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Book 1: Wool Book 2: Shift Book 3: Dust In a ruined and toxic future, a community exists in a giant silo underground, hundreds of stories deep. There, men and women live in a society full of regulations they believe are meant to protect them. Day by Day Armageddon by J. Sporadic news reports indicate chaos and violence spreading through U. An unknown evil is sweeping the planet. The dead are rising to claim the Earth as the new dominant species in the food chain.

Trapped in the midst of global disaster, he must make decisions; choices that ultimately mean life, or the eternal curse to walk as one of them. Humanity has been torn asunder and brought to the edge of total annihilation in less than an hour. Final Dawn is a thrilling post-apocalyptic series that follows the journey of four people who survived the end of days. Fully illustrated and exhaustively comprehensive, this book covers everything you need to know, including how to understand zombie physiology and behavior, the most effective defense tactics and weaponry, ways to outfit your home for a long siege, and how to survive and adapt in any territory or terrain.

Melanie is a very special girl. Every morning, Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class. When they come for her, Sergeant keeps his gun pointing at her while two of his people strap her into the wheelchair. On a Friday afternoon before Labor Day, Americans are getting ready for the holiday weekend, completely unaware of a long-planned terrorist plot about to be launched against the country.

Kyle Tait is settling in for his flight home to Montana when a single nuclear bomb is detonated miles above the heart of America. The blast, an Electro-Magnetic Pulse EMP , destroys every electrical device in the country, and results in the crippling of the power grid, the shutting down of modern communications, and bringing to a halt most forms of transportation. Get your votes in! Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

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So, on to…. And though these appeared in the April 22 Friday Quick Updates , they bear repeating in the newsletter proper as well:. It includes stories by Gail Z. Danny Birt, among others. Now, back to our regularly-scheduled cover gallery of new books by North Carolina authors since the last newsletter — OK, I snuck in one from South Carolina author J. Matthew Saunders, too:. See you next month,. The book will be released on Tuesday, May 3rd, but the signing is on Saturday, May 7th, and copies will be available for purchase at the event unless they sell out, which would be awesome.

At least for Jay. Come out and say hi and let him write his pretend-famous name on your not-pretend books! Dress in your Steampunk best, bring a picnic, perhaps a game, and lounge out in the beautiful art museum park. If you would like to enter this little show just send me an email at LadyFarrow arrowsreach.

A family of frustrated, attention-starved artists flocks to the seashore. One of them has a gun…what could possibly go wrong? The next mission comes from a case of What the Hell, Hero? And then, the game states that you go on to destroy the rest of the Cradles. Did we mention that most of what's left of humankind is living in those cities? But there are moments where even their flimsy excuse went too far. Rodrigo Borgia in Assassin's Creed II crossed it even before the start of the game once players looked up into his profile about his past.

If not, then there's him hanging Ezio's family, including his young brother. Cesare Borgia of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood killed his own father with a poisoned apple for daring to kill his own son. This wasn't the first time he crossed the line. Being landed at "The hands of fate" is his just desserts for his crimes.

Killing Connor's mother, anyone? Subverted when it's revealed that it wasn't him, but Connor's hero, George Washington , who did it. In Rogue , Shay considers himself to have crossed this when he inadvertently causes the Lisbon earthquake , which is part of why he defects to the Templars. Francois-Thomas Germain is more violent and has more screen time than his fallen templars, even Robespierre.

He crossed it when he murdered Elise's father and framed Arno. When Arno gets initiated to the Assassins, this angered him further, despite having Arno's sympathy. When Germain is assassinated, the council invited Arno back into the Sanctum, because Arno was right about the plan Bellec is wrong about all Branches except he was only right about Medieval, Renaissance, and Colonial Branches. The Medjay led by the couple depending on the player's choice will send Flavius while he mocks that he is a Tyrant and cannot be punished.

This states that claiming such is a bad idea, especially when you want to make a slave out of an Egyptian law by impeaching its royal aspects. In a dialogue that was originally removed from the American version of Azure Striker Gunvolt before being re-added, Deadpan Snarker and Lazy Bum Merak shows his true colors. He was willing to drown an entire base and everyone inside under his command in order to kill the main character Gunvolt. All because he would get three years of paid vacation and it would be a pain in the ass to fight Gunvolt himself "the hard way".

