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The success of the program cannot be possible without the support and dedication of our school's administration, content supervisors, and teachers who have put in many hours to create, develop, enhance, enrich, and improve the educational experiences for our students. It is by no means a simple task. However, all of us who teach in the program agree that we are doing our best teaching and giving our students the best opportunities to become productive, scientifically literate citizens.

STEM education is what I am passionate about. This article gives a cool organizational style that some schools are using to incorporate STEM into their curriculum. I think that it is an awesome idea. I think it is nice for it to be an optional thing.

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Students are not being forces to take certain classes, especially if they do not enjoy those topics. Thank you Mr. Pavlekovich, Ms. Benardi and Ms. Malach for providing your incite on the importance of the STEM program.

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I really enjoyed reading this article and it sparked my interest for the STEM program. I found it really interesting that the STEM program allows for looping to occur which I believe is beneficial to students and their learning. I liked how you included an example of school that has actually implemented this STEM program into their curriculum.

As a teacher in training, I truly value hands on learning and believe that STEM is a great program to get students actively learning and engaged in the subject matter. Your discussion about the students being immersed in and exposed to the topics they are learning is really effective and gets teachers thinking about how the students learn and what they gain from the instruction. I think that this article is extremly interesting, this is because it is very relatedable in this day and age.

As most students have been struggling with these subjects I think that STEM is creating opportunities to learn for thos kids.


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The only thing that worries me about STEM is that it only focuses on the 90 kids at that school. What about everyone else? I get that the students need to have interest and esire toe do STEM, but someitmes kids just need that extra push. Overall I would say implementing STEM teaching ways will end up being extremely beneficial for our kids!

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Carl Sagan once said, "We can do science, and with it we can improve our lives. Please login or register to post comments. Blog About It! Why I Teach. Success is a Non-Negotiable. Dot to Dot. Managing the Madness. Creating Connections. Culture Starts With You. Online Chat.

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The team plans the units around an overarching question or problem that meets the following criteria: The problem is valid. Students can relate to the problem. Try Our Other Websites! Image Pack. Each cell in your storyboard will be exported as a standalone image in a zip file. Best For: Presentations, App Smashing. High Resolution Image. Download one giant image of your entire storyboard.

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Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star
Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star
Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star
Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star
Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star
Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star Lesson Plans Every Soul A Star

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