ceremony. Join your Hogwarts house. This site uses cookies.

    The Badgersett Witch The Badgersett Witch
    The Badgersett Witch The Badgersett Witch
    The Badgersett Witch The Badgersett Witch
    The Badgersett Witch The Badgersett Witch
    The Badgersett Witch The Badgersett Witch

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