And this is how you establish Sloth embodiments as a threat. Baldur's Gate : Irenicus would have been just unlikeable for torturing you in his lab. Keep in mind this is after he'd already committed war crimes so horrible his own species, the usually Can't Argue with Elves , were horrified enough to exile him. In Throne of Bhaal , Amellisan the Blackhearted crossed it when she guided thousands of Bhaalspawn to a "safe haven" so she'd have them all in one place when the time came for the mass sacrifice.

Wiseman from Baten Kaitos Origins crosses it in a big way when he kills everyone in Naos , an act so evil that Seph, perhaps the best example of a Blue Oni in the game up to this point, goes completely berserk. To the point where he makes a Deal with the Devil just so that he can personally kill Wiseman. Shanath isn't any better in this regard. Even as someone who had been a major pain for the entire game, he manages to take it to a new level when he rips off Gena's wings.

This pisses off Sagi to such a massive degree that when it is revealed later in the game that this wasn't Shanath's idea, but Quaestor Verus's , it's treated as that character crossing the Moral Event Horizon as well. Yes, the same event counts for two different people. Batman: Arkham City For those who have played it, all that needs to be said is "Protocol For the record, Arkham City contains a number of "political prisoners" whose only crime was knowing too much about his plans. When Batman makes him look at the results, his only response is "It's glorious, isn't it?

He infects hundreds of hospitalized Gothamites with his poisoned blood just to blackmail Batman into making him a cure, and fatally shoots Talia al Ghul in the back to get it. Ra's al Ghul is definetely shown to be insane, when he threatens to to kill Talia, his own daughter, to make Batman kill him and take his place. And the fact that he is behind Protocol 10 with Strange Don't forget Calendar Man. Listen to his stories about his killing his parents and girlfriend Even though he's an Insufferable Genius , the Riddler's always been held up as one of Batman's lighter and less-sadistic villains.

While he had put various security guards in elaborate death traps, at least there was always the chance of Batman being able to save them. That's why it's so genuinely shocking to see him put Cash and the other remaining guards in a death trap that will inevitably kill them, allowing him to watch them slowly walk and walk until they're too exhausted to continue and they meet their end. All while he taunts them for being too ignorant to escape on their own. If you look around the control room, you'll find a "scoreboard" that shows a few of them had already met their end before Batman came to the rescue.

Hush crossed this by murdering six innocent people, cutting off their faces while they were still alive, and making his face a perfect copy of Bruce Wayne's, all to ruin his life over a petty grudge. Having Bruce's parents in Batman: The Telltale Series be revealed to be crime lords, a far cry from their previous good incarnations , already shocked both the audience and Batman, but then we are treated to a footage where Thomas Wayne injects Esther Cobblepot with hallucinogenic drugs to make her insane, simply because she is unwilling to take his own deal of choice, which shows just how ruthless they are in becoming rich.

BioShock : Dr. Suchong at first seems like a very slimy scientist with a Morally Ambiguous Doctorate , but no worse than any of the other psychos running around Rapture. Then comes The Reveal audiodiary: "Break that sweet puppy's neck, would you kindly? After that, his eventual Karmic Death is fully justified. The game, meanwhile, will conclude that the player has crossed the line if you kill more than two Little Sisters.

So, no, by the time Tennenbaum takes you in and says there may be hope for you yet, there isn't. Given that you're killing brainwashed little girls who can't help themselves, it's justified. Nearly every major figure in Rapture can be said to have crossed the Moral Event Horizon. However, while Tenenbaum does do actions that could count as crossing the line collaborating with the Nazi prison camp, letting ADAM research go on despite being fully aware of the consequences, the whole Little Sister thing BioShock 2 : Truly special mention must be made to Dr.

Sofia Lamb. The opening cutscene is you bringing your Little Sister, Eleanor Lamb, around on a gathering expedition, and being attacked by a group of splicers as is normal. Then the good Doc Lamb shows up. After her minions cast Hypnotize on you, she forces you to shoot yourself in the head.

