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But was it worth it? The California Sunday Magazine.

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For more than 20 years, the Bay Area has been a tractor beam for some of Sacramento's brightest graduates. For those in the Bay Area, Sacramento is seen as a quiet government town surrounded by cow pastures. Sacramentans used to wear that as a badge of pride. Who wanted to be in San Francisco, with its housing crisis and tremendous wealth disparity anyway? Then in , the financial crisis devastated Sacramento's economy. Now Sacramento wants into the tech boom, but Silicon Valley is skeptical.

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Like so many things in Southern California, the palm tree was an import from somewhere else that over time became inextricably symbolic of its adopted home. But the trees, so identified with the sun-splashed excitement of Los Angeles, are facing a decidedly darker fate. They are dying of fatal fungus and under threat of invasive insects in parks and along streets.

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And for the most part, the city has chosen to replace them not with new palms but with native trees that are more drought-tolerant and shadier. Being homeless at What happened to the 'Narcos' location scout found dead in Mexico?

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Living in a liquefaction zone — the Bay Area's riskiest neighborhoods. San Francisco Chronicle. Leaving America: With shaky job prospects and Trump promising crackdowns, immigrants return to Mexico with U. Vogue Magazine.

‘Parkinson's ring' invented by Cupertino teen records patients' tremors

New York Magazine. Tuesday: L. Police Commission discusses whether video footage from officer body cameras should be made public. Please let us know what we can do to make this newsletter more useful to you. Send comments, complaints and ideas to Benjamin Oreskes and Shelby Grad. Also follow them on Twitter boreskes and shelbygrad. Skip to content. Tremors from Mexico.

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Far-right rally fizzling. Police shooting caught on tape. Better than flying? A tower too far? Southland's latest ghost mall? A crawl to the border.

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Family feud. Russians were here. Can Silicon Valley love Sacramento? Imagining Los Angeles without its palm trees. Getting harder by the day.

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This week's most popular stories in Essential California:. The device records tremors and other movements associated with Parkinson's. And i wanted to learn about the disease," he said.

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  • Utkarsh says he got the idea for the ring after volunteering at the Parkinson's Institute in Sunnyvale. Doctors say he is definitely on to something that can help them treat their patients. We see them once a month or once every three months. A lot of things happen in that time," said Dr. Carrolee Barlow. He says he is hoping to get clearance by the Federal Drug Administration, and if he does, then he will consider mass producing them. The display features bright pink tarps and includes more than 5, inch long steel spikes to hold the triangle in place.

    Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors
    Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors
    Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors
    Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors
    Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors Tremors: The Ghost Bus: Tremors

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