Criticism & Society: Volume 5

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The regulations allow 'eco-development', gated housing projects that include acres of land per house. These homes are for the very wealthy, for vacations or retirement. Eco-hotels are also being built to serve an international elite. I trace the history and evolution of this conservation corridor from its roots in the Central American environment movement to its transformation by the World Bank into a vague bureaucratic framework. John, US Virgin Islands. Specifically, it focuses on the emergence of an organisation called Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park.

Rockefeller in The paper highlights the inequitable structural relationships in which local people find themselves and their values disregarded. We then discuss how and why these realities are rendered invisible in the discourses and images of transnational conservation. We conclude by proposing alternative approaches that we believe would contribute to improved conservation governance and community prosperity. The government of Zanzibar has come up with an innovative system to guarantee access to international funds through its Environmental Management for Sustainable Development Act.

This Act strategically enables external organisations to be designated as protected area managers while maintaining a role for the state as an intermediary in reaching local communities. More attention must be given to acknowledging the role played by the Zanzibari state, as well as strengthening local initiatives for natural resource protection. This becomes clear when reviewing current trends in the conservation-development debate and combining these insights with trends in environmental governance, most especially the commodification of 'nature' under pressures of neoliberalism.

Through a discussion of the current neoliberal turn in environmental governance, we suggest that the potential of actors to promote divergent and ambiguous values in policy and practice across scale has increased over the past decade and will continue to do so. Export selected to Endnote. The growing body of work on the 'neoliberalisation of nature' does not as yet pay adequate attention to conservation policy and its impacts. A protected area near Cancun was the first in Mexico initiated by local communities.

There are rapidly increasing tensions between actors engaged in the governance of environment and natural resources in Africa. Schmidt-Soltau Brooks, S.

Game Critics

Journal of Historical Geography Brooks, T. Mittermeier, G. Brosius, J.

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Brain, Mind and Society.

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Brain, Mind and Society. |

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A new Magna Charta.

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Art & the Public Sphere (Journal)

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Terborgh, C. Davenport and M. Kremen, C. Niles, M. Dalton, et al. Langholz, J.

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Stoll-Kleeman , pp. Oates, J. Page, B.

Criticism & Society: Volume 5 Criticism & Society: Volume 5
Criticism & Society: Volume 5 Criticism & Society: Volume 5
Criticism & Society: Volume 5 Criticism & Society: Volume 5
Criticism & Society: Volume 5 Criticism & Society: Volume 5
Criticism & Society: Volume 5 Criticism & Society: Volume 5
Criticism & Society: Volume 5 Criticism & Society: Volume 5
Criticism & Society: Volume 5 Criticism & Society: Volume 5
Criticism & Society: Volume 5 Criticism & Society: Volume 5
Criticism & Society: Volume 5

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