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While her daughter watches in increasing horror. Stanley Poole is just as bad, in a horrible, fat toad sort of way. Not only does he turn Dionysis Park into a den of vice after being given control over the district, but he prevents Eleanor from reporting this by kidnapping her and giving her to the Little Sister program. Then, when Sofia escapes from prison, he decides to silence any remaining witnesses by sabotaging the district's pressure systems, drowning everyone left in the area.

BioShock Infinite : The game has Daisy Fitzroy attempt to kill an innocent child, having deluded herself into believing the only way the downtrodden will be free of oppression is to wipe out all white, upper-class citizens regardless of age or gender ; thankfully, Elizabeth kills her before she can act on it. Then Burial at Sea subverts it; Daisy was invoking the appearance of crossing the Moral Event Horizon , but she actually had no intention of going through with the murder. Speaking of hurting children, Comstock himself, in his audio diaries, revealed that at the Battle of Wounded Knee, he personally burned down Indian tents with children inside when someone accused him of having Indian blood.

This time, however, it isn't his Moral Event Horizon. Comstock's Moral Event Horizon is ironically his baptism , or more specifically, using it to avoid taking any responsibility for his actions, leading him to become even worse than he already was. Compare it to our Booker, who is forced to face what he did, among other sins, as the story goes on and, while still not a saint, becomes a better man because of it. Deliberately invoked to be Deconstructed.

Zombie - Event Horizon

Booker, already not exactly the most psychologically stable of individuals due to his past, gave away his own daughter to settle his gambling debts. Normally, this would be a straight example. When the Luteces recruit him later, he creates a delusional fantasy about someone wanting Elizabeth and offering to settle his now non-existent gambling debts in exchange, all as a vehicle to justify his personal mission for atonement.

By the end, his self-loathing is so great that he develops a genuine death wish , and he calmly lets his daughter drown him. This is quite a harsh depiction of the kind of psychological damage a person can do to themselves if they consider themselves to be past the Moral Event Horizon. In BlazBlue , Yuuki Terumi and Relius Clover are both a fine pair of jerks as it is, but they sure crossed this line in the second game. At this point, it seems like they're competing in a "How far over the deep end can you go?

At the moment, Terumi is winning this contest, if only for the fact that he's been around longer. However, what Relius lacks in quantity, he more than makes up for in sheer bastardry. It could've been the first time we saw him, when he cut off Ragna's arm; Mind Raped his little Brother, Jin; kidnapped his little sister, Saya, to use as a cloning template for the Murakumo Units ; murdered the nun running the orphanage that they were living in and burned the orphanage to the ground for good measure, all while loudly mocking and laughing at Ragna who was bleeding out in the mud.

Or it could've been when he, almost a century before the incident at the orphanage, created the Black Beast that ravaged the world for years, joined the Six Heroes to defeat it when he realized it couldn't be controlled and then betrayed them, killed Nine, Kokonoe's mother, when she learned about his involvement in the Black Beast's creation, as well as Trinity Glassfille, by using the love Trinity harboured for the man he was currently possessing as a way of manipulating her into lifting Nine's geas on him, whereupon he tossed them both into a Cauldron. Relius transformed his own daughter Ada into a Nox Nyctores , and left her half-finished with his son Carl.

This while knowing full-well that "Nirvana" actively eats Carl's emotions and drives him into madness. He then used the experience to do the same to his wife, Ignis. For some, Kokonoe's experiments on Lambda and her hand in the creation of Ignis are seen as crossing the Moral Event Horizon.

Though it should be noted that, while she knew Relius wanted to make a new Nox Nyctores core, she was completely unaware that it required the sacrifice of human souls until the plan was already underway, and she couldn't do much to stop it with the NOL beating down her door and the miniature Black Beast killing everyone.

At one point, she even talks to a deactivated Lambda and admits that she's gone past the point of no return. Borderlands 2 : If Handsome Jack didn't cross the line with his murder of Helena Pierce, his experimentation and murder of Bloodwing made him utterly irredeemable, and served to make players hate him even more. His horrific treatment of his daughter Angel, to the point where she wants to die, is revealed; after the Vault Hunters Mercy Kill her, Handsome Jack appears and shoots Roland In the Back , killing him, and taking off with Lilith.

You'll want to jump into your TV and gut the bastard yourself after playing through this level. Even before that, the ECHO logs in the dust show that Papa and Mick did horrible things that turns a small problem into a brutal war - mainly, Papa Hodunk kidnapped some Zaford children and drowned them to death and Mick Zaford raped Papa's wife and may have ate her.

