Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother

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Kevin uses a Rocket Attack to propel them back into the main ring. Kevin is then slammed from mat to mat and dropped, but this time uses his foot to cut into the canvas and save himself from falling, and Kevin is advised by Chloe, who helps him to regain his edge and get back into the fight. The continue with an exchange of blows, until Kevin realises the secret behind his attacks: his gyro-compass. Chloe tells Kevin to finish him off, which leads Kevin to use the Olap technique. Kevin ends the match in 17 minutes and 32 seconds; he proceeds to throw Ilioukhine's body down before the Russian fans, where it is caught by Meat which incapacitates Meat.

He insults Meat, at which point Mantaro refuses to shake his hand in anticipation for the next match and punches him across his face. He next trains in preparation for his match with Mantaro.

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He injures himself trying to find a way to stop the Muscle Millennium attack, so Chloe tends to his wounds with the sleeve from his ripped shirt, and a flashback uncovers they met three months previous, when Chloe asked to be Kevin's trainer with only honour as payment. The Kinniku Mantaro vs. Kevin Mask then occurs. Mantaro attempts to climb upward, still ignoring The Nosonman, and Kevin - caught in the heat of battle - tries to attack him while he's down, which triggers Chloe to run to the ringside and command his stop.

They engage in a series of blows, until Mantaro then uses a Muscle Driver. Kevin tries to remove Mantaro's mask, in an attempt to force him into suicide as his face is revealed. Kevin finally uses the Olap. The three witnesses make a finger-gun motion, which signifies they believe it's a perfect move. It takes Kevin three weeks to recover. The mask is placed where Chloe would sit beside him in previous parades, as a prominent piece. Kevin whispers his name.

The Demon Seed reveal there are General Palasts across Japan, and - after using tentacles to kidnap the Army of Idols - take their individual opponents to their specific Palasts. It is announced the match will be a tag-team match — Kevin Mask and Mars are rowed to General Rib by Checkmate and Gazelleman respectively. They are due to fight Voltman in the tag-team of Demolition. They engage in a series of blows with Voltman in perfect synchronicity.

They engage in further attacks, until Mantaro warns them to watch out for the partner, but Voltman seemingly gains the upper-hand, until Mars performs the swallow-tail. At that point Asuraman appears. Kevin attacks Asuraman with a Sudden Impact. After a hellish battle, Scarface is placed inside Voltman's oven body and burnt to a crisp. They are given a few days to train for the match, but instead of sparring with Check Mate and Jade like suggested, Kevin goes off on his own. Warsman reignites Kevin's spirit with an inspirational speech, before showing him the news of recent events, and reveals that Kevin has slept for four days, at which point - as Kevin gathers his most treasured possessions, including Warsman's old mask - Kevin flees to the final match against Asuraman.

Warsman finally removes his disguise and watches with an impassive expression as Kevin leaves. The day of the rematch comes and Kevin and Mantaro enter the Demon Womb , fighting in a ring atop. Kevin soon struggles to win, as he tries to fight alone, while Voltman works in a team with Asuraman. It melts the steel armour around his body. The Fatale Square is employed again, which Voltman uses to melt Kevin's mask and boil his skin.

Voltman - in desperation - rips off his remaining Tesla Coil and uses it to hold Mantaro hostage, threatening to murder him. Kevin grows exhausted and faints, which leads him to falling from the ring. Kevin then disappears and becomes a part of the Demon Womb's Spinal Column. Even in death, he tries to protect Meat by keeping his leg within his hand.

The two Time Chojins arefoiled by the New Generation, but - in Mantaro's error - Alisa was injured and placed in a life-threatening situation that led to Kevin still disappearing from time and existence. Harabote Muscle - of that era - declares a new Tag Team match, which will determine who can remove the Trophy that contains magical roots that can cure any person and make one the ultimate chojin. Kevin remains in a precarious state throughout, although his body is kidnapped by Thunder and Lightning later in the arc. Kevin is thrown into the sea, where he remains until Robin struggles in a later match.

