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Lory physiology has also evolved to function optimally with significant amounts far more than other parrots of liquid in the diet and adequate fresh water must also be provided at all times.

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A regular diet consisting of foods high in protein or iron can adversely affect the health of Lories; too much protein can cause kidney damage and too much iron can lead to liver damage from Iron Storage Disease. The semi-liquid Lory diet poses another challenge in the human environment — semi-liquid droppings! In order to minimize damage to household rugs and carpets, floors and furniture, avoid feeding brightly colored foods like raspberries, carrot juice, blueberries, etc.

Since Lories like to hang on the sides of the cage, Lory poop is not easily contained! It is a good idea to protect the area around the cage and other play areas with plastic, which can be easily washed and disinfected, or washable rugs or throws. Numerous and varied perches should be available in the cage to encourage perching versus hanging. The cage should have a durable, smooth finish for easy cleanup and it is often more efficient to forgo the use of a bottom grate and simply line the bottom of the cage with plenty of newspaper which can be changed every day.

An old sheet laid on the floor with a basket of different foot toys, soft toys make sure they are washable! They also enjoy swinging from fingers, clothing and hair and are thrilled by good-natured wrestling and tickling.

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Chasing games are also Lory favorites, however, you play at your own risk! They are incredibly fast, able to squeeze into the smallest of hiding places and nearly impossible to catch if they are determined to elude capture — you will quickly lose this game! Another favorite pastime involves pouncing on shoes, feet and toes; this is not a whole lot of fun for humans since it usually involves nipping and biting!

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It is also potentially dangerous to the bird if they surprise you and you react instinctively or are unaware of their presence — injuries could easily occur. Although Lory beaks and bites do not have the strength of the seedeaters, they can deliver a painful bite and even draw blood with their sharp, pointed beaks. This can be prevented if the beak is kept smoothly rounded at the tip with the aid of appropriate grooming devices in the cage such as concrete perches, chew toys and lava rocks, etc.

If necessary, the beak can be filed by your veterinarian.

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Lory nails grow quickly and curve in toward the toes. This adaptation is efficient in a natural habitat but can be hazardous in captivity; nails should be kept short enough so as not to be a danger by catching on cage bars, toys, etc. Bathing is also an important factor in the health and well being of any parrot, and Lories love water! Most Lories approach bathing with the same playfulness and enthusiasm as everything else.

But a shallow glass baking dish or kitty litter pan filled with fresh, room temperature water can entertain a Lory for up to an hour!

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  7. They will run through the water, splash, flap their wings and get thoroughly soaked. Some Lories even enjoy taking toys into their bath and will play with them like a human child does. They require lots of attention and care. They should be bathed frequently in a bird bath, bowl or shower, and they can be dried by the sun or by a blow drier. A moderate amount of their feathers should be clipped to prevent them from flying. Young birds must be socialized and exposed to new people and new things new cages, toys, vet visits, wing and nail clippings. Outdoor housing is preferred, but if housed in cages, the cages must be large and cleaned often.

    They may be kept alone or with others, as long as they're closely monitored for signs of aggression. Mated pairs defend their territories forcefully.

    IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

    In the wild, lories eat nectar, pollen, fruits, and occasional insects. As pets they should be fed a good formulated diet. Smaller lories should be fed fresh nectar commercial or home-made daily. Larger birds can be fed pellets from a bird food company, or fruits and vegetables such as apples, pomegranates, papaya, grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, figs, kiwi, and corn-on-the-cob. Lories can be given treats to reward positive behavior. Fresh, clean water should be provided daily. Jurong BirdPark , Singapore. Jurong BirdPark. Video clip. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Linnaeus , Play media. Version International Union for Conservation of Nature. Retrieved 26 November They use their brush-tipped tongue to get the pollen. The tip of the tongue has hairy projections called papillae that soak up nectar and catch pollen. Red Lories are mostly red and the plumage of the upper body is all red. There are red, blue, and black markings on the back and wings, and the tail is red-brown with blue under-tail coverts. The beak is orange and the legs are grey. Breeding activity can vary depending on the region, climate and food availability.

    Little is known of their breeding ecology in the wild, research shows eggs have been found in nest sites around August and young birds found in December. With the neck arched, they bob the head and hop along the perch, all the while emitting a low whistle. The pupils constantly dilate and contract during this process.

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    The female's interest will depend on how near to nesting she is. They nest in hollows or cavities in trees, females lay between eggs and are incubated for around 24 days. During incubation the male brings the female food and once the chicks hatch both parents will perform feeding duties. It is not unusual for pairs to produce two clutches per year. When the chicks hatch they are completely naked and born without any feathers.

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