Zombies in Western Culture

It really shows how something as simple as a bar tab and a bet over a stock race can make people monsters. Or maybe it's just Pandora. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Of particular note is him spacing four scientists that have done nothing but help him due to the off chance that one of them might be a spy. This moment convinces Moxxi, Roland, and Lilith that he has to be stopped. And he makes you push the button. He doesn't even appear to be as evil as some of the other members of the army CoughRassoCough.

Then, you learn near the end of the game that not only did he kidnap Elina as opposed to all the times he told your group that she was no longer in the Empire , but he has forcibly genetically modified her body into that of a god, though one rendered immobile because her organs grew large enough to consume a building. The worst part? The entire point of this operation was so that he could use her as a source of ammo for the Carronade, a terrifying weapon that typically sacrifices the life of a person to fire a devastating Hex shot that leaves entire cities uninhabitable.

The more physical and emotional pain the victim is put through before being sacrificed and the closer their connection to the target, the stronger the hex. His aim was to make Elina immortal so he could brutally torture her without her dying so he could fire the strongest shot possible at her kingdom. The Big Bad of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare is obviously a psychotic terrorist, but crosses this line when he detonates a nuclear warhead in his own country. Thankfully, in the final battle, Soap tears out a knife stabbed into his chest — that Shepherd put there — and throws it right at the sorry guy's eye, killing him with an Eye Scream.

You, the player or at least one of the characters you play , cross the Moral Event Horizon during the famous level "No Russian. General Shepherd tells you in the mission briefing "This will cost you a piece of yourself," and he is not joking. Even though you do have the option to not shoot the civilians you can either not shoot at all or purposely shoot over their heads , it doesn't excuse the dozens of SWAT cops you gun down on your way out.

And the kicker is you can't even prevent the massacre by gunning down the terrorists instead , because doing so gives you a Non-Standard Game Over. You can skip the level, though even during the level itself , and the game reminds you of this several times leading up to the event itself. Plus one in Black Ops, and how.

During one of the Vietnam levels, you hear a recording cementing the bad guys as complete, irredeemable monsters, wherein one mentions the effectiveness of the evil phlebotinum Nova 6 on infants. And now I must scream. Makarov crosses it by orchestrating and leading the "No Russian" bit above in MW2. And he crosses about 5 more during the course of Modern Warfare 3.

In no short order: He kidnaps the Russian President, and plans to use his daughter to extort the Russian nuclear launch codes out of him, so he can turn all of Europe to glass. He unleashes a lethal toxin into the streets of various cities around Europe, killing thousands of soldiers and citizens to pave the way for an en masse Russian invasion. He sets a trap to kill the remnants of Task Force , which ends with Soap's death, and Price losing trust in Yuri for knowing Makarov. As it turned out, he was the one who gave the order for the aformentioned warhead's detonation in the original Modern Warfare.

If there is anyone more capable of evil, I'd like to see it. Torture, prisoners brutally beaten-up by guards with exo-skeletons, mass executions, deplorably small prison cells, and medical experimentation all show how Atlas unapologetically and repeatedly violates the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code.

In the Castlevania franchise, there have been a fair share of villains who eventually cross the MEH. Here's the list: Dracula commits multiple MEH-worthy deeds in his many appearances, usually in backstory. Graham Jones in Aria of Sorrow crosses it when he stabs Yoko in the caverns, causing Soma to call him a bastard for his actions.


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In the sequel, Dmitrii definitely crosses it after sacrificing Celia, his own ally, with no remorse or regret in the Abyss. That is without going into conscripting villagers before destroying a dam flooding said village, razing villages to the ground to steal UN relief funds, bio attacks on civilians, inciting mass riots to raid a hospital, then cry like someone had just slit their throat when the US and China retaliate against their atrocities. Then, just to remind you that you're one of the bad guys as well, your first mission is to kill the villagers who escaped said gassing.

