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Almost half write Christian romance because of the opportunity to promote Christian values and share their faith. While life can press on hearts and souls, these novels can be a release to readers. Ministering to readers through a beautiful love story is serving God in a unique way. Writing Christian fiction is more than having characters utter a prayer or attend church or Sunday school; it is reflected in the language, actions, deeds, thoughts of the characters, and Christian worldview that is difficult to represent if not from the heart.

Sincerity, truth, and an abiding love of God are what make Christian romance an emotional, spirit-filled journey of love and commitment.

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This book offers detailed explanations on the craft of writing Christian romance, illustrated with examples from published Christian romances. It also provides thoughts and advice from Christian authors about writing while staying authentic and true to your faith. Writing Christian romance has opened doors for me beyond my wildest dreams, and I know it can open doors for you. Need more advice on writing Chrsitian romance? Click here to join. For more, check out our sister publication Cup of Comfort: Cupofcomfort.

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Call for Submissions page — Call for submissions: Want to have your creative nonfiction personal essay published? Visit our Call for Submissions page for the latest information about upcoming devotionals and Christian or secular anthologies for which we are currently seeking submissions.

From broken engagements to tragic deaths to fairy tales with less-than-happy ending, here are nine heartbreaking books about love. Have your tissues ready, because you're going to need them if you're ever going to get through Jill Santopolo's highly anticipated novel, The Light We Lost.

The Boy I Hate Audiobook

A beautiful yet heartbreaking story about Lucy and Gabe, two college seniors who meet in a classroom at Columbia University and begin a love affair that will shape the rest of their lives, The Light We Lost puts love to many tests: the test of choice, of loyalty, of fate, of war, of distance, and of faith itself. This book will sink its hooks into your heart on page one, and leave you scarred long after you're done.

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Click Here To Buy. You might think that all fairy tales have happy endings, but that's because you've never heard the story of the Queen of Hearts from its tragic beginning. In Heartless , Marissa Meyer's tear-jerking reimagination of the story you thought you knew, Catherine is a sweet, hopeful young girl who dreams of owning a bakery of her own one day, and of choosing her own suitor.

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But in the Kingdom of Hearts, where magic reigns, nothing is that simple — not dreams, not baking, and certainly not love. A dark yet wonderful twist on a classic tale, Heartless is a gloomy story of lost girlhood and lost love readers won't be able to put down.

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  4. What happens when you mix broken hearts, family secrets, and unexpected hurricanes? Thanks to Beatriz Williams, you can find out in A Hundred Summers , a gut-wrenching love story with emotions as uneasy as the impending storm that took New England by surprise in With the storm on the horizon, Lily Dane returns to Seaview, her family's Rhode Island summer home, to escape her broken life in New York — the one that tore apart her and her true love, Nick, and pushed him towards Lily's best friend, Budgie.

    But when she arrives, she finds not only cloudy skies by the two people who hurt her the most waiting at the shore. As you can imagine, there's enough drama and tragedy to bring forth at least a tear or two in this intriguing beach read. A professional heartbreaker — at least, as far as readers are concerned — Jojo Moyes has no problem making you cry.

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    If you've read her devastating bestseller Me Before You , or seen the tragic love story of Lou and Will play out onscreen, you know that it isn't for the faint of heart. Speaking of not-so-happy-stories, the master of gut-wrenching novels Haruki Murakami has created one that will leave you reeling. In Norwegian Wood , readers meet Toru, a steadfast and serious college student who burns a torch only for Naoko, the beautiful girl with whom he shares a tragic past: both are still recovering from the unexpected death of their best friend years ago.

    Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1) Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1)
    Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1) Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1)
    Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1) Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1)
    Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1) Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1)
    Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1) Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1)
    Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1) Story Of Faith (Romance novel Book 1)

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