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Totally unique and invaluable to the casual and serious student alike. More Books by Herbert E. Douglass See All. Dramatic Prophecies of Ellen G. Faith: Saying Yes to God. I commend it to everyone who truly wants to understand the life-and-death issues of living and salvation.

The reader will be amazed by how much he or she will discover about the great controversy, never known before. This gold mine of spiritual understanding is accompanied by a comprehensive index to assist in finding just the right line or subject for which you are looking. Totally unique and invaluable to the casual and serious student alike. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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Herbert E. Douglass, a leading Adventist theologian, administrator and prolific author, served as president of Atlantic Union College , president of Weimar Institute , and associate editor of what is today the Adventist Review He wrote more than 25 books and scores of magazine articles centered around his favorite topics of Jesus as our example, Ellen G. He died after a long illness on December 15, at age JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

We passed out Proclamation! Inside Adventism, in fact, members vary widely in what they claim to believe personally. These words, however, mean something different to Adventists than they mean to Christians who hear them. The cornerstone of the great controversy is its limitation of God—His sovereignty, responsibility, and identity. The Bible teaches that God is One Deu.

In fact, Satan and his demons know full well that they are subject to the One God and have no claim against Him. Adventism, on the other hand, limits the power God can exercise over Satan and gives Satan illegitimate power. In the great controversy, God limits His power so His creatures are free to accuse, question, and scrutinize His dealings and to pass judgement on His character.

Furthermore, on the authority of EGW, Adventism teaches that God must allow Satan to inflict suffering, hardships, and death in order to convince humans and other worlds that he is evil:. This opportunity must be given him to reveal the character of apostasy. The inhabitants of worlds unfallen could view in this case the attributes of Satan and the character of God. Scripture however, says this:. For the sake of my servant Jacob, and Israel my chosen, I call you [Cyrus] by your name, I name you, though you do not know me. Quoting from the above Isaiah passage and also from Exodus , Paul says,.

For who can resist his will? Satan is not an independent agent of evil whose freewill God must protect. Rather, Satan is a fallen, sinful creation who is in rebellion toward His sovereign Creator.

He has already been disarmed and humiliated at the cross of the Lord Jesus Col. God is not on trial, and Satan has already been judged Jn. At the heart of the great controversy world-view is a god who must allow Satan to torment humans so they will see that the non-defensive, permissive god who loves his enemies is preferable to the assertive, deceptive Satan.

EGW says this:. Man as well as angels must see the contrast between the Prince of light and the prince of darkness. He must choose whom he will serve. In a nutshell, the great controversy offers salvation on the basis of the knowledge of good and evil—the echo of the original temptation that plunged us into spiritual death. Scripture, however, says God sent His Son to save us Jn. We are born dead in sin and objects of wrath Eph. We have no choice about our natural citizenship. They were already bitten by deadly poison, and God gave them one provision: the bronze serpent.

Satan has not accused God of unfairness, nor must God prove He is superior to Satan. All creation—even Satan—is subject to Him and answers to Him. Ellen White said,.

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The law of God is a transcript of his character. The rebel leader was in opposition to the law of God, and revealed the fact that his principles were those that actuated one who is lawless, disobedient, unholy, an accuser, a liar, and a murderer.

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A transcript is an exact duplication or replica. It contains all the information found in the original document or experience. Every word God has spoken reveals Himself to mankind, but a revelation is not the same thing as a transcript. The revelation of God on Mt. Adventism, under the authority of EGW deceptively establishes the great controversy world-view by equating the law with the character of God rather than acknowledging it is a revelation of Him.

Herbert E. Douglass’ Greatest Contribution to Adventist Theology

The law of God was the great subject of controversy in heaven. It is the great subject of controversy ever since the fall of Satan and will continue to be the great test question showing the loyal and the transgressors in two parties. Adventists believe that the law is the highest authority in the universe and is the necessary factor in avoiding sin and in perfecting their characters.

EGW said,. To fail to punish transgression of His law would be to place the universe in confusion.

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Yet it is God Himself, not the law, that is the One we must serve.

Heartbeat of Adventism Heartbeat of Adventism
Heartbeat of Adventism Heartbeat of Adventism
Heartbeat of Adventism Heartbeat of Adventism
Heartbeat of Adventism Heartbeat of Adventism
Heartbeat of Adventism Heartbeat of Adventism
Heartbeat of Adventism Heartbeat of Adventism

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