The Conduit ends with Adams setting off the self-destruct sequence in his base after you infiltrate it. In the sequel, we find that the explosion has destroyed D. Whilst commenting on how radiation is an unpleasant way to die. Contra : Shattered Soldier : If the Triumvirate destroying half of the world's population by sabotaging the hyper-magnetic weapons wasn't enough for them, then supposedly killing Lance Bean and framing Bill Rizer definitely did it for them. In the Hordes of the Underdark expansion of Neverwinter Nights , there used to be an option, if you tried a Romance Sidequest but failed, to use the intended Love Interest 's true name to force them into loving you and being a Sex Slave.

Their horrified and furious reactions made it clear that there was no redeeming you. There "used to" be an option, because even the creators found it too dark to keep in and dummied it out in the next patch. Paulie for executing her and The Darkness for restraining you as you are Forced to Watch and sadistically joking about it all. The Darkness : "Aww, what did they do to poor Jenny? Raspberyl : What kind of nerves do you have?!

It's beyond honor student level. Hespith : But the true abomination The Stone has punished me, dream friend. I am dying of something worse than death In the first installment of the Eagle Eye Mysteries Edutainment Game , during Book 2's version of "Case of the Crazy Compass," the mystery's guilty party Dave Grant slips a powerful magnet into Alex Hane's backpack; this has the effect of severely messing up Alex's compass while he's out in the woods with the rest of his Explorer Trek club, causing him to get lost for hours and putting him at risk of experiencing the very real dangers associated with getting lost in the woods — and the perp put the magnet in the backpack knowing that Alex and his group would be going into the woods.

It becomes even worse when you learn the motive for the act, as well because Alex's science project had earlier beaten Dave's special project on magnetism , and it's especially telling that the character doesn't show up in any subsequent cases in the game's linear order. She kidnaps her rival and leaves her in a room with three doors, telling her that one door will lead to freedom, another to the guy, and the third to a demon that will kill her.

That's a nasty enough revenge, right? As the woman tries the doors, it turns out there is no demon: one door is the way out, and behind the others are the two halves of her boyfriend. It's called "The Third Door. The Akaviri potentate and his son gleefully plot the absolute destruction of the Emperor and his minions, callously catching innocents in their web of intrigue, while they are at peace with the Empire. A deranged Khajiit lord sets Molag Bal, one of the most sinister and cruel Daedra Lords, on a helpless town because a bard from there had told him a depressing tale.

Later on, to get revenge for Lord Vivec of Morrowind blacklisting him for incompetence, a mercenary manipulates a poor bereaved girl who had been trained in witchcraft into summoning Mehrunes Dagon to destroy the capital of Morrowind. The mad Empress has her own son assassinated, and the Emperor after being tricked into believing that his concubine was an assassin , casually remarks to her that he's going to free her, but he thinks he'll have her innocent little sister brought in as her replacement.

Outside of the literature within Morrowind, Lady Almalexia, one of the three mortal gods of the Morrowind Tribunal, goes insane with power and uses her reincarnated lover whom she betrayed to his death the first time to carry out her increasingly unsettling orders, and finally sends him off to murder one of the other members of the Tribunal based on sketchy evidence. When the player arrives, they find Sotha Sil already dead, and Almalexia arrives to try to murder you before going on to take care of Vivec so that she will be the sole ruler of the Temple.

You in Evil Genius , naturally.

Nasa's New Horizons: 'Snowman' shape of distant Ultima Thule revealed

Most of the Acts of Infamy you can perform are of the " darkly hilarious " variety ordering your soldiers to club baby seals on live television , or they're deeds that aren't really evil but simply plain old Trolling ordering your minions on an operation to deprive the British intelligence of their tea. Basically, the overwhelming majority of possible evil deeds run on Rule of Funny. Several of the actions you need to perform to defeat the Super-Agents are also like this: South American agent Mariana Mamba? Give her reverse-liposuction to make her hideously fat.

North American agent Dirk Masters? You dunk him into a vat of chemicals obtained by his steroid and sweat-riddled gym towel, turning him into a muscle-bound mutant. Chinese agent Jet Chan? Have him curbstomped in a rigged martial arts tournament so he flees and meditates on his defeat. All of these are presented as humorous and fitting , and most importantly, they are defeated in such a way that they are fine apart from their appearance or pride.

