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Selective memory helpful short-term but harmful long-term

Director: Caleb Murphy. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Kensi Bryant David Schwingle Johnson Lauren Sullivan Memory X Actress Gabrielle Prairie Annie Carter Riley Fincher-Foster Edit Storyline After recently experiencing a traumatic loss, a young woman discovers a new pill that would allow her to erase her worst memories. Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 10 min. Color: Color.

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Another form of amnesia and selective memory manifests in the form of forgetting various periods within an event. Clinically known as lacunar amnesia, someone who suffers from this ailment may subsequently lose memory of seconds, hours, or even days of a particular event. Sometimes lacunar amnesia is referred to as a blackout; however, it is usually engendered by drugs, alcohol, trauma, or other unpleasantries. Evocation amnesia could almost be regarded as a distant cousin of lacunar amnesia.

Instead of forgetting various periods within an event, this particular offshoot of selective memory prompts the afflicted individual to lose recollection of the specific names of individuals or inanimate objects. For instance, an evocative amnesiac might meet various people at events, yet subsequently, fail to remember their names. Oddly enough, the plighted individual may remember everything else about the people they encountered other than their names. Finally comes hypermnesia. This particular variation of selective memory may be somewhat confusing to most people.

In a sense, hypermnesia is the reverse of amnesia. Rather than the decreasing lack of memory amnesia , hypermnesia occurs when an individual eerily seems to remember information all at once. This phenomenon is much rarer than amnesia and is most reported amongst individuals who have undergone near-death experiences or had epilepsy at one point or another. The various forms and clinical analyses regarding selective memory inherently beg to question: are certain personality types more susceptible to selective memory than others?

For quite some time, various minds wondered about the possibilities; thankfully, Psych Central has some answers. Individual personality traits have direct impacts on how someone recalls a prior situation or encounter. In layman's terms, selective memory is a matter of perception. For instance, people who tend to be more anxious or on edge are likelier to remember a situation in a manner which suits their desires and wishes. In its most insidious and malicious form, selective memory is sometimes regarded as a common trait amongst narcissists and other malignantly self-centered individuals.

However, when regarding narcissists, selective memory tends to be more calculated and intentional, rather than clinical. Narcissists with an agenda may, therefore, seek to manipulate certain people or circumstances by telling revised versions of an occurrence. They may purposefully leave out certain information or details to cast themselves in a favorable light or paint a picture which simply isn't accurate.

However, even amongst narcissists, there are some questions and debates regarding selective memory.

Selective memory

While some individuals maintain that narcissists gleefully lie and misrepresent situations for the sake of improving their self-image, other people have stated that narcissists truly do believe what they're saying. In other words, the latter group believes that narcissists have succumbed to such an intense state of delusion that they have fallen for their con and believe their claims, regardless of how misleading or duplicitous they may be. To some extent, every person has their degree of "selective memory.

Two people could witness the same event and still leave with at least somewhat conflicting viewpoints. Each's thoughts, and personal interpretations are, to some degree, influenced by who they are, how they perceive the world, and their prior experiences.

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Selective memory only becomes problematic when it seriously impacts one's ability to interact with others and recall events. Someone who suffers from genuine and clinical selective memory should seek out the services of a licensed professional and determine what their options are. BetterHelp also exists as an alternative for those who may be going through tough times or otherwise feeling unsure of themselves.

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Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Creativity in Bipolar Disorder: Fabulous or Fatal? Your Selective Memory Some people and events in your life are better stuck in the recesses of your brain.

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Herein, read about selective memory, cognitive impairment, autobiographical history, and more. By Mario D Garrett Ph. How memory loss can be other than Alzheimer's disease. Remember the Good Times? By Alan Castel Ph. Money, memory, and growing old.

Selective Memory Selective Memory
Selective Memory Selective Memory
Selective Memory Selective Memory
Selective Memory Selective Memory
Selective Memory Selective Memory
Selective Memory Selective Memory
Selective Memory Selective Memory

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