Robin uses Kevin's mask - which comes with an underwater breathing apparatus - to survive and continue his match. Later, when Alisa is saved through the efforts of Robin and Warsman, Kevin fully recovers and breaks free of his medical hydro-bed, and escapes from Thunder and Lightning. He is found by Robin and the First Generation, who train him and give him back his armour and also the mask of Kinnikuman Great.

Removing the mask of false identity

Kevin goes on to fight with Mantaro in the final match, in which they win before both generations and a recovered Alisa. After the defeat of the first four members, Kevin Mask goes up against The Cyborg , while fighting on Mt. Fuji, which has a wrestling ring implanted on it. Their fight begins with a test of strength, grasping each other's arms. Kevin proves to be far stronger, and begins sending The Cyborg a fury or punches and kicks. With Kevin having the upper hand, The Cyborg uses a technique of his named the Great Cyclone, where he spins in mid-air like a sharp wheel. He begins slicing Kevin with this technique, and gets Kevin knocked to the ground.

Giving Kevin some time to recuperate, the two of them battle some more, as The Cyborg uses his Great Cyclone again. But this time Kevin Mask knows how to defeat the attack, and sends a smashing kick into The Cyborg's center area, knocking him down. Kevin then performs the Tower Bridge on The Cyborg. The arms knock Kevin around, as the Cyborg rockets himself at Kevin, knocking Kevin out of the ring and hitting the hard ground.

As Kevin Mask and The Cyborg stand outside the ring, a countdown begins, giving them twenty seconds to return to the ring or be disqualified. The Cyborg fires his arms at Kevin again, but this time Kevin destroys them. Grabbing the armless Cyborg, Kevin jumps into the air, and performs the Big Ben Edge, slamming Cyborg into the ring and destroying him. Kevin wins the round. Unfortunately, Kevin Mask was out of the ring for twenty-one, which disqualifies him and leaves Mantaro for the final battle to rescue Rinko.

Kevin Mask walks away, battered. At the very end of this arc Kevin Mask is seen driving a motorcycle, mentioning that Mantaro's next big battle will begin soon. Most likely referring to the rest of the Choujin Olympics. In the Poison Six-Pack Arc, Chloe is also entirely absent a very strange decision on a rewatch, as it is later revealed Chloe is his mentor and their relationship extremely close.

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She feared that if the mask crumbled even the modicum of community support with the women might fall away too. How she needed the support of women and mothers to lift her up when she fell down. But they did not know she was falling down, that she needed help. The mask blinds the community and the individual. He was a man after all — according to Jewish tradition. He was responsible for his soul; and if he was responsible for his soul, then surely he could be responsible for his inheritance. But he was neglecting his soul.

His father gave it to him, and the world welcomed him.

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His laughter had once brought such joy and his passion for life had brought such amazement to his family. But later everything turned into concern, and he left. Broken-hearted, his parents watched him leave. The entire town knew about it. The mask crumbled. What did she need? Throughout all the years she struggled, she needed women who would lift her up in prayer. How would you have responded? Do you wear a mask because you fear judgment from other mothers, other peers, other family members?


Dysfunction is so prevalent within the Bible that you must conclude that God does not expect every family to be without challenges. However, challenges can provoke masks and isolation from true help and true mercy. You cannot recognize the women God has placed in your path to help you unless you remove the mask.

Removing the mask, surprisingly, makes it easier to love, easier to face the challenges, and easier to rejoice when that prodigal turns his life around. Remove the mask and trust that God will surround you with other women who will speak hope, faith, encouragement not only in you but the in the son gone astray. No mother wants to hear her son condemned by her peers.

She wants to hear him lifted up in the hope of prayer. Are you willing to not only take off the mask, but to lift other struggling mothers up? Encourage mothers whose children might have to learn cause and effect the hard way — pray until her son returns home, willing to be the man God created him to be.

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After all, Jesus knew the story of the prodigal son. He knew his struggles, his challenges, his failures — and He knew that the path home was paved with faith. If you have faith that God will take care of your children, have faith enough to take off the mask.


Taking off the mask is a step of faith. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Comments RSS. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother
Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother
Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother
Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother
Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother Removing The Mask: The Life Of A Struggling Mother

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