Not so for the Russian agent, Katarina Frostonova. How do you defeat her? You take the only thing she has ever cared about - her childhood teddy bear - and you tear the thing to pieces in front of her and mock her for it. She flees your base in mad hysteria and it's implied that her Heroic BSoD is so profound that she's forced to be retired from service.

This is notably the only evil deed that the game presents as a You Bastard! Killing children in Fallout and 2 sticks the player with the irremovable "Child Killer" title. Among the effects are penalties when talking to people and bounty hunters hounding you for the rest of the game which doesn't otherwise happen unless you have massive negative karma. Even the title description calls you an evil bastard. Likewise, getting into the slave trade requires you to put a tattoo on your forehead so the rest of the slaver gang can recognize you.

The rest of the wasteland also knows what that tattoo means, and it will affect your dialogue with many, many people. In Fallout 3 , the player can merrily trip over the Horizon by erasing the peaceful town of Megaton from existence for a handful of caps and a room at Tenpenny Tower. Doing so will immediately sink your Karma meter to the lowest it can go — earning you the attentions of the Gunslinger-esque Regulators — and your pacifist father will have a very stern word to you about it later on in the story.

Although this is — if you choose to do it — your Crowning Moment of Villainy, elsewhere in the game you may enslave children such as Bryan Wilks, as the evil resolution to the quest "Those! The effect of many of your evil actions is kinda ruined, as you can erase the negative consequences of many such actions by giving water to beggars or donating to the church.

Actually, the very act of turning the purifier on gives you the same amount of positive karma as poisoning it does negative. So, for killing the entire wasteland population, the karma system just remains somewhat indifferent to you.

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  • A curious legacy for Dwight Yoakam...Shared with Dr Hugh Laurie. (Saga Dr Hugh Laurie & Mr Dwight Yoakam Book 3).
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  • If you plant the virus and send a follower in to activate the purifier, however At the end of the "Broken Steel" DLC, you can choose to use the orbital nuclear strike to blow up the Citadel base of the Brotherhood of Steel, one of the few good factions in the Capital Wasteland instead of the Enclave's Mobile Crawler, which makes you truly irredeemably evil, this being the last story mission of the game.

    The only positive outcome is a Bragging Rights Reward in the form of Callahan's Magnum , found in a safe within the smoking ruin. It should be noted that if you have high karma followers, they'll mostly just go along with you as long as you stay high karma. However, there are certain things you can do in the game that are simply so awful that they'll lose it and try to take you out because you're such a monster.

    Charon's contract will prevent him from taking action against you, but if you release him after having crossed the horizon, he'll immediately turn on you and try to kill you. This is a game where you can be so horrible of a person, your own friends will turn against you and try to murder you. In Fallout: New Vegas , the player can cross this.

    The Moral Event Horizon might be selling Arcade Gannon into slavery, leading to his suicide or crucifixion, letting Mortimer a high class cannibal use one of your human companions as the main course of a banquet, firing the Archimedes Kill Sat on the NCR at Helios One, or teaming up with the Powder Gangers to destroy Goodsprings and kill everyone in it, including the guy who saved your life. Or other things. Failing "Don't Tread on the Bear", which occurs at some point in all of the non-NCR story branches, locks you out of any further NCR quests including Boone and Cass's companion quests , and once this happens in the Legion story path, the NCR are permanently hostile on sight; they will also declare you a terrorist if you kill any of their leaders.

    Boone believes he crossed the Moral Event Horizon at Bitter Springs - ironically, this belief may be the only thing that stopped him from actually doing so. Boone: A murderer who does good deeds is still a murderer. Either destroy the Ray Sphere and become a hero to all, or activate the Ray Sphere and become so evil that you can never be redeemed.

    You become irredeemable: the Karma Meter sets to its most evil setting and sticks there permanently. Infamous Second Son also gives players a karmic choice late in the game: spare Hank, the conduit who tried to sell you and your brother out so he could be reunited with his daughter, or kill him mere moments before he can reach her. And if that doesn't cross the line, the Evil ending will when Delsin's misdeeds get him expelled from the Akomish tribe, leading him to launch an Orbital Drop that will wipe them all out in retribution.

    Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2 Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2
    Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2 Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2
    Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2 Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2
    Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2 Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2
    Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2 Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2
    Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2 Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2
    Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2 Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2
    Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2 Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2
    Event Horizon: Z Is For Zombie Book 2

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