Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition)

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Avant-propos de Jean Ferry. Illustrations de Tenniel. CAZA, Philip. A reprint of a novel, believed to be by Alphonse Gallais, first published in as the third in the series Le Roman-Nouvelles. One of the Collection "Textes Rares.

Juin 12222 – n°756

A reprint of the second volume of Histoire de Boris , q. Illustrations de Jorge Camacho. Festival pour un vicieux! Allegedly printed in Norway and limited to copies. Prosecuted in July Allegedly limited to copies. Chairs de feu concludes on p. The sixteen unnumbered leaves are taken up with Chansons d'amour , a collection of erotic verse. Maillan [sic pour Mallian]. A reprint of the second volume of a series of novels originally published about under the collective title 'Le Roman-Nouvelles. The subtitle and imprint appear on the wrappers only.

A translation, although probably not an original one, of a novel that first appeared in serial form in issues July April of William Lazenby's pornographic periodical, The Pearl. The novel was subsequently reprinted separately at least twice. No more published. Elaborately illustrated sur-realist periodical in tabloid format. Each issue consisted of eight pages, except the hors serie no. Frontispice de Toyen. Erik Losfeld: Two illustrations. Guido Crepax. Traduction de Paul-Louis Thirard. Published jointly by Losfeld at Paris and B. Galland at Vevey, Switzerland.

Unpaged, but pp. Eight coloured illustrations. A reprint of vol. Brancart in An open reprint of an erotic novel originally published twice in the s, secretly, under the respective pseudonyms "Mad Jack" and "Suzette Aldo. DEUX, Fred. Texticules de j. Douze dessins de Axe.

I am obliged to Mr. Sven Becker for bringing this title to my attention. Illustrations de Fred Deux. Transparent leaf at front of book is an illustration of "The bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even. Text in French and English. Second printing. Fourteen illustrations. A reprint of a novel first published in Sous le signe d'Eros [c.

CABARET ARTISTIQUE DEPSUIS | LAPIN AGILE, Réservation au 01 46 06 85 87

Les Caprices du Sexe , the original title of this work, was first published by Maurice Duflou in Six erotic drawings, and erotic culs-de-lampe. Original printed wrappers. Limited to copies. The imprint appears on the front wrapper only. A reprint of an erotic novel originally published with the same imprint in by Maurice Duflou.

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Collection des lits clos [c. Prosecuted in October The 4th volume in the series Roman-Nouvelles, published originally in The authorship ha been ascribed to Alphonse Gallais. Amsterdam , [c. A reprint of a work first published at Brux-elles in Textes additionnels de Robert Plumpe et Robert Herlth. Illustrations and plates. EKIS, Eon. Nouvelle edition. Oblong 4to. Amours dans les glaces. Reykjavik , Collection Amour et Fantasie [c. Two vols. Directeur publ. Jean-Louis Pays.

Dessins de A. Chiffre, vol. Unpaginated, but pp. Collection des Lits Clos [c. Paris: Arcanes , Limited to copies on Teka. Profusely illustrated. December] Collection Humour noir , no. Contents: Sans titre. Le Terrain Vague: ]. FORT, Charles. Illustrated with twelve photographs. A reprint or piracy of Luxure et Suffrance by 'Janine Peyrin,' a work published by somebody else in the early s.

Oslo: Collection "Le Vice et l'Amour " [c. Illustrations, portraits. I am greatly indebted to M. Bernard Joubert for information on the legal position of this work. La couv.

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Prosecuted in November A reprint of a work first published in Association Greenpeace. Twelve illustrations. Milano: Muriello , A reprint of a novel originally published at Paris about by Maurice Duflou.

Buenos-Aires, The imprint appears on the wrapper only, where the author is inexplicably given as 'Lucette de Chatay. Collection des Lits clos [c. The front wrapper gives the author's name as ' Lady Mirabelle. A reprint of the first volume of Histoire de Boris, which was first published in the early 50s at Strasbourg by an unknown bookseller. Paris: La Cantatrice chauve. Le Salon de l'automobile.

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Illustrations [de] Pierre Mac. Prosecuted in February A translation of this work by Alexis Lykiard remains unpublished. Traduit de l'anglais par Robert Benayoun. ISOU, Isidore. Rome-Italie [c. Prosecuted in June Wrappers printed in red and black. Caracas, Venezuela , Small 4to. Printed wrappers. The date of publication appears only in the colophon, and may be false.

Berlin: [c. Les Vices de l'ange. Avec 10 bois originaux de C. Pilou [c. Roman de l'ancienne Rome. Suivi de Madrigal. Collection Merdre. Note liminaire de Roger Shattuck, ill. Roman modern. Prosecuted in May The author is given on the front wrapper as 'Tomi. Traduit par Jeannine Ciment et Robert Benayoun.

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One of a proposed series called Le Lycanthrope. Confusingly, one of these, a book called Bonjour M. Bruxelles: Le Brabant sonne , Note sur "le Gardien du [ sic ] tombeau", par Max Brod. Texte et dessins de Pierre Klossowski. Photographies de Pierre Zucca. Eric Losfeld: []. Couverture de Man Ray. Oblong 8vo. Something of a mystery, this.

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However, on examining some Xeroxed pages of the Losfeld book M. Bier found that it wasn't that either, and so the identity of the work remains unknown. The present Losfeld edition was prosecuted in November The present edition was prosecuted January Includes bibliographical references. Dessins de Mireille Papy. Couverture de Monasterio. Traduit de l'anglais par Michel Arnaud. A reprint of a novel first published in by Editions du Scorpion.

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Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition) Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition)
Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition) Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition)
Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition) Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition)
Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition) Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition)
Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition) Les derniers jours (Blanche) (French Edition)

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