Living on the Wind

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Evaluation of Quality of Life of Those Living near a Wind Farm

Maybe in the morning, I told myself. I never actually saw the birds come down, but I could hear them, a series of low whooshes overhead and around me, like fast pitches that brushed past my ear or the thrumming sound of sticks whirled through the air. An instant later the lifeless trees were seething with dozens of birds, which cascaded, branch by branch, toward the ground, spilling out into the understory.

Patrick Swayze - She's like the wind

They started eating without preamble, without stretching or relaxing or preening—feeding with a fervor usually seen only at state fairs during pie-eating contests. Over and over again, small explosions of birds would materialize out of the sky, whirring from on high, beyond the limit of vision and into the trees like bolts, until the woods were stuffed to overflowing with them. Original Air Date: Jan.

Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds

Transcript My favorite mid-winter reading takes me far from the frozen north country to distant, balmy lands and other seasons. All writing, images, videos, and sound recordings by Laura Erickson unless otherwise noted , All rights reserved.


For permissions, email Laura. Learn about how and why birds migrate and the conservation challenges facing them.

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Prices: The prices listed below are per person and include meals, housing, instruction and all boat trips. Participants must arrange transportation to and from the Audubon dock in Bremen at the start and end of the session see directions page. Check with your local Audubon chapter or bird club for scholarship opportunities.

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Requirements All participants must be able to walk over uneven terrain for 2 miles. Monhegan Island has unimproved trails with hills and rocky outcroppings that require the ability to walk uphill and on a single track trail. Some wet landings may also be included on slippery rocks.

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Wait list If the program or your preferred housing option is sold out, please add your name to the wait list. There are usually a few cancellations, and the first people on the wait list are almost always able to enroll.

Living on the Wind Living on the Wind
Living on the Wind Living on the Wind
Living on the Wind Living on the Wind
Living on the Wind Living on the Wind
Living on the Wind Living on the Wind
Living on the Wind Living on the Wind

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